James Makes Me Bi-Curious Part 2


After my first homosexual experience with James, I wondered long and hard if it would be my one and only, as I had insisted, or whether I would lose my inhibitions and experiment again as he had insinuated. It didn’t take long to find out. San Diego had a thriving gay community and I learned soon thereafter that those bus stop encounters were the rule rather than the exception.
I was young, 17, and had no transportation of my own. So my trips out on the town had me waiting at a lot of bus stops. It was less than a week later that I was offered another ride back to base which I willingly accepted.
He was an older, dumpy man, about 55, and wearing wire rimmed glasses and the type of hat that grand dad sported in the 50’s. Though I never did get his name, I will call him Walt as the name seemed to fit. His come-on was similar to James’ though he seemed somewhat timid. On the drive to the base Walt talked about the San Diego area and the different things to do, casually touching my knee or thigh whenever making a point. No longer naïve, I was not wondering if the touches were an innocent gesture. I was anticipating what was coming next and a pup tent was blossoming in my lap. As he spoke he eventually stole a sidelong glance in my direction and noticed the growing mound. All pretenses were immediately dropped.
My dumpy little friend pulled off the road onto the first dimly lit side street, threw the car in park, and immediately tore at my trousers like a Wild Kingdom monkey trying to get an orange out of a mason jar. The vehicle was rather small, I think it was a Volkswagen Bug, and I was rather scrunched up in the seat.

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   I had to gently push him away so I could adjust the seat and help get my pants down. When my blood engorged cock sprang to attention over the waistband of my jeans my portly pal pounced. Unlike my first time, there was no foreplay. His objective was a mouthful of steaming hot cum and nothing else.
He grabbed the base of my cock and I felt him take the entire length down into his throat. Unlike James who teased me to orgasm, Walt seemed intent on milking every drop of cum out of my balls as quickly as possible. He mechanically pistoned his head with unbelievable speed up and down my shaft bottoming out in his throat with every down stroke. I couldn’t believe he didn’t choke. Within seconds I was ready to have a tremendous orgasm and I started to thrust my hips in time with his strokes. Just as I was ready to cum, Walt grabbed my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. The feeling was incredible and I exploded with an orgasm that had me convulsing in my seat. As my steamy load started spurting from my swollen cock, Walt went deep, using short strokes at the base of my shaft as gob after gob of hot cum went directly down his throat. As he swallowed my load, his throat muscles teased the head of my super sensitive penis making me writhe in ecstasy. He held my cock in his mouth long after I was spent, gently coaxing any stray cum from my softening penis and licking the tip for good measure before composing himself for the ride back to base.
On the ride home I felt neither ashamed nor embarrassed.

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   I didn’t consider myself gay, or even bi for that matter. I reasoned to myself that there was nothing wrong with a horny, virile, young man relieving his sexual tensions in this manner as long as I took it no further. They were getting what they wanted and I was getting what I wanted. What was the harm?
I also learned that a 17 year old slightly built young man with a firm, muscular body was to the gay community what the gold ring was to a merry-go-round rider. For the next several months I was offered many rides and received many fabulous blow jobs. I learned how to exude sexuality while standing at a bus stop and had convinced myself that as long as I went no further, I was in no danger of becoming gay.
Then, as luck would have it, I bumped into James again. The last thing he had said to me was that he could “teach me things. ” He wasn’t kidding!!!

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