The Cheerleader's Boyfriend


It was early Thursday evening and I had just returned home from my flower arranging class.   Yes, flower arranging does seem a little tame for a 23-year-old woman, but I wanted to broaden my skills and experience.
The rental which I live in was actually clean, partly because one of my housemates Gina was out of town for the week and partly because my other housemate Suzie had not arrived back yet. In fact, she was supposed to be meeting up with her boyfriend Steve, who was coming into town tonight.
I put the flowers on the countertop in the kitchen, went into my bedroom and took a shower.   Oh, my name is Kylie by the way.   My housemates are both at college and belong to the local cheerleading squad.   I graduated a year ago, got a job and stayed in the college town, liking the atmosphere.   People would describe me more as a geek, I am 6’ 1” tall, long brown hair, but I have a great figure.
It was still warm from the sun, so not having air-conditioning in the house; I slipped on a pair of black string bikini panties and a matching black camisole.   My D cup breasts are fairly firm, so they need little in the way of support.   I figured no one would be home, so I may as well be comfortable, right?  I put my hair into a ponytail.
I padded barefoot back into the kitchen and started to make some dinner.   I wanted something simple, so I made a plain meat sauce and bow tie pasta.   Once the sauce was simmering, I turned to see if I could improve on my flowers.
I heard a key click, the front door open and I glanced up to see Suzie bound in to the house, cell phone glued to her ear.

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    She did not seem too happy.
“Okay then, well you try and get on the standby list, get the next plane in. Bye. ”  She said and hung up.
“I didn’t expect to see you home this early. ”  I commented.   “How was practice?”  Suzie was wearing her cheerleading outfit, a tight fitting blue and yellow top and shorts, exposing her flat, tanned tummy.
“Umm, I can see that.   Geez, Steve would love to see you wearing only that.   Just as well his plane got cancelled. ”
“Oh dear, will he get in soon?”
“Maybe later, it depends on how full the next flight is, or he will be spending the night there.   I wanted to get laid tonight.   Shit.   Do you have any spare food?  I’m starving. ”
“Yes there is enough.

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“What’s up with the flowers?  Did you get them from next door?”
“Yes, I went out on the patio wearing this and the neighbor gave me flowers. ”  I teased.
“Really?  You didn’t?”
I rolled my eyes; Suzie was a little simple sometimes.
“I signed up for a flower arranging class.   It didn’t turn out quite like I expected. ”  I played around trying to make the display a little more balanced.
“Umm.   I’m going to take a shower, I’m sweaty. ”  With that, she dumped her bag on the floor and went into her bedroom.
I set the pasta boiling and got out a couple of bowls.   I heard the shower run and by the time I served up, Suzie was back with a light blue towel wrapped around her.   We ate the pasta and I put the dirty bowls in the dishwasher.
“What are you doing tonight?”  She asked me.
“I have a DVD, I was going to watch it in bed and have a glass of wine. ”

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    Can I watch it also please?  You have a great plasma TV. ”
“Sure, no problem. ”  I got out a large bottle a red wine and two glasses and we went into my room.   As I paid the most towards the rent, I got the larger bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.
We lay side by side on the bed and watched the movie.   It was a romantic story, yes a chic flick, and it got a little hot towards the end.   I felt Suzie’s fingers rest on my right knee, gently moving in circles.   I noticed she had her legs crossed and was squeezing her thighs together.
The titles came up and I switched off the TV with the remote.   I turned my head to make a comment just as Suzie rolled onto her side to face me.   Our lips were only inches apart.
“Thank you. ”  She murmured and kissed me lightly on the lips.   I had not kissed a woman on the mouth before.   Her lips were so soft.

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    My mouth remained slightly open, and she leaned forward and kissed me again, this time not pulling back.   I responded and we embraced passionately.   Her tongue slipped between my teeth and entwined with mine.   Surprisingly a tingle grew in intensity in my tummy.
Suzie finally broke off, and looked into my eyes.   I returned the gaze, her bright blue pupils were large, and I lightly stroked her blond hair away from her forehead.   Her right hand slipped across my tummy and rested on my right breast, gauging my reaction.   I placed my hand on her left thigh and let it travel up under her towel towards the apex of her thighs.   I could not believe how turned on I was and gasped softly as she started to caress my breast, teasing my nipple between her thumb and index finger.
I sat up, not breaking our stare, pulled the camisole over my head and tossed it onto the floor.   My D cup breasts bounced forward, no longer restrained.   She eagerly squeezed them.
“Your tits are so beautiful, so heavy, so warm.   God I just love them. ”
She pushed me back on the bed and tugged off her towel.

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    It was my turn to reach out and fondle her little orbs of flesh.   Her bikini tan line had kept them so white, emphasizing the redness of her tiny nipples.
She lay on top of me, our breasts squashed together and we kissed again, this time more sexually.   Her knee parted my thighs and she ground herself against my pussy, spurring me on as my body craved release from the ache that emanated from between my legs.   I caressed her back and shoulders before cupping her tight little ass with my hands.
“I can’t stand it, make me cum Suzie. ”  I whispered.
Her mouth fastened on my nipples, sucking hard and my back arched in pleasure.   She left a trail of kisses down my tummy and I spread my legs in an open invitation, desperately hoping for relief.   I was moaning loud now, calling her name.
“Suzie please, I can’t stand it, ohhhhhh. ”
Her fingers eased my panties to one side and into my soaking wet pussy.   I could feel her lips so close to my pussy lips, but the cotton material was barring the way.
“Rip them off!”  I cried.   Her hand grabbed the front of my panties and she pulled hard, the thin straps snapping.

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    I briefly felt the cool air on my wetness before the warmth of her tongue sought out my clit.   She flicked it lightly several times and then sucked hard on it, pulling it away from its soft folds of flesh.   It flipped me right over the edge.
“Yeeeesssssssss, oh oh oh oh.   Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cummmming so fucking hard, Jesus, yessssss. ”
I came harder than I have ever done in my life; waves of ecstasy crashing through my body, my head arched back all the way back.   I screamed in pleasure as the torment went on before finally, the peak subsided and I collapsed onto the bed.
Suzie moved up my body and kissed me.   I could taste my juices that I soaked her face.
“Oh that was so intense, I thought I was going to die.   Give me some time to recover my love.   I need just a few minutes to savor the feeling. ”
“Can I take over then?”  A masculine voice said from the doorway.
Our heads turned in unison to see Steve standing at the entrance of my bedroom.
“Steeeeve!”  Suzie cried and quickly crossed the room and jumped into his arms, her legs circling his waist.

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    She kissed him hard on the lips.
“How long you were you watching?”  She growled.
“Long enough, you two were really going at it hard.   Kylie, I saw another side of you I did not know existed.   You two are really hot together. ”
I buried my head in my pillow with embarrassment.
“Are you horny then?”  Suzie teased walking back to the bed.   Steve needed no second invitation and peeled off his clothes, his already hard cock springing to attention.
I rolled off the bed as Steve pushed Suzie on to the sheets.   I looked over and my eyebrows rose at the sight of his huge balls.
“You are not staying?”  She pleaded.   “Steve gets so horny after we have been apart for a while, he wants to fuck me constantly and by the morning I get a little sore.   Come on, help me out. ”
“Maybe later, I need to recover a little. ”  I replied.

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    I was tempted to stay, but I had not had sex for a few months and had never had a threesome before.   I was worried I was a little out of practice.
Steve spread her legs apart and rammed his manhood into her wet pussy.
“Ohh Suzie, you are so ready for this. ”
“Just fuck me hard, God I am so turned on, that’s it, fuck me. ”
She saw me go to leave.   “Sure you don’t want to join us?”
Shaking my head, I picked up my wine glass and left my bedroom.   I walked in to the kitchen, the cries of passion following me down the hall.   When I sat on the barstool I suddenly realizing I was still naked. I was not going to go back into the bedroom and interrupt them.
I poured myself a glass of wine and opened my laptop.   My pussy was still tingling from the Suzie’s attention.   I read the usual joke emails in my inbox and surfed the web.   After a while, I got bored, stood up and reviewed my flower arrangement.   About 30 minutes had passed.

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“What you doing?”  Steve asked.   I had not noticed he had come out of the bedroom.
“Oh, nothing.   Where’s Suzie?”
“She’s resting on the bed.   I think she is worn out. ”  He laughed.   “Are these your flowers?”
“Umm. ”  I said.   “I can’t decide if this maidenhair fern should be more at the back.
“Why do they call it maidenhair?”  He asked provocatively.
“Because it looks like, you know. ”  I glanced down between my legs at my little V of pussy hair.
He followed my glance.   “Nice.  I like the way you trimmed it.

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    Suzie has shaved her blond haired pussy, but sometimes it is better more natural. ”
His cock started to harden.   “I think your dick agrees with you. ”  I laughed as I went over to the refrigerator.   I deliberately bent over and fumbled about as though looking for something, giving him a perfect view of my swollen pussy lips.   He could not resist the sight and came up behind me.   I felt his hands on my hips and his hardness rubbing up against my ass.
I turned to face him, knowing that the cold air from the refrigerator had hardened my nipples.
“Will Suzie mind?”
“She told me to go and screw you. ”
I leaned on the countertop; my forearms flat against the tiles and I spread my legs.
“Better not disappoint her then. ”  I felt a little sluttish and it excited me.   I could not believe I was doing this.
His hand went between my legs and found me already wet.   His cock searched for the entrance of my vagina and then entered me.


“Ohhh, steady. ”  I cautioned.
“Dam girl, you are tight. ”  He eased off a little and gently pushed into me.
The swollen tip of his cock set me off almost immediately.   “That’s good, that feels really good, it’s too good I’m going to cum, uuuurrrhhhhhh. ”  My orgasm built quickly as he buried himself completely inside of me and started to fuck me with deep, long strokes.   Steve’s hands squeezed my breasts as I tried to steady my body against his pounding.
“You have a gorgeous pair of tits. ”
I started to shout out in pleasure and I could feel my vagina pulse with every orgasmic wave.   As I hit my peak, he cried out with me in unison and unloaded his hot jizz deep inside of me.
“Jeez, oh God, oh God. ”  Steve shouted.
He gradually slowed and collapsed on top of me.   We lay like that for a few minutes until he slowly pulled out.

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    I lay there catching my breath relishing the decay of my pleasure as his cum seeped out of me and trickled down my leg.
“What are you guys doing?”  Suzie called out as she left my bedroom
I eased myself up and stood up stiff legged.
“I’ve been fucking your boyfriend. ”
She walked over and put two of her fingers inside of my pussy.   Pulling it out she licked the cum off one finger.
“So you have, you little minx.   Here have a taste. ”  She offered me the other finger.   I sucked on it, tasting the saltiness of Steve’s cum.
“Ummm. ”  I replied glancing over at Steve.   Unbelievably he was starting to get hard again.
“Come on, let’s go back to bed. ”  Steve requested.
“Hey, I would love to, but I have to work Friday, you know, a paycheck?”
Suzie wrapped her arms around me; her breasts pressed against mine and gave me a lingering kiss.

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    “Okay, but we have the weekend right?”
I kissed her nose.   “I have nothing planned for the weekend. ”
“Good.   Come on Steve, come back to my bedroom. ” 
They left; I went to bed and fell sound asleep.   The alarm clock woke me and I went straight into the shower, and wrapped a towel around me before going into the kitchen to pour me some cereal, which I ate ravenously.
As I placed the bowl and spoon into the dishwasher, I heard Steve behind me.
“Hey baby doll, how are you this morning?”
I turned around to see him sporting a morning “woody”.
“Dam Steve, are you ever not horny?”
“Errr, let me think about that.   Nope!  Come on; give me a feel of your titties. ”
Before I could reply, he pulled off my towel and it dropped to the floor.   I leaned against the countertop as he fastened his mouth around my nipple.
“No, I’m going to be late for work, oooh, maybe, ooh, okay, a quickie then. ”  The now familiar feeling spread down my chest to my pussy as his fingers sought out the entrance to my vagina.
He licked his fingers and rubbed my clit hard.

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    His hardness pressed against my leg and those large testicles of his tickled my thigh.
“Go easy, I’m not completely wet, ahhh, ahhh, oh God. ”  I hissed as he entered me.   I wrapped my arms around his neck and surrendered to his onslaught.   He felt big as he entered me, his hands grasping my butt, guiding himself deep inside of me.
“Easy, oh I’m cumming, fuck me hard. ”
Steve responded and pounded my pussy, grunting with every thrust forward. My breasts pressed hard against his chest, the hairs on his chest exciting my nipples as I started to climax.
“I’m cumming, you’re too tight, I can’t hold off.   Ahhhhhhhh. ”  I could feel his hot cum shoot against my cervix and I cried out.
Steve slowed and pulled out, his breath, like mine, was coming in ragged bursts.
“Oh that was good. ”
I eased off the countertop.   “Shoot, look at the time.

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    Later. ”
I ran back into my bedroom and pulled on a pair of panties, bra, top and jeans.   As I drove away from the house, I could feel that my panties were soaked in his cum.
“Dear Lord, I have a whole weekend of this. ”  I murmured to myself and I smiled as I joined the freeway traffic.   “A whole weekend. ”
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