camping trip


Topic: Camping tripSo I tell you a story from when I was 14 years old.My best friend and I decided to go on a camping trip in the south part of the country, we planned a route through the woods so we wouldn’t come in contact with to many people, because we wanted to be and feel like a real hiking trip into the wild.So the moment came and we took the train to our destination and from there on we walked towards the woods. It was an absolutely beautiful environment and the views were breathtaking. As well as the feeling of getting back to the roots.That night we found a perfect spot next to a small river to put our tent up. After that we started safely a small fire to cook our meal and we told some stories we read somewhere to get into the real deal.So after finishing up we put the fire out and got into the tent and into our sleeping bags.After 30 minutes I started to hear some shuffling sounds coming from in the sleeping bag of my good friend. I suddenly realized he was masturbating, this turned me on a bit, but at the same time I was confused what to do.So I decided to ask what he was doing to which he replied, ‘erhm, I’m sorry but I was just so horny’. I said ‘well me too, perhaps we can masturbate together’.We found ourselves jerking away until he said/asked; perhaps you could jerk me as I jerk you… I didn’t have the guts to say no so we masturbated each other. We almost came simultaneously. We cleaned up and went to sleep…To be continued