Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Ten - Redemption


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Ten – Redemption 
Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.
Story Codes: mmf, hp, magic, spank, voy
The first week of Hogwarts had been a very interesting one; the Spellbook of Desires had passed through several peoples hands.   Harry, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George, and Draco Malfoy had all had their time with the book, but for the last month, Malfoy had been in firm control of the book.   The Weasley twins had intended to take the book back from Malfoy, but the only way to do that, was to find a way into the Slytherin common room and find the Spellbook of Desires somewhere in Malfoy’s belongings.   Malfoy had been very cautious about using the book since the first week, knowing that the twins, Ron, and Harry Potter, were all looking for the book and he was their prime suspect after the incidents with Ginny and Hermione.   The twins however, had come up with a fool proof plan to get it back; a plan which involved using Polyjuice potion to sneak into the Slytherin common room and get a little payback while stealing the book back from Malfoy.   They had been brewing the potion for the better part of a month and as the final days approached, they had done some reconnaissance, using Harry’s invisibility cloak and Marauder’s Map.   They had borrowed the invisibility cloak from Hermione, who had initially taken it from Harry They had also taken the Marauder’s Map from Ginny after pumping her full of their cum, in order to track Malfoy.   They used the invisibility cloak to wait by the Slytherin common room entrance and steal the valuable password before stealing hair from the two Slytherins they were going to be impersonating.
‘Let’s be Crabbe and Goyle… We can lock them in a broom cabinet or something’ George said to Fred, as they waited outside the Great Hall, where Crabbe and Goyle were eating.
‘We’ll wait until they make it to a secluded hall and stun them… We don’t want to have to carry them too far’ laughed Fred as they got ready to follow Crabbe and Goyle under the invisibility cloak.   Five minutes later, as Fred and George hid underneath their cloak, Crabbe and Goyle walked out of the Great Hall, with a couple of armfuls of sweets each.   Crabbe and Goyle made their way towards the dungeons, in the direction of their common room, but just before they made it to the door, they were ambushed by Fred and George.
‘STUPEFY!’ cried Fred and George in unison, knocking both Crabbe and Goyle unconscious.   Fred and George quickly stuffed their bodies into the closest closet after stealing a few hairs from each of the rather large boys’ heads.   They stole Crabbe and Goyle’s Slytherin clothing before changing and slamming the door on them.

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    They then got back under the invisibility cloak and made their way down to the Slytherin common room, deciding to maximize the time they’d have as Crabbe and Goyle.   When they reached the entrance, they mixed the Polyjuice potion with Crabbe and Goyle’s hair in separate cups before drinking the disgusting liquid.
‘Ughhh!’ moaned both boys, as they began to transform into Crabbe and Goyle.   Fred turned into Crabbe, while George turned into Goyle.
‘How do I look?’ guffawed Fred.
‘Like an ugly oaf… Just like me!’ laughed George, as the twins removed the invisibility cloak and stuffed it behind a vase.
‘Mudblood!’ shouted George, saying the password out loud, before he and Fred entered the Slytherin common room, looking identical to Crabbe and Goyle.   To their luck, only Malfoy and his girlfriend Pansy were in the main room; apparently, everyone else was either eating in the Great Hall or in classes.   It seemed Malfoy and Pansy were on break or simply skipping class, like Fred and George had.
‘You wanna fuck Draco!’ purred Pansy to Malfoy, not noticing that Fred and George had just entered.   Pansy would do anything for Malfoy, and since Malfoy had enjoyed getting his rocks off; he had allowed Pansy to be his girlfriend.   He even had some feelings for the noticeably attractive Pansy, but he would never tell her.   Malfoy liked it when she tried to please him in every way possible to gain his approval and affection.
‘Sure… Why don’t you get on your knees and suck me off you dirty whore!’ said Malfoy, unzipping his pants and smiling.   Pansy slid off the couch and got ready to give Malfoy some hot head.


‘Stupefy’ shouted Fred, hitting Pansy in the chest. ‘Petrificus Totalus’ yelled both Fred and George together seconds later, hitting Malfoy in the back of the head and making him freeze, with his hand still on his zipper, as Pansy fell to the floor.
Malfoy was livid; he was completely paralyzed and unable to move an inch.   He was also pissed because he was about to get head from Pansy, who was now unconscious on the floor in front of him.
George moved towards Pansy and Malfoy, stealing both their wands and giving Malfoy a swift slap in the face.   Fred continued to point his wand at Pansy, as George ran up towards the Slytherin boys’ dorm rooms.   Fred quickly found Malfoy’s room and searched it thoroughly.   Initially Fred couldn’t find the book, but after reaching under Malfoy’s bed and groping around in search of it, he could feel the book but couldn’t see it.   Malfoy had hidden it under his invisibility cloak as an extra precaution.   Fred threw off the cloak and took the book before leaving the room and walking down the stairs to where George had his wand pointed at Pansy and Malfoy.  The twins had originally planned to simply give Malfoy a painful beating and leaving him in a bloody mess, but after finding Pansy with him and discovering the Spellbook of Desires in his room, the twins had other ideas.
‘If you hadn’t noticed yet, were not Crabbe and Goyle… A little Polyjuice potion has given Fred and I the opportunity to steal our nice little book back’ recited George, waiting for his brother to return from the dorm rooms.
Malfoy couldn’t believe he could get caught off guard so easily by the muggle-loving Weasley twins.
‘Got it!’ Fred shouted with joy to his brother.
‘Good… Good… Let’s use it on Malfoy’s little whore and make him watch!’ laughed a jovial George, as Fred opened the book and looked for a suitable spell.

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‘Here we go… Quick, easy, and to the point!’ said Fred after finding a good spell.
The spell read:
A powerful but short lasting spell, effective on only the female sex , which works on two levels; it repairs the hymen of the intended target, making them a virgin again, and turns them into an insatiable slut, bent on extracting semen from any male in the vicinity.   When the spell wears off, the female target will have no recollection of her time under the spell.   Warning!  This spell is only effective for half an hour, but is so powerful, the intended target will seek out all and every cock she can find in the allotted time frame! 
With only a few waves of a wand, coupled with the words ‘Cockus Addictionus’ and Pansy would be on her knees begging to be double fucked by the twins.   Malfoy was still frozen in place, staring straight ahead as Fred started to cast the spell on his girlfriend.   His eyes tried to open in anger, but as he heard the words ‘Cockus Addictionus’, he knew Pansy was about to get violated in front of his eyes.   Pansy remained on the ground unconscious, still out cold from the Stupefy spell.
‘Enervate’ shouted Fred, hitting Pansy in the chest, and waking her up instantly.   There was a confused look in her eyes before she looked around and started to crawl over to George.
‘It’s time to have a little fun… I hope you don’t mind Malfoy!’ laughed Fred, as he walked over to his brother and removed his clothes.   Fred and George were shocked to discover their enormous cocks; evidently the two bumbling sidekicks to Malfoy were hung like a couple of stallions.   Pansy took hold of both twins’ cocks, totally under the power of the spell cast on her.   As Pansy began to stroke them off at the same time, they noticed that their cocks grew to a huge ten inches as they became hard.   Malfoy looked on in horror, as his girlfriend began to suck off the two twins, disguised as his friends Crabbe and Goyle.   He tried to move, but the combined force of two paralyzing spells had frozen him in place.

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‘Malfoy doesn’t seem objectionable to what his little whore is doing to us’ Fred said to George, as Pansy stroked him off while sucking George off at the same time.   Malfoy was so furious, he thought he was about to explode with anger.   George leaned over Pansy and tore off her skirt, sweater, shirt, panties and bra in a few seconds; not caring for a second about preserving Pansy’s clothes.   Pansy moaned at having her clothes ripped off her so forcefully, enjoying the sensation of her thong squeezing her pussy before it was torn off.
Noticing Pansy’s painful pleasure; George decided to give her a little more, by bending over Pansy again and slapping her round ass.   Pansy’s face may not be as nice as Hermione’s or Ginny’s, but her body was near perfect; with large firm breasts, a tight stomach, and a nice juicy ass that made Fred and George just want to bite into it.
Let’s fuck her right in front of Malfoy!’ Fred said to George, as he and George guided Pansy over to the table, which was located in front of the frozen Malfoy.   Malfoy again tried to move; to stop them from two-ending his horny little girlfriend, as Fred and George made her get on her hands and knees on the table right in front of him.
‘I need it so bad Draco… I’m sorry!’ pleaded Pansy, who couldn’t control her cock lust in the least.   As soon as Fred moved into position in front of her face, Pansy started sucking him off again.   George took the opportunity to kneel down behind Pansy; preparing to impale her on his new ten inch monster.   Malfoy watched in horror as his girlfriend began wiggling her ass at George, enticing George to slam his cock into her wet pussy.
‘Look at that Malfoy, she really wants it… I bet you I didn’t even have to use a spell on her’ Fred laughed, as he moved his hips back and forth; sliding his huge ten inches, in and out of Pansy’s hot slick mouth.   Malfoy was infuriated; unable to move and forced to watch Pansy getting two-ended like a common whore, Malfoy’s urge to use an unforgivable curse on one of twins was becoming a definite possibility.
‘Unghhhhhh… Mmmmmm!’ moaned a horny Pansy, as she felt George’s cock slide up and down her slit.

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    ‘Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!’ screamed Pansy, whose horniness was overcoming her.
‘Ohh god this is tight!’ groaned George, complaining about how tight Pansy’s shaved pussy was.   He good barely fit his cock into her, let alone push any of it in.   ‘You must be tiny Malfoy… This whore feels like she’s a virgin’ laughed George, pointing towards Malfoy’s limp cock.   Malfoy still had his pants up and knew his cock wasn’t small, but being unable to respond to George’s taunts was killing him.   Pansy definitely wasn’t a virgin either; Malfoy had popped her cherry during the second year, and had fucked her whenever he had wanted to in the past two years.   She had become a kind of slave to Malfoy, and had given it up whenever he was horny.   Malfoy had no idea however, that the spell that had been cast on Pansy had repaired her torn hymen, making her a virgin again.   George knew this as well, but decided not to tell Malfoy, because he knew not telling him would just infuriate him even more.
Fred was slamming his cock in and out her mouth as fast as possible as George started move more and more of his shaft into her.   It was a tight fit, but after the head of his cock and broke through her repaired hymen, his cock slid in with a little more comfort and ease.   After five minutes, George’s entire cock had made it into Pansy, and she was loving every inch of it.
‘Fuck me harder!’ screamed Pansy, as Fred pulled out of her mouth and let her catch her breath.   Before she could catch her breath however, Fred was pummeling her face again with George doing the same from behind her, with a glimmer of blood covering his cock.   Fred’s cock was slamming into Pansy’s face so fast, his balls were slapping against her chin with blistering speed.

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    After another five minutes of double ending Pansy, Fred and George decided to change things up a bit and give Pansy a real fuck.
Pansy groaned in disapproval as she felt both Fred and George pull out of her.   She had been so close to orgasm that if they had continued fucking her, she would have easily gotten off.   She was in luck however, as Fred slid underneath her and positioned his cock at her wet slit and George prodded her tiny asshole with his massive tool.
‘Yes! Fuck my ass!’ screamed and excited Pansy.   She had never gotten her ass fucked before, not even by Malfoy, and as George started to spread her cheeks, all she could think of was how good it was going to feel having two holes filled at once.   Fred had no difficulty sliding his ten inch tool into Pansy’s already well-used cunt.   Fred pulled her waist down, impaling her entire pussy on his cock and holding it there until George was ready to do the same with her ass.  
Malfoy was beginning to get some feeling back in his fingers, but even as he started to move his finger tips ever so slightly, he knew he’d never be able stop the twins from double teaming his slut of a girlfriend.
‘Unghhhhh!’ grunted both George and Pansy together, as her sphincter expanded to accept his bulbous cock head.   Even though Pansy was groaning in pain, Fred, who was looking into her eyes, could tell she was enjoying the pain.   Pansy started kissing Fred, as George worked hard loosening her tight ass as much as possible.   Fred just held Pansy’s waist down and made out with her as his cock remained lodged in her convulsing pussy.
‘Ohhh Yessss!’ screamed Pansy, as she went through an intense orgasm.  Fred could feel her pussy clench, and drench his cock with her juices.

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    George took the opportunity to ram six inches of his cock into Pansy as she was still shuddering from her orgasm.   She screamed again in pleasure; enjoying the sensation of having her ass filled with a big hard cock.
‘Fuck! We better wrap this up brother; the spell on this whore is about to run out!’ grunted George, as he started moving his cock in and out of Pansy’s tight ass.   Fred started doing the same; realizing they only had a few minutes left before the spell lost its effects.   In only a minute, the twins were moving in and out of Pansy in perfect rhythm, almost like they had done it before.   Pansy continued to make out with Fred as both the twins bucked their hips into her.
‘Unghhh!’ moaned Pansy again, as an orgasm ripped through her for the second time, squinting her eyes in pleasure.   Just as her orgasm finished, the time on the spell that had controlled her actions ended with it.
‘What the fuck!’ screamed Pansy, realizing she was getting double penetrated by Crabbe and Goyle.   She also noticed Malfoy was just sitting on the couch, watching her get double teamed by his best friends.   ‘Get off me Crabbe… Goyle… I never agreed to this!’ moaned Pansy, enjoying herself, even though the position she found herself in was totally perverted.   The last thing she remembered was getting on her knees to suck off Malfoy, and then she woke up with both her holes being ravaged by Crabbe and Goyle.
Malfoy tried to come to his defense, as Pansy looked at him, wondering why he would let his mammoth friends fuck her like this.   Because Malfoy couldn’t move anything but his fingertips and because he couldn’t even respond to Pansy’s questioning look, Pansy just believed that Malfoy wanted to watch her get double penetrated by his friends.   Pansy knew it was perverted, but if Malfoy wanted it, she would do it, or in this case them.

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‘Oh… I get it… You like to watch… Don’t you baby!’ moaned Pansy, letting go and enjoying the sensation of having both her horny holes filled with Crabbe and Goyle’s massive cocks.   Malfoy tried to shake his head in disapproval, but because his paralysis limited his movement, there was no hope in stopping her or them now.
Fred and George hadn’t said a word since the spell on Pansy had lifted; they were ready to cast the spell again, but as Pansy got back into the mood, they knew that the spell was unneeded.   Besides, they were both getting close to their limit anyway, and casting a spell would just be a waste.
‘Do you want them to cum on my face Draco!’ purred Pansy, rocking her hips back and forth, into both Fred and George and noticing her the strain on both the boys’ faces.
‘I’m gonna blow!’ groaned Fred, still pumping his cock as fast as he could, in an out of Pansy’s tight pussy.
‘Me too br---’ responded George, stopping himself before he said brother.   He knew if he said brother to Fred, Pansy would pick up on it and struggle against them.
‘Paste my face!’ screamed Pansy, not noticing George’s slip up, as she went through yet another orgasm.   Malfoy looked on in horror; he wanted to stop them from humiliating Pansy right in front of him, but as he started to get some feeling back in his hands and feet, he knew it was too little, too late, as the twins began to pant loudly in anticipation.
Fred and George quickly pulled out of Pansy, letting her get up on her knees and sit on the table staring at Malfoy.   She looked at Malfoy, thinking that he wanted her to get pasted by his friends.   She gave him a quick wink as both Fred and George got on either side of Pansy and started stroking their ten inch cocks at her face.
‘Unghhhhhh!’ grunted both Fred and George at the same time, erupting two thick steams of their warm sticky cum all over Pansy’s slutty looking face.   It hit her everywhere; in her eyes, her mouth and even getting in her hair.

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    Pansy loved every second of it, as she looked directly at Malfoy, letting who she thought was Crabbe and Goyle, unload the last of their cum directly on her willing face.
‘Whooo!’ gasped Fred, looking for his clothes and enjoying the sight of Pansy covered in his and George’s hot cream.   As Pansy started licking her lips and trying eat as much of the twins cum as possible; the twins got dressed in Crabbe and Goyle’s clothing and picked up the Spellbook of Desires and the invisibility cloak, before giving Pansy a wink and making their way towards the Slytherin common room exit.
‘Oh… and Pansy… Malfoy said to give him a big kiss before you clean up!’ George called out to Pansy, as he and Fred left the Slytherin common room and started back to their own common room, with their prized possession still in hand.
‘Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!’ mumbled Malfoy, still unable to move or say anything as Pansy approached him.
Fred and George never saw what happened, as they left laughing, knowing that as soon as Malfoy could move, he would be seeking some revenge.   Their exit was perfect timing, as the Polyjuice potion began to wear off and the twins started to return back into themselves.
‘Thank riddance… I definitely need a shower now!’ Fred said to his brother, as they approached the cabinet they had left Crabbe, Goyle, and their clothes in.
Fred and George threw off their clothes and opened the cabinet door; letting both Crabbe and Goyle fall to the floor, still unconscious.   Fred and George put their own clothes back on and made their way back to their own common room, both smiling and pleased with themselves for both embarrassing Pansy and Malfoy, and also stealing back their precious book.   As they walked back up the staircase, towards the Gryffindor tower, they were pleased to see Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet; the two girls they had impregnated over a month ago.
‘How’s it going Katie… Alicia… Stinks about quidditch, eh?’ said Fred, trying not to laugh.   The school quidditch season had been cancelled in order to host the Triwizard Cup, meaning none of them would be playing any quidditch during the school year.
‘It’s alright with us… We’re just back from the Madam Pomfrey… Apparently we’re both pregnant… We wouldn’t be playing anyway’ replied Alicia, looking dejected.
‘What a shocker!  Do you have any idea who the father’s are?’ said George, giggling a little, as he looked over at his brother.

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‘No… It could be a few guys though… Alicia and I have been having a little too much fun this summer!’ replied Katie, obviously not embarrassed at how sexually active they had been during the summer.
‘Well… See ya!’ said Fred, grabbing George and shuffling off, before they burst out laughing.   The best part was that Katie and Alicia had no idea that it had been Fred and George who had planted their potent seed in their friend’s fertile wombs. .
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