Sally's Hero (Part 2)


Ann had just left and I was sitting there wondering what the hell had just happen. I got up and fixed myself a vodka and cranberry. I returned to the couch and turned on the tv. My mind started thinking about the shower scene with Sally and how her exposied beautiful tit had got me turned on. I started rubbing my cock through my swimsuit when Sally came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her naked body. She ask where her mother was and I told Sally that her mom went to pick up her brother. Sally came over to me and sat in my lap and wrapped her arms around m tight. Sally said "Thank you for being my hero with that bug, I just hate them. ". Sally then put her lips on mine and gave me a kiss that only lovers would give one another. I was so into what Sally was doing, I forgot that I had been playing with my cock and that it was partially exposed out the pantleg of my swim suit. Now it was getting harder by the second with this hot young girl on my lap kissing me. As Sally moved, I felt my cock slid up her leg and nestle up against her pussy. I know Sally felt it and moved more so that she created a slow moving back and forth. Her towel had opened and now both her tits were exposed. I felt her young warm skin pressing against me and I started to leak pre cum.


   Sally stopped kissing me for a second and said "Don't worry, I have done this with boys before, you will be my first man. " After saying this, Sally reached down and grabbed my cock and rubbed her pussy completely covering my cock in her juices. I took one of Sally's tits and began to slowly run my tongue around her areola and nipple. Her nipple had become so hard, it felt like a piece of candy just waiting to be sucked. As I sucked on Sally's nipple, she worked my cock up inside her and was milking my cock with the muscles inside her pussy. This went on for 7 or 9 minutes before Sally began to moan loudly saying she was going to cum. At that moment, my head started spinning and that wonderful feeling started down in my balls and was working it's way up to my cock. I let go of Sally's tit and pressed my lips to hers as my own orgasm started. It seemed like I was not going to stop cumming and Sally was now yelling out loud "Fuck me, Fuck me". We sat there for a few moments, then all of a sudden Sally jumped up and said "Thank you again for being my hero, I have to get ready and go. " I was totally in a state of bliss still thinking about Sally and the beautiful fuck that we just had when Ann came back. She ask me if I was ok. I smiled and said "Ann this has been one hell of a day. " Ann said "Don't worry, I will make it up to you tonight like I promised. " Just then Sally came out of her room fully dressed and said she was leaving and oh by the way "Thanks again for being my hero.

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