The Swimming Pool


James wasn't particularly having fun, preferring to stay at home on his computer, but he understood the importance of going out and socialising every now and then, even if just to keep his parents happy. One of his friends, Dan, prodded him. 'Which of those takes your fancy then?' Dan said, pointing across the water to a group of similar-aged girls in bikini swimsuits. A smarmy grin was on his face as he looked them over. James glanced at the girls, and a brunette caught his eye, simply because she was also looking at him. He gave her a shy smile. 'She's not too bad,' he replied. 'The brunette, pink swimsuit, on the left. 'Dan grinned even more, nodding in agreement. 'At least we know you're not gay!' he chuckled. James gave him a patronising look. Satisfied, he looked back at the group of girls, searching out the brunette, but she was gone. He shrugged to himself, and sunk lower in to the water. He wished he was at home on his computer. By school-ground standards, James was a geek. He just didn't particularly look like the stereotype.

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   He had friends, he occasionally went out and was, he thought, reasonably liked. He turned to tell Dan he was going home, and saw that his friends had drifted away a little bit, leaving James on his own. 'Oh well,' he thought, and lifted himself out of the pool. He walked over to the stands where he and his friends had left towels on the railing. Grabbing his and draping it over his shoulder, James walked through a doorway towards the locker and changing area. His squelching footsteps echoed slightly off the walls as he neared his locker, his swimming shorts sticking to his legs. He didn't know what time it was, but the changing area down past the lockers seemed empty, so he guessed it must still be middle afternoon with everyone enjoying the pool. Slipping the locker key off his wrist, James unlocked the metal door and swung it open, taking out his clothing and bag. He left the key in the lock and padded past the rest of the lockers and into the changing area. As he suspected, it was deserted. Only the odd bag was left on the wooden benches lining the walls. James dropped his things on to a section of bench, and unzipped his bag. Taking out his trainers, he turned to put them on the floor and knocked into someone. He jumped a little, having not heard or expected anyone else to be here. Looking up he saw a stern-faced adult sulk past him towards the exit, and James mumbled an apology.

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   He dropped his trainers on to the floor, and turned back to his bag. The exit door creaked open, then slammed shut, the echo reverberating around the changing rooms. 'Hi,' said a female voice. James turned again and saw the brunette a little way away from him. He gave a slight smile. 'Hi,' he replied. He turned back towards his bag and took the towel off of his shoulder. He began rubbing his hair dry as a hand closed over his crotch and began squeezing and stroking through his shorts. Almost instantly James's cock sprang to life, and he dropped his towel and spun around to see who the offender was. 'What the hell do you think you're doing?' he demanded of the brunette standing behind him. She had a smile on her pretty face. James noted she was about 5'6", a good five inches shorter than him, and had shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights. 'Don't say you didn't enjoy it,' she grinned and closed the gap between them, cupping his bulge in her hand and stroking again. James went to move away but the girl was surprisingly strong - certainly stronger than he was. He opened his mouth to demand his release, and she leaned up to kiss him.

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   It was a brief, seductive brush of the lips, and she quickly replaced her mouth with her hand so James couldn't speak. Suddenly she spoke in a gruff tone. 'Try to run away or anything like that, and you'll regret it,' she growled. James's mind was racing as the girl suddenly stopped stroking his crotch and grabbed his hand, still keeping her right hand over James's mouth. She used her body and strength to push and pull James into a cubicle, and kicked the door shut. She shoved James down onto the single bench that lined the wall opposite the door, and then turned to slide the lock across the door. She straddled him and quickly replaced her hand over James's mouth before he could move or call out. The look in her eyes was manic which made his heart beat faster than it already was. 'Do as I tell you or I will break your neck,' she said evenly, and in his terror James believed her. She pulled him off the bench, surprising James with her strength again, and roughly shoved him on to the floor. The wind was knocked out of his lungs and before he could react, she straddled his shoulders, her crotch in his face. . Pulling her bikini thong to the side she growled at him again. 'Eat me!' she ordered and began rubbing her shaven pussy over his mouth. Petrified, James opened his mouth and began tonguing at her pussy lips.

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   She was bucking herself against his face so wildly James could scarcely breathe. He tried to move his arms but found they were pinned to his sides by her legs. She must've felt his movement because she moved away a little to slap him across the cheek, then pushed her pussy back into his mouth and face. James's cheek burned and he was nearly overcome by the scent of her sex. He could do nothing but tongue her clit and pussy in the hope of bringing her off quickly so she would leave. Moans began escaping her lips as she ground herself into his mouth, her hands twisting and pinching her nipples through her bikini bra. She suddenly moved away and sat on his thighs making James gasp and wince in pain. She pulled his short down exposing, to James's horror, his erect penis. James fleetingly wondered how he could be turned on, but was brought sharply back to reality with a slap across the face. She leaned forward and pinioned his arms to the bench sending waves of pain down James's muscles as the wood bit into his biceps. He suddenly felt a tight warmth engulf his cock, and James stared down in horror as the girl slid her pussy down over his cock. She began bouncing up and down with muffled moans, leaning heavily against James's arms. The pain of her weight on his muscles brought tears to his eyes, and at the same time a euphoric feeling spread out from his crotch as his virginity was pounded into oblivion. He stared at her through his tears. Her face was scrunched up in ecstasy as she slid up and down his cock.

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   She suddenly let out a muffled cry and collapsed on him, her bikini clad breasts crushing into his face and cutting off his air. She stayed like that for what seemed an eternity to James, breathing heavily, slumped over him. Her pussy was contracting around his cock. He was so close to the edge he thought he was going to cum there and then, in his attacker's cunt. Just as he was about to spill his seed, she got up, straightened her thong and unlocked the door. She kicked him in the side of the head, smashing his skull into the wall. When he woke up, she was gone. .