Katt and Kara


Katt was 15 with short black hair C-Cup breasts and firm ass, Kara was 14 with long black hair small A-cup breasts and a round ass. Katt and Kara were incestous sisters they don't remember when or how it all started they've always enjoyed exploring each others bodies however that aside they still have time for boys in there lives. Now they live with only there father Mike who was 42 with a nice build ad an 8" dick he also has an incestous relationship with the Katt and Kara giving them "special" kisses every night there lives were in perfect harmony until Darren 14 with a somewhat girlish figure and a small 4" dick came to live with them for 2 months. When Darren first got to the house Mike and Katt were in the bedroom making love so Kara who was peacefully tanning on the porch was the only one who heard it so she got up not even noticing that all she was wearing was a thong considering she hated the tan lines a top would leave so Kara opened the door to see Darren one of her cousins standing at the front door so she just acted normally asking him why he was here when she noticed he was looking at her face he was staring a little lower looking down Kara noticed she was topless and quickly using one arm to cover herself then using the other to lift his head and tell him "I'm up here buddy, now why are you here" so Darren explained he would be here for 2 months. So Kara let him in and brought him to the spare room and told him to unpack while she got her father who she easily found fucking her sister in the ass so she broke them up by piniching her dads balls once they stopped Kara explained everything about Darren to them who didn't believe her by what she was wearing until they heard someone downstairs and they quickly threw there clothes on as fast as they could as Kara threw on a t-shirt and Katt put her clothes back on following her father downstairs to Darren where then preceeded to talk about whats new and Mike decided that considering how long he was staying and he was family so he decided to let him share a room with the girls. Mike then told the girls to go grab Darrens stuff and bring it to there room as he gave Darren the tour. after everything was moved and the tour had made it to the girls room Darren was amazed it was huge it must have been built to be a living room or something because even with 2 people living in it looking from side to side he saw 2 twin beds separated by a nightstand, dressers, and a desk on the floor there were matts in one corner of the room and clothes all over. Katt made a bed out of the the mats while Kara picked up some of the clothes. After Darren was settled in with his bed, Katt,Kara, and Darren went out to get a good look round town and show Darren wqhat there was way out here in the counrty but on there way to town the girls were amazed every animal they passed wether it was a stray dos, fox, or a deer they all scared Darren and not just make him uneasy were talking full on scared hiding behind the girls for protection. The girls noticed this instantly and thought about having some fun so they took a bit of a scenic route passed blue valley which was infamously known around here for always having big black bears living there and as soon as Darren saw this he pissed his pants and started to cry out hes going to die as he ran awayit didn't take the girls to long catachup to him where they then walked him back homebut when they got there the girls walked him up to there room and lied him down on his bed. This is when he first noticed the girls being lovinglyas they took his shoes and then his pants and boxers saying that since he had wet himself he smelled of piss and they weren't putting up with that. When his dick was exposed he immediately tried to cover it but Katt forced his hands away saying he's still covered in piss as she gently began to wipe up the mess with what appeared to be a baby wipe making sure to get all of the piss off of his dick as Katt began to stroke it she became furious when she noticed just how small it was fully erect stroking as hard and fast as she could just then Kara came back in the room with what looked to be this giant colorful bag which was put down next to him. He didn't even notice she was gone and didn't know when she left as soon as Kara sat down he couldn't take it any longer and he cummed this made Katt even more mad shes sitting there cleaning him and he has the nerve to have a small dick and then while shes trying to overlook that he goes and makes another mess she couldn't take it Katt got up and left the room as Kara reached into the bag and picked up a fresh wipe cleaning Darren just as thouroughly as her sister but stopping every now and then to tickle him. When she was finished she told him to lift his legsso he did feeling some type cusion as he came back down unsure of what it was Kara then parted his legs a little thenreached between them grabbing the other end of the cusioned material and bringing it up to then connect it at the sides he sat up to see what it was and looked down and he saw a diaper he instantly tryed to take it off but Kara stopped him holding his hands she couldn't feed him like this so she called Katt who arrived in seconds and was instructed to feed him so she grabbed one of the bottles out of the bag and tried to feed him but he refused and kept struggling so Katt took matters into her own hands forcing him over her lap ripping the diaper off and spanked him as hard as she could as he screamed and wailed when she stopped she noticed that she ripped the diaper when she pulled it off and grabbed another from the bag and began putting it on him as she said "you really should cooperate as long as you act like a baby you'll be treated like a baby. But babies do grow up you know. Besides didn't you notice when we went out it was almost a 10-minute walk to get to other houses no one will come.

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  " "Your father" he interupted after hearing that she lfted his legs again before connecting the diaper to give him one last spank saying "who do you think Kara got the bag from he won't help you. After hearing that Darren stopped struggling and would do anything to get out of the diaper so he accepted the bottle and Kara played games with him until he fell asleep. Kara and Katt using this time to celebrate there new baby by having some fun themselves taking off each others clothes sucking on nipples and rubbing clits after they each had an orgasm and slowly fell asleep. .