Kate's confession


Anything I could think to do on the sly, I did. Sitting on his lap and squirming. Ignoring his hardness like it didn't even exist. Inventing ways to let him catch me half dressed or naked. Talking dirty girl talk within earshot on the phone with an imaginary friend. Absently touching myself when I knew he was looking. Bending over in a mini skirt, with no panties on. I was ruthless. For awhile, I didn't think it was working. The only one being driven crazy seemed to be me. I've never masturbated so much in my life. I didn't think poor Spike would pull through. That all changed tonight. You and Kiki went clubbing. Yeah, I knew the whole going to see Dream Girls on Broadway thing was a lie, but don't worry about it, this is my confession, not yours. Besides, you could have gone to an orgy tonight for all I cared.

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   I just wanted you out of the house so that I could be alone with Jay. Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm a terrible Mother Well, I decided this would be the night. Come hell or high water, Jay was going over that edge. I knew exactly what time he'd be coming home from his workout all sweaty and juiced. The leather dominatrix outfit I was almost wearing was sure to stop his heart. 6" spiked heels, fish net stockings with garters, nipple slots in a top that barely contained my boobs. I made sure I had that sexy, slightly perspiring look. He came home at just the right time. "Hey Jay. " I cooed. "How was the workout?" I ran to him, jiggling in all the right places and planted a big kiss on his sexy lips. "Welcome home big boy. " I cajoled in my best pouting little hooker voice.

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   I backed up and presented myself. "Devon and I are going to a costume party tonight. What do you think? I'm going for the I'll suck your dick any time, any where 'cause I'm a super duper little slut look. Be honest. Did I pull it off? I pranced my little ass over to the banister. I spun on it like it was a stripper pole. I continued to hang on as I dipped all the way down, feet together, legs spread wide. I shot him a naughty look over my shoulder as I slowly came back up. "Didn't think your old Auntie could work it, did you?" My back was still facing him. I gave my ass a quick slap and gave him a quick wink over my shoulder. I giggled some more as I strutted my stuff into the living room. He followed as I knew he would. "Do you think Devon will be pleased?' I licked my fingers, then twirled both nipples, bringing them to their full thimble size. I extended both arms completely above my head. "What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" I teased.

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   I slowly brought my hands down to my hips. We just stared at each other silently forever. His look was serious. It began to unnerve me. It unnerved me to the point where I was forced to break silence. I boldly whipped Spike out. "How do you like my prop?" I sashayed my narrow ass around the room like a high priced ho, twirling my imitation cock around like a baton. In a move I'd been practicing for weeks. I smoothly slid Spike down my throat until all 9" disappeared. Then I slowly brought him back out, gave Jay a naughty smile, and licked my lips. That was my first mistake. Oh shoot!" I said feigning anger that I didn't feel. The butterflies were hitting me hard. His look told me just how close to the edge he was. I suddenly didn't feel so safe anymore.

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   "My crotch snap keeps coming loose. " I sat on the couch, across from Jay. I opened my legs, hiked up my knees in order to give myself the best vantage point to re-snap the snap that was never snapped in the first place. That was my first mistake. My next mistake was not having my pussy wet already. He was on me in a flash! I didn't even see him coming. I know rape is my fantasy, but there was no way he was going in dry, not with that monster. I started fighting him in earnest to buy myself a little time. I felt a monster banging at my front door. Try as I may, I was fighting against the inevitable. I quickly understood that the monster was going to get me and there was nothing I could do about it. Fantasy or no fantasy, he wasn't ripping this pussy apart. I decided to reason with him, to slow him down. I had to be convincing, but not too convincing. After all, I didn't want to stop the inevitable.


   I just wanted to delay it slightly, just long enough to get a few juices flowing. "Jason don't! Please don't hurt me. " I pleaded, letting the fear come through my voice. We continued to struggle. I continued to plead. "No Jason! This is wrong. I'm your Auntie, Jason. You can't do this. You can't take my pussy. That's rape. Jason, no!" Need more time, keep delaying. "Jay, my pussy is dry. You don't want to hurt your Auntie. Do you? Ouch!" I guess he did. I'm feeling damp.

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   Come on pussy! Let's do this. "My pussy Jay. Sss! It's not wet yet. Ooh! Please don't. . . Ouch! hurt me. " Got some lather built up now, time to give him the go ahead. "OK Jay. You want this pussy? You can have it. Just let me get wet baby. It's not your fault. I shouldn't have teased you so. Just slow down baby. You're gonna get it.

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   This pussy is yours. " I gave him the most pathetic little hurt kitten look I could muster. Then I finished up brilliantly with, "You don't have to hurt me. " I allowed my body to go limp, but mentally I was preparing for a pounding. The next thing I know, he gets up. What the fuck is this shit!?! He starts blubbering about how he didn't mean to hurt me, begging for my forgiveness, whining about how sorry he is. "Yeah you're sorry alright. " I accuse scathingly. "Now get your sorry ass out of my sight!" I said as I got off the floor. I looked at him with disgust as I retrieved my dildo. "Come on Spike and finish what this boy got started. " I turned my back on him. That was my final mistake. In a blink, I was involuntarily sprawled out on the floor once again, as I knew I would be. What I didn't know was if he were serious or not.

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   By the look on his face, you just couldn't tell. The unknown factor made it all the more exciting. Not knowing if he was actually over the edge or still in control added that extra spark that made my juices flow like a river. The one thing I could never compensate for was his strength. When he grabbed me and threw me over his knee, I was absolutely stunned. He spanked my ass with my own dildo. Spike stung my bottom again and again, leaving red welts in his wake. Jay's domination over me was intoxicating. It flat did it for me. I came like never before. He threw me to the floor in disgust. "You fucking whore!" he accused. "You're enjoying it. I'm trying to punish you, and you're fucking enjoying it. " With that he threw my legs open, and began to stab my vagina repeatedly with my fake dick.

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   To his utter disappointment, the rougher he got, the more I came. That's when he flipped me over and plunged Spike deep into my ass. The dildo was plenty slick from all my juices, so it slid in pretty easily with the amount of brute force he applied. However, without foreplay, I was totally unprepared. Of course I came on the spot, the force of which was so overwhelming, I passed out. When I came to, I was on my knees, my clothing was in tatters, Spike was still nestled deeply in my ass, and I was being pounded into submission by my youthful stud. I did the only thing I could do. I came again. Jay put a hand on my hip and slung me to the floor. I scrambled away from him like I was afraid for my life. Got to keep up appearances you know. Then he calmly sat down on the floor and began to slowly stroke himself. Oh the site was glorious. I wanted to fall down upon both knees and worship him. "Stand up whore.

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  " he said in a quiet, yet commanding and threatening voice. I stood immediately. Motioning to the room he said, "This is your run way. Model the latest fashion you have sticking out your ass. " I was totally gone, totally his. I'd have licked my own pussy if he would have told me to. I pranced and sashayed my ass back and forth like I was modeling high fashion. My audience of one yipped, whistled and applauded my efforts. He patted his lap, with his dick emanating straight out of it like a grand flag pole. He simply commanded "Sit. " I ran to his dick like a dog to a bone. With Spike up my ass, and Jay stuffed up my pussy. I was filled beyond belief. It added new meaning to the phrase, "My cup runneth over. " I was in heaven, At least until you walked in.


   To my credit, I tried to come to you as soon as you went running. Your cousin had different thoughts, however. He grabbed me by the arm and wouldn't let me come to you. He said that I couldn't leave until I drank what his balls had to offer. I knew I had to get to you as quickly as possible, so got on my knees in front of him and offered my mouth. He asked me how I wanted it. I told him I wanted him I wanted him to fuck my whore mouth. He grabbed me by my hair, forced his cock through my lips and down my throat. He fucked my mouth like it was my pussy. He called me every name in the book. He spit in my face. He made me choke and gag as I swallowed every drop. And I loved every minute of it. When I reflect on why this has happened, I can only find one viable reason. Since I had you, I've tried to be the perfect role model for you, a perfect example of what a woman should be and how she could conduct herself.

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   It's been especially hard since your Dad left. I've denied myself so much. I mean, you know nothing of my sexuality. Well at least nothing before this fiasco anyway. You have no idea what I was like back in the day when I was your age. Let's just say that some considered me a bit of a wild child. I made a lot of mistakes, mistakes that I didn't want you to make. That's why I've been so tough on you. What I didn't realize was what was happening to me in denying myself. I am a very sexual woman. Nothing is going to change that. In denying myself a release for so long, I've allowed tension to build for years. I had a few trysts here and there, but not nearly enough to satisfy my needs. I guess that seeing your cousin's cock that day was the straw that broke the camel's back. My defenses began crashing.

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   All that pent up sexual energy spilled out all over Jay. I found myself powerless to stop it. I slid down the slippery slope of inequity. Here lies a depraved woman before you. Ally, I know it's not much of an excuse, but it's the only one I've got. I'm so sorry. Could you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?.