Mishi & Lynne


 The Misadventures of Mishi   Chapter 1: "Mishi & Lynne"   I love my girlfriend.   She and I have always had a great relationship,great sex, too.   We had started out innocently enough, she and I.   We wereeach other's first kiss, first everything.   And eventually, we tried almosteverything.   I was always trying to get her to try new stuff.    Oral sex was our first kink, if you are prudish enough to call thatkinky.   Sometimes, after I came in her mouth, she'd kiss me.   Even thoughshe swallowed, there was still a slightly salty residue that I could taste. She didn't ask if it bothered me, and I figured that if that's what shewanted to do, then I owed it to her.   And of course, I'd go down on hertoo. But what I really loved was her ass.   I could lick her ass for hourson end.   It always gave me an instant hard-on.   That soon led to anal sex,she let me every few months, but it steadily got more and more frequent.   Icould tell, though, that she was not enjoying it as much as I.

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     She eventually told me she wanted to try sex with another woman.   Ofcourse, I didn't mind.   She fooled around with a few until she found onethat really hooked her.   This woman was a real bitch, and I mean that inthe nicest sense of the word.   Mishi had always let me watch if the otherwoman was okay with it, but when she hooked up with this "Lynne", myobservations took on a new meaning.    Lynne was extremely dominant and could get my girlfriend to do anythingfor her.   She'd grab Mishi roughly and really fuck her face hard.   Mishiwould eat her for all she was worth, and Lynne would ride her tongue like awild buck!  I was allowed to watch, but that's all.   Sometimes Lynne wouldorder me to jerk off while I watched and this really turned Mishi on.   Iswear I never got my girlfriend as hot as this domme could just by orderingher around.   I guess I just never had that dominant streak that mygirlfriend seemed to find irresistible.    Occasionally, Mishi would be ordered to suck my cock while Lynne fuckedher with a strap on.   Lynne would fuck her in the cunt and sometimes up theass.   When she would fuck her up the ass, she would make Mishi lick theshitty dildo clean afterwards!  I never knew Mishi could be so kinky.   Iwas once ordered to eat Mishi out while Lynne fucked her up the ass withher strap-on.

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    I could smell the shit on the dildo as it pumped in and outof her ass.   And I could see little brown specks on the creamy whitephallus.   But, nevertheless, Mishi still greedily licked and sucked itclean after she had finished cumming in my mouth.    There had been quite a few sessions I hadn't been able to attend, mostlymorning and daytime ones since I worked, and Mishi didn't (She was still inhigh-school).   And Lynne didn't need to work, she lived with us now and wesupported her.    One day, I came home early for lunch and found out what I had beenmissing.   I came in and heard some commotion.   Lynne was dragging Mishi outof the bedroom by her dog chain that she had Mishi wear 24 hour a day. Mishi was on all fours as always, and they didn't see me.   It looked likethey had both just woken up.   Lynne took her into the bathroom and put heron the toilet and told her to go "like a good little bitch".   Only the lidwas closed, and there was a ceramic bowl on the lid.    I hid myself well and watched in anticipation.   Lynne really had mygirlfriend wrapped around her pinky- but much more than I realized.   Mishiobediently relieved herself in the ceramic bowl, urine only.

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    She kept herblue eyes focused on her mistress's gaze as she did so.   Lynne nodded inapproval when she was done.   She sniffed the piss and lifted it to test itsweight.    "Not bad," she said, "that's more than yesterday, and has a nice strongsmell. "   Indeed, I could smell it even from my hiding spot.    "Now me," Lynne said and she straddled my girlfriends face.    I thought Mishi was going to just eat her out, but she didn't startlicking or anything.   Then I noticed her swallowing!  Lynne was pissingright into my girlfriend's mouth and she was drinking every drop!   "Holy shit!" I said a little too loudly and Lynne looked right in mydirection.   Mishi looked over too but didn't stop drinking.    "Come out, you little spying shit!" Lynne yelled to me.   I didn't getmad, in fact, I was also turned on by Lynne's aggressive attitude.    "So you found us out hunh?  I decided to keep our little games from yousince I figured you might not be able to accept them.   But you've caught usnow so you'll just have to live with it.   Piss in the bowl. " I looked ather a little puzzled.

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     Mishi just kept drinking, Lynne sure must have had a lot of piss! Apparently, she saved it up for these little morning sessions with mygirlfriend.    "Do it, I said!" I hesitated for a second but did as she said.   I pulledout my rock-hard cock and strained a little to piss in the bowl.   Mishiwatched the flow intently as I did.    "Looks yummy, doesn't it, Mishi?" Lynne said.   Mishi moaned and nodded.    I finished and put away my penis.   Lynne finished up and shoved Mishiroughly on the floor.   She ordered me to strip.   I completely forgot aboutreturning to work, and did as she said.    She sat down on the toilet next to the nearly-full bowl of piss andstuck her finger in and tasted it.   She looked at us both as if trying tofigure out what to do with us.   As she sucked her finger, I looked atMishi, she was staring right at her Mistress as if I wasn't even there.    "Would you like to see your wife drink all this nasty piss, Greg?" Lynneasked me.    I turned back to her and nodded "yes.

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  . " I couldn't believe what washappening.    Lynne stood up then ordered Mishi to tie me up.   This wasn't what I wasexpecting.   Mishi was a little surprised too and didn't comply immediately,somewhat confused.    Lynne lifted her up roughly and spanked her ass and yelled at her" Isaid tie him up!"   Mishi yelped then left the room and immediately returned with the bondsLynne usually used to tie her up with.   Within seconds, I was bound,totally helpless.   Lynne shoved Mishi back on the floor and lifted up thebowl of piss.    "You are now both my slaves.   I will tell you what to do, and you willdo it.   Without hesitation.   Is that understood?"   We both nodded our consent.   Rather, our obedience, consent wasinconsequential.   Lynne then brought the pissbowl to Mishi's lips.   Mishiopened her mouth wide and allowed the warm yellow liquid to be poured intoher mouth.

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    She didn't swallow I noticed until her mouth was full and Lynnewould stop, then tell her to.   She did this for a few mouthfuls until thebowl was half empty.   Lynne then brought the bowl over to me.    "Now your turn, you little pervert!" Before I could resist, she had mymouth held open, and Mishi was holding the bowl.   I couldn't close mymouth, Lynne was a hell of a lot stronger than she looked, and she waspretty buff!   Lynne looked at Mishi and told her to pour the piss into my mouthbecause I was such a dirty little pervert.   There was nothing I could do. Iwas screwed.   Mishi actually grinned and did as her Mistress ordered her. Igagged and choked as the liquid poured in, but Lynne held my nose and Mishikept pouring it in.   In order to breath, I HAD to swallow it.   They keptthis up until I finished the bowl, more than four mouthfuls!   Mishi was obviously all worked up from this and rubbing her clit.   Shekissed me deeply but Lynne pulled her mouth away and kissed her herself. Lynne then told he she wouldn't be getting her breakfast this morning. After a slight pause of confusion, a look of realization came across mygirlfriend's face and made her even hornier.   Somehow I knew this was badnews for me.

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     Lynne placed a gag in my mouth that kept it open, then turned around andsquatted over my face.   Mishi kneeled next to me and was fingering herselffeverishly.   I had no idea what to do.   I was in shock.   Lynne placed herfilthy anus directly over my mouth and I could see it bulging as thecontents worked their way out.   The smell alone made me want to gag, butwhat could I do?   Then a wet fart spurted out, spraying wet fecal matter all over my faceand in my mouth.   Mishi immediately glued her mouth to Lynne's asshole andlicked it feverishly.   She stuck her tongue right up her asshole and fuckedit.   It came back out all brown.    Lynne strained and a the tip of a very soft piece of shit started tocome out.   Mishi licked her lips and cupped her mouth over theprotuberance. Lynne strained harder, and I could see Mishi's cheeks fill upquickly with the soft light brown shit.   The smell was horrendous and Icould hear several wet farts muffled by Mishi's mouth.    When her mouth was full, she pulled it away and held it open for me tosee.   She closed her eyes and rolled the sticky mess around in her mouthwith her tongue, relishing in the taste.

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    A piece of shit was hanging fromLynne's asshole threateningly over my open mouth.    Then Mishi leaned right over my face and puckered her lips.   She pushedthe shit out of her mouth in a way that made her pretty little mouth lookjust like an asshole.   She "shat" the masticated crap right into my mouth!When it was all in, she shoved it in with her tongue.    I gagged, but couldn't push it back out.   Mishi took the dildo that shehad been fucking me with and shoved it in my mouth violently, making meswallow it!  When I had, she pulled it out and Lynne continued shitting-his time right into my mouth!  It was so wet I could swallow most of itwithout Mishi face-fucking me with the dildo, but she did it anyway.   Shewould occasionally eat the shit right out of my mouth.    When Lynne was done, Mishi eagerly licked her asshole clean of everymorsel of shit.   But it didn't stop there.   Lynne removed the gag, and mymouth was unable to close from being held open.   Mishi immediately placedher asshole right on my mouth and farted several times into my open mouth. She was facing me and frigging herself as she farted.    Lynne had put on a strap-on dildo and started fucking me hard right upthe ass.   This dildo was much bigger than the buttplug- sized one Mishi hadbeen using.   There was no way this one would have EVER fit in my mouth! This was the one Lynne buttfucked Mishi with regularly now: the black12-inch 3-inch wide "King Dong" she called it.

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    And she was shoving it tothe hilt!   And me, I was rock hard with my measly five inches!  The shit shot outof Mishi's fully dilated asshole faster than I thought I could swallow, butI surprised myself.   As Lynne ass-fucked me harder and harder, Mishi's shitjust kept on coming.   And as bad as Lynne's tasted, Mishi's was three timesworse!  I guess since much of her shit was actually recycled, redigestedshit from Lynne's ass, it was extra nasty!  And there was a LOT of it! Apparently, Lynne was training her to produce a lot of shit, an as nasty aspossible!  It seems Mishi was doing better in this area than in the urinedepartment.   I later found out that Mishi hadn't been allowed to shit for aweek and that she was supposed to have been eating this grand meal herselfthis morning.   That is, until I came along.    As Mishi watched me swallow every last foul morsel, she finally camelike a madwoman, shoving her ass against my face an spreading the shit allover my chin.  .