Zennie and the sleeping pills


I first met Zennie when we were at school together a few years back.   She's around 5" 3', petite figure, with a beautiful persian look and the perky little tits (34C I'd have to guess) and an ass you'd just want to sink your teeth in to. We'd been close friends for a couple of years when she moved to North London.   I lived in our home town still, but drove to London each day for work.   Every now and again if I wanted to go out for beers with the guys from the office, I would give her a call and crash on the floor at her place, and this story is what happened one such night. I knew full well that Zennie saw me as just a friend, and nothing more.   Plus she was a bit of a prude, or full or herself or something, because she never seemed to get to the point of fucking whenever she did meet a guy she liked. I didn't want to risk ruining our friendship by telling her that I wanted to fuck her, but I figured I would never be satisfied until I had.   I guess the only way it would happen is if she didn't know about it. I live above a bar and often have trouble sleeping, so I got some pretty strong sleeping pills from my doc, and so after a boozy night out in London I ended up, as usual, back at Zennies place.   We shared a bottle of wine before she said she was off to bed.   Beause she's such a petite girl and because we're such good friends, I knew she always hd a glass of water or juice before bed when she'd had wine, as it would make her feel better in the morning.   As she was getting ready for bed, I poured her a glass of juice and crushed 2 sleeping pills in to it.   I'm a big guy, and 1 knocks me out completly so 2 and some wine in her would certainly do the trip. So I waited for about an hour after she went to bed to be sure, and even then felt paranoid that she'd not drank the juice or it didn't work on her or something, so I pretended I needed the toilet and couldn't find any toilet roll.   I snuck in to her room and wispered her name.


    No response.   I called a little louder, nothing.   I went to her bed, shook her a little and said her name and normal volume.   Nothing again.   Feeling bolder now, I shook her a lot and shouted, still nothing.   I was safe!I pulled back her duvet and saw that she was in pyjamas.   I peeked under the bottom half and saw her still had underwear on, so I eased of her pyjama bottoms, taking it slow as I did, enjoying every second.   I pushed her legs apart, and moved in close, breathing in her womanly smell, and seeing a few hairs peeking out from the side of her panties.   I decided to wait before delving further there. I returned to her top half, and undid her pyjama top.   Carefully easing both sides open, I sw her perk little tits for the first time, and almost shot my load in my pants.   I couldn't keep the old boy locked away and longer and dropped my trousers and pulled out my throbbing cock.   I bent down and licked both of Zennies breasts in turn, and to my surprise her nipples immediately hardened.   I lifted her up and pulled off her pyjama top, leaving only her little panties between me and the best fuck I'd ever have. I now wanted to saviour the moment when I unveiled her pussy to me.

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    First of all I put my finger unde the egde of her panties up by her thigh, and then slowly pulled it down between her legs and pulled the thin material across.   It was like when the unveil a picture at a gallery, I slowly let myself see this work of art!  Zennie's pussy was the tightest thing I've ever seen, as compact as she herself is, and it looked and smelled like the sweetest thing I've ever seen.   I gave her pussy a gentle kiss, then released her panties.   Now I wanted to enjoy the same thing again, but more slutty.   I turned her over and propped her up with a couple of pilows under her belly, and pulled her panties slowly down, first revealing her ass cheeks, then her asshole itself, and finally her slutty spread out pussy.   This time I kept going with her panties and got them right off, and then pushed apart her pussy lips.   I never wanted to forget this moment, so quickly grabbed my phone and took a photo. I couldn't wait any longer, and stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as I could.   It tasted every bit as good as it looked.   I licked her asshole as well, and then my cock needed some action. I knew she was on the pill, she always has been for some reason, and so I gently slipped in to her pussy and found that my saliva her made he rreal slippery, and I pounded away until I shot my load inside her and all up her pussy walls. When I was done, I thought about giving the same treatment to her ass and mouth, but figure she might notice in the morning if her ass was sore, and didn't want to risk her closing her mouth and biting my cock in her sleep, but I was still so horny.   I fucked her pussy again, this time in the missionary position.   I figured she was out for the count for at least another 4 hours even playing it safe, and so I fucked her again and again until my cock was sore. I couldn't resist also having a wank over her tits and face, and getting some photos of that too.

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    And the I was done.   I cleaned her up, and made sure there were no clues to what I'd done, and then put her pyjamas back on. The next morning, I woke up to find her already up and preparing breakfast.   She seemed fine and so I guessed she had no idea what had happened.   We're still great friends, and as far as I know, she has no idea how many times I fucked that tight little pussy of hers. .