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Photo fun.
I have a mate, a bull of a man who had a rather selfish attitude but at the same time considered his wife to be a film star. By this I mean,he as an amateur photographer took many photoes of her and tended to display them to friends like myself. Whether Marie his wife knew of this I had no Idea. But he showed me many views of her nakedness,but stopping short of showing me her pussy. Torment he did by having showed me pictures of her tits he would after a while start to pull another slowly from his wallet but always stopping short below her navel but above her slit. I'd concluded that she was completely shaved because on one occasion having pulled the photo slightly more than was wise I saw just a hint of her slit.

I was going to question if she was shaved but thought better of it as I'd like to find that out in private with only his wife being present. I'd pondered this for sometime,but there it remained, - Just a dream - or so I imagined. He had one other vice even more important to him than photgaphing and showing off his wife's sexual attributes. That is booze! At any chance of booze all else became secondary, - luckily for me as it turned out.

It came about like this. The two of them had been in dispute about a damp patch on their bathroom ceiling,she being sure it was a leaking tile,he insisting it was caused by steam residue from the shower. So he called on me for a second opinion being a DIY with some long experience. Equally I had no intention of getting myself in the middle of a domestic squabble,well not for a damp spot on a ceiling. - a damp spot on a wife? maybe but not a ceiling.

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   I make this play on words because it is relevant to what transpired.

Having taken a look,I conclude his wife was right but tackfully I offered to lift the tiles to be sure saying, "I always look at the outside but prefer to feel under the covering to make sure if its wet and why" The double talk missed matey completely but I noticed a wry grin for a second or two on his wife's face. Then a distraction; A knock at the door - another mate. "Fancy a pint? they're open" My original mate pops his head back round the inner door, "I'm off for a drink with Gar' - Mar' let him do what he's best at,I'm sure you'll manage without me,see you Jake" and he was gone.

Was that a dirty little grin on his wife's face? No its my mind thinking about the photos of her tits and oh that shadow of her slit. My cock twinged as it slightly stiffened in my shorts. "I'll get you a step ladder so you can take a looksee" Now with the steps I climb and take a look. Looking down from above I see down her cleavage and her hardened nipples tell me she's bra'less. Smiling and looking upwards, "There's no tiles there" was her comment, my response was immediate, "No,but I suspect somemore dampness under that overhang" Smiling broadly now, "He's showed you my overhang as you put it, I bet" - "Maybe" - "I shouldn't say this not about my husband,but the trouble is his overhang doesn't do much for me,but your overhang is right now"

I'd until now overlooked the fact that while I'd espied her cleavage she'd had a perfect up the shorts look at my half hardon. "Can you see where its coming in? - we're back on the roof factor. "Yeah,you were right it is a leak,easy to fix with some of my tools" - Word play again "Like mine then" Giggle!! - I look seriously at her, "If you're serious,I've got that tool with me" - "I know,I'm looking at it and its growing in size to suit" - It was,it stuck out hard and tented my shorts. I made to come down from the steps and stopped dead as I felt her hand slide up the leg of said shorts and smooth my ass cheek.

"Nice wouldn't want you to fall now would we?" I stood with hardon throbbing. "Just now,you indicated you knew he showed photos of you. What did he say about showing them to me?" - "Only that he never lets you see the below parts.

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   - I say nothing to him to this but I admit to thinking I'd show him - That's you - if I had him here" - "I'm here,are you serious,you know about showing?" - "Yeah,course I'm serious,I shouldn't say but my old man is a selfish bastard, its wam-bam-thankyou-mam,leaving me all worked up and no finish. Your wife told me you finish her over and over again,lucky bitch. I mean bitch nicely not nastily. God she makes me so envious. That bastards cock has never brought me off properly. I bet you would!"

Now off the steps with her hand feeling outside my shorts,my desire is obvious as she leans her belly into my protrusion. "I'll keep it secret,he'll never know,I'll wash it all away before he comes home" - Our secret,maybe she'll fuck me again if I bring her off as I know I can with some multi orgasms and anyway I get to see the bald slit of my dreams.
I hold her ass cheek and squeeze first one then the other as she presses at my hardon with her belly. Now I squeeze her mound and she works at my hand with her pussy. "Stop! Wait let me!!" Standing away she lifts her dress and tugs her panty's off. I look at that naked pussy devoid of pubes as she stands holding her dress aloft to let me note her slit does go farther up her belly than most women's.

"Like what you see?" Not a word do I utter as I drop on my knees and push my head at her groin. A gasp as we touch and her thighs open to give me room to suck her. A hand presses at my head and I dig deeper with my tongue. "God that's nice" I lick and in moments she's jerking her thighs towards me as her orgasm rises,her warm nectar spills onto my open lips which I suckle using my mouth like a vacuum.

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   "Don't fuck me yet,let me have a go on yours" I stand and kiss her enthusiastically as she pulls to get at my knob. Her mouth bobbs around my helmet and I feel her tongue licking at its hole drawing my precum into her lips.

"Up,get up,I need to put it in you just as it is" - She stands and tugs my shorts off then opening her dress I view the whole body of my desires. With cock in hand I press her against the roughness of her outer building and start into that succulent warm wet vagina. "He's horrid too me,says he can't touch bottom because my cunts to deep,Bastard" - "I'm not that big am I?" - I bottom on this virginal very tight crevice. "Course you're not,feel it,I'm hitting your cervix now,I'll get it in the neck of it in a jif" - Clearly he lacked length and blamed her. We started fucking like mad as she started on her first orgasm,as she rose for a second time I pinnioned her as my own orgasm spirted shot after shot of cum inside her receptive uterus. Gasping "God thats shooting up my womb,I've never felt it go up like that before"

She started off again, "Go on fuck me somemore,I want to cum again. Now digging my nails deep into her ass cheeks she in turn driving her nails into my own cheeks while our pubic bones slopped and squelched at each other. My second orgasm coincided with her own orgasm and our joint sloppiness dribbled from her and dripped off my balls. Limply she hung too me as we kissed in an embrase that tingled from my balls to my nipples. "Fuck! Promise this isn't going to be the only time,promise,go on promise. I won't muck up your or my marriage,just promise me you'll come and fuck me whenever we get a chance. . .

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   Your wife is really lucky,I only want to borrow you sometimes" - Recklessly I responded, "You've got it and I want it. We'll fuck each other forever"

Okay,so we are and still do!

My mate? Well he has his booze and I use his wife's pussy. - I stopped the leaky roof but started her pussy leaking. Fair enough by me!.
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