My Daughter's Friend


MY daughter Kathy was really beautiful when she got pregnant. Her breasts almost exploded in size and her bra size was really geting bigger by the week. Her cup size was now DDD and growing. They were leaking milk all the time. Julie stayed around Kathy all the time and looked up to her as an older sister. When Kathy got pregnant she would hardly ever stay away from her. She slept over a lot and was always feeling her tummy and one night I heard giggling from them. I put on a gown and went down the hall and slipped the door open enough to see them both naked on the bed and Julie was sucking Kathy's breasts and when the milk got going she stopped and it continued to spray all over her then Kathy rolled all the way onto her back and moved her down to her tummy then to between her legs so that she was giving her instrutions of how to lick and eat her pussy. Kathy began moaning and Julie kept asking her if it felt good. "Oh yes, little sister it feels really good. I will do you after you do me. NOw put two fingers in and out like I showed you. Oh yes, yes, more. " she was moaning. Her hips were moving faster and soon she had a wonderful orgasm and I was wet. Julie got on the bed next to her and said, "Now me, now me.

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  " "Okay, lay there and let me get you all hot. "
Kathy began kissing her and then kissing and sucking her buds. She giggled at first but them began saying how good it felt. Soon Kathy began kissing her way now her tummy and to her little fuzzie mound and then licked her little clit. "OH, oh wow, that shocked all over me. " Soon Kathy was totaly involved in licking Julie through her first orgasm, then another. They laid together and kissed a lot then Julie asked Kathy, "Who made you pregnant?" "I can't tell you that, it is a secret. " Kathy said. "Oh please, please tell me. " she begged. "I can't, why do you wanna know for anything?" Kathy asked her. "Well, I know a man puts his thing in a woman here," she said touching her pussy. "But I don't know what it is like, I wanna have one in me too, I mean, you obviously have had one in your. she said. "Oh yes, I have, and more than once.

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   It felt great except for the first time, it hurts the first time. "
I left the door and went back and attacked Steve since I had gotten so hot. In the morning, they came out in night gowns and Steve had already left for work. The gowns were very sheer and it was obvious that Julie had been playing with Kathy already, her breasts were leaking all over the front of her gown. Julie was all energy and excited and was accidentally bumping Kathy. She began chattering. "Kathy is so beautiful pregnant, isn't she?" "Yes" I said. JUlie's small nipples were hard under her gown and very dark. She touched them playfully. "Do you think my breasts will get as big as Kathy's," then she looked at me, "Or yours?" My nipples got hard instantly and showed through my gown also. "Do you know who got her pregnant?" she said suddenly. MY face got red and I said, "Well, yes I do. " "Is she gonna have to marry him?" she said. "Well, no, she can't. " I said.

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   "Why not?" she asked me. "Well," I stammered, "the person is already married. " "Oh wow!!" she almost yelled. "Oh wow, she went out with a married guy. " Kathy looked at her and said, "Well, I didn't really go out with him, we just played around together. "
I looked at her and leaned over, "Julie, are you interested in seeing breasts bigger than Kathy's?" I asked her. "Wow, whose?" I pulled off my gown and stod in front of her and carressed my tits. "Mine of course. " Kathy took off her gown and then took off Julie's gown. I leaned over and kissed Kathy deep and slow letting Julie watch us. "Are you lesbians?" she said. "We are bi. " I said. "And from what I saw last night you are bi also, you and Kathy kissing and making love??" "I watched you. " I said and Julie slipped from her chair and came to me, "can we do what Kathy and I did?" "Yes dear, sit here.

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  " She sat in the chair and I slipped to my knees in front of her on the floor and moved her legs apart. She still had the scent of last night on her and my head began to spin. I began sucking her clit and licking her little pussy and soon she wet my face. "Oh that makes me so good all over" she said. "NOw you do me. " I said and got in the chair and spread my legs. She began licking and kissing and I told Kathy to show her how to finger me and to slip her fist in me. Kathy began showing her and soon her fist was deep in me and pumping in and out and I soon soaked her arm, face and chest.
We spent the day in bed and then Julie looked at us, "Well, now we all have a secret. " We looked at her and then she said, "I want to know Kathy's secret or I wil tell everyone. " "Would you like to seduce him like a grown woman?" Kathy said. "Oh yes, can I?" I looked at Kathy, "well, lets give her a little lesson in seduction. " We went upstairs to the bedroom and talk over the plans. after an hour we decided on a seduction. "So, are you going to tell me who it is and take me to see him?" she asked, dressed in a little tank top and shorts with just a little make-up.

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   "No, he will be home soon and we will be gone and you will be on your own. " "Oh my god, it is Steve?? Her stepfather?" "Yes dear, she wanted to have him. " Kathy and I dressed and got ready to go. We left Julie in front of the TV with two glasses of wine and her excitement growing. I had the cameras set up so we covered any possible place they may play and told her we wanted to be able to watch it later all together. She told us she understood.
Later we watched the videos together. Here is what what she did. Steve came home and came into the lving room. Julie got up and walked to him with a glass of wine, "Teresa and Kathy went out. It is just you and I for a while. " Steve tok the glass and sat on the couch and Julie sat very close next to him. Steve sipped his wine and finished it then she got him another glass and sat closer. "You aren't really old enough to be drinking are you?" he said. "Oh sure, I am old enough to do a lot of things.

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  " she said smiling back at him. "Oh, like what?" he said. "Well, I am learning to drive already. " "Yeh, and. . . " Steve asked. "Well, I can cook and take care of house really good too. " She moved closer till her face was almost next to his. "And" he said.  She kissed him suddenly and he did not move but let her kiss him for a while. "That" she said. "Well, you do kiss good but that is not all that a woman does. " "Wil you show me what else a woman does?" she said and took off her top.  "My breasts are already growing, see?" she said and touched her nipples and made them perk up.

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   "My and they are hard too. " Steve said and she moved her hand to his lap, "So is something in your pants. " she said massaging it slowly. Steve began to speak but she kissed him again and was half on his lap when he moved her over. "BUt sweetheart, you are not a woma. " She stood and pulled off her shorts and panties and gave them to him, Spreading her legs and touched herself between them and said, "I am too, see, I have hair there and all. "
She droped to her knees in front of him and undid his pants and pulled them off. His 9 inch cock sprang out and she gasped at the size, "Oh wow, this has been in Kathy?" Steve looked surprised and said, "Well, yes it has. " She had both hands on it moving up and down and said, "well, tonight it is my turn. " She began lisking it up and down and massaging it with both her hands. He sat back and moaned. After a while it shot his load all over his stomach and her hands and she licked it from them. "Oh, it tastes as good as Kathy and Teresa. " "Oh I see you have been playing already. she giggled and got on his cum covered lap, "Yes, and now with you.

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  " He picked her up and laid her on the couch and spread her legs and began eating her pussy with tripes to her nipples and mouth and after a couple orgasms she was asking him to put his thing in her. "are you sure Dear, it is very big. " "Oh yes, I don't want to be a virgin, I want yu to really, ahh, I want you to fuck me. " she said with an accent on the word "Fuck. "
"Okay dear, lick me some and get me nice and slippery, and I will lick you some more. " They did a sort of 69 and then he laid her on the couch. "A little at a time okay?" he said. "Okay, oh hurry please. " He put the head between the lips and moved it around making her squirm. "Oh that feels good. do more, do more. " she moaned. He began moving in a little and out some. "Oh yes, it does hurt some but I wanna do it, please do it. " "Okay baby' He said and began moving into her a little at a time.

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   Suddenly she reached up and grabbed his face, "Oh, fuck me, please fuck me. I don't care if it hurts, I want your , your cock in me. " "Okay, try to relax then. " he whispered. She looked at him in the eyes and he began moving in and out deeper then as she seemed to relax he moved into her as far as he could go. She cried out, "oh, oh my god, oh it hurts, oh it hurts. " Steve began to pull out but she grabbed him and said, No, it hurts but I like it. I feels good too. Just stay there a while. " she begged. "Let's get you sitting on my lap, that way you can go in and out as much as you want to. " he said. "Okay, let's. He lifted her and moved so that she stayed on him but was now facing him and sitting impaled on his cock.  She sat there and they kissed and he played with her budding tits, pinching them and sucking them.

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   She began moving up and down and each time she stayed on it deeper until all but a little was in her. He began lifting her small frame and moving her up and down and she was throwing her head back and moaning how her body was "shocked all over" and then she cried out with an orgasm. She kept riding and then Steve moaned and stiffened and began filling her pussy and as it filled her and overflowed she kept moving on him. "Oh more, more, do it again, oh please. " she was beggning.
Steve was still mostly hard and she kept moving and riding as the cum flowed out of her pussy. He filled her again and then she collapsed on the couch next to him and her pussy gaped from the huge toy that had been in it. Cum flowed out and she took it on her fingers and licked them. THere was some blood but not as much as we had expected. At this point we came in the dor and to the couch, "well, looks like you two have been busy'I said and undressed and then Kathy. Julie kissed her she showed her the pussy dripping with cum. "See Kathy, see, I am a woman now. " "Well, lets see what we missed" I sadi and turned on the tape. "Oh, this is going to be great!" Julie said and sat next to Kathy kissing her tits and touching her pussy. They snuggled and Steve and I sat together.


   The video began and before long Steve was hard again and so I sat on him and showed Julie how we fucked. The night was just beginning.