Auntie Sophie and our drive south!


This is the story of a 3 day drive to my mums place with my Aunt Sophie.    It was a week before xmas and I was living in far north queensland in AUstralia. I had a pretty ordinary life of working as a brickie and surfing when ever I could. My mum lived in Adelaide and at xmas I would drive down and stay for a few days, eat and drink and be merry then return home. This particular year wasnt really much different apart from my mum had rung me and asked me to pick up her sister Sophie. My Aunt. We all called her soph cause she was only 6 years older then me and much younger than my mum. Soph was 32 and 6 mths earlier had seperated from her hubbie of 4 years. She lived on the sunshine coast and although it wasnt that far away I had seen her only about 4 times in the last 5 years. The last time I'd seen her she was a lil over weight but she always was a hottie. She had blonde hair that had died even blonder in the sun and was tanned and stood about 5 foot nothing. She had great tits and a bubble ass that i always admired.    I packed my car and made my way down the coast and by night fall id made it to my aunts place. I was going to stay there the night and then we were going to set off early in the morning. It was late by Soph was awake waiting for me and when i arrived she greeted me at the door in a bikini top and a long serong skirt with a beer in hand. WOW! she handed the beer and hugged me her ample breasts pushing in to me and i squeezed her back.

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   Your lookin so much older Scottie" she said holding me by the shoulders giving me the once over look. "and obviously in the gym alot too by the feel of these shoulders" I followed her in telling her it was from luggin bricks up and down ladders and stuff and we sat in the lounge where my bed was made on the fold out couch. We said our good nights and I watched as she walked up the hall into her room. She had lost weight, her curves were killer, and she swayed in the sexiest way that made my cock stirr as she dissappeared into her room.   After failing to get to sleep for an hour or two i got up to go to the toilet. I was still a little hard and was only in my calvin briefs as I wandered down the hall to the bathroom. I entered and closed the door behind me before turning the light on so as not to wake my aunt. the toilet was in line with door on the left wall so when Soph opened the door to apperently relieve her self she had a clear view of my cock as I stood there pissing. I was shocked but couldnt go anywhere, my eyes where locked on her as she was only wearing a pair of silkie panties. Her gorgeous tits were standing so perfectly on there own and it took me a few seconds to revirt my eyes to hers. Her eyes were locked on my cock and as she stumbled out the words "oh god scottie im so sorry" she retreated closing the door with out ever lookin at my face , just gazing at my cock. I stood there frozen as I finished pissing and then washed my hands. I took a few deep breaths and then exited she was no where to be seen but her door was ajar so i calmly said "i'm done Soph its all yours" and she replied "oh thanks . . .

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  . really sorry scotti". I told her it was nothin and went to bed. I masterbated twice before I could sleep thinkin about those tits!  The morning came and Soph woke me up at around 6am. I had, had bugger all sleep but I got up had a quick shower and we hit the road. We didnt speak a word about the previous night. After driving for hours on end stopping for lunch then driving some more. Soph suggested we find a hotel and stop for the night. We were in a small little town and we found the only Hotel in the place and went in to the reception. The only room they had left was a double, and offered to keep driving but Soph just said "Nah we can just top and tail like we use to when I use to baby sit you". We found our room and we took it in turn to shower and joked about locking the door whilst in the bath room. We ate dinner and then both sat up in bed watching TV. I Had lost the game of Rock paper sissors and was suppose to put my head at the foot end of the bed when it was time to sleep but because it had been such a long day I found my self dozing off before I had a chance. I was asleep when i suddenly woke to see Soph gettin back into bed. Again she was only in her panties and she quickly got under the sheets next to me her back to me.

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   I just layed there pretending to still be asleep. She then whispered "if ur awake we can just sleep like this it will be fine good night" I replied good night and drifted off back to sleep.   I awoke again around 3am. It was dark but I was groggy with sleep but knew exactly the position i was in. I had some how ended up spooning Soph. My arms were wraped around her, one hand on her tummy the other cupping one of those wonderful breasts. I was hard as stone and my cock was firmly against her ass as she was curled up in front of me. On top of my hand that was cupping her breast was her hand and her othe hand was reaching behind her on my leg just under my ass. I lay frozen, her hair in my face and her sweet smell intoxicating me. "Are you awake" she whispered. I said nothing. "Scottie . . . .

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  . . are you awake?" she whispered again and again i didnt reply just layed there pretending to be asleep. After about 30 seconds I felt her start to move. Her hips rocked backwards against my cock. I battled to keep my breath regular as she continued rocking against my hard cock. She pushed my hand that was on her stomach lower and then under her panties until I could feel the top of her mound. She pushed back into me again and then one her forward thrust burried my hand deeper until i found my finger slipping between her folds into her very wet pussy. She let out a little moan as she left my hand on her pussy and preceeded to rock her hips. I started to finger her gently and she moaned some more. Then she whispered "please dont wake up till i have ur cock inside me" It was like she knew I was awake and was pretending to sleep and wanted it to remain that way. She reach behind her and pulled my cock from my briefs. I was so hard this time i moaned a little. she bent further forward and she used both hands to position my cock at her entrance. Pulling her panties to one side and arching her back whilst still laying on her side.

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   And then I was inside her. I slipped so easily into her and she gasped as did I. I couldnt take it anymore i grabbed her hip and started fucking her. She reached behind her pulling me into her with every thrust. "ooohh yeah" I moaned and we had passed the no turning back point well and truely. "Yeah Fuck your Aunties Pussy Scootie" she hissed turning me wild as i started fucking her harder and harder. She looked back at me for the first time and said "i have to see you fucking me". I flipped her onto her back and put both her legs up on my shoulders and thrust into her again. She was moaning and telling me to fuck her over and over again. I was leaning over the top of her, her legs near her head as I thumped into her. She was wild, loving it and begging for more. I started talking dirty and calling her my little aunt slut and she loved it still. We fucked and fucked and fucked, so many position so many orgasms it was the most intense session I have ever had. We finally fell asleep and it was day light out side adn we slept till 1pm.   We woke, got dressed and drove off. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   Not saying a word to each other for most of the trip. We got to mums and she asked how the trip down was. . . . . . . I answered alot more fun than I thought it would be .

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