Dancing with a Friend


When I invited John to go dancing, it was as a friend. I thought it would be fun to go out dancing at the club with a male friend, since my husband doesn’t dance. I could tell John was into me the moment we met. He is a handsome man, but being married, the thought of us hooking up didn’t even cross my mind.
I shook my hips as John was grinding on me. I was so excited to be out on the dance floor, I didn’t mind John holding me by the hips as our bodies moved together with the beat.
“Shake that ass girl!” John shouted as his hands slid from my hips down the sides of my thighs. I shook my ass as I pushed it against him. It wasn’t long before I felt his dick start to grow, filling the front of his pants.
“Down boy! Remember, I’m married” I said looking back at him with a smile.
“Sorry, I can’t help it. That ass is so amazing!” He replied backing away from my ass. As we continued to dance our bodies naturally found their way back together. Once again I felt John’s bulge prodding into my backside.   It was clear John wasn’t the least bit shy about his situation as he continued grinding me on the dance floor while pressing his hard-on against my ass with his hands on my hips. I tried to ignore it, but the feeling of his big hard dick pressing against my ass was making me wet.

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“You just can’t control yourself can you?” I asked looking over my shoulder at him while backing my ass up into his crotch.
“I tried but you are too damn sexy! And the way you move those hips and that ass makes me wild” he admitted without hesitation
 “You mean like this?” I moved my hips up and down making my ass bounce as it rubbed up and down against his crotch.
“Yes! Keep moving your ass like that and you’re gonna feel just how hard you are making me right now!” he exclaimed
“Oh, yeah?”  I replied as if I wasn’t fully aware of my actions. Without wasting another second I pushed back against his crotch once again. My pussy began to drip as I felt the massive bulge in John’s pants pressing into my ass.
“Damn girl! You’re gonna get me in trouble!” John replied holding my hips as he grinded his dick against me.
“Trouble? From whom?” I asked as I continued pushing my ass into him.
“Your husband I’m guessing. Wouldn’t he mind if he found out I was grinding my hard dick against your ass?” He replied.
“Don’t worry about him?” I said.
“Are you for real?” he asked not sure if I was messing with him or not.
“My husband doesn’t have to know. Besides I love the way your hard dick feels when you press it into me, and I don’t want you to stop. ” I explained.
“Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting this when you asked me out.

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   I thought we were just friends. ” He replied surprised but clearly excited about how things were developing.
“This isn’t what I expected either, but once I felt that massive dick pressing into me everything changed. It’s hard to think of you as ‘just a friend’ when you make my pussy so wet. ” I confessed.
“Damn girl! You really want this dick don’t you?” He asked.
“I want it so badly!” I whispered seductively. I couldn’t believe what I was saying! My husband would kill me if he heard a word of our conversation. The thought of cheating on my husband had never even crossed my mind until I felt John’s massive dick press against me. I had never felt anything so big in my life.
“Haha, and just a few minutes ago you were all worried about how you were married. ” he asked as I turned around to dance with him face to face.
“That was before I discovered the monster in your pants!” I said as I slid my hand down the front of John’s pants, squeezing his hard cock. “I want to be faithful to my husband but I can’t pass up the chance to be with someone with a dick as big as yours. ” I continued, massaging his dick through his pants.

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“If I knew it was that easy to make you forget about your husband I would have pulled it out when we first met!” he joked.
“I would have sucked you off right there in the parking lot. ” I said licking my lips as I slid my hand up and down his shaft.
“What a slut!” he said before he realized what came out of his mouth.   “Shit I didn’t mean to…”
“I am a slut for your big black cock. ” I replied catching him in the middle of an apology.
“Wow, ok then!” he said grinning ear to ear.
“Let’s get out of here. ” I said holding his hand pulling him behind me as I made my way through the crowd to the exit. The second we reached my car he grabbed my ass with both hands lifting me onto the trunk. He leant in kissing me deeply as I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him closer. I slipped my hand down the front of his pants wrapping my hand around his cock. He moaned deeply as my hand slid up and down the shaft of his dick. We continued to kiss as I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. With both hands wrapped around his thick black shaft I started jerking him off as we made out.

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   The feeling of his massive black dick in my hands turned me on so much I soaked right through my panties. For a moment I considered fucking him right there in the parking lot. Just then I spotted a cop pull into the lot putting a hold on our fun.   A few moments later and John would have been inside me.   We jumped into the car as quickly as we could and pulled out of the lot.
“Where are we headed? I’d get a hotel room but I’m short on cash” John said.
“I don’t think charging a room to my husband’s credit card is a good idea either. ” I said looking back at him.
“Damn, I’m really trying to get in that pussy!” He said fearing his luck had run out.
“Fuck it. We’ll go to my place. My husband is in bed by now. ” I said crossing my fingers.
“What? Are you crazy?” John scoffed.
“Where else are we going to go? He goes to sleep early and is a real heavy sleeper.

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  ” I assured him hoping I was right.
“Seriously?” He said unconvinced.
“We’ll have the living room to ourselves. We can fuck right on the couch. ” I said with a devious smile across my face. “And if we hear him get up we’ll stop and act like were watching a movie. ” I continued.
“You are one crazy slut!” he laughed.
“I’ll do anything to get some big black dick. ” I smiled.
A few minutes later we turned into our neighborhood. I shut off the headlights as I pulled into the driveway so not to disturb my sleeping husband.   We got out of the car and walked up to the front door. The lights were out and the door was locked making me confident that my husband was asleep in bed. We stepped inside and closed the door quietly.

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    I led John down the hall towards the living room. As I switched on the light I spotted my husband asleep in his recliner.
“Oh shit!” I whispered under my breath!” My heart skipped a beat in fear of being caught bringing another man into our house.   I held onto John’s arm pulling him back as I felt him turn to run.
“Honey, is that you?” My husband called out rubbing his eyes.
“Yes hun, just got back from dancing. ” I replied nervously.
“Who is that?” He asked looking up at the man behind me.
“Oh hun, this is John. He came out dancing with me tonight. ” I said trying to think up an excuse for bringing a man home so late at night.
“Um hey. ” John waved awkwardly.
“What is he doing here?” My husband asked with a puzzled look on his face.
“Oh um, John’s ride left without him.

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   I offered to give him a ride. ” I said making it up as I went along.   “And earlier he had told me he really wanted to see that new movie you were watching when I left, so I invited him over to watch it with me. ” I added to complete my story.
“Whatever, the movie is still in the DVD player. I’m going to pick up some food, you guys hungry?” My husband asked.
“Yes I’m starving. Can you get me a sandwich from Little Italy?” I asked, not because I was hungry, but to buy John and I some time alone. The trip across town to Little Italy and back usually takes at least 25 minutes.
“I’m already going to Palermo’s. Can I get you something from there?” My husband asked.
“No! I really want my sandwich from Little Italy!” I insisted.
“Ok, fine. ” He said giving up without much of a fight.
“Thanks hun.

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   I’m going to run upstairs to change. ” I said
“Be back soon. ” He shouted from the other room before closing the door behind him.
Once upstairs I stripped down and looked for something to change into. Digging through my lingerie drawer I found a sexy black lace push up bra with matching panties.   I quickly changed and grabbed an old t-shirt and long pajama pants to cover myself once my husband gets back. “Shoes!” I thought to myself before heading to my closet. I spotted a pair of black patent leather heels that would be perfect for the occasion. I slipped them on and called down to John before heading back downstairs.
“Damn! You are sexy!” John exclaimed when he saw me coming down the stairs. My tits bounced with each step I took giving him quite a show. The bulge in his pants reappeared by the time I reached the couch sitting down next to him.
“Now that we’re all alone…” I said as I undid the buckle on his belt. He leaned in kissing me deeply as I worked my way into his pants and wrapping my hand around his dick. I pulled it out and slid my hand up and down the shaft of his ten inch cock before taking him into my mouth.


   I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock sucking it gently as I swirled my tongue around the tip.
“Suck that dick. ” He moaned as he raised his hips off the couch pushing his dick into my mouth. I and sucked on the head of his dick with my hand wrapped the shaft as he pumped it in and out of my mouth.
“You like sucking my big black dick?”
“Mmmm yea!” I moaned as he continued pumping his dick in and out of my mouth coating the shaft of his cock with saliva. I tightened my grip around his cock stroking him up and down matching his pace. I felt his dick getting harder as I took him deeper into my mouth.
“Get down on your knees!”
While keeping my lips wrapped around the head of his cock I continued to suck as I slid from the couch down to the floor. Once I was between his legs I pulled his dick from my mouth to get a closer look. The sight of his thick black cock glistening with saliva was incredible. I wanted him inside me.
“Oh my god your dick is so big!” I exclaimed looking up at him. I slid my hand down to the base of his shaft holding it like a meaty black nightstick. I looked him in the eye as I swung his dick smacking myself across the cheek as hard as I could. The sensation of being smacked across the face with such a massive dick made my pussy dripping wet.

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“Put it in your mouth so I can fuck your throat. ” John demanded. I took him into my mouth and started sucking him once again. He grabbed my head with both hands pushing me further down onto his cock as he began thrusting his hips pushing his dick into the back of my throat.
 Having my entire mouth full of dick was an incredible sensation. I couldn’t wait to feel John’s huge black dick in my pussy! I had never been so wet from giving head.
“I hope your pussy is deeper than your throat!” John said ramming his dick all the way down the back of my throat making me gag for air.
I pulled his dick out of my mouth and looked up at him while stroking his cock. “Let’s find out!” I said sliding my hands up his chest and around his neck as I climbed on top of him.   I felt the plump head of his massive cock slide between my inner thighs as I straddled him. John grabbed my ass with both hands squeezing tightly as he lifted me into position over his dick. His long fingers pulled the soaking wet lace panties to the side exposing my pussy for the first time.
John slowly lowered me until the head of his dick slide between the lips of my soaking wet pussy.
“Oh god! It’s so big!” I moaned as I felt my pussy stretch around the head of his massive dick. I rode up and down on his big black dick taking more of him into my pussy with each bounce.


“Fuck yes! It’s so fucking big!” I screamed as he pushed deep into my pussy. I came so hard as his massive black cock filled every inch of my pussy.  
“Oh fuck yes! I’m cuming on your big black dick!” I screamed as I moved my hips back and forth keeping every inch of his dick in my pussy.   I’ve never cum so hard in my life!
“Fuck! A car just pulled up the driveway!” John said pointing towards the window. I turned to look over my shoulder.
“Shit! He’s back!” I shrieked in panic. I climbed from John’s lap onto the couch. I got up from the couch grabbing my pajamas and ran into the other room to slip them on.  

“I’m back!” My husband announced as he entered the house.   “I hope you two are behaving yourselves. ” He added with a giggle.
“Of course we are hubby. ” I said with a smile walking back to the couch sitting on the opposite end.
“Come get your food from the kitchen!” My husband shouted from the other room.
“I’m not really hungry, can you put mine in the fridge?” I shouted back.

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   I heard him mumble something under his breath out of frustration.
“Why did you have me go all the way across town if you’re not going to eat?” He griped.
“Sorry Hun!” I shouted while sharing a look and silent giggle with John. My husband came back into the living room with his food and sat in the recliner against the wall.
“So what were you two doing while I was gone?” he asked.
“I told you we were going to watch the movie. ” I replied.
“The DVD player isn’t even turned on. ” He said.
“Oh, well we were waiting for you to get back. ”
“Sure, Ok. ” He scoffed. “Did you get a drink or eat anything while I was gone?” He questioned.
“No, we didn’t do anything. ” I replied with a touch of attitude.

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“Because it looks like you spilled something. There is a big wet spot between your legs. ” He pointed out.
“Oh I must have held a cup between my legs when I was sitting on the couch. ”
“But you said you didn’t drink anything. ” He accused,
“Then it’s probably from when I washed my hands in the sink. ” I grabbed for an excuse.
“Hmm, I guess the big wet spot on the front of your friend’s jeans happened the same way. ” He said sarcastically.
“Whatever, I don’t know what you’re taking about. We just sat here talking while you were gone. ” I said before grabbing the remote to start the movie in hopes of getting off the topic.
Not 15 minutes of the movie went by before I was bored out of my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about John’s black dick and how hard it made me cum. It drove me insane knowing that the biggest dick I’ve ever seen was 3 feet away and there was nothing I could do about it.

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   John must be as bored I noticed him checking his phone. A minute later I heard my phone ringing from upstairs.
“Be right back. ” I said as I stood up from the couch.
“Do you really need to get that?” My husband asked giving me attitude.
“Fine, I’ll leave it. ” I said sitting back down.   John must be texting me, I thought to myself. I spent the next five minutes thinking of an excuse to run upstairs and grab it.
“Hun, can I have a piece of your sandwich?” I asked, noticing the red sauce that dripped down the front of his shirt. He tore off the end and handed it to me without saying a word.
“Damn, this sandwich just dripped sauce all over my shirt. ” I said calling attention to the spot.
“It’s just a T-shirt. Go change.

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  ” He said sounding annoyed.
“Yea, I probably should. Be right back. ” I said walking across the room. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I pulled my shirt off to thrown down to the laundry.
“Why don’t you just strip right here?” He said sarcastically, unhappy about another man seeing me in my bra. I turned to say something back when he noticed my choice in underwear.
“Why are you wearing a black lace bra?” he asked holding back his temper.
“It was the only one I could find. ” I said unable to come up with anything better.
“Are you serious? You have an entire drawer full of new clean regular bras. ” He said
“Well I just grabbed the first one I saw. ”
“Yes, the one buried in the back of the drawer because you always complain about how uncomfortable it is. ”
“Ok. ”
“But this is what you change into after a long day to ‘get comfortable?’” He asked clearly not buying a word of what I was saying.

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“It’s just a stupid bra!” I shouted in frustration as I ran up the stairs hoping my anger would back him off.
While in my bedroom I quickly changed shirts and grabbed my cell phone to check my messages. Sure enough there was one from John.
“I bet your pussy is aching for my dick. ” It read.
“Yes! This is torture. ” I replied.
“At least you got to cum. ” He said.
“Well, here is something to think for now. ” I said before taking a picture of my tits to send it to his phone.
I left my room to head back downstairs before an idea popped into my head. I remembered all the times I jerked off a boyfriend under a blanket with my dad in the room when I was a teenager. I was a longshot but the very least I can use it to hide my texting. I grabbed a nice heavy blanket t and headed back downstairs to the couch.

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I sat on the couch spreading the blanket over me. I glanced up to make sure my husband was still focused on the movie before pulling out my phone to text John.
“I’m still wet from cuming so hard!” I wrote
“I’d have you cuming on my dick right now if your man wasn’t here. ” He replied
“God, I wish! I didn’t think he would be back so soon. Bad timing!” I wrote
“At least you got to cum! My balls are full and I need to bust!” He said
“If we can be really quiet I can slide over and jerk you off under the blanket. ” I suggested
“It would be really hot if you jerked me off with your husband in the room, but I’m not gonna cum until I’m balls deep in your tight pussy!” he replied
“Oh god that would feel incredible! But until then…” I wrote back sliding up next to him on the couch.
I spread the blanket over both of us before unzipping his pants. I grabbed his dick and started stroking my hand up and down his rock hard shaft under the blanket.
“Oh, that feels good! As soon as he passes out climb back onto my dick and I’ll bust inside you. ” He whispered into my ear.
“I wish! But there is no way I would be able to keep quite with your big black dick inside me!” I replied.
“If he doesn’t fall asleep, drive me home after the movie, and I’ll fuck you on the hood of the car. ” He suggested
“You’re making me wet! Hopefully he won’t give me trouble. ” I replied.
“If he does I’ll fuck you right in front of him.

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  ” He said
“I just might let you…” I teased
It was obvious the thought of fucking me in front of my husband turned him on as his dick grew even harder in my hand. I continued stroking his dick as I fondled my tits with my free hand to give him a show. Stroking Johns dick while sitting a few feet away from my husband was making my pussy so wet! I have never been so turned on. I couldn’t imagine how hot it would be to ride John’s big black dick with my husband watching as John makes me come over and over again on his huge black dick.
After my husband finished eating his head started to bob like it does when he starts to dose before passing out for the night. Feeling a little bold I started inching across the couch until I was right next to John.
"God! I’ve been waiting so long for this dick!" I whispered into his ear as I stroked his cock. Keeping a close on my husband I spit into the palm of my hand and cupped it around the head of his dick. I slid my hand around and around keeping the head of his cock in my palm.
"Fuck that feels good!" he moaned under his breath. I continued massaging the head of his cock while sliding the other up and down his thick shaft. I felt his dick getting harder and harder as I jerked him off and needed to feel his black dick in my pussy.
"I want this dick inside me. " I whispered into his ear.
"Climb up onto my dick.

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  " John replied.
"If he woke up I wouldn’t have any excuse to be on your lap. " I explained.
"Tell him you needed some black dick your pussy. " He replied. Only if I had the nerve for something like that.
"We can both lie down across the couch and spoon. " I said
"Sounds exciting!" he said sarcastically.
"It will be when I slid my pajama pants to my knees so you can slide your dick into me from behind. " I continued. Without saying another word John laid across the couch and I slid my pajama pants and panties down to my knees and cuddled up with him pulling the blanket over us. John wrapped his arm around me fondling my tits as he pushed his massive hard dick between my things. The feeling of his thick cock pushing against me sent chills through my body.
"What are you waiting for? Slide that big black dick into my pussy!" I whispered wiggling my ass.
"Better cover your mouth, because here it comes.


  " John said as he positioned his dick sliding the head between the lips of my pussy. I waited for him to push his big black dick into my pussy, but he didn’t. Just as I was about to say something I felt the head of his cock push into my pussy.
John quickly covered my mouth stifling my moan. He kept his hand cupped over my mouth as he slowly started fucking my pussy.
"Oh god! I’ve been waiting for that dick all night!" I whispered to John as he slowly pumped his big black dick deeper into my pussy.
"You like getting fucked by a big black dick with your husband in the room?" he asked pushing every inch of his dick deep into my soaking wet pussy. Just hearing him say those words pushed me closer to the edge.
"Yes, this is so fucking hot!" I said quietly as I pushed my hips back into his dick driving him even deeper into my pussy than before.
"I can feel your pussy is getting ready to cum. You better not scream or moan and wake him up. " John reminded me adding to the danger and excitement of fucking another man while my husband slept only a few feet away. If I start to cum on Johns big black dick there is no way I’ll be able to keep quiet. Even with his hand over my mouth.
"Fuck! You better slow down.

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   I don’t want you to make me cum. " I asked. The moment I finished my sentence John grabbed me around the waist as he started fucking my pussy with long deep strokes. I could feel every inch of his dick up to the head sliding in and out of my pussy with each stroke. The sensation was so intense I couldn’t help but want more. As good as his dick felt filling my pussy with every stroke; I couldn’t risk waking my husband.
"Mmmm! Please slow down! I’m begging you. Please don’t make me cum!" I pleaded to no avail. The small moan I let slip encouraged him to finish me off. I could feel him fucking my pussy faster and faster with every long deep stroke.
"I’m going to fuck that pussy until you cum so fucking hard!" he whispered softly as he continued pounding my pussy. I felt his rough fingers slide into my pussy rubbing my clit as he buried his huge black dick deep inside me.
"Please stop! Don’t make me cum!" I said wanting to come more badly than ever. Again John responded by rubbing my clit harder as he pounded his dick deep into my pussy.
"Hearing you beg makes this so much hotter!" he confessed.


   His big black dick began throbbing deep in my pussy and it felt so fucking good! I could tell he was going to cum any moment now.   I felt his dick throbbing harder and harder in my pussy as he fucked me faster and deeper.
"Oh god! Fuck my pussy!" I moaned. At this point I was so overcome by pleasure I forgot about waking my husband who sat no more than four feet away.
"Here it comes!" John groaned before exploding in my pussy. His dick pulsed inside me as he sprayed his steaming hot cum deep in my pussy. The feeling of his big black dick flooding my pussy with thick cum pushed me over the edge.
"Fuck yes! Cum in my pussy!" I whispered through gritted teeth as I started to cum. His dick continued to pulse spraying load after load of his hot thick cum into my pussy. "Flood my pussy with your hot cum!" I cried out as I felt his cum gushing deep inside my pussy. His thick throbbing dick made me cum harder than I ever have with my husband.
After john had finished emptying his load in my pussy I was amazed he was still hard as steel for another minute or two. He kept his dick buried deep inside me slowly rocking back and forth. The sensation of his massive dick sliding in and out of my cum filled pussy was incredible. Much more of this and I’d be begging him to fuck me again.

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"Are you two still up? What was that noise?" My husband asked waking from his slumber.   We both froze with John’s dick still deep in my pussy.
"Yea, it was the TV. " I replied hoping we weren’t loud enough to wake him.
"Ok, I’m going upstairs to bed. Your friend can stay in the guest room. " He said as he rose from his chair.
I whispered to John to pull his dick out of me. As the head of his cock slid from my pussy I felt a stream of thick cum ooze from my pussy down between my thighs. I quickly pulled my pajama pants back up keeping us both covered with the blanket. John and I were able to sit up on the couch before my husband turned around to catch us.
"I’ll grab fresh sheets for the bed and get John settled, and then I’ll be in. " I replied as my husband walked up the stairs, unaware that another man’s cum was slowly dripping from my pussy.
I walked John to the guest room and helped him make the bed before saying good night.
"Come on, one more quick fuck before I go to sleep?" John asked laying on the bed his rock hard dick pointing to the ceiling.

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   The sight of his thick ten inch dick standing on end made my pussy quiver. All I had to do was climb on top of him and let it slide deep into my soaking wet pussy, but with my husband in the next bedroom it would be way too risky.
"You know I want too, but my husband is right next door. I’m not even sure he is sleeping yet. " I explained, not hearing my husband’s snore.
"What am I supposed to do with this?" he asked referring to his massive throbbing hard on.
"As soon as my husband falls asleep I’ll sneak into your bed and you can fuck me until the sun comes up. " I replied blowing him a kiss goodnight before closing the bedroom door behind me.
I tiptoed into my bedroom and slowly climbed into bed not wanting to wake my husband if he was already asleep. As soon as I curled up in bed I felt my husband cuddle up behind me pushing his semi hard cock against my ass and reaching around to grab one of my tits.
"I’ve been waiting up for you. " My husband whispered into my ear as he caressed my tit.
"Why did you wait up? You could have gone to sleep. " I asked him hoping to avoid where this usually headed.
"Because I have something for you.

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  " He replied pushing his semi hard dick against me.
"Doesn’t feel like much. " I whispered under my breath, not the least bit excited by his attempt at an erection.
"It’s getting harder. " He said as he reached down to stroke himself.
"Not tonight baby, I’m tired. " I said turning down his advances. Partially because after the fuck I just had, nothing about my husband excited me, and partially because I didn’t want my husband to discover that my pussy was filled with another man’s cum.
"Just a quick fuck. " My husband pushed now that he was fully aroused.
"I really don’t feel like it. " I insisted
"I’ll get on top, it will only take a minute. " He said not helping his case.
"Fine, just hurry up. " I gave in knowing that it was going to happen either way.

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    My husband got up on his knees and slid off his boxers exposing his hard six inch cock. He spread my legs and climbed on top of me letting his dick slid into my pussy.
"Damn baby! You pussy is soaking wet!" he commented, not knowing that his dick was being coated by another man’s cum.
"Your pussy feels so good! It’s never been so wet before!" he moaned as he continued pumping his dick in and out of my cum filled pussy. After having John’s huge dick fill my pussy I could barely feel my husband’s cock when he was all the way inside me. Even though my husband’s small cock didn’t bring much pleasure, the thought of him fucking me after John filled my pussy with cum was turning me on.
"Oh god, you’re pussy is going to make me cum!" He moaned pumping his dick in and out of my pussy faster and faster.
"Yea, baby.   I want to see you cum all over my stomach!" I whispered into his ear not wanting him to cum inside me. I didn’t want John to change his mind about fucking again tonight because another man’s cum was in my pussy.  
"Oh fuck! I’m cuming!" He moaned as he pulled his dick out of my pussy, shooting his load all over my stomach. I lay still beneath him unenthused until he finished milking cum out of his dick.
"That was so hot baby!" he said before flopping onto the bed next to me.  
"Sure, baby. " I sighed wanting to tell him the real reason I wanted him to cum on my stomach was because I was planning on getting fucked later that night, and wanted to keep my pussy clean for the other guy.

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"So you liked how wet my pussy was tonight?" I asked looking over at my husband to find him fast asleep like he usually was right after sex. It was probably for the better that he was asleep; because of my mood there was a very good chance I would have told him exactly why I was so wet.
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