My Married Boss


The women's perspective is always far more interesting because women are not as forthcoming as men are when it comes to sex. I am writing from the perspective of my GF. She has quite a few stories in her vault. These are her stories. . .


I was 21 years old at the time. I took a job at a local club on the bad side of town. The club name was Felipe's and it was trashy but times are tough and I had to take what I could get.

I was the youngest girl there and the best built, by far! Most of the women were run down and very trashy looking. In weeks, I had all of the male employee's on my tail. I was not surprised. I weighed 115 lbs, had a big butt, not so bad tits, and a dark eyes that could make almost any man melt.

About 4 weeks had passed when the bartender and I found ourselves wrapped up in a blissful tongue dance that his GF would have not approved of. I texted him at 1 30 AM, so yeah, he knew he was going to get his dick wet. I opened my door and led him directly to my bed.

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   I unzipped him, pulled out the beautiful dick that I knew lay behind those Levis and swallowed his man meat whole! My mission, to feel the sensation of warm precum run down my throat. My tongue rapidly shot out licking his ball-sack as I worked his thick pole. In minutes, the corners of my mouth were covered in warm cum.

I stopped, slipped out of my sexy laced panties and bent over my computer desk. I split my pussy open and asked him to ram me fast and hard. He obeyed and we fucked for quite a while before I asked him to shoot his load into my mouth.

The next day at the club, it was business as usual but there was a new fella roaming around. He was older and definitely sexier than my conquest from the night before. I approached him and introduced myself.

"Hi there, my name is Ana. Yours?"

"Rick. I am co-owner. I am just visiting to see how things are running. "

I was excited. This sexy man owned the place! What luxuries could be bestowed upon should I conquer this sexy man?!?!

I began to flirt and he responded! I was already getting wet just from the inane banter!

He offered to give me a lift home after my shift ended.

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After a few hours, the older waitress approached me and asked what I thought of Rick. I was about to answer when she quickly blurted out that he was married!

OMG! A married man! Could I proceed with my plan? She warned me that he was quite the player and to beware of his flirtatious ways.

Once my shift ended, we hopped in his Escalade and headed to my apartment. Once we arrived, he shut down the engine and turned to me.

"Ana, you're beautiful. How about you invite me in for a drink?"

I was nervous but excited.

"Sure but first, are you married?"

"Yes. Is that a problem?"

Suddenly his hand was between my legs and his fingers were massaging my pussy. I became instantly wet!

Rick replied, "Now I think your pussy is totally ok with this. Wouldn't you agree?"

I nodded and quickly jumped out of the car and led him to my place.

I unlocked the door and made my way in when he slammed the door behind us and grabbed me from behind and asked for my bedroom. I guided him there.

He violently tore off my work uniform and bent of me over the bed. Instantly his tongue was in my ass and his fingers were protruding my wet pussy! I could not believe that I was about to fuck a married man. I felt so naughty!

Out of nowhere, I asked him, "Wait, how old are you?"

He laughed as he licked my crack, "41 baby and if you have not been with a man my age, you will see just how much better it is to be with someone that knows what he is doing!"

Suddenly, I felt one of his fingers up my ass and another in my pussy.

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   I grunted with ecstasy! I had never had anyone poke my asshole but it felt so fucking good!

He continued to eat me out from behind for awhile. In what seemed like split seconds, I was on my back. Rick was already nude and dick was hard as steel. He protruded my tight young pussy violently! I came in seconds! I screamed his name as he rammed my little immature pussy! My legs were flailing in the air and he just pushed deeper and deeper. I felt so much cum run down the crack of my ass!

In moments my face was planted on the bed spread and ass was in mid-air. He began to fuck me doggystyle and I loved it!

Rick yelled, "Fuck, I love your young pussy baby! My wife's cannot compare to yours!"

I came again! I was fucking another woman's husband and I didn't care at all!

I let Rick fuck me however he wanted. I even let him penetrate my virgin asshole!

We fell into a short slumber. An hour or so later, Rick was at it again. He was my daddy and I obeyed every order he gave.

We ended the night with his dick in my mouth. He jizzed into my throat and I swallowed every droplet of cum that my tongue could find.

This fling went on for months.

The excuse to his wife for coming home late was, "I am teaching a young waitress the ropes. "

He most definitely was!!!.