Jessie's part time Job


Chapter one: Jessie’s own way of making money
Jessie came home from cheerleading practice and saw her mom and dad all packed.
“Here where are you guys going?”
“Business trip honey, we’ll be gone for the next two weeks, I’m leaving you in charge of the house, you’re old enough to do that. ” Her mom butted in “and keep the house clean!” Jessie nodded and already had a plan in her head. She headed up to her room turned on her computer and wrote a email on a website.
Parent’s are gone for two weeks. House is open all day from 8 to 10. $100 for all you can get. Both can come address is 1486 S. Amsterdam rd. Number is 882-4361
Jessie posted then turned off her computer and got out of her cheerleading uniform and got into the shower. She heard the intercom beep she pressed the blue button.
“Jessie, we are leaving we’ll call you as soon as we get to New York. ”
“okay mom have a safe trip. ” She said as she soaped herself up. After she was done showering she put on her robe and went to check her other phone. She had a text message.

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   Hi this is James 21 we are at S. Amsterdam is it okay we come now? Jessie typed back yes she’s wet and waiting for them. She put the phone down and went and grabbed her real phone and texted Brittney. Hey sexy wanna hang out tonite? Just then the door bell rang Jessie smiled to herself walked down stairs and opened the door.
“James?” she asked.
“No this is Kenny, James is parking the car. ” Jessie nodded and told Kenny to come on in. Sized Kenny up, he was black, almost 6 feet 8 inches, really built. Jessie felt herself get wet instantly seeing the blug he had in his shorts. Just then she felt a hand grab her ass.
“Ah you must be James,” Jessie said he nodded. She looked at James he was white around 5 feet 9 inches semi built. They both turned and handed Jessie $100. Jessie smiled and put it in the basket next to the door.
“You pay and now you get the goods,” Jessie said in a sexy voice, walking up to James and kissing him.

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   She snaked her tongue into his mouth. She felt another pair of hand on her shoulder dropping her robe.
“oh mama!” Kenny say glancing at Jessie’s young goddess like 15 year old body.
“You like this?” both guys nod mouth’s open. Jessie pulls away from James and grabbing the sign that says “pay here then strip”. She walked back to the guys and eyed them.
“Breaking the rule already I should kick you two out,” she said. The guys took the hint and stripped instantly. Jessie gasped seeing that Kenny’s boner was over 12 inches.
“Wow Kenny how long is it?” Jessie asked walked forward and dropping to her knees.
“14 inches,” Kenny moaned as he felt Jessie’s young teen mouth engulf his meat. James walked over to Jessie and started to suck on her left breast as he inched and played with her right one. Jessie moaned out load as she started to deep throat Kenny’s cock.
“oh god James, this bitch is giving me such a good blow! Jessie pulls out smiles and walks over to the living area. She  sat on the couch and spread her legs.

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   “what are you waiting for boys?” James walked over to the her and dropped to his knees.
“such a beautiful cunt,” he whispered. He leaned but Jessie stopped him.
“hold on,” she said grabbing Kenny by the dick sat him down and slowly sat on him making sure that it went up her ass.
“ohhh uhhh that feels sooo good!” Jessie moaned as she grabbed James’ head and shoved it into her clit.
“lick it bitch. ” James took a long lick up Jessie’s clit. She moaned from both the pleasure given to her from her pussy and the one from her ass. After a few more licks James grew too horny got up and aimed the tip at Jessie’s pussy.
“Oh yes yes yes that feels sooo good!” Jessie yelled feeling James cock enter her and Kenny pounding her ass.
“looks like the party already started,” a voice said. Jessie looked over to the right at the door and saw there was, Scott. The team captain of the varsity football team. She always knew he wanted to fuck her. She looked at his cock it was already hard and it seemed like 8 inches long and 3 inches or so wide.

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   He walked over toward Jessie and slapped his cock on her tits. Jessie pulled James out and got up.
“Kenny can u lay down on the floor?” Kenny nodded laid down on the carpet his cock up in the air. Jessie sat down on it moaned as it went all the in again and James got in between her legs and impaled into her.
“uhhhh that feels soooo gooood!” Jessie yelled as Scott walkes over and Jessie takes the cock in her mouth.
“ohh god Jessie I’ve longed to feel your sweet mouth on my cock, I’ve been watching you since you started cheering,” Scott said grabbing her face and face fucking her. Jessie couldn’t stop moaning soon she felt Kenny, James, and Scott all cum at once filling her up. They all got dressed and Jessie counted the money closing and locking the door. It was 10 at night. She grabbed her robe and then felt something drip down. She looked down and saw cum leaking out. She loved that feeling. Jessie sat on the couch fingering herself naked she dose off. When she woke up she found Brittney in between her legs and licking like a dog.
“Well looks like ms.

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   Slut had fun tonight how much did you make?”
“$300,” Jessie said moaning and pinching her own nipples. “How long have you been licking me?”
“30 min and you came twice,” she said indicating her hair. Jessie grabbed her and together they went to the showers.
“oh yeah I’m in tomorrow. ” Jessie smiled and slapped her ass. “ohh baby you’re naughty today. ”
“Trying being fucked by Scott and tell me if you’ll still be naughty,” she laughed. They went to the bathroom and Jessie helped Brittney strip. When she was completely naked Jessie lowered her head on Brittney’s sweet tits.
“MMM god Jessie I love how your sweet mouth loves my tits so much,” Brittney moaned. Jessie grinned and kept sucking on her tits. Scott snuck up the stairs and couldn’t believe his eyes two hot cheerleaders fingering each other. Scott walked up with his other friend walked.
“I’m getting Jessie you guys can get the other parts if you want,” he whispered. Smiling he walked up behind Jessie and slowly pushed his cock into her dripping wet pussy.

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“ugh,” she looked back and saw Scott.
“Oh hey Scott what brings you back?”
“After practice I wanted a reward,” he smiled pumping his cock into Jessie. Jessie couldn’t help but moan out loud. Jessie saw Adam another football player walk behind Jessie and shove his cock deep into her also.
“ohh Jessie it’s soo hot watching you get fucked over here,” Britt said moaning now that Adam was fucking like a piston. Jessie leaned forward and kissed Britt each other feeling each other moaning into their mouths. They parted and Jessie laid down flat on the bed as Scott pounded away at her pussy. Jessie saw two guys standing there jacking off.
“Come here boys,” Jessie said and pulling Scott away moaning as her pussy was gaping cuz it got fucked by such a big cock. Scott laid down.
“Nope I want you in my pussy baby, she got one of the guys on the bed she sat on him shoving the cock up the ass and told Scott to continue to fuck her pussy.
“Ohhh yeah baby fuck my pussy, use me!” Jessie yelled as Scott started to pick up his pace on fucking the hot slut in front of him. Jessie started to bounce on the other guys cock which was lodged in her ass. She loved the feeling of having both her holes filled up by such massive cocks.
“Oh god dude I’m gonna cum soon! Her ass is too much for me!” the bottom one yelled.

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   Scott agreed and soon they both came in Jessie which caused Jessie to hit her peak and orgasm squirting all over Scott.
“hey dude I got to go home,” the guy said. Scott nodded holding Jessie. Jessie rested her head on Scott’s chest and cried cuz she had a crush but she didn’t know if he liked her.
            “Jessie…. ” Scott said looking down at her. Jessie looked up at him. “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Jessie’s eyes grew wide and cried yes. That they spent the first night as a couple fucking with Brittney.  

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