“Hey, Heath. ” I said as I walked into his lesson room. I shut the door behind me, shutting out the noises of the guitar room behind me. “Hey, Lauren. Go ahead and warm up while I tune my guitar. ” Heath said in his deep voice. I smiled and sat down in the metal folding chair across from where Heath was sitting. The small room was soon filled with sweet, smooth guitar notes as I warmed up and Heath tuned his guitar. “How are things?” Heath’s deep voice sliced through the guitar melodies. I looked up at him, still playing my guitar. “Nothing much. My boyfriend broke up with me, but I’m doing fine with that. ” Heath’s face looked concerned as he asked, “Are you sure you’re okay? You look a little sad. ” I shook my head, “No, I’m fine. I think it had been over for a while. ”
Heath put his hand on my left knee.

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   It was surprisingly warm. I looked up at him. “You can talk to me anytime you know? After all,” his hand gripped my knee tighter, making my pulse speed up, “you are my favorite student. ” I smiled. Heath removed his hand from my knee, patting his lap with his other hand. “Come here, talk to me. ” Reluctant at first, not knowing if he was serious or not, I put my guitar in the corner and sat on his lap, so that my legs were on either side of him and I was facing him. “I’ve always been attracted to you, Lauren. You’re funny, smart, and very beautiful. I’ve wanted to do things to you since you first started taking guitar lessons from me. ” His breath was sweet and tangy as he talked.
I felt a bulge against his left thigh. I raised an eyebrow. Health smiled his wonderful, crooked smile. “I’ve wanted to do things to you, too, Heath.

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   You’re a very attractive man. ” And he was. He had short, choppy black hair, a little scruff on his face, and a reasonably fit body for a man of his age, which was around 40 years old. Heath’s hands traveled down my back, and massaged my bottom. Without warning, I let out a soft moan. He suddenly kissed me, a rough, but at the same time, soft, kiss. His tongue teased my lips until I opened them. His tongue traveled around the inside of my mouth, wrestling with my tongue. My hips started to move back and forth so that I was massaging the bulge on his thigh.
“Mmmm…” Heath let out a small moan. I smiled. “Are you a virgin?” Heath asked. I laughed. “Why do you ask?” He smiled at me. “You just seem like you know what you’re doing.

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  ” I smiled, nibbling on his bottom lip. “Yes, I’m a virgin. I guess I just know how to please a man. ” Heath’s warm hands squeezed my bottom, making me push up against him harder. “We’ve still got about 20 minutes in your lesson, Lauren. Do you want to make use of that time?” I answered him by slipping my hand down to the bulge in his thigh and rubbed it through his jeans.
I got off of him and got on my knees in front of him. Heath smiled, unzipping his jeans. I pulled them, along with his boxers, to his ankles and my eyes opened wide. His cock was enormous- it had to be 12 inches long and 2 inches thick. He saw my expression and said, “Do you think you can take it in that pretty little 15-year-old mouth of yours?” I nodded, scooting closer to him.
I took his large, semi-hard cock in my hands and lowered my mouth towards it. I teased his throbbing head with the tip of my tongue. I could see Heath straining not to make a noise, seeing as we were in a guitar shop with other lesson rooms all around us. My tongue traveled from his big head to the base of his cock, right above his balls.

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   I began to massage his shaft with my hand. With my other hand, I began to massage his large, swollen balls. As I massaged his shaft and balls, I sucked hard on his throbbing head, then his balls, then back again. I stopped massaging his cock and Heath looked down at me. I smiled, and then took his gigantic head into my mouth. I could feel Heath’s muscles tighten from the pleasure. I began to slide his 12 inches down my throat, until my mouth was at his balls. Suddenly Heath’s hands were on the back of my head, pushing my head down and pulling it back up, fucking my mouth hard. His cock grew larger as it got harder, and suddenly he came in my throat. He continued fucking my mouth, milking out all his warm, delicious cum. He sighed with pleasure, and his muscles relaxed. I pulled my head back, sliding his cock out of my mouth. When his head left my mouth, a small string of spit linked my mouth with his cock, and then it disappeared.
“Wow, Lauren. ” Heath said in a panting voice.

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   I smiled, then kissed my way up his body until I got to his mouth. He kissed me again, passionately. He whispered in my ear, “Can you drive yet?” I nodded yes. “When are your parents going to be out of town again?” My parents went on a lot of business trips, once every month. “Next week, for the entire week. ” I replied. “Good…” his hot breath warmed my ear and sent tremors down my body, “meet me at the Holiday Inn next Thursday. I…” he was still panting, “…I need to see you again. ” I kissed him hard on the lips and said, “It’s your turn next week. ” Heath smiled and massaged my bottom again for a minute. Then he looked at his watch and said, “We better get cleaned up, and your mother is waiting in the shop. ”
My hands gripped the steering wheel tightly as I rolled into the icy Holiday Inn parking lot. The clock on the car radio read 9:00 PM. It had been snowing non-stop for a week, something that hadn’t happened in middle Tennessee for a long time. I pulled into a parking spot, careful not to slip into any ice in the dark of night.

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   I got out of the car and shut the door, and headed towards the room number that Heath told me to go to.
I finally found room 217, after climbing up icy stairs and wandering down cold hallways. I took a deep breath and knocked three times on the thick door. I heard footsteps approaching the door, locks being undone, and then the doorknob being twisted open. Heath stood there, in jeans and a black t-shirt that well suited his body. A crooked smile spread across his handsome face as he said, “Come on in, I wouldn’t want you to freeze to death out there. ” I smiled and walked into the warm hotel room.
Heath shut and locked the door behind him. “Oh, Lauren, you look cold!” He exclaimed. He rushed over to me and hugged me in his arms, rubbing his hands up and down my back, trying to warm me up. He let go and looked at me. “Do you want anything?” He asked, motioning towards a bottle of champagne that was sitting on the bedside table in a bucket of ice. I smiled and nodded. As Heath opened and poured the champagne, I sat on the side of the large, king-sized bed that dominated most of the room.
“So,” I asked, making Heath look at me for a moment before he returned to the champagne, “you really went full-out to impress me, huh?” He smiled.

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   “I wanted it to be special. After all, you are a special person, Lauren. ” He picked up the two glasses of champagne and walked over to the bed and sat down next to me. He handed me one of the glasses. “I’m glad you came. ” He said, clinking his glass with mine. “Why, did you think I wasn’t going to come?” I asked, taking a sip. “No…” he tried to find the right words, “I’m just really happy that you came. ” I smiled.
Heath took his and my champagne glasses and sat them on the bedside table. He moved closer to me on the bed. “You’re a very beautiful girl, Lauren. I want to do so many things to you. ” His deep voice and sensual words made my crotch get warm and throbbing. He ran his large, warm hands up my thighs on the outside of my jeans, and began to massage my crotch through my jeans.

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   I leaned forward and kissed Heath passionately, moving my tongue around inside his mouth, gripping his hair in my hand to pull him closer to me. He pulled away softly, standing up off the bed. Heath walked to the door and turned off all the lights. It was pitch black in the room. “Heath?” I asked into the darkness. Suddenly a flame lit the room- a match- and it lit a candle. Heath had set up candles all around the room, something I hadn’t noticed until now. He lit all the candles, setting a romantic, sensual mood.
He walked towards me, and lifted me off the bed. I felt his lips at my ear, and he whispered, “Get undressed. ” I heard a zipper coming undone, and the ruffle of clothing. I followed suit, unzipping my jeans and taking off all of my clothes. Heath’s handsome face was lit in the candlelight- I could see his eyes caressing my body. “You have a very beautiful body, Lauren. ” He said, moving towards me.

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   I could see his fit body in the candlelight as well, and as he walked I could see his cock moving against his thigh.
His warm hands caressed my breasts, and Heath suddenly pulled me towards him, our bodies touching. His large cock was against my crotch, warm and soft. He began to kiss me more passionately than he had before, moving his head from side to side and moaning deep animal moans as he tongued my mouth. I moaned with him, my hands gripping his back. He began to kiss my throat and my neck, feeling my erratic heartbeat underneath my skin made his cock pulse. Then, his lips were at my ear again, whispering, “Do you want to be dominated, Lauren?” Just the thought of Heath dominating me made my crotch throb with pleasure. I moaned, “Yes…please…please Heath…”
Suddenly, Heath pushed me hard onto the bed, and moved on top of me. His cock was hard against my crotch. “Lauren…I’m going to do so many things to you…” He began to move back and forth, humping me without penetrating me. He stopped for a moment and spread my pussy lips and placed his cock against my clit so when he humped me it would rub my clit, then he began to erratically hump me, moaning and making me moan with him. His hands massaged my breasts. “Are they too small for you, Heath?” I asked in a panting voice. “No…not at all… I love them…” He replied.
Heath stopped suddenly, getting off the bed and moving to the dresser.

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   He pulled out something that I couldn’t see, and moved back to the bed. Suddenly, I found myself tied to the bed, my arms tied to the headboard and my feet tied to the footboard. Heath moaned as he looked upon my smooth, shaven, virgin pussy in the romantic candlelight. “Ohhh…. Lauren…. your pussy is so beautiful and wet…” He spread my pussy lips and lowered his mouth to my clit. His warm tongue began to lick and massage my clit, making my strain against the restraints and moan loudly. “Mmmm… you’re really sensitive Lauren…” Heath suddenly began to suck hard on my clit, making me thrash back and forth with pleasure. Then, without warning, one of his large fingers was inside my pussy. “Ohhhh…. . ” I moaned. I had never had anything inside my pussy before, and it felt amazing, especially since it belonged to this handsome, powerful older man.
He finger fucked my pussy hard, massaging the inside walls and pumping it in and out. Suddenly I felt this warm sensation consume my entire body.


   “I’m about to…ohh…. . Heath…. ” I moaned. Heath’s finger and sucking sped up as I thrashed against the restraints. “Yeah Lauren, give me your hot cum…. mmmmm…. ” Heath moaned as I began to cum hard in his mouth. He sucked and sucked on my clit until all my cum was out.
My body relaxed from the convulsions, and I lay there in the dark candlelight, panting. “Ohh wow Heath…that was amazing…” I panted. Heath crawled up my body, kissing every inch of my skin until he got to my face, where he kissed my lips and my cheeks and my forehead. He just lay there on top of my for a while, kissing me and telling me how wonderful I was. “Lauren…” he said after a while, “I want to be inside of you. ” His deep voice made my pussy throb.

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   “I want you inside of me, Heath. ” I whispered in his ear.
He got off of me then, and untied my restraints. Heath got back on the bed and positioned himself between my legs. “This is going to hurt for a while, Lauren, but I promise that I will make it worth it for you. ” He took his giant cock in his hands and started to massage it, masturbating to my body, getting it longer and harder with each stroke. Once it was full erect, Heath positioned his giant, throbbing head against my pussy hole, and slowly slipped the head in. My pussy was stretched and I moaned loudly. “Ohhh…Lauren…your pussy is so warm and tight…” He slowly started to push his 12 inches into my tight, virgin pussy. We moaned deep animal moans as he pushed himself into me. He still had a few inches to go when he got to my virginity. “Lauren…” he said, lying flat onto me and kissing me passionately. Suddenly, he slammed his cock into me, breaking through my virginity. My entire body tightened, my legs wrapping around his waist and my arms wrapping around his chest, my fingers digging into his back. He lay there for a while, just kissing me, letting my body get used to his giant cock inside of me.

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   “Are you ready, Lauren?” Heath asked me in his deep, sensual voice. “Yes, Heath…I’m ready for you…” I whispered.
Heath pulled his cock out of my pussy until only his giant, throbbing head was inside of me, and then he slammed into my pussy again. I moaned loudly and wrapped my arms around his back. He began pulling out and slamming back in, slowly at first, and then getting faster each time. Heath pumped in and out of me, fucking me hard, banging the headboard against the wall, making me moan his name and he moan mine. He fucked me deep and hard, fast then slow. I felt his cock get rock hard inside of me. “Lauren…I’m going to c…. cum inside of you…do you want my cum?” He fucked me harder than he ever had before. I couldn’t even speak, he was fucking me so hard, his swollen balls slamming against my ass, making a wet slap slap slap sound in the room. “Do you want my cum inside of you, Lauren?” He asked again. I suddenly yelled out, “Yes! Ohhh…. Heath please…. cum inside of me! Ohhhh….

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  . ” Heath slammed deep and hard into me one last time, sending tremors through my entire body and making my wrap my arms and legs tightly around him as we came together, having my first orgasm ever.
We lay there for a while like that, Heath on top of me with his throbbing cock inside of me, and me underneath Heath’s sweaty, muscular body with my arms and legs wrapped around him. He kissed me softly on my lips and my forehead.
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