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On afternoons it is starting to get hot in North East Georgia. I love driving on I-85 and since I wear as little as possible I like to flash truckers and anyone else for that matter. Sometimes I get offers and most times I take people up on them. I wore a sheer tube top one afternoon and a wrap around skirt, both almost transparent. I wore a black thong and got in he car and went north on I-85. I passed a few 18 wheelers and pulled down the top to show off my 42EEE tits, pulling the niples and making myself very wet. Several hit the air horns but no one took me up on the offers I made.
I drove all the way to Greenville and still no takers so I turned around and drove back towards Georgia. I stopped at a store on the way and went in to get some cold water. There were several people in the store and it looked like 5 men were all there and maybe related. They were from (I found out later) India and al reasonably good looking. All ages, a couple in their 40s(?) their 20(?) and one teen at least. They al watched me as I walked in and said hello in a very flirty way, making sure that they saw me move my tube top down to just over my nipples which were now hard as rocks.
When I got to the back near the cold drinks I asked for one to help me find something, wine coolers was a good excuse since I knew that they did not have any. Two came back and I asked them and bent over so that the weight of my breasts made sure to show off my cleavage and they looked a lot so I smiled and stayed bent over. "So no wine?" I asked.

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   "No, we are sorry, perhaps thee is something else?" one asked me. I looked and both of their cocks were growing and I licked my lips without thinking. "Well, yes, there may be something else but I am not sure I should ask. " I said pretending to be shy. "Please, what is it, we will try to help you. " one said. "Well, okay, if you insist. " I said and I pulled my tube top down. "I need these sucked on. " They both stood there and said nothing until I stepped closer and took each of their bulges in my hands and began massaging them. "Well, wil you suck them for me?" I said, "I will return the favor. " and I unzipped their pants and reached inside and found the swelling cocks.
They both got on their knees in front of me and took one in each of their mouths and began sucking hard. "Oh fuck ys, really hard, suck and bite them for me. " I moaned.

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   They did just that and my pussy got closer to the orgasm it wanted. I stood there and spread my legs even though they were geting weaker and one slipped 3, then 4, then his hand into me and I soaked his wrist. Now there were 2 more standing there cocks in hands and I was getting so weak I told them, "I hope you don't mind but I need to lay down if we are going to do anything else. " They spoke to each other and led me to the room of the side near the exit. I went in and there was a small office that had a couple chairs and a couch with a desk and computer. As soon as I went in I walked to the couch and turned around and took off my clothes and and got on my knees, reaching for the two cocks I had in my hands before. I pulled them to my mouth and began sucking them fast and deep and was rewarded by one swelling and filling my throat.  "Oh that was good, next. " I said and began sucking the other faster and it filled my throat too.
I got up and pushed one down on the floor that was now naked and said, "I gotta have cock, come one fuck me. " as I sat on it and it filled my ass. "Oh yeh," I moaned as I leaned back and grabbed a man near me. "Now one in the front, come one. " I begged and he was in me quickly. They made me move up and down and I was all over the place grabbing and fucking.

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   First the one in my pussy filled me then the ass and I told hem to give me more. They did that and soon I was riding two more cocks again. THe two I had just drained were half hard and had cum on them. I told them to hold on and I would clean them up for them. I turned around so that I was leaning over the one in my pussy and the other was in my ass and managed to suck the other two one at a time. I was filled again as the two in pussy and ass finished  and then I took to sucking the other two better.
I heard voices behind me and saw more men stepping into the room, I did not count but there were lots there so I was ready to get satisified. I was bent over and felt a nice hard one moving around my ass and sudenly almost ripped me open and it was shoved all the way into my ass. "Oh damn" I yelled, "Yeh, fuck my ass. " I was saying over and over and after whay seemed a long time it filled me. Over and over I was filled in my ass, pussy and mouth and lots was shot all over my chest and face. When I finished it was dark outside and there were lots of men hanging around the store. I got a pen and paper and wrote my name, address, phone and email down and told the owner to make sure everyone had it before they left. I stood there naked in front of them and said, "Anytime a few of you want to fuck, call me. The only condition is that there has to be at least 4 of you.

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  " They all took turns kissing me and passing me closer to the door and the last gave me my clothes. I did not put them on but walked to my car and got in and drove in the night air naked back to Georgia.
I have had a lot of calls since then and have had more than one group over.
Many more to cum.
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