Charlottes Diaries (Part 28 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 28 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

June 2003
These two adventures are quite short but I still managed to squeeze in the following things; dogging, dildo’s, domination, fisting, oral & vaginal sex, bi-sexual sex, golden showers, FemDom & interracial sex…. Mmmmmm quite busy really!
June 2003 – Adventure 1
Mmmmmm warm summer nights are just made for having my favourite sort of naughty fun. I like showing off during sexual encounters, in fact you could describe me as an exhibitionist! I love being watched, I love being used, I love being dominated! Anyway I planned for a very long night of naughty happenings, all for my benefit, and Dave’s of course. I am really pleased that he loves watching me having sex with other men and women as I can indulge myself as much as I want knowing that he is enjoying it too.
From our past experiences we have found that Friday nights are the best nights to go to a local Dogging spot for some fun, and this Friday was going to be no different and for a change it was quite warm too. For our trip out I decided that I was going to wear my dark blue bra, knickers and suspender belt with black fishnet stockings and to top it all off I wore my gym skirt, old white blouse and red high heels, on the way there I put my hair up in two bunches to finish off the effect! I looked really tarty, just the way that I wanted too! I took with me several items in a bag including my strap – on dildo, a long double ended dildo and various other items that I thought that I may like to use. On the way there I also asked Dave to do some things for me while we were there and this is how the conversation went
“Dave, will you be my dominant master tonight please?”
“What do you mean Charly?”
He said.
“I want you to force me to do things, and punish me if I don’t do them right, I’ve even brought my riding crop for you to use on me!”
I replied.
“Oh I get you now, Mmm I think I’m going to enjoy this even more than usual tonight. ”
We arrived, found a parking spot and got settled down.

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   Then we lowered the back door windows so that anyone could watch if they wanted too. It didn’t take Dave long to get into character and he growled out to me
“Lay back on the seat and finger fuck yourself until you cum!”
I lay back against the seat and slipped my hand down inside the waist band of my gym skirt and inside my knickers and started to play with my already very slippery pussy. Soon we could hear people gathering around our car and I heard someone say
“We can’t see anything!”
Dave tapped me across my breasts and said
“Our guests can’t see anything, lift your skirt up and pull your knickers down and then carry on with what you were doing!”
I didn’t need telling twice and I soon had the watchers murmuring out encouragement to me. Dave tapped me across my breasts again and told me to switch the back inside light on so they could see me better, I did as he told me and reached up and turned the light on.
I went back to what I was doing and I heard a woman’s voice saying out loudly to the watchers “Call that finger fucking yourself, get your whole fucking hand in your cunt so we can really see you finger fucking yourself. ”
There were lots of similar murmurings from the other watchers so Dave reacted to their wishes and told me to fist fuck myself, I told him that I didn’t want to and I carried on as I had been. He reached across to me and grabbed both of my wrists and pulled them into the air and he asked for two volunteers one on each side of the car, quickly two men leant in through the windows and he gave one wrist to each and told them to hold on to them until he said otherwise. I gave a little struggle but not enough to convince anyone that I was worried at all. Dave then flicked my pussy lips with the riding crop twice, just hard enough for me to feel the sting of it on my swollen clit. I let out a little yelp, more in surprise than pain as what I felt was not pain but pleasure.
“Now will you do as you’re told?”
Dave asked commandingly.
“Yes, yes, I’ll do it, pass me the baby oil from my toy bag please”.
He told them to release me and I covered my hand in baby oil then my pussy lips and finally I pushed the top of the bottle into my pussy and squirted a load into my already wet pussy.
I started rubbing my fingers up and down over my clit and pussy lips, and then stopped and arranged my legs so that the backs of my ankles were supported high up on the tops of the front seats, almost doubling me over with my legs open. I heard one man say
“Cor look at that she’s got a bald one!”
I started playing with myself again only this time I squeezed my fingers together and worked them into myself, just like a big dildo.

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   It wasn’t long before my pussy relaxed enough for my hand to slip into my very slippery pussy with an almost audible ‘plop’. I lasted a couple of minutes before the full sensations in my pussy made me cum loudly. I’m not sure but I think that some of the watchers came too!
I had just eased my hand out of my pussy when both my arms were grabbed again, and this time my legs were too, and they were kept up on the tops of the seats. Then I heard Dave open my toy bag again and then I felt the cool tip of my long double ended dildo laid against my still gaping pussy. I groaned out
“Oh yes fuck me with that rubber cock, let them all see you do it to me. ”
Sure enough Dave eased it into my pussy and started working it in as deeply as he could, teasing me with it, then he stopped and just left it hanging from my pussy and he got out of the car! Straining to see what was happening I saw the woman take his place and she was really naughty, she took over fucking me with it for a few moments, then she made the people that were holding my legs rearrange them so that they were pushed up over my head. Then she eased the dildo out of my baby oil covered pussy and forced it into my bum and started fucking me with it in that hole. I don’t think I lasted more than a minute before I started begging her to fuck me harder with it, and for a few moments she did, but then she stopped. Slowly she bent the other end of the double ended dildo over and pushed it into my hungry cunt, somehow she started up a rocking motion with it so that it was fucking both my holes at the same time, I felt so wonderfully full that I started pushing back against her thrusts and I came loudly. She didn’t stop fucking me like that until I had climaxed four times.
Somehow she managed to pull my knickers back up onto me with the dildo still buried deeply in both my fuck holes, before she got out of the car and I was released. Dave closed the windows and gave me time to recover, even though I recovered quickly,I was never far away from an orgasm as every movement seemed to stimulate my bum and pussy with the dildo that was still inside them. Dave made me kneel down on all fours and made me flip my skirt up onto my back and he started tapping the dildo through my knickers with the riding crop, it took him about five minutes to make me climax again. As I calmed down again he forced my head down between his legs and ordered me to get his cock out and suck him off, as I did so I caught the movement of someone outside the car watching us and I got really turned on again and made a big show of giving Dave a really deep throated blow job, and when I felt his cock start to thicken I pulled his cock out of my mouth and let him squirt his cum out of his cock so that it dribbled down the outside of it. Then I very sexily licked it all off and sucked the last drops from his cock.

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We lay together for a few minutes talking about what I wanted to do next, I told him that I would like to go for a walk around the car park area to watch others and perhaps join in with them. I added that if anything else happened while we walked around then that was fine with me. Before we got out of the car Dave pulled my knickers down a little and eased the double ended dildo from my bum and pussy, and while he put it back in my bag of toys I pulled my knickers back up, slipped my blouse and skirt off and put my long Mac on over my undies. Now I felt ready for some more horny fun, I asked Dave to bring my riding crop with him, and use it on me if I didn’t co-operate with people properly.
We got out of the car and wandered over to where some people were gathered around another couples car watching as they fucked! As we stood there watching too a man leant close to me and whispered in my ear that he had enjoyed watching me earlier and he started squeezing my breasts through my coat. I wasn’t really ready for it and I pushed his hands away! Dave saw me do this and in an instant he said loudly for everyone to hear;
“You cock tease, so you don’t want your tits touched?”
Defiantly I said;
“No I don’t!”
Dave roughly pulled my coat off me and snapped the riding crop across them hard enough to make me yelp! Then from somewhere he produced a pair of shiny handcuffs, snapped one around my left wrist and pulled it behind me. Then he grabbed my other wrist and snapped that into the handcuffs behind me. I was trapped. I stood there in just my undies with my hands handcuffed behind me, helpless and unable to defend myself, my pussy soaked my knickers with my cum in a matter of seconds and my legs went weak I was so turned on!
Dave then pulled his switch blade knife from his pocket and snapped the blade open, as he did so the crowd backed away unsure of what was going to happen! He then slipped the blade under my bra and cut through the front of it baring my small breasts and very hard sensitive nipple to their gaze. Next he did the same to my knickers! Dave then said loudly;
“Did you hear this cock-tease. She thinks that she is too good for any of you to touch her now!”
He paused briefly and then said;
“I think that she needs to be taught a lesson, I’m going to leave her here for you all to use however you want, only one rule no hurting her!”
With that Dave turned, walked over to our car and drove off. I was alone and at the mercy of all these strangers, I was nearly cumming on the spot at just the thought of it (What I didn’t know was that Dave only drove out of the car park and down the road a little way, parked and then returned on foot and watched everything from a hiding spot to make sure I was ok! But I didn’t know this until later that night when we got home).
As soon as Dave drove off, the pack descended upon me and my tits were mauled, bitten, sucked and licked. My pussy was fingered and my bum too! I came two or three times just during this first assault alone! Then the woman that had fucked me so well with my double ended dildo in our car earlier loudly said that she wanted me to lick her out! She lay back on the bonnet of one of the cars and pulled her skirt up to reveal her hairy pussy covered in dried cum for me to lick! I didn’t get a kick out of licking the dried cum from her pussy, but where it was still liquid and mixed with her cum it made me horny. While I was licking her pussy someone pulled my bum cheeks apart and eased his cock into my bum and fucked me there filling that hole with his hot cum quickly.

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   Then things just become a blur I can’t remember how many blowjobs I gave or how many times my various holes were fucked but it was a lot and things got very dirty towards the end when the woman forced me onto my back, held my nose, straddled my face and filled my mouth with her hot salty wee, and her partner followed suit and did the same to my cunt, washing all that cum out of it! This seemed to be a trigger for the others as the men gathered around me and either wanked off over me or pissed all over me too.
It was as this was happening that Dave arrived back! He asked the gathered crowd if they thought that I’d learnt my lesson. Judging by the applauding they did. Through all of this I counted that I’d had roughly twenty-five orgasms, I even had one when I was being pissed on! Dave helped me get cleaned up in the toilets near by and then while my hair dried we had a few drinks in the pub before going home.

June 2003 Adventure 2
I should have been an actress, let me explain; Dave and I were going out to a wedding reception and I set up another sex adventure on my own. After our success of arranging for certain people to meet us at a dogging location for a filming session of my dogging fun I used the same method of contact to find a man to satisfy my requirements for this sex adventure, I’m not going to explain what it was now, you’ll just have to read through the adventure and see it unfold the same way that Dave did!
Putting the telephone down I exclaimed
“Oh no!”
I had left my evening purse around my friends house near where I worked and we were already running twenty minutes late and we hadn’t even picked the baby sitter up yet! I explain the problem to Dave who was just going out the door to pick her up and he said
“You finish getting ready, I’ll pick the baby sitter up, then once I’m back with her, I’ll go on to the wedding reception with the present and you go and get your handbag and meet me there, we’ll just have to use both cars!”
By the time he returned I was ready to go out. I took the Scorpio car keys from him and said I’d take that one and he could take the Landrover, he fell for it, my plan was already working.
I left a few minutes ahead of Dave as he just made sure that both of our daughters were bedded down for the baby sitter. He left, now I’ll let Dave tell a little bit of this adventure: I got into the Landrover and taped to the top of the steering wheel was an envelope, and this is what was written on it: Dear Dave, Please make my excuses at the wedding reception as I’ve something else planned for tonight. Please make your excuses too at about eight-thirty and leave. You can open this envelope then and follow the instructions inside. Love Charly XXX ps leave your phone switched on in the Landrover. I was a little cross at first, but by the time I had driven to the wedding reception I was just curious as to what was in the envelope. I have learnt from past experiences that part of the fun of our sex adventures is anticipation! I had a drink and chatted with a few people before making my excuses at eight-thirty as instructed. By the time I was back in the Landrover I already had a raging hard on! I ripped the envelope open and pulled out three sheets of paper, two had pictures on the other was another note from Charly.

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   I glanced at the pictures, and they were of a big black cock next to a tape measure in the pictures it showed it’s length as 15” and the swollen bell end was 7” around (the tape measure doesn’t lie!). Then I read her note: By now you’ve seen the pictures of the wonderfully large cock that I’m fucking right now, if you look on your mobile phone you should have some multimedia texts from my phone, look at them and then follow the instructions on the last one! I was quite horny by now and practically grabbed my mobile from the dash board holder and went to the in box. I found six texts in there from Charly: The first had a picture attachment showing Charly’s hand stretched around the thick black cock with her fingers no where near touching, the second showed her mouth stretched around the very tip of that big black cock, the third showed the cock just away from her mouth squirting cum into it!. The next was of the tip of the cock parting her sexy bald pussy lips, the fifth showed her pussy stretched tight around the shaft of that huge cock and the last showed her on her knees with her pussy gaping open with cum dripping from it, and underneath it she had typed the message ‘Come and watch me continue fucking and sucking this cock, I’m at the Beacon Hill holiday inn, room 10. Love Charly. XXX. Ten minutes later I was walking along the corridor of the hotel looking for room 10. Now back to Charly.
Now you can see how Dave felt, when he knocked on the door I answered it just wearing my suspender belt and stockings. Once he was inside I reached down between my legs and scooped the mixture of cum from around my thighs and pussy lips, and making sure that he saw it all over my fingers, I licked it all off them before leading him further into the room and introducing him to Wayne.
The look on Dave’s face was one of absolute disbelief when he saw the size of that huge throbbing, hard black cock! Even though it was rock hard, the shear weight of it was such that Wayne had to hold it up as the muscles at the base of his cock were just not strong enough to do it. Mmmmmm, I’m getting wet and horny just thinking about it! Anyway this was another photo opportunity for our web site so I had a quick freshen up and got dressed again. I gave Dave the digital camera and went back out into the corridor. The first picture was of Wayne answering the door to me wearing just a towel around his waist, I think that you can imagine the rest of the pictures, but here is what happened: I walked in and Wayne led me over to the bed, he dropped his towel and I looked surprised at the size of his cock, I tried holding it in one hand but could not stretch it around it because it was so thick! Wayne took hold of his cock and then pushed me down onto my knees in front of him and pushed it towards my lips for sucking. I did my best but could only get a very small amount of the tip into my mouth, Wayne had to make do with me wanking his cock with both of my hands and licking it all over until he finally started to cum again.

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   I made sure that he fired his cum into my mouth so that I could swallow it all in front of Dave.
Wayne then pulled me back up onto my feet and in one fluid movement pulled my dress up over my head and off, throwing it over his shoulder onto the floor. He was soon groping my breasts through my bra before that too was removed and replaced by his hot mouth. I groaned out loudly as he kissed, sucked and bit each nipple in turn, slowly working me towards another orgasm (I’d already lost count of how many orgasms I’d already had during our earlier fucking session!). When I came I came very quickly and my legs buckled under me, thankfully I fell back onto the bed. Wayne didn’t give me any time to recover, he just ripped my knickers off me and started to finger fuck me and wank his cock at the same time. One by one he eased each of his fingers into me until he was finger fucking me with four fingers. It wasn’t long before I felt another climax building, Wayne must have sensed this because his cock started to rapidly get stiff again and he was soon kneeling between my legs again!
“Beg for it bitch!”
He said, I looked at him strangely. Slowly he rubbed the tip of his huge weapon up and down along my slippery pussy lips and stopped,
“Tell me you want it!”
He said. I replied
“Fuck me”
He just rubbed it up and down along my pussy lips again and cupped his hand around his ear!
“Tell me what you want me to do”
He said, this time I knew what he wanted me to say and I said
“Wayne, force that huge black cock of yours into my white pussy and fuck me hard and deep with it. ”
He thought about it for a minute and said to me
“If you want my beautiful black cock inside your lily white cunt, then get your man to come over here and push it into your cunt for me. ”
I said, and he repeated what he had said. By this time my pussy was screaming out to be fucked so I looked past him at Dave and said
“Please darling… Please come over here and put his big cock into me, I need it in me!”
Dave didn’t move,
“Please I need to be fucked by his huge black cock, come and put it in me NOW!”
I was both begging and ordering Dave to do it. Finally he got up and came over to us, he took hold of Wayne’s huge cock and started rubbing it up and down my pussy lips again, coating the tip of it in cum before pushing it into my willing hungry pussy. I cried out in pleasure as it forced its way deeply into my well lubricated pussy, soon I felt Wayne’s heavy balls slapping against my bum and I was in heaven.

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After about two or three minutes I had another orgasm, and Wayne stopped fucking me long enough for him to lay down on the bed and get me to lower myself onto his hard long cock. I was soon thrusting myself up and down on it, burying it deeply into my cunt each time I thrust down. I felt so full that I thought he must be in my belly, and when I glanced down as I thrust downwards, I saw the huge outline of his cock head pressing against my tummy, Mmmmmm. I came again, and again Wayne changed positions on me. This time he made me lay down and he lifted my legs over his shoulders before plunging his cock deeply into me again. I could only manage to get just over half his cock into me this way, and each time he tried to thrust into me it felt as if he was hitting something sensitive which was both pleasurable and painful at the same time? Each time he thrust downwards into me he seemed to go a little further in each time, Oh God that time it hurt but he seemed a lot further inside me this time. He stopped fucking me for a few moments and allowed my belly to get used to his huge cock, then he pulled outwards again, I screamed out again more in pleasure than pain, it felt as if he were sucking my insides out through my pussy! Then he thrust again, this time he didn’t stop he just kept pushing until all of a sudden something inside me gave and in a moment of blinding pain he was all the way inside me and he lay still letting me calm down.
I knew what he’d done, and I was a little worried. I knew that from the angle that he had been pushing his huge cock into me that he had forced open my cervix with his cock head and penetrated me deep into my womb! Wayne then started to fuck me, pulling and pushing his huge cock head backwards and forwards through my cervix, banging against the inside of my womb, sending me into pleasurable orbit with each stroke. It wasn’t long before I was thrusting myself against his thrusts as I became wetter and wetter. Soon Wayne was breathing hard and he gasped at me
“I’m gonna cum bitch; beg me to cum inside you. ”
“Wayne, oh Wayne, fuck my belly fill it with your cum, force that cock deeper into my belly and fill me with your seed!”
I wantonly begged. All too soon I felt his cock starting to swell and stiffen even more and as he gasped out loudly I felt splash after splash of hot cum hitting the inside of my belly and I climaxed too! For several minutes we both lay there gasping for breath before he eased himself out of me. He crawled up the bed and holding his rapidly softening cock in one hand he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head to his cock and ordered me to lick it clean. I didn’t need forcing to do that and climaxed again while licking our mixed love juices from his beautiful black cock.

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Wayne got dressed after that and left. I was feeling really sore in the well fucked pussy area but knew that I needed to have Dave’s cum in me too, so after posing for a few more cumshot pictures I took Dave’s rock hard cock into my mouth and gave it a few gentle sucks. Dave was really horny and I could taste pre-cum already leaking from his cock, I wanted him in me so I stood up in front of him and pushed four fingers into my cum filled pussy and covered them in the mixture of cum and rubbed it all over his cock, I did this two or three more times until it was covered in a thick sticky layer of mixed cum then I turned around and in one easy motion sat down on his cock, guiding it deeply into my bum. I rode his cock until we both came and I felt him fill my bum with his hot sticky cum. After cleaning ourselves up we booked out of the hotel and went home