Taking the Camdens


I had Been watching the Camden Girls grow up for years i had lived next door for the last fifteen years and quite
enjoyed watching them grow into sexy young women.On occasion i would see one of them through the window naked and would fantasize about making them mine.All three of them were so sexy i couldn't resist staring,Mary with her tall slender figure and killer ass,Lucy with her voluptuousbreasts and little Ruthie with her petite body and gorgeous brunette hair.Finally I decided that i was going to have them I waited until Reverend and Mrs. Camden had left for the weekend and Matt and Simon had gone out to meet some girls.I snuck into the back door and saw Ruthie sitting in the living room I walked quietly behind her and put my hand around her mouth i dragged her into the kitchen and sat down on her chest i told her if she screamed i would kill her.She got quiet and i unbuttoned my Jeans and took out my 9 inch cock she got really scared at the sight of it and tried to struggle out i slapped her and told her to stay still I shoved my cock into her mouth and started face fucking her.i groped her tiny breasts as i was shoving my massive rod into the back of her throat tears started rolling down her eyes i took my cock out of her mouth and took of her skirt and panties.i rubbed her bald pussy and positioned myself up to her tight slit she tried to push me off but it was no use.i slammed my cock deep inside her virginal slit ripping her hymen and causing her to pass out from the pain i began to fuck her unconscious body.After a few minutes i released a massive load into her womb.Then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs there was Mary staring at me hovering over her unconscious nude little sister.

Part 2 Coming Soon