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my parents were going on a cruise for 2 weeks and my b/f and i were going to take full advantage of that time. we made plans for him to come over friday night and stay the two weeks with me as his parents were also going on the cruise. so our parents left and stephen came over. we decided to rent a movie for the night. when we got back we put the movie on and i curled up next to him. he brushed my hair away from my neck and started to kiss me. i sorta half rolled my body towards him and turned my head into his kiss. we kissed for along time neither of us wanting to separate our mouths. while we were making out he slipped his hand up my shirt and tried to fondle my breasts but i stopped him. i pulled away from his kiss and told him "not yet". he was fine with that and started to kiss my neck again. a soft moan escaped my mouth as his hand traced my body. he started at my neck and followed through to my thighs. he gently rubbed my thighs back and forth back and forth each time getting closer to my already soaked pussy. i rolled over so we were completely facing each other and he put his arm over me and grabbed my ass. i kissed his ear and whisspered "please take me now".

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   hearing this stephen took off his clothes so he only had his boxers on. as i started to undress myself stephen stopped me and said "would you let me have the pleasure?" i nodded and he slowly started to take my shirt off kissing up my mid section till my shirt was off stopping at my bra. he looked me in the eyes and asked "are you sure you wanna do this?" i smiled and said "hey, you were the one tryin to feel me up earlier!!" that shut him up quickly. he undid the bra clasps and took off my bra andvthrew it on the floor by my shirt. he sucked my nipples till they were hard as a rock. then he undid my pants and slipped them off along with my panties. once i was completely naked he just stared at me and my nakedness. oh how i wanted to feel him inside of me. i could see a tent pitched in his boxers and knew he wanted me as badly as i want him. he slowly kissed his way up my legs till his mouth was at my pussy. i could feel his breath on my pussy and i pushed myself closer till he started to lick me. he nibbled at my clit and probed me with his toung oh god did it ever feel good. he got me just on the verge of an orgasm then stopped. he climbed up my body till he was looking me in the eyes and kissed me long and hard. while he was kissing me he all of a sudden rammed his cock into my pussy breaking my hymen.

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   i broke our kiss as i screamed in pain. i started to thrash about in pain but he just held me down and kept saying " sshhhh baby it'll get better. i'm sorry if i surprised you. ssshhhhh. " i buried my face in his chest and cried. he slowly moved in and out of me in long deep strokes. the pain started to ease a little bit and i moved to meet his rythem. he slowly picked up the pace and was soon pounding me like a jack hammer. i screamed as i had my first ever orgasm which was followed shortly after by him blowing his load in my pussy. he collapsed on top of me. i gently massaged his scalp. we rolled over so i was on top. we kissed again and he told me " i love you so much. please don't ever leave me. " i looked into his eyes and said "i love you with all my heart.

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   how could i ever leave you?" with that we fell asleep in eachothers arms. i awoke the next morning to find stephen gone. i got up still groggy from the previous night to find some clean clothes (old slacks, a plain white t-shirt, a bra and thong panties) with a note on pinned to them. the note read " put these on and come downd stairs. " so i did. i went down stairs to see stephen making breakfast in the kitchen. he must of heard me come down cause he turned around and said "mornin' good lookin'. " i responded  by saying "morning. what are you makin?" "eggs and bacon" he made us both plates and we ate. we went back upstairs after cleaning up to watch some t. v. we were cuddling when he said "i wanna ask you a question. " "ok shoot" "well i dunno how to ask this. but will you. .

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  . you know. . . will you marry me?" "YES!!! YES!!! a thousand times YES!!!" we couldn't wait for our parents to return home so we could share the good news. THE END!!!.
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