Average Summer's Day.


It was summer break, and I was relaxing in the cool air conditioning in my house. My brother was outside in the pool with his friends and I wasn't allowed to go outside. He was always embarressed whenever I was around. I never really knew why. I mean, we were twins. It wasn't like we were complete opposites or anything. I never really thought much of it and usually just shrugged my shoulders and walked away. But today, was different however.
"Hey Jimmy. . uhh. . do you wanna come outside in the pool with me? My friends already left. " Chris came inside the house dripping wet wearing only a speedo. I shrugged and answered, "Sure, why not. " He smiled and said, "Cool, I'll be outside just tanning for a bit.

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   Come outside when you're ready then. " I nodded and went to my bedroom to get my swimsuit.
Once outside I looked over by the patio to see my brother laying in the sun with nothing on at all. My mouth went completely dry, but I thought nothing of it. I couldn't be turned on by my own brother. But my cock thought differently appearantly because it started to stiffen.
'Great. . now I have to hide this from Chris. He would beat me up if he knew about this. ' I quickly dove into the pool, unaware that my swimsuit had come off when I dove in.
'Shit. . . ' I thought to myself.


   I quietly wadded through the water and retrieved my trunks. I got out of the water to put them on before Chris could see me.
"Hey bro, looks like your little friend there is happy," he laughed and pointed at my hard cock. I shielded it with my trunks and quickly slipped them on.
"Shuttup man. " I snapped back at him. He raised his hands as if to surrender, "Gee sorry!! A guy can't joke around. " He laughed and threw a towel at me. I wrapped the towel around my waist and laid down on the seat next to him. He smiled and took off his sunglasses.
"So what got you so hyped up there bro?" He kept smiling at me and put a hand on my thigh. It wasn't helping my growing erection either. "Chris, get off of me. " Inside, I wanted him to move his hand up my thigh but just as I said for him to get off of me, he stopped. "I'm just joking around with you.

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   What's your deal today?" He grabbed the tanning oil next to him and started to rub it into his chest. "Whatever Chris. . . whatever. "
"Hey Jimmy, can you get my back for me?" He flipped his body over and handed me the small bottle of oil. I splashed the oil onto my hands and rubbed them together. I rubbed his back gently, "Nah. . man, come on, get into it. " I let my fingers really work into his back and he just sighed and moaned saying how good it felt. I was getting turned on by this most definetly. My hands slid down to his ass, "Yeah. . do my ass too.

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  " I thought that was kind of odd, but rubbed his cheeks as he groaned. I started to test him now, I slid my finger along his crack. "Ohh yeah," he moaned.
'Hmmm. . how far can I go with this now?' I thought. I spread his cheeks and looked at the winking hole awaiting my attention. I put more oil onto my hands and slid one finger into his ass. At first he tried to push the finger out, but once he relaxed he asked for more.
"Ohh fuck yeahhh. . . " He moaned and started to grind his ass into my finger making it go deeper. "Mmmm. .

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  . . oh yeaaa" I added another finger and another. Soon I had three fingers inside of him and he was still begging for more. I let my fingers slide out of him and he whined, "Aww. . " But I spread his cheeks again and dove into his crack. I let my tounge lick his crinkled folds as he moaned in great pleasure. "Oh yeaahh, eat mee, oh fuck. . " I had a huge boner by now and hid it as much as I possibly could. "Suck my cock! Oh! Oh! Jimmy, suck it!" I watched him flip over and I licked his cock head.
He pushed his cock into my mouth and I was deepthroating him. He was gagging me with each thrust. I fondled his balls and that was all it took, "Ohhhhh.

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  . . " He gasped as he released three spirts of cum.
"That was fucking great Jimmy. " He smiled and brought me closer to him as we kissed. At first I didn't kiss back, but after a minute or two I let our tounges wrestle with each other.
"You're coming in the shower with me, now. " He winked and headed inside of the house.
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