Shippos First Time


shippo fussed a bit as kagome left, she had to sneek away with shippo in her place, otherwise inuyasha would realised she was going back to the city to feed her appitte for her sexual needsshe'd go home and wait until everyone had fallen asleep in the house, slip inside and get her outfit, a thick dog collar, a pair of cat ears, and a butt plug that had a battery opperated tail on the end that wagged when turned on,of all the times she wanted to command inuyasha to plow his thick cock into every hole in her body, she never once gave in for fear of the others finding outshippo dupplicated himself into kagomes figure, he had yet to see a girls pussy so he merely left spot blank and had only an asshole, figureing it wasn't worth taking the time to change something that couldn't be noticed, he looked perfect,his tail being tucked up in her panties, unfortanatly for him inuyasha had fallen into a very bad heat, "KAGOME!!" inuyash picked up shippo and sat him on his lap before fondalling his breast "you don't get an option kagome, you're going to milk my cock dry!" shippo was freightend and couldn't say anything, if he told inuyasha to sit, his cover would be blown "ummm inuyasha, how about i just help you cum without you having to do anything?"shippo was strangly starting to get turned on as he reached into the folds of inuyasha's robes and felt his massive 8inch pride "NO!!! that wasn't clean enough for you before!!" inuyasha yelled as he ripped the clothes off of shipposhippo gasped and began trying to explain as his tail was revelaed "inuyasha i'm so sorry! you see i needed. . . . " inuyasha hushed him with a finger before he could finish telling him that he was keeping a promise to the real kagome,"kagome there's no need to be shy about it, i saw your tail the last time i was in your room, i got bored and started investgating" he picked shippo up a little bit and looked at his tail a bit in the moon light "i didn't think it would look so real" shippo realised this might be his only chance to get inuyasha back for all the times he beat him, and if not, atleast he got to keep kagome's sexual visits to her world a secret, "fine fine inuyasha, you can do what you want just be gental"inuyasha immediatly began to let his instintics take control "THE HELL I WILL!!" without warning shippo felt inuyashas tremendous pride thrust high up his ass, he sqealled and screamed but inuyasha simplely pushed him over and buried his face in the ground as he slamed his hips against shippo's, streatching his tiny virgin asshole, "OH STOP IT HURTS!!!! inuyasha held his arms back as his thrashed about trying to get free "you don't really mean that or you'd MAKE me stop" tears streaked down shippo's (or rather kagomes) face as inuyasha's boulbus cock shifted around his insides, but after a little while it began to feel. . . . good. . . a fullness he'd never felt beforehe wiggled his ass trying to urge inuyasha to get rougher which seem to do the trick a inuyasha shortly bit down on shippo's neck, "OH INUYASHA FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!!!" soon Shippo felt inuyasha's pride swell with cum, ready to burst, "cum. . . cum inside me!" inuyasha needed no more encouragement as he plowed deep and hard into shippo, jets of his cum filling up shippos ass to the brim, Inuyasha soon pulled out and spun shippo around "clean me off" but then at the worst possible time, shippo's powers ran out and shippo returned to normal"what the hell??!!!" before inuyasha could raise a hand to hurt shippo, he felt warm tiny lips wrap around his cock, sucking hard, inuyasha looked down and came again, the sight of a child-demon servicing his sexual needs, just like they would his father's "mmmmmm good boy shippo, from now on you'll do this for me won't you?" shippo smiled as he pulled off, some of inuyasha's semen that he hadn't yet completely swallowed running out of the corner of his mouth "only as long as you promise to fill my insides up like you just did". .

golden shower 

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