Pakistani muslim wife finds real sex in her Indian Hindu man



I am Saif Ikram and this is the story of my wife Saima and her search for another man, I am a Pakistani Muslim cuckold. Before you read this story please search for some Pakistani girls pictures whilst reading this story and view their photos to see the true delicacy of a Pakistani Muslim woman and why she needs a more well-endowed man than me: the main one I like is Tehmeena Afzal so google for her. Also listen to this video between 41:50 to 45:00 this Pakistani girl talks about her parents wanting to marry pakistani and not black guys: http://www. youjizz. com/videos/pakistani-teen-gets-it-good-161700. html


I hope these links aid you in your fantasy of seeing your Pakistani wife being done by another man, these women are the growing number of Pakistani women wanting and fantasising about non-Pakistani men. Now for the story….


Saima and Saif Ikram are religious and devout Muslims in living in Lahore, Pakistan. Saima wears a hijab. Even looking upon other men for more than a glance is frowned up for women. Saif is about 5 foot 8 and Saima, quite tall for a Pakistani girl stands at 5 foot 7. Saif is of wheatish complexion whilst Saima, like a true Pakistani girl is fair and beautiful, large eyes, red lips and light brown eyes (google for tehmeena afzal to see what she looks like).


Saima was married to Saif in a Muslim wedding, which she had little choice in, she was far better looking than Saif and had a better job than him. But after marriage Saif did not let her work and was regularly having sex with her so that they could have a baby. Little did Saif know Saima had been on the pill, she didn’t enjoy the sex with Saif and found his penis small and uncomfortable.


Saima always had a naughty side to which Saif had not seen in the bed.

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   Little to Saifs knowledge, before marriage Saima was totally addicted to internet porn, her mind had been corrupted by seeing huge well hung black and white men having sex and giving their partners on screen orgasmic climaxes. Saima found sex with Saif quite boring, he would only do the missionary position and his penis never really hit her spots, she would often rub her clit to orgasm when he was at work to keep herself going and remembered the porn films she watched on the internet to keep herself sexually satisfied.


But Saima always had another fantasty, what if she could have sex with a man that was not of her religion? That would be totally out of order, but at the same time…would make it very kinky, she always had a thing for the local Hindu boys at her college but never could express herself in the fear that her parents would find out and marry her off early. The Hindu boys were a lot more relaxed with their women, more confident and not insecure like some of the Muslim boys about their women. That made her wet and fantasise that the Hindu boys were more likely to try different acts with her, maybe 69, anal, blowjobs and even eat her out.


One day when Saif had gone to work Saima, went to a local internet café and searched for dogging sites in Lahore. Where she found a young local name by the name of Amit, a Hindu name looking to meet up near the back end of Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore, a famous local market. The back end was quiet and rumours in the college days were that girls who wanted to lose their virginity before marriage would go there to meet boys who wanted to more than masturbate.


Saima created a fake email id and agreed to meet Amit the next day. Saima had sex with Saif that night, again in missionary, she looked up at the ceiling all the way through it and couldn’t stop thinking about how Amit would be like and how they would get on, how the sex would be. Its got to be better than this. Saif finished his business, as usual very little cum came out and he rolled over to sleep. Saima closed her eyes to go to sleep, she wondered if Amit would still think she is a virgin because there has hardly been anything real up her yet.


Saima went to the back end of the bazaar the next day… Now this story will talk from Saimas perspective…


I went to the bazaar, and saw a man in the back door of a small white van, I was scared but I went over in the excitement and he said told me he was Amit.

I just smiled wearing my tight blouse.

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   I walked into the van and he closed the door.


Amit did not need an engraved invitation after this. He was out of his clothes in a jiffy and was on his knees behind me. He fondled, pinched and slapped my tight round butt for a while. Then put his finger in my pussy, and chuckled at the wetness. And very soon, ahhh. . . a cock in my pussy. After experiencing how Saifs small circumcised cock feels, I was now a natural uncut cock in my pussy. But there was much more to Amit’s cock than just being uncircumcised. There was girth, the sort that I had never experienced before. Amit was atleast 7 to 8 inches, compared to Saifs small one which was only 3-4 inches hard.


Amit drilled me hard and fast. His hand kept moving from around my waist, up my back, playing with my boobs, back to my waist, grabbing my butt flesh and so on.

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   He got on his knees, grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth. I was experiencing a never-before bliss. A real big Hindu cock with real girth because of the extra foreskin, which Saif or no Muslim man could ever give me.


"Oh yes, oh yes, you randi, you slut. You like this don't you, you Muslim bitch? You like being fucked by Hindu dicks. Don't you? Don't you? Answer me, slut. " and he took his dick out of my mouth. "Mmmm. . . hmm. . . AHHH" I moaned in response as Amit was hitting the right spots and the right tempo.


"Say it, bitch.

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   Say you like being fucked by Hindu dicks. " "Yes. . . OOOO. . . AAHHH. . . I like. . . AHH. .

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  MMMM. . . being fucked. . . . AHHHHHHH. . . by Hindu dicks. Ohhh Ammmmmmmmmmiiiittttttt" I yelled as the first orgasm hit me. I don't know if Amit making me acknowledge the taboo nature of this encounter played a role in it, but I had an extremely intense orgasm. I yelled and shuddered as it lasted longer than usual. "I wana hear my Muslim bitch scream with pleasure.

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  " Amit said triumphantly "Bet she is a sunni bitch too. Are you? Are you a sunni slut?" "Yesssss" I exhaled. Amit  was still at it. His longevity amazed me. Said could not keep going this long at this pace and tempo. But Amit was able to keep going at the same pace, even with the friction that his thickness and my relative tightness must have generated. Amazing.


 In a couple of minutes, his grip on my hair tightened even more and I realized what was about to come. Within seconds, my mouth was flooded with a big load of his cum. It took me three gulps, but I swallowed it. "Wow, look how easily she swallows,  my little Muslim whore. " Amit said as he pulled back my hijab to unveil my beautiful hair. He took his dick out of my mouth, and used my hair like a napkin to wipe it off "Good for fucking and for cleaning, HAHAHA" he added.


"Get on your back. " he said.

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   I turned around and got on my back. Amit put his knees on either side of my butt. He then took my feet at put them on his shoulder. Then with his hands grabbing my boobs hard, he rammed his dick into me again. And I almost came again. At this angle, he had reached even farther inside and touched places that had never been touched. And he started yet again, at that hectic pace, fucking me.


" That's how all these Muslim sunni sluts are. Taking pills so they can go around screwing Hindu they like. " Amit murmered pounding away.


Amit exhaled loudly, let go oh my feet and stayed like that on his knees, his second orgasm. I was still writhing with the after-shocks of my orgasm. I could still feel his dick hard inside me for about a minute more. He finally took it out and sat there. I took my hand to my pussy and could not believe the amount of jizz that was coming out of it.

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   I sat up, unsure of what to say. Then he just fondled my breasts like a real man.


We put our clothes on and then I lay there in the van for a while to regain my breath. I got up and walked towards home, thanking Amit for the best sex ever. He said we could do this anytime.


At times when Saif went out of town, Saima stayed with Amit. Amit also regularly spent the week end with Amit in their home. Saima became pregnant and when the right time came, she gave birth to a beautiful boy, it was Amits boy not Saifs. After some time, Saima left Saif and ran away and started living in with Amit. Just after 2 months she stopped wearing her hijab and left Islam and they both got married.