Jehovah's Witnesses and Me


Hey Everyone, Well, I hope this is a good sign for the weekend. I was sitting around the house this morning and being basically a nudist and a nympho usually I go to the to the door naked if there is any chance that I may benefit from it. Well, I hd just showered and dried off and everyone was gone so just laying around and had a couple toys on the couch and was just working myself up and the door bell rang. I looked out and a great looking black couple was there waiting for someone to answer. They were both dressed well and smiling and talking. He was well built and about 6 or 6'1" and she was 5'5" maybe and had a great figure. I thought, why dress so I left the two toys on the couch and went to the door naked and wet already.
I opened it and they both stood there and finally he said, "Ah, maybe we should come back after yiou get dressed, would a half hour be okay?" I smiled and said, "Well, that is okay but I will not be dressed then either, I will be naked all day, I am a nudist and this is after all, my home. " They both still stood there and finally he said, "Well, parhaps another day then. " and they turned to leave. I stepped onto the front step and said, "Look, I am always naked, so maybe just don't come back if it bothers you but you are welcome to come in and have some iced tea if you like now. " She turned to come back and he grabbed her arm and they went to the car and got in. I stood there on the step waiting for them and did not cover up at all. It was obvious she was willing to come in but he was not so I waved and went back in and left the door open some.
I went back to the couch and spread out and began with my clit tickler where I had left off and kept my eyes towards the door open a little so I would see them if they came back up. Sure enough the door came open some and they were watching me so I pulled out my giant dildo and slipped it in me and inch at a time and made sure to have a very exciting vocal orgasm that sprayed all over.

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   I heard them talking again and then a knock. "Come one in. " I said with the dildo still in me and my chest moving up and down. They came over and I slipped it out and sat it on the table and stayed there spread out. "Sit down and let me recover some. " I said and they did. I finally sat up and said, "I am Tess. " and stuck my pussy juice covered hand out the him. He shook it and said, "I am Gene and this is my wife Tamera. We are Jehovah's Witnesses and came by to speak to you today. " As he spoke I was devouring them both with my eyes, licking my lips and carressing myself softly and smiling. My body shook all over from the orgasm I had just had and I kind of moaned low.
"So what is it then?" I said and they sat there again silent. I saw his bulge growing and she did too. "Well, we came to tell you about Jehovah's Kingdom.

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  " she began. "You two are really great looking. " I said and they stopped. "Would you like some tea of something?" I said and got up moving to the kitchen. I lean on the sink and carressed my clit again and another orgasm came and I shook again. "Are you okay?" Gene said. "Oh yes, just after  shocks from my orgasms, I will have them for another hour. " I got them both iced cold glasses and walked to them and made sure they both left wet trails on my nipples and then gave the glasses to them leaning forward close to them. "Do you two really know how great you look?" I said. "You are really beautiful. " I sad to her and then,"And you are so handsome I could just attack you. " and then turning to her, "In fact, I could attack both of you. " "Why would you do that?" she said. "Well, cause you both look just good enough to eat. " I smiled and sat with my drink.

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   "Both of us?" he said. "Yes, both, of course I would eat her first. " I said moving my legs to open towards her. "And then I would just love to taste what I see is in your pants. " I said and he moved to cover himself. "He always had trouble covering that up. " she laughed.
"There is no reason to cover either of you up from where I sit. " I said. "And what would you do if you could?" he said. "Well, I can show you better than tell you. " I said to him. He just leaned back and she sat up straight and I said, "Move apart some. " They did and I sat between them and turned my back to him. I leaned to her and my face was inches from her face.

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   "can I show you?" I said and she was nervous but looked at him and he said, "Sure, go ahead. " I began hugging her and then kissing her neck and then to her breasts with my hands thru her dress and then my lips found her mouth and her lips came open for me and I kissed her deep. His hands were now carressing my back and hips and so I knew we were going to have a great morning. I leaned her back on her back on the couch and laid half on top of her and kissed her more my hands finding their way under her dress and panties and bra and I pinched her nipples and then down to her clit which was huge. Her clothes came off finally and she was beautiful and I kissed and sucked her nipples and tummy and then I was in front of her betweern her legs and her unshavved pussy tickled my nose and face. I began eating her slowly then faster biting her pussy lips and sinking my tongue inside and then two fingers. Her hands were on my face and in my hair moving me inside her and after a few min I was rewarded with the juices of her orgasm.
My face wet still I kissed her and then moved to him, the bulge now huge. I sat there and began the same way, kissing him all over then the mouth and his shirt came off and his unshaved chest ticlked my tits and body. I freed his nice black cock and sank it deep into my throat and he leaned back and moaned. The head was mushroomed and the shaft thick and I began sucking him in and out and deeper each time. She was massaging her pussy watching me and he looked at her and then his hands took my head and moved it up and down deeper and deeper onto his cock. It swelled and filled my throat and I swallowed all but a little. I kissed her with it on my lips and she licked it some but with hesitation. I put my pussy towards him and said, "Now feed pussy.

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  " and he got up and stripped and slipped into my pussy making me moan louder. I moved her to lay down so I could lay on her and also move to eat her and she moaned louder the more he fucked me. His cock swelled and he filled my pussy and I shook all over with an orgasm and ate her thru another as I did.
I laid back and spread my legs and pulled her to me, "Now eat me. " I said and she pulled away. "I don't like the taste of cum. " she said and I pulled her to me and told her, "WEat my pussy and do it now. " she resusted some then I got her to give in. She began sucking slowly and then her face was buried in me and she was making loud noises and finally my orgasm sprayed her face.
We all were on the floor now and I laid there with them both playing and carressing me and each other. They finally go up and dressed. "You will come back?" I said. They looked at each other, "Yes, we will. " and then left levaing me full and very happy. They just left an hour ago but gave me their number and I promised to call.

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I love them a lot, soooo, sweet.

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