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Topic: Vacation sexMy wife and I just go back from vacation in Hawaii.   After a relaxing week on Kauai, where all we did was lay in the sun and do a little hiking and snorkeling, we went to Maui for what we expected would be a little excitement.  
After going out to dinner our second night on the island, we were hanging around the bar at our hotel in Ka’anapali watching the hula show.   We struck up a conversation with a lady sitting next to us and instantly hit it off – especially my wife and her.   Soon they were chatting it up like long lost friends.   Joanne we found out was married, but her husband had to go back home early to take care of business while she was able to stick around for a little while longer.   Joanne had short blonde hair and was an avid runner with a slight build.   She was short and tight.   Mary, my wife, on the other hand is tall and voluptuous with dark hair.   She also keeps in great shape, but as a serious bike rider instead of running because her boobs are too big, she says.  
We wound up closing the bar that night – which isn’t very late in Hawaii.   So we grabbed a bottle of rum from our room and went down to the beach.   After more drinks everyone was a little buzzed and we all decided to go for a swim.   Since it was a moonless night it was totally dark and we were the only ones on the beach, so we decided to go skinny-dipping.   First the girls had to look around to make sure we were totally alone and only then did they shyly removed their clothes before immediately running into the water.  
We only swam around for a little while before Joanne excused herself saying they she had to get back to her room to call her husband before it got too late.

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    But, she agreed to join us on a road trip to Hana the following day.  
On the way back to our room my wife teased me about seeing Joanne naked.   However, I reminded her that since it was a moonless night it was too dark to see anything for the brief moment before they ran into the water, and that once they were in the water they stayed in up to their shoulders so I still couldn’t see anything.   She replied “Too bad, but you can get still get lucky. ”  So, we made love that night with thoughts of Joanne’s cute face and pert tits running through my mind as Mary sucked on my cock, and thoughts of Joanne’s cute little ass in my mind as I held onto Mary’s hips and fucked her from behind that night.  
The next morning we set off early for Hana in our rental jeep.   We stopped for coffee and breakfast in Waialua and then took the long, winding road down the other side of the island.   We stopped at most of the tourist places in the beginning. The sights were nice, but were a little too touristy.   It wasn’t very crowded, but the few people that were around made it frustrating especially with Mary teasing me, rubbing her hands ‘accidentally’ across my crotch and saying things like “look at Joanne.   Don’t you think she has a nice ass?” 
We passed by a couple small, unmarked streams when Mary suggested we stop and hike up the mountain “just to see where it leads us.   Nobody will care. If it gets too tough we can just turn around and try the next one. ” So we did.   We stopped at the next unmarked stream that turned out perfect.

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We bushwhacked for about a half mile and scrambled up the rocky streambed for another quarter mile or so before right in front of us appeared a waterfall and pool in the middle of the jungle.   It really wasn’t much of a waterfall, just the stream rushing over a ten-foot drop on the rocks, but it looked picturesque and absolutely no one was around, which made it perfect.   The pool was fairly large, about the size of our hotel pool, and surrounded by a rocky outcropping one side and a flat sun exposed expanse on the other.  
“Perfect!” announced Mary.   “Let’s take a dip. ”  Although we hadn’t hiked that far it was hot and humid and a dip in the pool looked enticing.   But, what surprised me was the fact that my normally demur wife just shucked her clothes and dove in without giving it a second thought, and that Joanne did the same.   This time a got a pretty good look at Joanne’s small, pert tits and shapely ass.   Her nipples were hard and at least a half an inch long and she was clean-shaven.   I was mesmerized.   I hadn’t seen another pair of bare tits and ass like that, other than my wife’s, since we were married.  
“Are you just going to stand there staring?” my wife yelled out.  
Now it was too late to make a surreptitious entrance into the water.   I felt both her and Joanne intently watching as I pulled off my shorts and walked into the pool.   Normally, I’m not a shy person but it felt strange to be fully exposed to an unfamiliar person, and I was a little self-conscious.

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    All I could think of was “Man, I wish my dick was fluffed up a little. ”  Like she was reading my mind my wife said teasingly “What’s the matter, feeling a little small?  Don’t worry, from what Joanne tells me you’re a lot bigger than she’s use to. ”  With that, Joanne good-naturedly dunked Mary under the water.   “You weren’t suppose to tell him that” she said, which made me wonder what else the girls had talked about.  
Mary told me latter that while we were on the beach the night before Joanne had grumbled about her husband not being very attentive.   She had confided that she loved oral sex, but that her husband didn’t like to reciprocate.   To which Mary had innocently replied, “Oh, you should try my husband.   He loves to eat pussy. ”  Joanne was taken aback, but kiddingly responded “I’d love to try him.   Are you offering his services?” 
Their discussion after that, Mary said, got a little more explicit and she could tell Joanne was getting turned on.   Mary said this is why she thought Joanne had excused herself to go back to her room – not to call her husband, but to go play with herself so she could get-off.  
Anyways, after awhile we all got out of the water and sat on the rocks next to the pool to dry off.   Again, I felt a little self-conscious.   The water had been cold and my boys were hangin’ pretty high.   But, as we were lying back enjoying the warm sun I kept sneaking peeks of Joanne’s exposed body and wondering about what her pussy tasted like.

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    So, it wasn’t long before I had a semi hard-on and my dick had grown to a respectable length.  
Joanne must have been sneaking peaks of my body too.   She had her legs spread slightly and I could tell her pussy was getting excited.   Her lips were slightly enlarged and her slit was open exposing her clit.   Mary was also sneaking peaks.   But, she was peeking at Joanne peeking at my hardening cock and seemed to be getting aroused also.  
After awhile of this covert ogling, Mary blatantly reached over, grabbed my cock and started stroking it.   I was surprised, but just went with it as Mary stroked me to full erection with Joanne staring intently at my hardening cock.   Then turning to Joanne she asked “Is this what you want? Do you want to try my husband’s cock?” Joanne responded with a quite, barely audible “Yes” and reached out hesitantly to stroke me.  
With Joanne now stroking my cock Mary slid up beside me and started kissing me, passionately – her lips pressed hard against mine, thrusting her tongue into my mouth to tangle with my own.   Joanne commented to herself, but out loud “Oh my. Your cock is so nice.   It’s so big. ” and she leaned over to take it into her mouth.   As she leaned over to suck my cock, Mary grabbed my dick away from Joanne’s searching tongue and hungry lips.

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    “No. No. No. ” she said.   “First, you have to ask for it.   You have to ask to try my husband’s cock if you want it. ” 
“May I please try your husband’s cock?” Joanne replied to which Mary responded curtly “No.   You have to say it like you mean it. ” 
“May I please have your husband’s hard cock?” Joanne said desperately to which Mary responded, “Oh, come on, Joanne.   You can do better than that.   Say, it like you need it. ” 
“May I please, please suck your husbands cock?  Just let me just taste it. Please” Joanne implored.  
Still holding on to my cock, Mary turned to me and whispered in my ear “Isn’t this what you always fantasize about – another woman kneeling in front of you begging to suck your cock?”  I know Mary was just trying to tease Joanne, but I was dying.   I wanted it so bad and sensing my need, Mary said to Joanne “Okay.

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   You may suck my husband’s dick.   But, you can’t make him cum. ” 
I thought, “Oh my god, my wife is letting another woman go down on me. ”  I couldn’t believe it as Mary held my cock for Joanne.   As she leaned over, Mary rubbed my head across Joanne’s lips.   Joanne licked up and down the entire shaft and then took it into her mouth until her lips fully engulfed my dick.   She deep throated me fully, pausing at the base and then continued to suck me in and out of her mouth.  
It was obvious that Mary was getting turned on watching Joanne sucking on my cock.   She also sensed that I couldn’t take much more of this.   She reached down and pulled my stiff dick from Joanne’s hungry mouth.   “I told you, you could suck his cock, but not to make him cum.   At least not yet, because I want to ride him” Mary exclaimed.  
Mary rose up and slid her body over mine.   She positioned her legs on either side of my hips – backward cowgirl style - and slowly lowered herself on top of me.   As she lowered her pussy, Joanne rubbed my dick along Mary’s slit, teasing her clit.

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    She then positioned it at the entrance to Mary’s pussy and pushed it into her as Mary slid down to accept my dick deep into her pussy.   “Oh, that’s it.   Fuck me with that big cock” Mary screamed as my dick slipped into her.  
Mary rode my dick up and down; her tits bouncing around; her head tiled back in ecstasy; her eyes closed.   She leaned back into me as she rode up and down wildly until my dick inadvertently slipped from her pussy.   Joanne, who had been licking my balls took this opportunity to take my dick back into her mouth and moaned as she again deep throated me.   “That’s it Joanne.   Suck that cock. You like the taste of my husband’s cock, huh?” Mary asked.  
“Actually it tastes more like pussy. ” Joanne replied as she smiled and continued licking my dick covered with Mary’s juices.  
Mary told Joanne to give my dick back and watch her fuck me.   So, Joanne again positioned my cock at the entrance to Mary’s pussy and Mary took it back deep into her.   As she did, Mary rhetorically asked Joanne “So, you like the taste of pussy too, huh?  Then; lick my cum from Jack’s cock while I fuck it. ” So, Joanne did as she was directed.

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    Each time my dick withdrew from Mary’s pussy Joanne would lick her juices from my dick, and each time my dick slid back into Mary’s wet pussy Joanne would resume licking my balls.  
Soon Mary was riding me wildly, screaming and grunting as my cock pounded her pussy.   She had lost it.   I’ve never seen her so turned on.   She was screaming at Joanne “Lick my clit if you like pussy, bitch.   Lick my clit - you cock sucking whore. ” and Joanne complied.   Joanne licked her clit as she continued fucking me until I felt her pussy clinching around my dick as she came in convulsions.   As Mary came, I couldn’t hold out any longer.   Mary’s orgasm sent me over the edge and I unloading my cum deep into her pussy as Joanne fervently continued to lick and suck both pussy and cock.  
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing or experiencing.   Here was my demur wife, who had never before given a threesome a second thought, riding me like wanton whore and ordering another women to lick her pussy.   What a fantasy come true – and it wasn’t over yet.   Mary was still horny and wanted more.  
As my dick slipped from Mary’s pussy, covered in our combined juices, Joanne proceeded to lick it clean.

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    “You like the taste of our cum, huh?” Mary asked, and Joanne responded with a muffled “Yes. ”  “Well then, come here and lick my husband’s cum from my pussy,” she ordered as she laid back and spread her legs wide open.  
I could see my cum starting to drip from Mary’s pussy down towards her ass as Joanne crawled between my wife’s legs and eagerly lapped at her cunt.   Joanne continued licking Mary from her ass to her clit, then slipping her tongue deep into her pussy and tongue fucked her with it.   Soon Joanne was back to licking her clit as she slipped a finger or two into Mary’s tight hole.   Mary was going wild.   I don’t think she had even imagined another woman could be so good.   But, she was loving it.  
I was sitting back watching my wife in the throes of ecstasy and getting turned on again.   It wasn’t long before I was fully erect again and playing with Joanne’s pussy as she had her ass high in the air - her head buried between my wife’s legs eagerly lapping at her clit.   Mary reached over to me and started stroking my cock.   “Does this turn you on?  Do you like to watch another women going down on your wife?”  Then to Joanne she asked, “Look at this big cock.   He’s getting hard watching you lick my pussy.   Do you want this big cock?”  Joanne just responded with a muffled “Uh, huh. ” 
“Oh, come on Joanne you know the rule.

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    If you want my husband’s cock you have to ask me for it. ”   Mary replied.   Joanne looked up from between my wife’s legs and desperately pleaded with my wife to let her have my cock.   “Please let me have your husband’s cock.   I need a cock in my pussy.   I need to cum.   Please.   Please let him fuck me.   Oh, god.   I need to be fucked. ” 
Mary turned to me “Fantasy number two. ” She smirked.   “You have another women begging you to fuck her.   Do you want to stick this big cock into her pussy?”  Of course that’s just what I wanted.   “Yes, I want to fuck her.


    I want to fuck her while she eats your cum filled pussy. ” 
Mary paused and turned around under Joanne into a sixty-nine position and I knelt behind Joanne’s upturned ass.   Mary grabbed my cock between Joanne’s legs and started rubbing it all over Joanne’s soaking wet slit.   She positioned it at Joanne’s hole.   “Fuck her, Jack. ” She directed me.   “This is what you’ve been waiting for. So, fuck her hard.   Give her that big cock of yours. ” 
I grabbed Joanne’s hips and pushed hard.   My dick easily slipped deep into Joanne’s wet pussy in a single thrust.   I moaned as I felt Joanne’s tight pussy envelop my cock and soon we got into a coordinated rhythm, fucking and moaning.   Joanne moaned as my cock thrust deep into her.   Mary moaned as the force of my thrust pushed Joanne’s tongue deeper into her pussy. I moaned as my wife licked my balls as they slapped against Joanne’s ass.

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    Joanne moaned as Mary’s tongue left my balls and licked Joanne’s clit as I pounded her with my hard cock.   This continued, again and again.  
We were all close to cumming.   “Lick that pussy, bitch. ” I yelled to no one in particular as both women were now feverishly licking each other while I fucked Joanne.   But, Mary responded, “That’s right lick my cunt bitch. ” And Joanne yelled out “Fuck me.   Fuck me.   Fuck me. ” Which set off a chain reaction.   I screamed as I unloaded my cum deep into Joanne’s pussy, my cock throbbing.   Joanne screamed into Mary’s pussy as her orgasm swept over her.   Joanne’s convulsions set Mary off as her own orgasm rocked her body.   We held each other forcefully as our orgasms subsided.   Then we all collapsed in a heap of sweating, intertwined bodies.

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