How i turned bi


hi i am jo i live in el ohio im currently 34 and this is how i became a sex addict. .
when i was 15 i loved 2 go to tompson park alot and look at girls in the pool . i would run into the woods and masterbate for hours and would do it alot in my certain spot behind this big rock. well one night at around 6 i got there and started to wank it and i heard leaves crunching . . out comes a big guy that said'' u know u really should no do that its a waste of cum'' he said come here  so me being 15 and weak i came 2 him and he took my 8in cock in his hand and played with it and i stated likeing it  so i got hard and 5min later he stated 2 suck me and i came so fast .
well he said that was ur fun now its my turn. . i though the guy was nice so i said ok. . forced my 2 bend over and rubed some lube on my ass hole and on his 9-10in cock and i said what was this for and he said u'll see so 10 sec later he turned me around only 2 insert his cock in my ass 'i gasp' it hurt so bad for about ten secound of fast fucking after that it was so good. .
we meet there till my mid 20s when he passed away due to cancer.
i always have loved a good cock in me once in a while but no so much as i love i get me and my girl with 5 men. .

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  :P i love it. .
if u like my storie message me on yahoo messenger . . at icecreamgigalo ty . . o and if u live close 2 eastliverpool ohio we can meet up