Late Night Visitor


Topic: Late Night VisitorI've never really been the submissive type for whatever reason. I had this fantasy about being victimized, taken advantage of, over powered, or being physically forced into sex. I can picture myself walking home from the bar after having a few too many drinks, and as I get close to my door I notice someone coming up close behind me. So maybe their car broke down so I let them in to use the phone. I pay them no mind and head to my room. A few moments go by before I forgot that he was there and lay down to go to sleep. At this point I’m surprised I’m still standing. I get awaken to a noise the bedroom.
By the time I open my eyes he is already undressed and half way on top of me. I try to push him off, but he already has leverage over me. With me on my back and him straddling over my legs and pinning down an arm there is not much I can do. I continue to squirm and try to get a leg free. My leg slips loose and brushes against his crotch. He moans and says “go ahead, try to fight it. I’m gonna get what I came for. ” He wrestles his stiff cock out of his pants.

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   I gasp at the sight of his dick with him leaning closer over me. With the shock of the whole situation and my previous few hours at the bar I freeze and just lay there with him pushing himself on top of me. He slides his hand up across my chest and comes to rest with is forearm pinning me down by the neck. He is breathing very heavily and lets out another moan of anticipation as I feel his dick rubbing up against me and pushing in to my stomach. “Just you relax now.   I won’t fuck you too hard. ” He whispers into my ear in a deep tenor voice. I buck up against him slipping almost from his grip. I roll over and try to crawl away ramming into my headboard in the process.
 I feel him get his hand inside the waistband of my briefs. He tears them off pulling them down around my knees. I’m now almost completely faced down on the bed. He has mounted up on top of me and has me in a choke hold. I am Writhing around doing anything I can to keep him off of me.   He collapses down on top of me using all of his weight.

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   I tense up as I feel his hardening cock slip down the crack of my ass and between my thighs. He lets out a guttural grunt and thrusts his dick up between legs brushing against my ass. “Is this what you want?” He asks. I try to clench my muscles to keep him from pushing into my ass. He thrusts towards me again pushing and trying to work his way in.
 I tighten my muscles and squeeze his dick hoping to prevent him from going any further. “Oh fuck yea boy! Try to fight of my rod. ” He screamed before plunging back in for more. I start to feel his dick sliding more freely between the cracks of my ass. My last defensive maneuver did more good to him than me. I can feel him throbbing as he leaks pre cum down my backside. He repositions himself on top of me still holding his arm tightly around my head and neck. He is getting as wet as he is hard. I try to tune him out while I think of a way out. I look around for something or anything I could grab a hold of to pull myself away.

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   I glance over to the lamp on the nightstand just out of reach. I stretch out and reach for it when I feel him arch back. Before I can react, the tip of his swollen cock slides up firmly against my asshole and continues to push its way in. He clinches me tightly as he pushes deeper into me.
“Give me that ass boy! How do you feel with my dick in your ass? Huh?” I try to slide away and push him off, but the more I move the more excited he gets. “I’m gonna ride your ass like a bull. Squeeze my dick with that fine ass of yours boy. ” I attempted to push my hips back at him hoping to push him out. I relax for a second and prepare to buck him off. Just as I begin to raise my hips he plunges all the way into my ass. “Ahh fuck!” I scream in pain. And again anything I do to resist turns him on more. I collapse down on to the bed. All I can feel is his thick hard cock pounding my ass. I bite my lip to keep from screaming.

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   His stroke is getting faster and longer as my ass opens up to let him in deeper. He lifts one of his arms up from my shoulder before bring it swiftly down and smacking my ass. I couldn’t help but to let out a deep moan. Hearing me moan and groan prompted him to step up his pace. I can feel his balls slapping against my ass as he is ravishing my asshole. The strokes are getting longer, deeper and much more forceful. “Take it you slut!” he yells. “Take that dick like a man. ”
I feel my body going limp under all this punishment.   He is on his knees thrusting into my and holding me tightly around the waist to gain leverage.   The momentum builds o the point the whole bed is rocking beneath me. The strokes are getting deeper and longer. He is fucking me so hard I am beginning to moan every time his dick thrusts back into me.   I he now lays back down on top of me getting at better angle to violate me. His dick is pulsing and throbbing inside of me.

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   He reaches his hand around me caressing my stomach and moving closer down to my crotch. His had wraps around the shaft of my semi-hard cock.   I do my best to put it out of my head, but I can’t help noticing how hard I am getting too. He begins to stroke me to the motion of the bed.
All of a sudden he lets go of my dick reaches both of his arms around my chest and starts to tighten up. His ever hardening dick takes faster and more aggressive strokes.   I think to myself, there is no way he can hold out much longer. With that in mind I buried my head in pillow stifling my deep moans. He is getting louder and more rambunctious with every stroke. I feel his dick tightening up inside me. His arms are around me so tightly I can’t even squirm. His strokes get fast, short and more brisk. “Ohhhh here it is whore! I know you’ve been waiting for this all might. ” He lets out another guttural moan as his body tenses up, squeezing me close and ramming all the way into my ass. “Oh shit that ass is good! I’m gonna fill you up boy.

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  ” He screams like a wild beast.
My head is buried and getting pushed deeper into the bed with his final strokes. His dick is throbbing so hard in my ass; I can feel it with every pulse. He wraps his arms around my neck and chest tighter. I’ve lost control of any strength I had left. I feel him bite down on the back of my neck. Although it wasn’t enough to distract me, He began to violently thrust hastily almost losing control. He bites down harder, but all I can feel is his immense cock as it began to pump and fill my ass with cum. It’s buried all the way down in my ass with no signs of letting up. I can feel every stream of hot thick cum shooting from his balls. One last final stroke before he collapses on me. His dick is slowly sliding of my well lubricated hole. The head of his cock pops out followed by a thick stream of sticky white cum. running down between my legs and over my dick. I roll over on to my side.

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   Still in shock over what just happened.
I kept my eyes closed hoping he would grab his things and leave. I jump as I feel his hand sliding down the cracks of my ass collecting his fresh jism. I try not to react to him, but he doesn’t stop. My dick is covered and glistening with second hand sperm. This was too irresistible to him. I rolled over onto my back and closed my eyes tight. IT wasn’t long before he had my dick at attention and in full stroke. I did everything to keep my mind off it and my eyes closed. The feeling of his hand gliding up and down my fully erect shaft aided by his cum turned me on in the most erotic way. It was too good to resist and why fight him now? Holding my dick tighter he jerks me faster while he slides a finger into my ass searching for more cum. I can’t hold back any longer. I am about to explode. Clenching the sheets for dear life I feel a rocketing burst of cum shoot out of my dick. He is stroking me harder as I cum.

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   He aims my dick up at me. I shoot another stream of cum landing  on my chest. He pulls and squeezes harder. A third jet of thick white goo cascades out of my shaft and lands across my face. He looks at me, glaring at the wet cum running down my cheek. I let out a few more streams, landing on my stomach and chest before I’m done.
He continues to rub and massage my cum soaked cock. I close my eyes when I feel more cum land on my face. He sucked it off of my stomach and into his mouth before letting it fall across my cheek and lips. I see his dick filling up again. He steadily rubs my swollen sticky cock, and stares at the cum on my face. It’s dripping down across my lips and I can’t help but get a small mouthful. The sight of my cum on my face was more than enough to have him fully aroused.   I stuck out my tongue and slowly circled it around my lips. My cum had a warm salty taste and a creamy texture.

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 Without even thinking I use my finger to collect the rest of the cum on my cheek and guide it into my mouth.   He looks at me with dropped jaw and his eyes wide open. “You really are a little slut aren’t you?” He asked. I responded by licking my lips and sucking every last drop of my cum from my finger. I am startled by how turned on I’m getting from licking up cum. I lie back on the bed and take a breath. Cum is still leaking out of my ass and down my leg. My admirer is sitting on the edge of the bed gazing at my shimmering silky butt. Our eyes connected for a moment and I can see the lust deep in his soul. He crawls over towards me, grabs me by the ankles, one in each hand, and lifts them up over my head. All I can muster is a shy mischievous smile. He hardly notices and continues to focus on my sticky sperm covered thighs. His dick couldn’t have gotten hard any faster.
Without holding back for another second he slides closer, holds my legs high in the air and pushes his re-hardened shaft against my asshole. “Ahhhh yea!” I moan as he slides back into me.

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    His ridged tool feels so powerful gliding in and out of my ass. He starts to pick up the pace and I am aroused more than ever. My dick is starting to flop back and forth as he rocks me into the bed with every thrust. He is spreading my legs wide and pushing the up in the air. “You’ve been holding out on me slut!” he moans. I feel my ass opening wider and wanting more of want I feared just minutes ago. “Let me feel that tight asshole of yours. ” He grunts between thrusts.  The rhythm of his pole pumping and grinding inside me was putting me into a trance. My legs are now almost over my head with his dick lost inside me.
I tighten my muscles around his dick causing him to moan and dive deeper for more.   “You’ve been holding out on me slut! Squeeze that man meat. ” I clinch up again tighter and harder than before. We both let out groans of pleasure. I have never been in such ecstatic full body pleasure.


   I grab onto my legs pulling them higher and closer to me allowing him to occupy every inch of my hole. Its lot long before his hand is back around my cock tugging on it with every stroke. A wave of heat flushes over my body. I call out to ask for more, but the only thing that comes out is a whimper.
This man is really fucking my brains out in every sense of the term. I let out another unintelligible moan. The pressure is building up in my balls greater than ever. His strokes are getting more erratic in the moment. I can see it in his face. This is going to be earthshaking. “You aren’t ready for this boy. ” He exclaims. Looking in awe at my dick, he strokes with more determination than ever. Ravishing my moist asshole, he uncontrollably stabs his sausage into my ass. “More, I want more” I sputter out.

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   I can’t take this much longer. Moaning and screaming with every stroke. My screams get higher and louder. “Scream like the little bitch you are!” I can’t hold back. The feeling of being filled so wholly while simultaneously being jerked off. I cry out “Oh wow! Here it comes!” The first shot of cum catches him off guard and hits him on the chest.  Two more spray out and land across my sweaty body. He reaches down with a free hand and spreads my cum around my chest. His hands slide up to my nipples pinching them as hard as he can with is slippery hands. I almost pass out in ecstasy. Now using every ounce of muscle he has to stuff me with cock I know it’s not over.
Cum continues leak from my cock like a fountain. Using it as a lubricant he continues to stoke my dick. Another big stream jets out and lands right across my open mouth. He couldn’t take his eyes away from my lips now dripping with my own juices.

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   One more burst of hot creamy liquid dumps on my stomach. I look at him running my fingers across my stomach soaking up every drop. I let the cum drip from my fingers into my open wanting mouth. Seeing my face smeared with goo was enough to put him over the edge. Once again I can feel his engorged throbbing rod pumping deep in my ass. Thrusting with all his strength and trying to hold back his wave of goo. He fits in two or three spine tingling thrusts before pulling out and holding his dick tight. He gets up on the bed and kneels over me holding his dick above my face. I am shivering in pleasure and anticipation. He throws his head back and grunts still holding and stroking his cock tight. I lean in closer and wrap my lips around the head of his swollen dick.
 Gush after gush of hot sweet cum fills my throat. I suck harder taking him deep down my throat. “He moans and shivers with is cock being pampered in my mouth. A third and fourth burst of cum fill my mouth to the top.

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   I suck and swallow down every drop I can, but there was just too much. He pulls back for a second thinking he was finished. His cock pulses and leaps again shooting me across the face. I take his dick and rub it all over my face. He takes it and smacks me across the cheek “you better not waste a single drop slut!” he remarks. His erection finally subsides, but not without him sliding it back into my well worked ass. He lies down on top of me. Pushing his semi-hard dick into my slick ass continuing to drip with cum. I wrap my legs around him pulling him deeper inside me. I keep most of his cum still in my mouth. Savoring it and running it over my tongue.   I let a drop leak out the corner of my mouth just so I can run my tongue over my lips to lick it back up.   We lay in the bed spooning with the head of his cock keeping me full. Still covered in sticky warm cum I begin to fall asleep with him inside me.

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