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Topic: Susie and JoNext morning saw Jo and I making love once more, me waking to her nibbling at my knob. I was actually awake long before I let on but I just lay with my eyes shut making her do all the work while revelling in the sensation of the hot little mouth coating my cock and imagining her perfect preggy body above me. I snapped my eyes open as her mounted me. Oh what a perfect way to wake up!"Thought you'd never wake!" she declared as she rode me making the most of my large tool. "I've been awake for ages Honey! Just letting you do the work for a change!""You sod!" she exclaimed slapping my chest. "No - its your pussy I'm in not your arse!" I joked back. "Well we can soon changed that!" she declared after panting out her climax on my cock - she was simply radiant in orgasm, perhaps even more so in her current condition a few days off giving birth to our daughter. She pulled me out even though I hadn't cum yet and repositioned herself slightly before sliding me into the hot rear. "That feels so good Jamie! Did you like reaming Susie?""Yes but no-one can match you!" I said most truthfully. "Ah - you are sweet! Time for you to cum Big Boy!" Within a few more strokes I came and came big time just as Jo found relieve again. "Pure brilliant Honey - you really are the best!" I just had to say as she climbed off heading for the shower. I had to lie for a few moments to let the sparkle clear from my eyes before I was able to join her in the shower. "I mean it - the likes of Susie is not a patch on you. " I said bending to kiss her under the running water. "You're not going to turn down the chance of DP with her though are you? Not that I mind - it'll be quite exciting to see - maybe she could suck my cunny at the same time?""Well - we'll need to see how it goes. If the guy, Dave, is a virgin he might not have much staying power but if the chance comes along, yeah I'd do the double with them.

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   Have you thought about it anymore?" I asked. "DP? Yeah, but the other guy would need to content with my arse while you fuck me. I don't think I ever want another guy to actually fuck me. ""Content!" I declared "Content is not the work I'd use. Any guy who gets a shot at your rear is bloody lucky if you ask me! You don't mind your girlfriends shoving a dildo into your rear though do you?" She blushed. I'd embarrassed her. "Sorry Honey but - hey - I've been there with you some of the times!""You're right - I'm quite fond of having a vibrator tickling my back passage while a girl licks me out. " she confessed, not that I didn't know anyway. "Tickling? Some of these things a bloody huge!""Not really" she smiled back at my coyly "none of them are as large as your dick!"Leaving me dumfounded she stepped out of the shower and dried off declaring "I must see the second cut of Susie and us!"Following her through to her office a few minutes latter I found her watching avidly on her PC monitor while gently playing a little vibrator over her pussy lips. I came behind her and, before she noticed my presence I cupped both her breasts, squeezing quite firmly and making her gasp. "We could watch in the comfort of my office. " I informed her lifting her to her feet after her nod. So seconds later we were in my office, once more naked and with the video playing. I had Jo sit on a chair and splay her legs wide for me. She was entranced in the film as I ran the vibrator over her pussy lips deliberately not penetrating her or touching her clit with the toy.

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   She was toying lightly with her nipples as she watched, totally lost in her making out with Susie and screamed out loud cuming totally as I finally touched her clit with the throbbing little object just as Susie had made her screen counterpart cum. The scream brought one of the secretaries into the room to investigate. "Sorry Boss!" I heard her say as she ascertained the situation. "I just heard a noise. . . " her voice trailed away. "No worries - why don't you join us?" I knew she was one of Jo's favourites and she wasn't a bad lay so I had no objections. "OK Boss. " she said quickly shutting the door and shucking her dress. Like many in the office she wore no underwear and as she kicked of her shoes was totally naked before us. She glanced up at the screen saying "That was hot stuff with you three yesterday!""You seen it?" I asked. "Not the second version which I think that is, but, yeah I've seen the first cut! _HOT_ I got all wet watching it. ""So you're just ready for a fuck then?" I inquired. "Always am Boss.

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   Always am!" Margo as her name was replied. "Bend down and suck Jo's cunt - she tells me you are very good at it - and then I'm going to take my pleasure in your pussy!""Yeah Boss - nothing subtle though, just fuck me hard with that big cock of yours. You can have my bum too - I don't want to be able to sit down for a week!"She bent to Jo and proceeded to kiss, lick and finger my wife's pussy causing Jo to begin moaning again. I in turn came behind Margo and ran my finger up her crack. Finding her to be, as she had said, very wet and with my cock achingly hard after my adventures with Jo I literally stuffed it into her hard giving her my all on the first stroke forcing her mouth even more firmly onto Jo's sex. Soon both girls were cuming but I was not ready so, taking Margo at her word, I pried her arse cheeks apart and thrust into her rear, forcefully. On reflection, although Margo and I had had sex a good few times, this was the first time I'd ever had the pleasure of her rear - turned out it was the first time she'd ever had anything in her bum (it wasn't to be the last!). Anyway I thrust hard into her and started pounding into her at a furious rate. I needed to cum and damned right she wouldn't be able to sit down for a while. Once more Margo got Jo off and then left off from her pussy to vocalise her own massive orgasm just as I let go in her rear my cock now sliding easier because of my lubricating cum. Pushing us away Jo stood and commanded Margo to bend over the desk before proceeding to rim her anus and lick my goo from her depths. After that all three off us hugged. "Take the rest of the day off if you like Margo! You probably need a long hot bath to recover. " I said. "Thanks Boss but I'll be OK after I've had the bath.

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   My pussy and especially my arse still tingle like crazy though! Loved having you in my bum - never done that before!""Take it you'd do it again? I love it too. " Jo enquired. "Loved what you did afterwards too Jo! Think I could do a movie? Don't think there's a sex act it possible do be done to a girl or for a girl to do I wouldn't be up for now! I'd never been too sure about anal but when I saw the pair of you and that other girl, Susie?, this morning I just knew I had to try. And I loved it!" Margo gushed. I chuckled "You know the rules - anyone in the company can be in a shoot if they want! You know where the production department is - go and work it out with them. "Margo regained her dress and tripped out of the room happily - probably heading straight to production to get signed up! I had a feeling her bath would have to wait until she had her first movie (except for the 'casting couch' shoot during which I had had her virginity a few months earlier of course!) arranged. Jo came to me rubbing her hands over my chest saying "That was fun but I'd better get some work done. I'll need another shower first though, coming?" So we went back through to our apartment and showered together before dressing and getting down to some real work. I was out of the office most of the day, meeting distributors, getting their view of the market, what was selling, what was not - the fact that the really hot and new stuff was internet only bugged them but we all knew that was the way the market was moving so they knew they had to make do with the the re-releases as it were. Some of the _really_ hot stuff like Naomi never got that far being a one off webcast for a select band. I actually use PIs to check up on applicants for the service. I don't ever advertise but word of mouth is wonderful, and dangerous! Hence the PIs, all of whom I directly employ. Well no I don't, licencing matters mean that I can't but the studio is their only client. They also check our staff - usually too late for the girls but that's just me! I also have a group of staff monitoring other web-sites for ripped-off films, passwords whatever, to date they have never found anything untoward. However leaving the technical stuff aside I made doubly sure that I was back well before four.

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   I was horny as hell having had no sex since quite early this morning which was quite unusual for me!Jo was waiting for me but wouldn't fuck me telling me to save myself for the movie so I resigned myself to waiting for the arrival of Susie and her partner Dave. She had phoned me just after lunch to tell me that during a rather torrid snog in which she had let him touch her tits for the first time that he's agreed to have sex with her on camera knowing that there would be another couple involved. She said that that seemed to excite him and he had said he'd love to see a porn movie "Could we use your office and have something playing on the big screen while we make out? He's got a big cock by the way - I had a good squeeze with he was getting my tits!" she asked. I agreed that the office would be a good idea - less intimidating with the cameras not being obvious I reckoned and asked "You or something else? And does he know of your plans for DP?""Not me!" she had said "You chose - make sure it includes lots of variety and youngish looking girls. He doesn't know about the DP aspect but perhaps the movie could include that too?"As we waited I cued up a very suitable selection of scenes - not a physical movie but a selection of the best from the server farms which would auto-play on the touch of a button. Dead on four with the cameras rolling and a large number of punters tuned in Susie bounced happily into my office dragging Dave behind her. "Hi Jamie, Jo! This is Dave - I can't wait to get my lips round his cock then up my cunny!"Dave blushed then caught site of the screen where a young girl was doing just that - riding one big cock cowgirl style while sucking on another. His jaw. dropped. "Fuck!" he exclaimed. "Yes that's what you and Susie are here to do. Fuck! Ever done it before?" Jo informed him running her hand over his muscular upper body. "If you're a good boy I might give me a shot at my arse too! Like that. " She indicated the screen where the petite blond was taking one of the cocks up her arse. Jo undressed Dave while I did the same for Susie.

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  "I've never seen a girl naked before - love your tits!" Dave informed Susie. "That all - what about my pussy - bet you'd like to put that big dick right into my pussy!" she pouted. "Well yes!" he said moving too her non-too subtly. "That's tough then you are going to have to wait! Ever had a blow job before?" she asked dropping to her knees in front of him licking the end of his knob, rimming his pee-hole. "Fuck no! Oh hell! Susie that's incredible!" he gasped out as Susie took his whole knob into her mouth and began to sink deeper. Her father had certainly taught Susie how to suck a cock properly - I could attest to that from personal experience. Given it was his first time ever Dave must be having quite a time right now. I was so hot by now that I ordered Jo to strip and then strip me. Naked in no time I got Jo up on all fours and as we still watched Susie suck her conquest's dick as he played with her tits I slid into Jo - and not before time! I fucked her rapidly to orgasm - Jo's orgasms always came easy for her and I think it was a good part of the pleasure of fucking her - just as Susie blew Dave off, she repeating the little trick of letting some of his cum leak out before catching it with her tongue and swallowing the lot down. "Tasty!" she declared. "Now you'd better taste me!""What'y'mean?" the newbe asked. "Kiss my tits and then when I tell you kiss my pussy - its best right about there - that's my clit. " she informed him lying back on the floor indicating "But don't be afraid to push a finger or two right into my pussy. 'Fraid I'm not a virgin like you!"He was on her in an instant, sucking on her tits for all he was worth. "Bet he'd have a feast on yours.

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  " I told Jo as we gently rocked our bodies together savouring our closeness. "Would you mind? Quite fancy having both of them suckled at the same time but you're the only guy ever to have got them. " she queried. "Been plenty of girls though!""Yeah - but girly stuff is different!" Jo had always said that of her excursions into same-sex love but could never really explain what she meant. "If you want him to do that, even if you want him to fuck you, I won't complain as long as you remember whose bed you're sleeping in tonight Honey!" I actually meant it but what else could I say given that I had free reign with other girls?"Thanks Jamie. Think we'll limit it to my tits and my arse - think I want to try DP but it'll be you in my cunt!" she decided as I pushed her to another little climax. Susie had instructed Dave to go lower and now his mouth was plastered over his young lover's sex. With her legs spread wide and with him holding her pussy open with his hands his tongue was probing deep into her, lapping at her till she in turn came. "OK Dave! Fuck me!""Don't we need protection? A condom or something?" he asked but not really able or wanting to hold back he set his knob in place. "Nah! Just fuck me! Do it! I need you so bad!" So he did thrusting into her in an almost primeval manner not knowing it was Susie's intention to get pregnant by him. One of the cameras I knew had the perfect angle on their coupling while others were capturing both faces - Dave's was especially contorted with lust as he experienced his first ever fuck, really laying into Susie until he came with what seemed to be mind-numbing intensity for him just as Susie got off, really finding the big one this time. As Dave withdrew Jo went forward, having just got off on my dick again and with a fresh dose of my sperm in her cunny, and said to him "Let me taste that - let me taste Susie's juices on your cock!" She said giving him little option but to comply. Susie did much the same for me but neither girl sucked their charge to completion but rather ensured that we were fully hard again before stopping. I knew why - Dave did not. Susie instructed Dave to lie down and then came on top of him facing away and taking his cock into her arse.

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   "Like that? I do! Feels kind of nice - but its just going to get a whole lot better! Come on Jamie - fuck my pussy!"So, still in awe of this little minx I pressed the end of my huge shaft against her pretty pussy and took her once more. With Dave's cock in her rear it was quite a strain for her at first but she soon got used to the arrangement and started encouraging us both to pleasure her - this we certainly did and then to cap the confection Jo managed to get positioned so the Susie could lap her pussy when Dave and I respectively reamed and fucked her. Having got Jo off Susie eventually had to give up on her as she needed all her lungs and vocal passages to give vent to the series of massive climaxes washing over her body. To his credit, being new to all this and ensconced in what I knew to be a tight backside for the first time, Dave managed to hold of in Susie as long as I did before we flooded her with sperm in unplanned unison. "Wow! Wow, wow, wow!" Dave declared. "Don't think you're done yet buster!" Jo told him as he lay panting. She offered him her breast. "Ever tasted a girl's milk before?""No!" he said. Perhaps not but he took the offer with alacrity. "Jamie - get the other side!" I was not slow to respond either and we lay there suckling my sweet wife while Susie lapped gently at her pussy and played with our two dicks ensuring that by the time we had our fill of Jo we were both hard again. Jo's turn for DP! Given her condition it was a little harder but we had worked out that if Jo lay on her side and raised her leg Dave would be able to access her back door and me her pussy so that's just what we did. I had a pang of jealously as I saw Dave take her anally but that soon passed as I pushed into the tightness of her pussy. This time, probably because we had cum so often this afternoon we lasted an age driving Jo to multiple climaxes before Dave got his rocks off in her rear and plopped out. Now free to enjoy her by myself I repositioned her on top of me and watched the view of her full belly and succulent tits as she rode me 'cowgirl' again. Grief - it was some fuck and some cum as I finally unloaded.

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   We were all fairly knackered by this time so I wound the shoot down by getting the girls into a sixty nine slowly fading the cameras as they lapped at each other. "Well Dave - enjoy your first fuck? Mind all these people watching?" I enquired. "It's been quite an afternoon! Susie and Jo are quite something! You didn't let me have you pussy Jo? Any reason?""Yes - its only for Jamie. I've never had another cock in there but his. Mind you, you're the only other one ever to have been in my mouth or arse. And you're only the second guy ever to suck my tits!" Jo replied. "You can have my pussy any time Dave!" Susie informed him. I wondered if she was pregnant - not that I could tell you the lead time between the actual sex act and conception - as she dressed and left the office hand-in-hand with Dave. She wouldn't need to tell her father about this adventure - he'd been a subscriber watching the action live!To be continued. . . ---------------Feedback welcome. [email protected]. com.
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