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"Yeah baby, when you get off hear you can come to my place and get off again. " George was saying. Jerry found Georges straight forward approach and cornball lines embarrassing, but couldn't deny that they worked for him. George was a regular ladies man. The waitress blushed, smiled and hurried away. George took a swig of vodka and started in again. "Like I was saying man. If you cheat on Jessica you are a damn fool. She's beautiful, she's devoted to you, she's. . . . . . " George began. "Don't you think I know all that?" Jerry said.

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   "I know everything you're telling me. It's just that. . . well there's no more passion in our love making. It's the same old thing every time. ""That's where your problem is. " said George. "Where?" Jerry asked afraid of the answer. "You and Jess been married what? Fourteen years?" George asked downing the last of his vodka and holding his glass in the air to catch the waitress's eye. "It's time you quit makin' love and started fuckin'. ""I know you are going to explain that, so I won't ask. " Jerry said. The asian woman brought George another vodka and turned away with a disappointed look when he didn't make another lewd comment. She spun around and slapped his hand away with a broad grin when he pinched her ass.

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   He's going to get arrested Jerry thought. In this day and age that's sexual battery. The waitress walked back to the bar grinning from ear to ear and wiggling her butt. "Hell yeah I'll explain it. " George took another gulp of his drink. He was getting pretty loose. "Listen, Jess is a sexy woman. Some nice big juggs on her and a pretty nice round booty for a white girl. You need to give her a serious hard fuckin'. You been married all these years she knows you love her. She knows you respect her and all that other crap. She needs to see some lust. " he said, downed his drink and signaled for another. Jerry was considering what his friend was saying. When George said something that caught him off gaurd.

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  "Fuck her in the ass. " George said. Before Jerry could open his mouth George continued. "I don't want to here about the bible and unnatural and sodomy and shit like that. She sucks your dick don't she? Why's fuckin' in the ass any different?""Hey man, you're my best friend and everything, but I won't have you talk about my wife like that. " Jerry began. George waved his hand dismissively. "Look here. " he said. "If you're thinking about cheatin', what do you think she's thinkin'? You better fuck that woman before somebody else does. Grab her by that plump round ass, stick your tongue in it and then stick your dick in it. "Jerry sat stunned. George got up as if saying the conversation was over and sauntered over to the bar where the asian waitress had sat down for a break. He leaned over to her in his predatory way. She checked that the bartender was occupied and slipped through a door to the storage room.

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   George followed. Why should I listen to George? Jerry thought. All George's relationships ended shortly after his orgasm. choked and coughed as white wine ran out of her nose. "What did you say?" she asked. "I said I count his strokes. " Jessica repeated. "It's always the same number of strokes, plus or minus twenty. Good old reliable Jerry. "Melonie held a napkin to her nose and looked around the restaurant to make sure no one was looking before blowing softly. She was used to her friend complaining about her boring sex life, but this was too much. "He tries to make it nice at first. You know varies his speed and his rhythm a little, but I guess he gets bored and just gets it over with. " Jessica continued. "And if he whispers in my ear how sweet and wonderful I am once more I'm going to strangle him.

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   I swear. ""I'm sorry. " Melonie said. "But aren't those good things?""Yeah. " said Jessica. "I'm just sick of hearing them that's all. I don't want to be loved. . . Well no, I want to be loved. . . I just. . .

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  " She sipped her own wine and tryed to get her thoughts straight. "Okay, I want to know that I turn him on you know? I want to know that if we weren't married he would call me when he was horny. I want to know that I'ld be the first one he would call if he just wanted some pussy. Do you know how long it's been since he's asked me for a blowjob?""You wait for him to ask?" said Melonie more than a little surprised. "Girl he's your husband. That dick belongs to you. You don't have to ask his permission to use it. No wonder you two are having such a hard time. "Jessica sipped her wine and said "Well, maybe I'm old fashioned, but I would feel funny initiating sex. I'ld feel like such a slut. ""Oh good grief. " Melonie days later Jessica was thinking of that conversation as she sat at her vanity mirror putting on makeup. The sound of water and Jerry singing "Mack the Knife" flat coming from the shower. They were due at a church function and running late, but she was incredibly horny. She had been thinking about her conversation with Melonie for the last two days.

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   The man she loved was naked in the next room and Jess was very concious of her pussy. She slid a hand down to feel the moist crotch of her panties. The heat from her honey pot was intense. They had made love the night before, but it was not at all fulfilling. The normal eight minutes of lack luster humping, a few whispered endearments and then Jerry's snoring. Her fingers stroked up and down her slit and gently squeezed her swollen vulva. Jess needed to be screwed so badly. Hard animal screwing. No love involved, just deep passionate sex. The crotch of her sheer cotton panties was soaked through and cunt juice coated her fingers. Jess lifted her hand to her face and sniffed it. The smell was intoxicating. She began licking each finger, tasting her own cunt. God, what's happening to me she thought as the need took total control. "I am a slut.

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  " she whispered to her reflection and dipped down to her crotch for more juice to lick. "I'm a hot, horny slut. "Jessica could see Jerry through the open bathroom door now. He vigorously toweled himself off. His 42 year old body was lean and strong. She watched each muscle move under his pale skin. His chest was covered with hair darker than that on his head. His buttocks were narrow and tight. She loved her husband's ass. It was probably the best ass she had ever seen on any man. Jessica was lost to passion. She turned her body toward her husband, lifted her dress and spread her legs lewdly. She massaged her cunt with elaborate theatrical strokes. The site that greeted Jerry as he emerged from the bathroom was one he would never have dared to imagine. His wife in her high necked floral print dress, every inch the proper preacher's wife, masterbating for him.

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   The elaborateness of her movements made it clear this was more to turn him on than to get her off. Jess hated pantie hose and those thigh high stockings designed to stay up without a garter belt made Jerry crazy. Jerry's eyes devoured her body. From her hand working in her crotch down to where her stocking tops gently gripped her plump thighs and down to her black pumps and back up again. As he stepped from the bathroom into the bedroom the smell of soap and water gave way to the devine smell of his wife's hot pussy. She had put on weight over the years, but Jessica's 37 year old body was curvy not fat. A set of 36 D tits and a nice round bottom. Jerry approached her with a towel around his waste and a smile. "Well, it looks like we're going to be late. " he said. Jess returned his smile, slid off the chair onto her knees and ripped his towel away. She took her husband's semierect member between her full lips and began to hum gently. Jerry didn't recognise the song at first. When she would get to what he assumed was the chorus his wife would suck hard and thrust her face forward. She continued to hum, sliding her mouth up and down his shaft in rhythm with the song.

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   Then he realised. She was humming "That Old Rugged Cross". Jerry smirked, quite appropriate. Giving a preacher head in time to a hymn. "Oh baby that's. . . that's unbelievable. Yeah, keep doing that. Yes. " Jerry encouraged. His wife's warm mouth and the vibrations of her humming were making Jerry's head swim. He knew it wouldn't be long before he filled her mouth with hot semen. Then he had an idea. This would be a perfect opportunity to introduce something new into their sex life.


  With a great effort of will he pulled his hard dick from Jess's hot sucking mouth. His cock and her chin glistened with her saliva, she had been drooling heavily. "Oh God that's great baby, but I want to do something for you. " Jerry said lifting his wife to her feet. He kissed her deeply and fondled her large tits and plump ass for a little while before leading her to the bed. Jerry didn't allow her to undress. The prim and proper attire was a real turn on for him. It took a few minutes to get Jess positioned on the bed. Her head on a pillow and her plump round bottom in the air. Jess wasn't surprised when her husband lifted her dress. She wasn't surprised when he squeezed and kissed her thighs and buttocks and took her panties down. She wasn't at all surprised when he licked her sopping wet pussy slit, but she was shocked when he spread her cheeks and began to tongue her asshole. "Oh my God what are you doing?" she asked, then realizing her words could be mistaken for a protest added "Yes, do it baby do it. "Jerry had no idea how to do anulingus. He licked round and round his wife's hole drooling for lubrication.

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   He tried to push his tongue inside her, but she wouldn't open up. He began to use his fingers to massage her pucker hoping to get it to relax. "Oh yess, oh my God yes. It's wonderful, please don't stop. " Jess moaned encouragment twisting the covers in her small fists and arching her back as if she could get her ass higher into the air. Jerry continued to work her butt with tongue and fingers until he finally managed to get the tip of his pinky into her. Jess moaned with pleasure and her entire body shuddered as he worked the digit up her rear and wiggled it around. Jessica had been massaging her pussy the entire time and her snatch was sloppy wet. A combination of her juices and Jerry's saliva which had run down from her asshole. When Jerry pulled his finger from her ass and stopped licking she protested. "No Jerry, don't stop! Lick it, finger it, do something to it please!" she knew that she was practicaly screeching like a mad woman, but she didn't care. Her husband's lust had taken her completely by surprise and she didn't want it to end. "Don't move baby. " he said. "Don't move that sweet ass an inch.

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  " Jess arced her back up so she could look back between her legs and caught a glimpse of Jerry's ass disappearing into the bathroom. She continued to play with her pussy as she waited for him to return. She wanted to turn and get a look at her wet pussy and asshole in the mirror, but Jerry had said don't move. Looking back between her legs again she saw his erect cock bobbing back and forth as he walked and in his hand a jar of petroleum jelly. "Oh my God he is going to do it. " she whispered to herself and a fresh torrent of juice flooded from her cunt and coated her fingers anew. Jerry dipped two fingers into the jar and smeared a big glob of the lubricant in his wife's ass crack. He scooped some out with his left hand and began to grease his pole while massaging her puckered opening with the fingers of his right. Her body trembled and her ass cheeks jiggled as he worked his pinky up her hole again. Jess had two of her fingers in her cunt and her palm mashed against her clit. She moaned into the pillows as Jerry pulled out his pinky and started fucking her butt with his middle finger. He worked the full length of his digit into her and pumped it in and out of her hole. "Oh yes baby, fuck it baby, fuck it. I love it so much. Fuck it.

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  " she moaned. Jerry took note of the fact that she said I love it and not I love you. George was right, his wife needed some good hard fucking. Well she was about to get it. He moved forward to rub his cock head up and down her juicy slit. She withdrew her fingers to allow him entry, but he was only seeking more lubrication and didn't penetrate. "You like this don't you sweetheart?" he asked and Jess moaned in the affirmative. "Do you want to be my butt slut baby?""Oh yes. Yes I do. " she answered. Jerry gave Jess a few more strokes with his finger before pulling it out and placing his dick against her backdoor. As she felt his glans slip inside her Jess became nervous and started to tense up. She tried to fight the feeling, but that only made it worse. She stuffed the corner of a pillow into her mouth and gripped the edge of the matress. If he knew that he was hurting her he might stop, and she didn't want that.

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   Jess blinked back tears as her husband worked his full length into her bottom, touching her in places no one had ever touched before. If anyone had told her that she could enjoy pain she would have called them crazy, but this was wonderful. When he began to stroke her the mingling of pleasure and pain was a new and joyous experience. It felt like he was driving a truck in and out of her asshole. His hard cock probed deep inside her and then pulled back almost to the exit before plunging in again. His thick tool was stretching her more than she would have thought possible. Jess was relaxing now and the pleasure of ass fucking swept through her. She opened up for him as he pushed in and gripped his member tight as he drew back. Each stroke set off a new wave of sensation. Jerry would occasionally stop humping her and pull her hips back against him, burying his cock as deep in her butt as he could and they would both moan together. "Oh my God I'm gonna cum. " Jess shreeked after spitting out the pillow. There was nothing touching her cunt at all, yet she felt an orgasm rising and it was going to be a big one. "Oh wait for me baby wait. I want to cum with you.

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  " Jerry said and increased his pace. This only pushed Jess closer to the edge. "Shit, hurry. I can't wait, I can't wait. It's gonna happen. Oh shit it's gonna happen! Oh, Oh, Oooh!" His wife's body jerking and the way her sphincter contracted around his cock set Jerry off and his cock erupted hot jizm into her butt. Grabbing her hips he did his best to stay inside her as they both bucked wildly on the bed. His cock fired shot after shot of cum into his wife's bottom and the two lovers made gutteral animal noises. When the storm had passed Jerry let his limp organ fall from her and collaped on the bed. "Sweetheart, that was the best sex we've ever had. " he said. "Yes it was darling, but you're forgetting something. " Jess replied. "Forgetting what?" he asked. "I was giving you head and you interrupted me.

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  " Jess cupped his balls with one hand and fondled his limp rod with the other. The thought that it had just been in her ass crossed her mind, but she wasn't going to let inhibitions ruin this new level of intimacy. She made a mental note to get some baby wipes to keep by the bed and gobbled up his cock. "Holy God. " Jerry said as his wife's warm wet mouth worked him back to erection. Soon she had him back to full glory and her drool coated his shaft and dripped from his balls. Jess, unwilling to take her mouth off his dick, groped around for the discarded jar of petroleum jelly. When she found it she scooped out a glob and spread it in her husband's ass crack. She heard him chuckle as she worked it around and he groaned when she pushed a slender index finger into his sphincter. "Uh, oh shit baby that's good. Wow I like that. " Jerry groaned with surprise in his voice. Jess had no idea where his prostate was located, but she searched diligently. Jessica worked on her husband's pole with her mouth while fingering his butthole. His thighs tensed and his body jerked each time she shoved her digit deep into his ass, but he made no protest.

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   In fact he panted encouragement. "God damn Jess. Jesus. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. " Jerry's body stiffened and he lifted his hips clear off the bed. Jet after jet of cum hit the back of Jessica's throat in rapid succession and she gulped them all down. They cuddled and kissed for a while on the bed. Then in the shower they fucked again in the conventional way. Gently, but lustfully. When they emerged there were three messages on the answering machine each more worried than the last. Jerry made a call and told a bad lie while Jessica dressed. They left the house reluctantly and held hands on the drive to the church. If anyone in the congregation noticed the preacher groping his wife or her pinching his butt at the church social no one said anything. .
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