After School Raping


Kelly Peters is a 15 year old girl who just moved to a new town with her mom and she transferd to a new school it was just a few blocks from her house so she didnt want to take the bus.
The first day it was a hot summer day so she wore shorts and a no sleeved shirt when she got to the school she noticed the boys checker her out. When she went to her locker one of the boys walked up and said
"hey hows it going my name is Pete you want to go out tonight and have some fun?"
she looked at him and and said "well i just got here and im not looking for anyone yet"
"oh come on babe you know you want to"
as he finnished he reached around and rubbed her ass than she slapped him across the face and said
"grow up pervert i would never go out with you" and she closed her locker and walked away.
When school was over she was walking home when two boys steped in front of her and two boys came behind her she noticed one of the one of the boys behind her was the one she met in school the other three were his freinds.
Pete yelled grab her they all grabed her by the legs and wrists and took her into an ally where no one could see them then they took off their clothes and showing there 9 inch erected penises started to tear her clothes off and all that was left was her panties she looked away as they slowly took them off exposing her pubes and pussy
 Pete said so your a natural blonde and guessing your a virgin, well lets find out then he shoved his 10 inch penis into her virgin pussy before she could yell one boy stuck his penis deep into her mouth another boy said turn her on her side i want some ass she was forced on her side and he stuck his up her ass the forth boy kept watch for anyone coming so Kelly was laying on the ground with 3 boy in her it was the most pain she ever exprienced and for 1 hour the took turns with her until sundown and they got up and said
"well Kelly girl i should be heading home and dont you ever tell anyone about this or we will kill you" and they left her laying there with what strenth she had left she got up and put on her torn clothes as best as she could and went home. She never mentioned it to anyone but a few days later she got out of bed and had a sick feeling and she ran for the bathroom and threw up and one thought was going through her head "oh my god im pregnant"  To Be Continued....