Aunt Helen Burning [In Summer's Cauldron]


She extracted a tapered 120 from the pack, and litup…taking in the satisfying smoke, and exhaling intothe air above her. She lay there for a while, smokingher cigarette… her body responding to the comfort. Somehow, unintentionally, she began to feel a littlenaughty and delicious. The sensation was brought onpartly by the feeling of the cooler air rushing overher exposed form, evaporating the perspiration off herheated flesh. She could sense the fine, sweat-mattedhairs around her pussy begin to pull away from herskin, slowly drying in the gentle breeze wafting infrom her window. Another sigh issued from her lips,only this one was laced with a throaty moan… “Mmm…Yes indeed,” she decided. “It does feeldelicious!” She stretched out on the cool spread, her sweaty pussybeginning to tingle from the effects. Her mind driftedto thoughts of sexuality. These thoughts were innocentat first, but then turned more wanton as time passed. More definite, much more specialized picturesemulsified through her thoughts. Images saturated withmany huge, spurting dicks being jammed into her cunt,and rubbing against her moaning mouth, filled herbrain. Her mind drifted farther. She smoked hercigarette, taking long, sensuous drags. Her eyes shut,as she slowly fingered her wet clitoris, andenvisioned those imaginary rigid cocks squirting theirofferings all over her body. Her imaginings were suddenly invaded by a sound. Abackground noise, she at first took to be part of thefantasy happening in her head.


   She became aware, as ifawakening from a dream, of a very real sound comingfrom the door… A wet, familiar sound. She was taking adrag from her cigarette, when she opened her eyes, andturned her head toward the door. That’s when shenoticed the door slightly ajar. And then to herhorror, she honed in on a pair of eyes staring back ather… “My god! Kevin!” the voice in her head screamed, whenshe finally recognized to whom those intensely excitedeyes belonged! She was still reeling from the effectsof her hard-cum fantasy, so horror somehow quicklyturned into steamy sexual heat, without muchprompting. Her nephew walked in, completely undressed… His huge,stiff prick leading the way, like some kind of obscenedivining rod. A boner stiffened into it's rigid,dripping state, as a result of him watching her writheon the bed, through the slightly opened door. . . There he had stood for a time, peering in, his heartresonating in his chest. His unbelieving eyes takingin this erotic sight…He watched her painted lips wrapsensuously around the lipstick-stained filter of hercigarette over and over again. . . her naked breastsrising with each intake of the mixture of air andsmoke. . .

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  Her luscious mouth forming a delicious “ahh,”her eyes fluttering shut. The tight ball of smoke,which hung suspended out in front of her ovaled lipsfor that fleeting second before being pulled into herlungs, always reminded him of white, shooting cum. Each drag helped extend another tortured inch of cockout in front of him, and beneath the straining fabricof his running shorts. And her exhales! Those lovely exhales, that seemed tolast forever! Witnessing that white cone-shaped smoke,being slowly forced to pass through a sexy ovallingmouth, made his breathing ragged. Her red andsumptuous lips glinted softly in the bedroom light,with each expulsion…Yes. Each exhale pumped another pint of blood into hisalready engorged boner. His pole stood straight up in his shorts, as hewatched his sexy, naked aunt innocently revel in herquiet relaxation. His hand moved, seemingly under it’sown power, to the front of his shorts. He tightlygripped the stiff boner, which had already begun toleak fresh pre-squirt through the thin fabric, andstarted to jack it off in earnest. Kevin always enjoyed his Aunt Helen’s smoking. Hesecretly watched her at family functions. Heatedlystaring at her lips, and that perfect body, as sheinnocently smoked her cigarette! She possessed thekind of physical attributes, which were the stuff ofadolescent masturbation fantasies. For him, the factthat she smoked made it almost impossible to be aroundher, without popping a stiff one in his trousers! But THIS!…THIS was too much to hope for!Mindlessly, he hooked his thumbs in the waistband ofhis running shorts, and quickly pulled them down hishard thighs. The straining prick, finally freed,snapped up and slapped against his hardabdomen…Pre-cum broke off, wetting his washboard,muscular stomach. He stepped out of the shorts, andgrabbed the dripping head of his stiff fuck stick, andsqueezed it hard, before starting his hand in a jackoff motion up and down the rigid flesh.

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   He was surehis aunt heard the wet jacking sounds, as his fistgripped the dripping tip on the up stroke! Her headturned toward the door just as she took another drag. All decorum in a relationship between an aunt, andnephew was tossed out the proverbial window, whentheir eyes met through the crack in the bedroom doorjam. Before he knew what he was doing, he left his cumsoaked shorts on the hallway floor, pushed open thedoor, and walked the short distance to her bedside. His long prod stood straight out, and bobbed stifflyup and down with every step…“Kevin?!” she rasped, after exhaling smoke in hisdirection, “W-What are you do…” She tried to finish her sentence, but the wordswouldn’t come. Her eyes had focused on his perfectbody. This stifled any attempt at protesting theinvasion of her privacy. Here was her sister’s 18year-old boy, suddenly standing along side her bed,completely naked…his excited eyes moving from herheaving tits, up to her painted lips, and over to thecigarette she held in the “V” of her fingers on herleft hand. She gasped, and her pussy throbbed wetly,as her eyes fell upon the rigid state of his bloatedcock…”And WHAT a COCK” she thought! It had to be at least10 inches long! Its veined surface throbbednoticeably, while she looked on. She had always taken noticed to the bulge in hispants. And, whenever she did glance at it, the sightwould never fail to momentarily excite her pussy. Every once in a while, her natural sexual urges wouldget the best of her. Forgetting he was her sister’skid, she would find herself imagining his meat polesticking stiffly out through the open fly of hispants. Worst of all, she would sometimes imagineherself, kneeling at his crotch, taking it into herhand, and violently jacking him off! Servicing him ata family barbeque! But she would manage some control,and quickly brush those feelings aside in disgust. Mentally slapping herself on the wrist, for thinkingsuch debase, and incestuous thoughts. “Kevin is my nephew, for crying out loud!” she’dscream at herself.

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   “My sister’s kid! Helen! What inholy fuck are you thinking? You slut!”But there was no denying the attraction. Nephew, or nonephew, he was still a great looking kid! Kid? He hadan athletes’ body, all sinew and hard. But a cutepimply face offset his obvious physical maturity. Thiswas a marvelously effective combination. None of hisfemale teen cousins could resist his quiet charm, andgood looks. They’d vie for his attentions at all thefamily gatherings. But, what didn’t help Helen’sdilemma was she also would catch him looking at her. Sometimes the look on his boyish face was nervous anduncomfortable. Other times it was excruciating, as ifin pain. During those times, her eyes would carefullyfloat down to his crotch. There, she would view thespectacle of a prominent bulge in his pants. Knowingshe might have been the cause of this condition, madeher pussy throb. Secretly glimpsing at his hard on, concealed withinpants, at a family barbeque was one thing…Now, she waslooking dead on at that cock. But this time it wasfully exposed, stiff, throbbing… and volatile! Andjudging from the string of cum dripping from itsangry, red tip, it was about to spurt hard…and it waspointing right at her breasts. She couldn’t move atfirst….

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   Not a word passed between them during thistime. She lay there struggling between shock, andtaboo titillation. At the same time, he stood next toher, staring down excitedly, his fuck stick drippingpre-cum on her right tit. Both of them hypnotized…bothof them trying to figure out what to do. Neither oneof them willing to make the first move toward eitherending this, or carrying on!Then, an extreme feeling of naughtiness overtook herwith one sudden thought… She quickly began to realizewhat that “excruciating look” he would give her atfamily functions, really meant. He seemed to be mostagitated when she was smoking… That “look” occurredwhenever she would lit up a cigarette! “That’s it! The little young bastard was gettingexcited over me smoking!” she thought, as she laythere trying to figure this situation out. She hadheard about this attraction some men have, but shenever thought she would meet anyone like thatEspecially not someone in her own family. But there hewas! She noticed his eyes rapidly moving from herlipstick-coated cigarette, to her lips, and then toher breasts…To put this theory to a test, she slowly brought thecigarette to her panting mouth. She watched his eyeswidened, and then follow her hand, as she placed thefilter between her lips. His cock lurched while shedid this, and that made her cunt juice! When sheexhaled right at his erection, the smoke surroundedthe length, and his super-stiff prick throbbeduncontrollably! She thought he was about to explode!This excited her to no end! The fact that this 18year-old was driven to an erection on the verge of shooting off, just because she was smoking, reallyblew her mind! Her pussy was on the edge of orgasm, asshe finally got the courage to speak…“Is it my lips, Kevin?” she breathed. He said nothing, but stared hotly…“Is it my lips blowing smoke, that got you soexcited?…Is it my smoking, Kevin?” she askedpointedly, but in as naughty a tone as possible, asshe stared up into his frustrated eyes. He sucked in a gasp, and his cock dripped morepre-squirt on her right tit…She had her answer…“Honey? Is this what you want?”Once again, she brought the filter to her lips to takea drag. Her right hand reached out and grabbed thedripping dick head, which extending out over her tits. She smeared cum on the down stroke, all the way backto the base of his steel-hard pole. The warm contact,and the hard feeling of his prick in her hand made hercunt spasm.

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   Just the sheer naughtiness, and taboo ofthis situation had her almost ready to explode! Therewas no turning back now, though. No reproach… She knew he was too close to shooting off for her todo anything but jack his dick to a climax. There would beplenty of cum for her pussy and mouth later, shethought, as she placed the filter between her lips totake another drag. She exhaled around his bloatedcock-head and her jacking fist, and instantly starteda violent hand pump. She did this with the intent of bringing off hiscock as fast as possible! She wanted to make himshoot off, and spurt hard all over her. She needed that NOW, she realized,as her pussy began to rock through the beginning of anintense cum. .