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Back in 1965 as a good looking guy,we all use to hang out at the corner candy store during horse play I cracked the front window and the owner ran out and said that window cost $800 and I need to pay by next week or I'm calling the police, well for not having a job and being on probation for something stupid I didn't need anymore problems and didn't want to go to jail.a girl I new in school came up to me and said I herd about your problem and think I can help. I have a club with 10 girlfriends in it, we meet once a week and have drinks and talk and watch movies, well now I'm in charge of the entertainment and AM looking for a guy to model for us, I think we can both help each other, If you agree I will pay the store owner half and after the second modeling session pay him the balance,oh yeah, one more thing, since the girls haven't seen a guy in his real glory, except for maybe there little brothers you will have to be completely nude. Well I guess I have no other choice except to say OK, I'll do it, my parent's are going away next week for a month and I will have the house to myself so call my next week. next week came, Karen paid the shop keeper half the money and I agreed to meet her the nite of the meeting, Well the nite arrived and I showed up 90 min. early as I was told to, Karen said go jump in the shower and when you come out just have this towel wrapped around your waist, well I got out of the shower and went into the den, there was atable in the middle of the room, Karen asked me to get on it and lay on my back then she started to tie me spread eagle with leather restraints, when I asked her why she needed them she said If the girls get carried away I won't fall off and get hurt, she the adjusted to towel being care full not to expose me she said she wanted to wait for the girls to come, I started to get an erection being restrained with only a towel covering my penis, Karen said are you comfortable, I said yes, she said the girls will be here shortly, a short time later I herd the doorbell ring, Karen answered the door and herd female voices, now the girls entered the den and when they saw me they were in shock and awh, Karen said to them we have a nude model for tonights entertainment that will be given a complete examination and when the exam is over we will know exactly how a boys body works, Amy go in the closet and get the box with all the ticklers and feathers in it and pass them out to the girls, when I herd that I just wanted to get up and run, struggling against the restraints was impossible I was just helpless, now Karen got in front of the table and very slowly started to pull the towel up and remove it, the girls started screaming, "It's so cute" referring to my now fully exposed erect penis, I was so embarrassed and red faced to see all the girls with big smiles on there faces and there mouths opened, it was like I went back to babyhood and was waiting for a diaper change, my struggling against the restraints made the girls even more excited and gave them a huge power trip knowing that they were in charge and could do whatever they wanted to me, well to make a long story short they tickled, played with, kissed and lovingly tortured me for hours then turned me over restrained me again and played with my asshole and rear end and I can't believe I have one more modeling session left before the final payment is made... To be continued
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