The Business Meeting


This is a business meeting. First let’s establish the cast of characters and situation.
Me: a good looking blonde hair blue eyed female, with the ability (at my choice) to grow my clit into a cock. I can be a normal girl, or a girl with cock and pussy.
The next three are females (good looking, but not specified for hair/eye color) wearing shortish skirts (above the knee) and white v-neck sleeveless blouses, v-neck to just above their breasts. These 3 all work for me (and so know me and will not be surprised at what happens) and sit on one side of the conference table.
On the other side of the table are 3 people from another company (and so they do not know me and will be surprised at what happens). The first is a guy, wearing a standard business suit, the second is female wearing a knee length skirt, buttoned all the way to the neck long sleeve blouse, and a jacket, and the third again is a guy in a standard business suit
These 6 people are waiting for me to come in to start the meeting, and the 3 from the visiting company are facing the door that I will come in. I come in, wearing a very short light pink skirt (about as short as I can!), a v neck white blouse, open to just below my breasts (no indication of a bra), and a matching light pink jacket. I sit at the chair at the end and start the meeting, and then (below the table so can’t be seen by anyone else) I open my legs wide and start fingering my pussy.
The meeting is going well, everybody is sharing (including me!) and I need to give something to the guy farthest from me. Rather them standing up and walking over him, I slide the item on the table to him, but I push a little too hard (on purpose?) so it falls on the floor and he has to bend down to pick it up. While he’s down there, he sees what I am doing, (it’s apparent that I’m not wearing any panties) and he also sees my finger disappear into my pussy. He then looks at me over the table (still kneeling from the floor) and I’m looking right at him, smiling, and then pursing my lips to ‘blow him a kiss’ and keep smiling, and talking as needed for the meeting. He bends back down to look at me under the table and I use 2 fingers to spread my pussy lips wide for him to show him my wet pussy. He gets up and sits back down in his seat, trying to digest what is happening.

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After a little bit, I bring my hand up to my mouth, with a big blob of my juices on it, and taste it (doing this as if its very natural…) I then remove my jacket and it looks like my nipples can almost be seen through the blouse but you’re not sure about that and I put the jacket over the back of my seat as I get up.
I then walk over to the girl who works for me who is closest to me, kneel behind (so that my head is on the same level as hers), and reach around her to massage her breasts, first through her blouse, then going inside her blouse to massage her breasts directly. After a bit, one of my hands disappears down to her crotch to presumably massage her pussy, then again my hand comes up to ‘taste’ her juices as I had done with me. (She is obviously enjoying what I am doing!) When I am done with her, one of her breasts remains uncovered, she is not wearing a bra, and she does not do anything to cover herself up, just sitting there (and still sharing in the meeting) while  proudly displaying her breast to everyone. The 4 of us from the home company are behaving like this is all very natural, and the meeting continues uninterrupted.
I move to the second girl and massage her breasts and pussy in the same way as I did with the first, for about as long too, and taste her the same way. (Her breasts remain covered when I am done; it just works out that way. ) I then give the same treatment to the third girl, and in her case, both nipples remain exposed when I am done.
Then the guy who I slid the item too earlier is next, and he looks up at me as I approach, wondering what I am going to do. I smile as I approach him, and then kneel behind him in the same way. My hands both briefly massage his chest, and one hand continues down to undo his zipper and stroke his cock. The other hand removes his tie and unbuttons his shirt. I then lean down with my mouth to suck his cock for a while (I’m not trying to be quiet, so sounds can be heard), but before he is able to cum, I move to the girl.
As I approach her, she has a look of apprehension (it appears that she is straight and has not loved a woman before) but after I remove her jacket and massage both of her breasts (through her blouse) for awhile and then massage her pussy she gets in to what I am doing. One of my hands then unbutton her blouse to below her breasts so that I can massage her breasts through her bra, then undoes the front clasp so that I can massage her naked breasts, then remove her bra completely and place it on the floor next to her.

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   Through out all of this, the meeting continues uninterrupted. When I leave her, she starts to pick up her bra, then seeing my girls (and perhaps a look from one of them) she stops and sits there with her breasts exposed. (She does appear to be self conscious her eyes flickering around between me and my girls. )
Again I do the same with the other guy as I had with the first one, massaging his cock and sucking it for a while, but leaving before he can cum. I then strip completely and lay on the table, looking at my girls, and they come over quickly, two working on my breasts and the other eating my pussy. At that point, for the first time since the meeting started, the conversation of the meeting finally stops to the sounds of the four of us making love, and after a bit both guys instinctively reach out to lightly fondle a breast of the girl from their company, and her arms then cradle their heads into her breasts and she closes her eyes, losing herself into the sexual feelings. Now she is too into the sexual feelings to be self conscious anymore…
Before my orgasm hits me, I gently push the girl from between my legs and she goes to her chair to sit down, not really cleaning her face too much; sitting there with my juices on her. I leave my legs open and look at the two guys until one of them come over to fuck me, plunging his hard cock deep into me in one stroke, then fucking me in and out. After not too long I rearrange our position so that he is lying on the table and I am sitting on his cock riding him. The two girls who were on my breasts go off to the side of the table and make love to each other. The girl who sat down grins and, seeing an opportunity, lays on top of the guy who I am fucking, so that she can lick my pussy while I’m being fucked, and also his cock, or even both at the same time. And since she is lying on top of him, he can also eat her pussy too…
That leaves one guy and the girl from the other company, who watch for a bit, but they are so turned on by this that they end up fucking each other
I scream loudly in orgasm as the guy explodes in me, his cum dripping out of the sides of my pussy. I then give him a full wet kiss and he goes back to his seat. I then look over at the visiting girl who has been watching all this, even as she is fucking a guy from her company, and hop off of the table, patting where I was and saying to her, “Come on, love” She blushes as she comes over and sits on the table, then I eat out her pussy till she whimpers in orgasm. I then gently push her down on the table, kissing her hard and long, rubbing my tits against hers, then I grow my cock from my clit and plunge it deep in to her… she gasps because she was NOT expecting that, but after a moment her legs close around my ass as she tries to welcome my cock deeper in to her and I fuck her hard.

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   Two of my girls come over to suck her breasts while I fuck her, and my other girl takes on both guys in a double penetration (pussy and ass) till I explode in her cunt and both guys cum in the holes that there are filling.
Then, after all of us have a chance to rest and recover, I sit back down at my seat, saying, “Okay guys, we have a meeting to finish!” We all sit in our seats, fully naked and finish the meeting. When the meeting is over, the 4 of us (me and my 3 girls) leave our clothes in the conference room and walk out into the rest of the building fully naked (except for our high heels) and not worried about fluids; the 3 from the other company take time to clean up and dress, also talking quietly about what to tell their spouses. .