The Wax Adventures- Waxing with Lucy, Maria, Elisa and Lilly [Chapters 1-3]


My name is Maxwell and I love pussies. In fact, I just love girls in general- their bodies, their boobs, their smiles, their eyes, everything about them is amazing. But the pussy is the most fascinating part of the female anatomy. My first encounter with the female genetalia was in 1992, when I was 5 years old, when I played doctor with a girl down the street. Little did I know that I would end up playing that game for a living. I remember her pussy quite clearly, that little hairless slit. I could have stared at it for hours, but I could only look for a few minutes before she covered herself back up again, and announced that it was her turn to be to be the doctor.

Part 1- My sister, Lucy, introduces me to waxing.

This chapter contains a few circumcision fetish moments. They do not dominate the story but they are significant to the plot. If this bothers you, skip to part 2, it isn't that important to read this chapter, it just adds to the background.

I have a sister named Lucy, a pretty girl with wavy bleached-blonde hair not quite down to her shoulders, who is 6 years older then me. It was from Lucy that I first found out about hair. Lucy and I were fairly open with each other- Lucy had been present at my circumcision, and after that she was sorta into seeing my dick. I obliged her, but only if I could see her naked too. I loved looking at her pussy, delicate and exposed, with a small bit of her tender inner labia poking out.

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   But then she started to grow hair down there. Since she wasn't a real blonde, the hair came in thick and black, and it covered up my view of her pussy lips, instead all I could see was a messy black triangle.
I have to thank Lucy though, because she also introduced me to perhaps the most fascinating part of the pussy- hair removal. It was 2002, and I was 15. Lucy had since gone off to college, but was home, visiting, over Summer break. It was the early 2000s, and while people were starting to trim, full on hair removal was a relatively new idea. I hadn't seen Lucy's pussy since she started to grow hair, as I had lost the desire to see it. Pubic hair for me is like a pair of ugly granny panties- it covers everything up. For me, a girl isn't fully naked unless she's bald down there. G"Yeaoing through puberty at that time, I was sexually frustrated, for I still loved girls, but I was no pedophile, and all the girls my age wouldn't go "fully nude". All that changed that Summer, when my family was having lunch at a cafe with Lucy. We had finished our meal, when Lucy suddenly looked at her watch and said "crap, I've gotta go. I'm late for my Brazilian wax". Later, when Lucy came home, I asked her how her wax was. "It hurt like a bitch" she aid, chuckling, "but I feel so soft and smooth now, I can feel everything".


   I had no idea what she was talking about. "Um, what is a Brazilian wax?" I asked. "Oh you know" she said casually "It's where they wax off the hair on your vagina". My heart skipped a beat, and I felt my dick getting hard in my pants. Lucy saw the bulge in my crotch, and, her eyes sparkling, and said "let's go to my old room".
We got inside and locked the door.
"Can I see it?" I whispered excitedly.
"You know the deal" she said. "You first"
"Oh come on, you must have seen tons of other guys dicks by now, can't I just see this wax job"
"Yeah, but I wasn't there when their foreskin got cut, your dick is special to me. Come on, you're not shy are you?"
I pulled down my pants, revealing my hard dick. It wasn't anything special- 6. 7 inches long and circumcised, pretty much the average American cock. I had shaved all the hair down there, I hated it on me as much as I hated it on girls.
"I remember it like it was yesterday" Lucy said. "Mom gave you to the doctor, and she said 'can we watch' and the doctor said yes.

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   I remember seeing this dick head for the first time" she gave my cock an affectionate stroke. "then I remember her clamping the foreskin and cutting it off, and your dick head being exposed. And I remember that day because you bared it all. Without that skin covering your cockhead, you were really naked. " She leaned in so close my dick was almost in her mouth. "You wanna know a secret?" she whispered. "I have a boyfriend. But he's not circumcised, so every time I see him naked I feel like he's holding out on me, like he's still hiding something. So I'm gonna do this for you, and I haven't don it for him.
To my surprise and excitement, she wrapped her lips around my bare cockhead and began to suck. I could feel her tongue stroking each nerve ending, licking over every inch of my dickhead, while she pushed the shaft further and further into her throat. She didn't gag once; she was an expert. She licked and sucked and I was in heaven. Then she took the cock, now lubricated with her saliva, out of her mouth and began pumping up and down until I felt I was going to explode. I almost came, but she suddenly let go.

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"We'll save the rest for later. " she said. "But now I want to show you something. "
She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down, revealing a pair of low-cut pink panties. Upon further observation, I realized that they were a thong, and that her beautiful ass was fully revealed.
"I wanted to tell you that story, because I know that's how you feel about pussies. " she said. "I know how you used to look at me, like my pussy was the most beautiful thing in the world. And I know how you stopped caring when it was covered up with all that hair. And I understood- I hated the hair too- it was like your foreskin; an unnecessary covering that got in the way of what mattered. And I knew that it had to go. The other boys I've been with they didn't care. They didn't bother to shave their pubes like you did. They don't understand like you do. So I want to share my new pussy with you".

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She slipped down the panties, and I gasped. Her pubic area was smoother then it had ever been- waxed so well that it was shiny. I noticed that her legs, arms and armpits were also shiny smooth- she must have gotten a full body wax. Her pussy had matured since I had last seen it- the inner labia poked out just a little bit more, the clit was more prominent, and most importantly, she was soaking wet. As if by instinct I began to lick her, first parting her outer labia, then moving up her delicate inner lips to her sensitive clit. I stopped at the clit and sucked on it and she began to moan. She began to shudder, and her bald pussy grew even wetter then before. She moaned and moaned and then she came. "That was amazing, Maxwell. " she said, breathless. "I want you inside me. I want to be your first time. "
I smiled at her and my dick stood up even harder then before, pulling at the tightly circumcised skin. "Take off your top first, sis. I want to see you fully naked"
I slid off my top and she took hers off.

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   She wasn't wearing a bra and she didn't need one; she had the perkiest tits I had ever seen, C cup, with small pink nipples. They were slightly tan- not tanning bed tan, but tan like she had been to a nude beach a few times, or taken her top off at a few too many parties. Her body was elegent- she was at a healthy weight- slim and slender, her narrow waste curving beautifully down to her hips, which flowed beautifully to her smooth, long legs and her bare pussy. Moving on top of her, I slowly slid my dick in- I didn't need any lube, Lucy took care of herself, and I didn't need a condom since Lucy took birth control so strong she had her period only once a year. I thrust into her cunt, and knew for the first time the wonder of being united with that most perfect part of the female body. My smooth pubic area bumped up against her as a thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy. Remembering advice my older friends had given me, I reached down and continued to rub her clit as I thrust deeper and deeper into her. She thrust back against me and moaned, and I began to breathe heavily. Then, as one, we came. Knowing it was coming, I pulled my dick out and devoted extra attention to her clit, and as she began to moan I spewed my load all over her face.
"That was wonderful Max" she said. "We should do this again some time".

Part 2- Learning the art of wax with Maria.

It had become a habit for me and Lucy to have sex whenever she came back from college. As I explored and enjoyed her waxed pussy, I knew for a fact what I wanted to do in the future.

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   I knew I could never run a waxing salon, as most women wouldn't pay for a man to look at their privates- it was usually the other way around. But I knew one loophole that would let me see a whole lot of pussy- gynecology. I got my degree in gynecology in 2009, when I was just 22- I graduated early, as I put my heart and soul into learning anything and everything about vaginas. I did a lot of field research too, although I took care not to fuck the girls with thick bushes. Luckily for me though, the trend of pubic hair removal had become more popular, especially among young women, so it was rare at my school to encounter a girl who had any hair below her shoulders.
I had a plan that would combine the best of both world- I wanted to wax girls, to rip their pubes off and free their pussies from their hairy trappings. In order to do that, I needed to learn how to wax. That's when I met Maria. Maria was a Brazilian woman of 30 who had her own waxing salon. I first visited her salon when I first started school in 2004. I went into town to get my pubes waxed, and commented casually to the beautiful Latina woman , "What I wouldn't give to switch places with you right now. " Instead of laughing at me, Maria said in her flirtatious yet powerful accent "well, then, how about my place, Friday night, at 7:00?"
It turned out that while Maria was great at waxing other people, she also happened to hate waxing herself. She couldn't get good cosmetic results, she said, without being able to see the pussy from above. And so Maria grew quite a big bush. It was a shame- she was a gorgeous woman, with striking blue eyes, tan skin and straight, dark brown hair.

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I remember the first time Maria taught me how to use the wax- I was so clumsy, but I managed to get her huge bush waxed down to a triangular patch above her clit. The next time we met, I waxed the patch off, laying bare her dark latina pussy. I noticed that the skin was a bit red- I hadn't been gentle enough, and I apologized. "It's OK, youwill learn with time" she said. "But how can I learn?" I asked. "I have already waxed off all your hair, and it won't grow back for a few months. "
"My sister, Elisa, is coming up from Brazil next week" Maria explained. "She cannot afford to keep herself waxed, but I do it for her for free once a year. She likes to treat her husband to a nice waxed pussy, so she pays me a visit before their anniversary. You can wax her".
The next week, Maria called me up and told me to come over. Elisa was there, and she was just as beautiful as her sister. She was my age, and had a smoking body, with a ridiculously flat stomach, and she was tan all over. She had smoldering blue eyes, full lips with a faded red color, and a small amount of freckles. She had a Brazilian's body, but her face looked slightly Russian.

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   She explained that she and Maria had the same mother, but that her father was Russian.
"I hear you're gonna be doing my wax this year" she said cheerfully.
"Yeah" I replied nervously.
"Well be sure to do a thorough job. My poor husband only gets a smooth pussy for 3 months, and I don't want there to be a single hair in the way"
"Yes ma'm" I said.
I pulled her pants down, and man, was her bush wild. I picked up a pair of scizzors and trimmed it down to manageable length. Then I began, slowly, to apply the wax. I did a much better job on this one, and Maria watched approvingly. Elisa and Maria had very different pussies. Maria had large, puffy outer lips that completely covered her inner lips and her clit. Elisa's inner labia were average size, but her outer labia were smaller than normal, leaving her with a bit more poking out. She had pierced the protruding flesh several times and it was adorned with jewlery.
"You sure you got everything?" Elisa asked.
"Yeah, positive" I said.

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"Well then, I'm sure you wouldn't mind testing it out" she said playfully.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but Elisa stood up and walked over to me, and then moved her bare crotch toward my face. Delighted, I began to lick. I licked her all over and I knew that I had done a good job. Not a hair remained, and her pubic area was silky smooth. I began to concentrate on her clit, and she quickly began to moan. Her pussy wasn't very wet however, but I more then made up for it with my generous sucking. She smelled amazing down there, sweet and jucy, and it encouraged me to lick more and more, leading her to multiple orgasms. At last, satisfied, she moved away.
Maria looked at her quizically. "How can you be so dry all the time?" she asked, "I always get so wet"
Elisa looked knowingly at her "I don't like being wet, it smells bad and I feel unclean"
Maria was aghast "unclean? Being wet feels great"
Elisa replied "but it's no fun for a man to have to lick up all that stinky pussy juice"
Maria looked at me, and I knew that today was about to get even better. "Max" she said "eat me out. Prove to my silly sister that there's nothing wrong with a wet pussy"
Maria spread her legs and I moved in. Her pussy truly was different from Elisa's. Her sensitive inner lips and her large clit were fully covered by her puffy outer labia- it was a beautiful appearance really.


   However, her natural lube made it easy for me to get between the outer lips and in on her clit. She was just as sensitive as Elisa, reaching multiple orgasms within minutes, but she had a saltier taste to her. It was different, but not unappealing.
"Elisa, Maria, you are both fantastic ladies" I said. "Your pussies were both delicious, it would be my pleasure to help you again with this contest any time. "

Part 3- My gynecology practice/waxing Lilly.

A few months later, I started my own clinic. My plan was simple: I would look at a bunch of pretty pussies, an if there was one I liked that had too much hair, I would offer to wax it. That way, I would get to wax bushes, play doctor and look at pussies. 70% of the girls who came into my office were already shaved or waxed. But to the 30% who weren't, I gave the pitch that waxing off their pubic hair was more hygenic, because it prevented bacteria from being caught in the hair, and that it improved sex by exposing the sensitive skin in the pubic area. About 20% agreed to be waxed, and the other 10% were usually 40 year-olds who weren't gonna change their minds.
Before my patients showed me their pussies, I tried to guess if they were shaved or not, and I was usually right.
With Lilly Anderson, however, I was dead wrong. Lilly was only 16, but she had come without her mother.

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   She lived with her dad, who had made the appointment but refused to come along. Lilly was a stunning blonde, with long straight hair and smooth shiny legs that went all the way up. She was about 5'5 and very slender.
She was wearing a jean skirt that was barely longer then her underwear, and a low cut tee shirt that revealed her generous cleavage.
"Definitely shaved' I thought to myself. "No girl that hot is going to have a bush. I guess I don't get to do a wax today. "
However, when Lilly slid her underwear off, I found out two things. First, she was a real blonde. Second, she had a full bush of blonde pubic hair.
I performed a full checkup on her, all the usual tests. Then, just as she was about to leave, I said causally
"oh, and one more thing Lilly"
"Yes" she replied in a high, cheerful voice
"I noticed you don't remove her pubic hair. If you don't mind me asking, have you ever considered it?"
"No, why would I, most girls don't, right?"
"Well actually, most girls do now"
"Why? Doesn't that make them feel like little kids?"
"Does shaving your legs and armpits make you feel like a little kid?"
"No, it makes me feel soft and smoothe"
"Exactly, so why not feel soft and smooth down there? Freshen up a bit, you know?"
"Uh, I don't know"
"It's also more hygenic" I said, starting to steal the deal "It's easier to clean up after you have your period or when you go to the bathroom. "
"Alright, I'll try it" she said, in a voice that proved she wouldn't.
"I can actually give you a wax right now"
"No thanks, I'll shave"
"It's actually safer to wax then to shave, you don't get cuts or ingrown hairs that way, and you don't have to do it again for 3 months.


"OK, go ahead"
I prepped the waxing tools and trimmed her bush. I applied the first layer of wax and got ready to rip.
"ready? 1. . . 2. . . 3" I pulled and Lilly screamed in pain. She was overreacting, but she seemed like that kind of person.
"Stop! Stop! It hurts too much" she complained.
"There's no stopping now, I've already ripped out a huge patch of your pubic hair, you'd look ridiculous. "
While we had been talking I had already applied the next line of wax. Before she could protest, I ripped off another line of pubic hair, then another, then another. By then she had started to get used to it, so when I asked her to get on all 4s so I could wax her asshole, she didn't bat an eye.

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   I waxed her completely smooth. Noticing the stubble under her arms, I added "I can make your life a lot easier and wax that too. "
She said OK, and I eventually ended up waxing her legs, arms and armpits.

The next week I came into my appointment room during a break between appointments, to find Lilly sitting on the table, with her shiny legs dangling seductively off the edge, in a schoolgirls uniform of a white blouse and a very short black skirt.
"Lilly, what a surprise" I said. "What brings you here"
"I wanted to thank you for waxing me" she said. "It feels wonderful. On the way home I noticed how amazing my pussy felt against my underwear, I kept getting wet. And it was so smooth, when I saw it in the mirror I couldn't believe how good it looked. You've changed my life"
"Well, thanks"
"No" she said cheekily "thank you. In fact, I've been wanting to give you a special thank you. " Without hesitation, she ripped off her blouse, revealing her erect nipples and her perky B-cup tits that fit perfectly with her petit figure. Then, she took her skirt off, and turning around and spreading her legs said. "You take my panties down and take a look, doctor"
Without hesitation I rushed forward and slid them down her long sleek legs. Her pussy was indeed beautiful, it was tiny and neat, with small but tight outer lips that effectively covered the inner ones.

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   She undid my belt and slid my pants down, revealing my rock hard dick. It had grown to 8 inches during my time in high school and college, and was now quite formidable.
"Oh my gosh, it's so big"
Engulfing it in her mouth, she lubricated it and then pulled me up on the table. She sat on top of me, and slid her bald pussy over my dick. She was insanely tight, and her pussy stimulated my dick incredibly well. She began to thrust, thrusting slowly and pushing my dick deep into her vagina. It was like she was grasping it, her moist, warm pussy engulfing my rock hard dick and milking it, stimulating each nerve ending, so that it tingled throughout my entire body.
Through the extreme pleasure I was experiencing, I managed to choke out
"I'm going to cum, is it OK to cum inside you"
"It's OK" she said. "But I'd rather drink it. "
She pulled my dick out and finished me off with her mouth, pushing my dick deep into her throat unti I came in her mouth. Then she sighed.
"I'd like for you to keep doing my waxes. And I hope that you'll accept this as payment for your services"
Then she got up, put her clothes on, and moved toward the doorway. She turned around and looked affectionately at me, then walked away. .

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