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      I knocked at the door, expecting to be greeted by pastor Robbins. I had been contacted by him, in regards to a photography assignment he was interested in putting together. He was checking out the photographers in the area, and he wanted to see my rates, and a sample of my work.

     The door opened, and an attractive lady looked out at me.

     She smiled as she saw my portfolio case, and said, "You must be Mr. Stassun, the photographer, my husband mentioned you would be here, my husband had to take care of an emergency, he shouldn't be too long, please come in, we'll sit in the parlor, and have some tea. I'm Liz, his wife. "

     I smiled back, and entered. Liz had a nice face, very white porcelain skin, with hair as black as a raven's wing, it made for a striking contrast. Her hair was done up in a sensible bun, and she was wearing a dowdy preacher's wife dress, and her shoes were sensible flats. I followed, and soon we were seated, sipping tea and talking. She had a wonderful voice, a very mellow, low pitch, and I enjoyed hearing her talk. Liz asked if she could have a look at some of my work, and I was happy to do so. I gave her the standard set of pictures of cars, dogs, weddings, pictures of machinery I had done for an industrial client, and other innocuous pictures.

     She looked through them, and said, "Yes, nice, but do you have pictures of a more personal nature?"

     I was a bit startled, I looked at her, and I could see she was serious.

     I asked her, "How personal do you want to get?"

     Liz said, "I want R rated at least, X rated if you have them.

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     I took a breath, and handed over a set of boudoir pictures. One of the more enjoyable assignments, taking sexy, racy pictures for ladies who want to spice up their men, and their love life. I could see her looking at them with great interest, then I took a deep breath, and gave her the X rated set that very few people see.  

     I remembered that assignment well, Renee, a very attractive bride-to-be had come to me and asked me to do her wedding pictures. Renee had contacted me after their honeymoon, and had visited my studio, to see the finished prints.

     "Nice, very nice," Renee murmured. "I have another assignment for you now, I want you to take some racier pictures of me. I want to keep them a secret, and give them to my husband on our first anniversary. I want to make sure that after a year, we'll still be fucking and sucking as much as we are right now!" she finished, with a laugh.

     I set up the studio lights, and had her stand on a large, bearskin rug. I started the camera, and the click of the shutter filled the room, as she posed, her clothes gradually opening, then slowly being discarded. Renee was a beautiful bride, long blond hair, honey colored skin, deep ocean blue eyes, I could imagine Renee's naked body in the grip of passion, her hair spread out all over the pillows, as her head tossed that mane from side to side. Down to her lacy white bra and panties, her sexy body almost naked, my cock quickly took notice. She slipped her lacy white bra off, and flung it away, those shapely, ripe melons, rising proudly up to greet the camera, her tiny, see thru panties had side ties, she grinned as she pulled on the bows, and let them flutter down to her feet. Her neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair as blonde as the hair on her head greeted my eyes.

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   Renee stretched out on the rug, parting her thighs, urging me closer, as she ran her fingertips across her tight labial lips, sliding them in and out. With a smile, Renee reached into her purse, and pulled out a 7 inch dildo. She licked and sucked at it, then nudged it against her, and pushed. It slid in easily, Renee started to hump her hips up, driving the dildo in deep, grunting with passion as she urged me on to get every shot. My cock felt as hard as iron, and it took all my concentration to keep the camera going, as Renee shuddered, her body shaking, letting out squeals of pleasure as she orgasmed. She pulled out the dildo, and urged me on to one last shot.

     "My pussy, get a full shot of my just fucked cunt" she gasped, still getting her breath back.

     I moved in to get that shot, framing that luscious, juicy fuck-hole dead center, clicking off the last few frames, then almost collapsed onto my photographing stool, the camera feeling almost like a lead weight in my hands.

     Renee said, "Whew, I hope you got all that, Rick will go wild when he sees that set!"

     She stood up, and walked over to me, and said softly, "and I see that taking them had quite an effect on you, also. "

     She had me stand, then she unzipped my trousers, and my rock hard cock was ready. No sooner had it sprung free of its confinement, then it was in the warm wetness of her mouth, Renee sucking my 7 inches in, right to the balls. Renee demonstrated her skill at fellatio, it had me envying her husband as she treated my aching cock to the very best blowjob I had ever enjoyed, and no way could I make it last. The hot, wet heat, her talented tongue movements, and the tight sucking grip of her lips took me over quickly. My cock erupted, gushing thick ropes of spunk, filling her mouth. With obvious enjoyment she gulped down all my cum.

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     "What say we get you nice and hard again so you can fuck me?" she said, with a smile of lust.

     She pulled me over to the bearskin rug, she lay back, and I quickly got my mouth down there to lick her golden cunt. I pulled the lips apart, and ran my tongue up and down the tight crevice, listening to her cries of passion starting. My cock started to build back up, as I kept my tongue dancing all over her dewy, silken pink flesh, licking her back up to a fever pitch.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, fuck me know, I need it so much, do it to me, NOW!" Renee growled.

     More than eager to oblige, I mounted Renee and in one bold thrust, buried myself balls deep in her well lubricated tunnel. She growled and squealed as I bottomed out, and I let out a growl as the fiery, eager tightness wrapped around my prick. So was very tight, and I wondered if she had been a virgin when she married Rick, I might be only the second man to be deep inside her gripping cunt. That just fired me up even more, and I started to ride her, sliding into her wonderful tightness over and over. Her legs wrapped around my hips, she started to toss her head from side to side, her long blonde mane fanning out. Again I envied her husband, having a hot, sexy wife like Renee to ride every night. She urged me to "go deep" and I started to power-fuck her, driving into her with everything I had, I could feel the orgasm building, I was on the verge.

     Renee cried out wildly as she climaxed, her body shuddering beneath me, she was a biter and a scratcher, as I felt her fingernails raking my back, her teeth biting down on my shoulder. That brought on the explosion, and my cock burst, spilling my seed into her with a loud growl of satisfaction, her fiery fuck-hole eagerly milking my cock for every drop.

     When she left, she had the wedding pictures, and a week later, she came by to pick up her special anniversary pictures.

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   Developing them had been a joy, and I didn't think she'd mind if I made an extra copy, for my own private stock. Actually, as it turned out, she didn't.

     When she stopped by for her special pictures, she asked me, "Did you make an extra copy for yourself?"

     Before I could answer, she gave me a big smile, and said, "It's fine with me if you did, I have a very strong exhibitionist streak, I would really get off on the idea of you showing that around to prospective clients, and knowing that strangers are seeing me in the midst of a heated masturbation session!"

     When I admitted I did, I could see her face flush, and her breathing deepen.

     "I think", she whispered, "that you need a special thank you for the pictures, and for the sexual joy you brought me afterwards. "

     Renee was wearing a light summer dress that buttoned down the front, she slipped the buttons out, shrugged her shoulders, and the dress slid down her body, and pooled at her ankles. She was completely naked under the dress, and she grinned as she saw my cock tenting up.

     Pressing against me, her hands stroking at my bulge, she cooed, "let me help you out, your cock looks so trapped, let's free him!"

     In a few moments, I was as naked as she was, and she was again on her knees, sucking my cock in, her lips tight around my shaft. She keep up the tight, miking grip, and all too soon, I could feel the eager throbbing of an approaching orgasm.

Just before I reached the point of no return, she released me, and pulled me to my bedroom.

     Renee grinned, and said, "Let's make it last. Lie back baby, let me sit on your face!"

     I could see the hot crimson flesh hover above me as she positioned herself. Her beautiful sex was only inches from my mouth. It was wildly erotic seeing Renee's beautiful pussy that close I could feel the heat from between her legs and smell the scent of Renee's arousal, hot and musky, her neatly trimmed triangle of blonde pubic hair was dewy wet with her arousal. I ran my finger along Renee's pink trail, hearing her soft moan as my finger slid just inside her hot tunnel.

     "Oh yeah, now lick me baby, lick me, taste my juices, I'm all hot and juicy just for you" Renee growled huskily.

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      I quickly slid my tongue along Renee's luscious pink inner lips. Renee settled herself down, pressing her heated center tightly against my mouth, grunting with pleasure as my tongue went to work on her steaming core. I ate her ravenously, my tongue dipping deep into Renee's fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding my mouth. I started flicking my tongue against Renee's straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.

     Just before climax, she lifted off, slid down my body, notched herself against my iron hardness, and rammed herself down, taking me in balls deep. Our grunts and cries of pleasure filled the bedroom as she rode me, the squelchy sound of Renee's juicy cunt pounding up and down on my prick joining in. Just before I was ready to shoot, she told me to change.

     "Roll me over, then pound your prick into me, flood me, I wanna feel you squirt!"

     We did so, I was able to keep my erection deep inside her. On her back, spread eagled, she wrapped her legs around my waist, and urged me on.

     "Now, just ram me, fuck me like a whore, fuck me like I'm a little overheated slut, fuck my ass off, and blow your swollen balls deep inside my burning cunt!"

     Her eyes had a wild, feral glow, and the dichotomy of her angelic face, and her urging to fuck her like a slut and a whore, drove me wild. She had the tightest pussy I had ever taken. Her juices flowed around my cock, making me thrust into her harder, I gave her everything I had, power fucking her as hard as I could, she was letting out cries of pleasure. The feel of her inner silky flesh wrapped so tightly around my rampant hardness, and her moans of pleasure egged me on, her tits were bouncing up and down furiously in time with my thrusts, the sound of her wet, squelchy heat being pounded towards orgasm filled the room.

     "Yes, yes, yes, fill my burning cunt, fill my fucking cunt, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, yes, Awww Gawwwwwd!"

     Her voice rose to a shriek, her body started to shudder beneath me, I could feel the tightening around my cock, the nails raking at my back, and her mouth came forward, her teeth again biting down on my shoulder. Letting out a roar of pleasure, my orgasm blew in, my cock erupting, spewing rope after rope of thick sperm, her eager tightness sucking every drop out of me, our cries of completion filling the bedroom.

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     Just before she left, she told me, "Not only are you a great photographer, you're a great fuck too. If I can ever convince Rick to try a three way, you'll be the one we call!"

     Back in the here and now, and I realized that Liz, the pastor's wife, was almost to that last picture, the final close up of Renee's pussy, the lips flared out like flower petals, her pink trail glistening with the juices of her climax.

To be continued. . . .    

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