My Fat Deam


My Fat Dream

By ThrasherGT

I awoke craving coffee as I stumbled into the bathroom. I looked at Myself in the mirror. My long hair was

disheveled and My night shirt was wrinkled from tossing and turning all night. I brushed My teeth on automatic

pilot and assessed My shape as I brushed. Slight I am not. My hips stretch My shirt to the point of absurdity and

My breasts strain against the fabric. I quickly brushed My hair into submission and stumbled into the kitchen to

make coffee. Somewhere in My mind I heard a voice saying "Who cares what They say? I'm hungry, I need to eat, I

want to eat NOW! None of those people have ever given You a second thought, Why do You care what They think?

I'm Soooooooo Hungry!

I walked over to the Fridge and opened it. Inside I saw all that I desire. Cakes, Pies, puddings, Ice cream, Jellies

and Jams. Chocolate and whipped cream, Pastries and Tarts. I could hardly decide which to eat first, so I took a

dozen different things and went to the Kitchen table. I placed everything on the table and sat down to feast. As I

gorged Myself I was aware of My growing Hunger and My need to Eat more and more. I looked down at My

stomach which has already grown a few inches. The table is cleared, but I am just as hungry as I was when I came

into the kitchen a half an hour earlier, If not even more hungry.

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When I returned to the Fridge and opened it, it is full again. I grabbed even more food and brought it to the table,

then went back and grabbed even more. When I sat down, My table was piled up with fattening foods, but somehow

I felt famished. I ate eclairs in one bite. I ate a full sized Birthday cakes in 5 minutes. I voraciously consumed a

dozen pies in 20 minutes. After 2 hours of gorging Myself, I looked down at My sticky breasts and stomach and

noticed that My size had grown dramatically. My night shirt was stretched out and thread bare. My breasts were

double the size they were not too long ago. I stood up and took off My night shirt and My Belly stuck out an

impossible distance. I reached around to feel My butt and I was surprised to feel how big it was. My table was

once again empty, but I felt as if I have not eaten in a week.

I walked over the the fridge yet again, and as I stood there, I suddenly felt very horny. As I looked at the once

again full Fridge, I began to caress My breasts and soon My fingers found their way down to My suddenly wet

Vagina. I fantasized about eating all the food in the fridge as I stroked Myself harder and faster until I orgasm-ed

onto My hand.

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   When I was done, I took 6 trips back and forth to the fridge and emptied it onto the kitchen table.

The table was literally piled high with food. I was salivating and becoming very horny thinking about eating all the

food I saw. I sat down and dug in.

Cakes, Pies, Chocolate Mousse, quarts of whipped cream, Ding-dongs, Twinkies, Cupcakes, and lots of milk I ate and

drank in a seemingly endless orgy of feeding. Many hours went by as I fed. I was oblivious to My surroundings,

though vaguely aware that My body was changing. Two thirds of the food was gone before I paused to look at

Myself, and what I saw was astounding. I had fully doubled My size! My Butt cheeks were hanging over both sides

of My chair, and My belly was truly enormous! I had to keep My legs spread to allow it to hang down freely. My

arms had doubled in size and My legs were like tree trunks, with the fat pushing out 3 inches above My knees.

Instead of being appalled, I was satisfied, even pleased with what I saw.

Somehow My hunger was not sated, indeed it was growing!I stood up, and hungrily looked at the Fridge. As hoped,

It was again full to the brim with all that I desired. I quickly made many trips back and forth to the table and

filled it even higher than before. I grabbed a second chair and placed it next to the chair I was sitting in to make

Myself more comfortable and sat down again.

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   I should have been stuffed at this point, but somehow I was even

More hungry. My naked body was almost quivering with anticipation at the thought of eating all this food.

I sat and ate for hours on end. I was vaguely aware that the table was slowly being pushed away from Me because

of My growing belly, and that My body was getting bigger and bigger. Finally, I had finished all the food on the

table. I tried to look down at Myself, but all I could see was My huge, bloated breasts. I reached down with My

hands and could not even reach the end of My belly. My Butt cheeks were once again hanging over the sides of the

chair, but now it was two chairs! I reached up to touch My face, and realized that I had a double, no triple chin and

super fat cheeks! I wanted to touch Myself, but as I tried, I found it was impossible to reach My Vagina from a

sitting position. I pushed the table away from Me and tried to stand up. After about 2 minutes, I realized that I

was too fat to stand! I had to be at least 600 pounds, and was probably closer to 800.

"What the fuck am I going to do now?" I said, and just then I woke up. I was sweating profusely and I realized

that I had Masturbated in My sleep. I sat up in bed and looked at Myself as I touched My body all over. I was still

Me, but I had a nagging feeling that I was Hungry. .

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