Happy Birthday to Me


I just turned 19 and got the one thing ever ever wanted for my birthday. But before i go into that there is some history involved.
Through out my sophmore year of highschool i started falling for this girl. Beautiful light brown skin, shoulder length blac hair that she kept straightened most of the time. Nice full lips and a pearly white smile. She had the body of a goddess. About 5 6 or 5 7 A 36 C with a ice slim waste and a nice full ass with some hips and theighs on her. She was fairly preppy and wore short shorts and skirts alot and tops that showed off her boobs. Throughout the time i was trying to talk to her she started trying to convince me to go for her bestfriend. Also Beautiful and now i think she was more my type and all but anyway.  She was a few inches shorter and a little slimmer but another little brown skinned girl (both girls are mixed i love black women. ) She had longer curlier hair with a 36 c and a nice little athletic ass with great legs. i ended up being best friends with the both of them and ended up dating the 1st one right after my 18th birthday.
 One night while we were dating i got really drunk and rode my bike over to her house and spent the night. Her friend was also spending the night and we all slept in the same bed. Nothing happened but me and my girlfirend kissing a bit but i confessed to her that i was very attracted to them both and would love to try it some time.

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   A few weeks later we broke up and the friendship fell apart as well. Now were are inda of friends and its the summer right before my freshmen year of highschool.
 My birthday is 4 days before i leave and i get a call from my exgirlfriend saying you should come over i want to see you before you leave and i have a birthday present for you. It was about 11 at night and i had been drinking and smoking a little bit through out the the night and got a ride over and knocked on the door. She answered the door in a white lace push up bra, white lace boy shorts, and white fishnet stockings and walked me in and sat down on the couch. We hand't seen eachother in a while and she sat there acting like she wanted to catch up and i sat there speechless. I got myself together and we started talking and catching up. Half through one of my sentences she crawrled across the couch and climbed on top of me. we stared at eachother for a moment and then she kissed me gently. we started kissinging more passionatly and i would start sucking on and biting her lower lip and she would mine. She put her hands under my shirt and started taking it off. Once my shirt was off i picked her up and walked down the stairs to her room. the whole time shes kissing and licking my neck. I place her on the bed take off my pants and climb on top of her. i start kissing her again as i get her bra off.

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   Once her bra is off i go down and start sucking on her nickle sized nipples.  I motor boated and sucked and kissed your boobs for a few minutes longer and wored my way down pulling her panties down her theighs and off her legs.
 I had never done anything like this with her while we dated we barely made out for the few weeks we went out. But There she was legs apart with me right inbetween. She lied there pulling her pussy lips open revealing her tight pink pussy. She had just gotten it waxed so there wasnt a hair in sight. I also saw she had a little frog tatto right on the inside of her right theigh. i got down and placed my face inbwtween her legs right in front of her crotch. The smell turned me on so much i licked her clit with the very tip of my tongue and she let out a big sigh and went from being really tense to very relaxed. i started playing with the hole of her pussy with my middle finger not going in all the way as i started sucking her clit gently. I slide my middle finger and out slowly bending my finger a little bit once inside of her. She started moaning quitely and geting wetter and wetter. i moved down and started sliding my moist tongue in and out of her moist pussy. She loved that and got a little bit louder. she started clsoing her legs against my face and humoing my face as my tongue would slide in and out of her pussy.

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   She loved that so much that she turned over and was now sitting on my face i reached up and started grabbing her breasts and caressing her nipples.
 I felt a hand on my cock (7 inch) that started jerking me off and i fgured it was her but about a minute later she orgasmed and  she grabbed my hair and pulled it with both hands and there was still a hand on my dick and i was shocked. It was her best friend in the same outfit but no fishnets and right as i we made eye contact she went down and started sucking my dick while stareing into my eyes and my girlfirend had gotten off my face and started licking her juices up off around my mouth and on my neck. when she had cleaned off my neck and mouth she went down and pushed her freind off my dick and started sucking it on her own. Then they decided to share and they would each take it twice then deep throat me and then pass it to the next girl and ask how they did and who was winning like it was a game. the curly haired one took my dick down her throat and held it there for almost 10 seconds and as soon as i pulled it out i came all over both there tits and faces. my exgirlfriend then sucked my dick clean until nothing else could come out of it.  
Then her Girlfriend pulled over to to other side of the bed and climbed on top of her and they stared 69ing. i started getting a little hard instantly. they were going to town on eachother spitting in eachothers pussys rubbing eachothers assholes i couldnt believe what i was seeing. I had to jin so i got up behind my eex's friend and she was bent over eating my ex's pussy unaware of me there i got up behind her and placed my dick head right at her pussy and she could feel it. the whole time my ex is licing up and down her clit. As soon as she feels my dick head on her pussy she backs up and takes the whole thing in and lets out one big moan and starts to spasm for a second as her pussy starts dripping on my ex. shes starts rockking her body back and forth and my ex gets out from under her and starts rubbing my bac and kissing my neck. I grabbed her friends hips and starting pulling them into into me so my entire dick would enter her pussy each time she would let out a little moan or sign.

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 She then fliped over and drapped her ankles on my shoulders and i grabbed her theighs and started working her pussy. she motioned for my ex to sit on her face and she did. Me and her started making out as she worked herself on her friends face and i worked her friends from behind. Once we all got into the right rythm we all lost it at the same time and just just fell over and woke up 2 hours later and went out to party that night.
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