Barbara and Me


A few days later, I was out by Barb's window again. Again, she was masturbating. I peered through the partially open blinds and watched her. This time I unzipped my pants and stroked my cock while watching her. I guess she either heard or saw me because this time she pulled the covers down and really put on a show. I watched as she rubbed her pussy fast and played with her nipples with her other hand. She really got into it! Barb took her tit into her hand and brought it up to her mouth and sucked her nipple. First one, then the other. Sucking on her nipple then letting it pop from her mouth. Her nipples got so hard they had to hurt but she kept sucking. She was stroking her wet pussy as if there was no tomorrow! I kept thinking to myself, she can't keep up this pace much longer. She kept on though. Stroking, sucking her nipples, writhing on the bed. When I saw her hips start to buck hard, I stroked my cock harder and faster. She turned her head and mouthed I'm cumming as she looked right at me. I came so hard, my knees buckled! I knew I was caught, but she never said a thing.

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  I was working odd hours at the time, so Barb and I would be alone at times. She got more brazen about masturbating in front of me. One day, we were alone in the house and watching TV, her on the couch, and me in a recliner. She pulled a blanket over her and slid her jeans down. I knew she was masturbating so I pulled a blanket over myself and joined her. I stroked my cock nice and slow as she rubbed her clit. It seemed an eternity, but she finally got that beautiful expression on her face and moaned loud as she came. I went over the edge too and came hard. We laid back and neither of us said a word about it. We just went about things as normal. The next time we masturbated together I was on the couch, and she was in the recliner. She started rubbing her pussy and I got hard. I wasn't wearing anything but some baggy shorts, so my cock stood up and out of the leg hole. Her eyes were mostly closed, but I could tell she was looking at my cock as she masturbated. I decided to put on a bit of a show for her.

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   I began stroking my cock as she watched. I rubbed slow and sensually for her, rubbing my cock from the base to the tip as she watched me. I felt my pre-cum juices start to flow and I squeezed my cock at the base and pulled up. My juices started to leak out and I rubbed the slippery pre-cum all over the head of my cock. She moaned loudly when I did that, so I knew she was watching. She rubbed faster and faster. I wanted her to see me cum so bad! I stroked harder and faster till I came down my leg. My cock was throbbing and shooting spurts of hot, sticky cum way down my leg. Her eyes were glued to my cock. She couldn't help but watch as the spurts subsided and the cum dripped from my now softening cock. That sent her over the edge and she came hard. Her hips thrusting, bucking, moaning as her pussy throbbed and her orgasm pounded through her body. We were camping once and I decided to bring along a "Letters" magazine. We got ready for bed and started reading. After a couple of letters, we got real horny.

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   We started kissing and it progressed from there. Our kisses became more passionate and we began to feel each others' body. We began taking our clothes off, stopping to suck a nipple, kiss her neck, fondle her tits. Next, our pants came off. I rubbed her pussy and she stroked my hard cock. We got into a semi 69 position and kept playing with each other. It felt so good! She seemed to know how to stroke me just the way I liked it. I rubbed her wet, hot pussy and stroked her hard little clit as Barb kept stroking my now rock-hard cock. My juices were flowing out the tip of my cock and she smeared the slippery pre-cum all over it and used it as lube. Barb started getting loud but I kept playing with her pussy. All of a sudden, her body tensed up and she got real wet. I knew she was cumming so I stroked her as fast as I could. I felt her pussy get real tight then start to throb as her orgasm rocked her body. She rested for a second, then told me to kneel above her face. Barb stroked my cock hard and fast as she told me she wanted me to cum on her face.

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   I couldn't hold back and my body tightened up as my orgasm took me. My cock throbbed and squirted my hot, gooey cum all over her face. Barb stroked my cock till it went soft and milked the last drops out then licked up the mess and smiled. We continued until we fell asleep in each others' arms. When we woke the next morning, we masturbated one last time then packed up and went home. Her mom went out of town for a week on business once. We were sitting around watching a sexy movie and she started rubbing her pussy again. I spoke up and told her she needed a vibrator. She merely smiled and asked me to get her one. I went into the bedroom and returned with one of my wife's favorite ones. I watched as Barb used it on herself, rubbing it up and down between her pussy lips then sliding it inside her wet pussy. She asked me to join her, so I did. I got close to her so she could really see me stroking my cock. She watched as I kneeled over her and stroked it right in front of her face. I could tell she was going to cum fast and sped up my strokes.

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   I heard the vibrator get faster. She looked up at me and said she wanted me to cum on her tits. I couldn't hold it and squirted a huge load all over her nice, firm tits. It drove her over the edge and she came. She laid back a moment, then licked my cum off her tits. We slept together the rest of the week. We masturbated together every night, sometimes several times a night. I won't fuck her because I don't want to get her pregnant. I have thought about eating her pussy till she cums though. And I'll definitely let her suck my cock. Maybe that's going to be next. I hope so!!More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.