Daddy's Baby Doll Forever


As Kylie walked down the steps, I couldn't help but watch her every smooth movement. My cock still grew from watching her. When she reached the bottom of the steps she turned her head towards me and gave me a sweet smile. I smiled back at her and she started walking towards me. My cock was now rock hard as she came closer. She hung up the phone and kissed me on my cheek with a hint of tongue.
"Morning, daddy” said Kylie.
“Morning, baby sweets” I replied returning her kiss.
She smiled a sexy smile again and walked off into the kitchen to look for breakfast. She opened the fridge and bent over to look inside the fridge. This was a perfect opportunity for me to steal a perfect glance at her fine, ripe ass. Kylie was wearing a jean skirt today, so when she bent over the low curves of her ass showed. My cock was still erect from when I saw her a little earlier, now it was so hard it was pounding on my dress pants for release. I took a few deep breaths as Kylie was still looking for something in the fridge. I decided to go over and help her.
“What are you looking for, baby?” I asked continuing to stare at her fine ass.

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“Hmmm, I can’t seem to find the bread, daddy. ” Kylie said.
“Oh sorry babe, I ate it all this morning. ” I replied and quickly pulled my glance away from her as she was coming out of the fridge.
“It’s ok, daddy. ” Kylie said, trying to hide her disappointment.
“Here, I’ll make an omelet for you. ” I offered.
I put on an apron saying “Kiss the Chef. ” I went and opened up the fridge pulling out 2 eggs. I took out a bowl and cracked both of them in; I added some other ingredients to the omelet and placed a frying pan over the stove top. I turned it on and poured oil into the pan, then I poured the omelet into the frying pan. When I turned around I found my baby girl staring at me, her gaze was raking my back, it seems like she was in a trance, so I cleared my throat and she suddenly jolted back to reality with a jump.
I smiled at her and told her the omelet would be done in 5 minutes. Kylie gave me another sexy smile and sat down at the breakfast table.

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   A couple minutes passed and the omelet was ready. I served it on a plate and handed it to her. She took a bit and let out a groan.
“Ummmmmmm, this is absolutely the best omelet, daddy. Thank you for making it. ” Kylie said with a wide grin on her face.
I simply smiled back and she looked at my apron, and smiled in approval. When she finished the omelet it was time for her to go to school. She got up and walked over to me, and placed a soft kiss on my lips. She smiled and skipped her way out the door and got into her BMW and drove to school.
I took the plate and washed it, and then I took off the apron and picked up my suitcase and went to work.
When I got to work, all I could think about was Kylie and her sexy body. Her breast cup was about 34 D. Her body was beautifully tanned, lightly browned. Her lips were the most luscious thing he has seen, and tasted.

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   He imagined her lips around his cock, but then knew it was a bad idea since he was at work. He tried to get Kylie out of his mind but he couldn’t. I waited like an annoyed student would wait for the bell to ring so that school would finished. I waited till 6 P. M. before I left the company and drove home.
When I arrived home Kylie was already home, in a baggy white sweat pants and a nice sleeveless shirt. She was on the sectional watching a music video with a bucket of strawberries in her lap. When she heard I came home, she left everything and came running through the grand hallway. She was smiling when she came to me with her tits juggling as she came to me with wide open hands. My cock immediately stood up. She came and hugged me tight, I hugged her back.
“Hi, daddy. How’s your day?” Kylie asked as she kissed my cheek.
I thought about my day, and all I remembered was her sexy body.

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“It was okay. But I missed you terribly. ” I replied
Kylie giggled and gave me a quick kiss, but this time on my lips. She then skipped back to the sectional and continued watching TV. I sat down next to her. She came over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist, just above my erection. I made myself comfortable by putting an arm around her slim waste, marveling at how soft she was. I sat there for a moment enjoying the closeness of her hot, young body.
When the music video was done, my stomach growled. Kylie noticed a giggled, I grinned at her. She took out her cell phone and dialed in a number. I looked at her and she smiled back at me.
“Hello. May I order your Family Size Bucket of Buffalo wings?” Kylie asked into the phone.
“My name’s Kylie Watson.

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   Yes, please deliver it to
1763 Adam Pine Avenue. ” Kylie said. “Ok, thank you. Good-night. ” Kylie said and hung up her cell phone.
I eyed her and she said that she ordered chicken wings from my favorite place. I smiled and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Then she settled back to where we were. We watched a football game next. 10 minutes into the game, someone rang the door bell. I handed Kylie a 50 dollar bill and she kissed my cheek and got up and opened the door. She came back within seconds with a nice big bucket of chicken wings in her hands. She placed it on the coffee table and I got up and got 2 shots of beer and came back to sit down next to my lovely daughter.
We watched continued watching the game while eating and drinking beer. Yes, I allowed her to drink alcohol, as long as she doesn’t over do it.

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   We finished all the wings before the game was over, so we just sat there in each other’s arm watching the rest of the game. Then we both drifted off to sleep.
I woke up with the sunlight shining into my eyes. I found something sticky on my muscled thigh. I unzipped my pants to find it covered with semen. I was stunned, I wonder if Kylie knew. I shook that thought out of my head and I looked at the clock seeing that its way past the time that I was supposed to be at my company and definitely way passed Kylie’s school start time. I decided that it was okay if Kylie missed school today, after all, she made me pretty happy yesterday by giving me a few more kisses then necessary. I smiled down at her as I saw her sleep with a small smile on her face. I got up, careful not to wake her up in the process. Kylie was a sound sleeper, so I decided to do a little snooping. I pulled down her sweats a little bit exposing her g-string. Then I put my hand under it and gently tugged it lower. I slid my hand over her smooth ass cheek. It was pure torture and I grunted as my cock started to respond to what I was doing.

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Kylie muttered something and moved a little. I quickly pulled her g-string and sweat pants up. Then she called out my name, wanting me to be beside her. I got down next to her on the sectional and hugged her to me. She stirred and woke up. She stuck her head up at me. I couldn’t resist, I bent down and kissed her full on the lips. She responded by licking my lips with her tongue, I don’t know if it was intentional but my cock responded.
Kylie opened her beautiful lavender eyes and stared up at me and smiled.
“Daddy, I know you were checking out my ass, just awhile ago. ” Kylie said grinning.
I was completely stunned; I didn’t know what to say. I just got caught for checking out my daughter’s ass.
“I-I-I’m sorry, baby girl. I love you very much but, it’s just that daddy get’s lonely sometimes and you have such a beautiful body.

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   I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry if I frightened you, sweetie. ” I explained.
Kylie looked at me and grinning wide.
“Daddy, it’s ok. I love you very much too. I have a confession to make. ” Kylie said.
Her eyes looked into mine directly with a little fear in it.
“While you were sleeping yesterday, I took out your thingy. I was playing with it on my mouth and my hands. Then it started coming. I didn’t know what to do. So I just-“Kylie was about to finish when I cut her off by landing a hard kiss on her mouth.
“It’s ok, baby.

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  ” I said to her.
She made a sad face and hung her head.
“Daddy…you’re not mad at me are you? I mean, I know I shouldn’t have done that. But I didn’t know what came over me. I just love you so much; I want to make you happy. That’s all…” Kylie said drifting off.
I lifted her face by tilting up her chin so she can look at him in the eyes.
“Daddy, will never be mad at you, baby. You’re always my joy, from the day you were born. You make me the happiest dad. ” I said smiling down into her.
She returned my smile, with a sexier one. She whispered into my ears. She said that she wanted me to make love to her. I hesitated.

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   Then I asked her is she sure. She answered by reaching into my pants and grabbing my erect cock. Her soft hands grasped it gently, stroking my cock up and down. I grunted and allowed her to keep on stroking me for at least another minute or two.
“Daddy, am I doing it right? Are you happy right now?” Kylie asked innocently.
“You’re doing a great job, baby. I am extremely happy to have such a beautiful and helpful daughter. ” I replied through gritted teeth.
I began to feel like I was coming, so I stopped her hand. I got up and stripped off my clothing.
Kylie followed suit and started to strip. But I stopped her. This was going to be my first time seeing her completely naked and I wanted to take it slowly. I laid her back down onto the sectional, and started to lift her shirt up. Slowly sliding it up with my thumbs all the while, I bent my head licking her tummy.


   She moaned softly and I continued to do this until her shirt was completely off. Then I looked at her beautiful breasts. They were so ripe and juicy. I lowered my head slowly and captured one of the nipples in my mouth and massaged it with my tongue.
Kylie’s fingers slid into my hair, pushing my head closer to her nipple. While I was sucking on her right nipple, my thumb and forefinger played with her other one. She whimpered as I used my teeth and slightly grazed her right nipple. I fondled her breasts for a little longer before moving downstairs to her pussy.
This time, I yanked off her sweat pants. I was in a rush. I was desperate to see her pussy. I, then, tear off her g-string. She squealed as she felt the g-string rip. I ran my hand over he luscious ass cheeks first, and then I reached between the fronts of her legs and rubbed my hands over it. Kylie moaned in response, writhing under my exploration.

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“Hmmmmmmm, daddy. Don’t stop, you’re very good. ” Kylie said, pushing me further to the edge of control.
I stuck a finger into her tight pussy tunnel to find it very wet and damp. I moved my finger in and out of her tight tunnel. Kylie groaned and her hips bucked under my hands. I kissed her big tits while finger-fucking her pussy. I moved faster as she began to push onto my finger. I stuck a 2nd finger into her tunnel and she moaned loudly. She tried moving her hips so she can get more of my fingers. I smiled and began moving my fingers in and out of her hole.
“Unghhhh, daddy. I think I’m going to, unghhh, come any moment. ” Kylie said grunting each word out through gritted teeth.
I then settled my lips over her luscious ones and began to kiss her deeply.

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   Her little pink tongue darted into my mouth and our tongues began to duel. My fingers were still moving in and out of her very fast. She moaned and I felt her pussy convulse around my fingers. I knew she was going to come any second. I placed my head between her legs and started to lick her clit while finger-fucking her. She groaned and her fist balled in my head as her hips kept on bucking off the sectional seats.
Then, she let out a scream and her pussy shot out her pussy juices. I shoved my head deeper into her pussy, sucking out all the juice she squirted out. I got up and met my daughter’s lips. She tasted my lips with her pussy juice on it.
“Oh, daddy. That was amazing, you made me feel so wonderful. How can I repay you. ” Kylie said getting up and stroking my rock hard member.
“You can do the same for me as I did for you.

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  ” I replied fondling with her tits and looking her in her eyes.
She giggled and got in front of me and got down to her knees. She pumped my cock a few times before putting it into her mouth. When her wet hot mouth closed over my cock, I was about to shoot off, but held back. Her hand was wandering all over my body, and her tongue was twirling on the top of my cock. Then her hand rested on my ball sack and she bobbed her head taking me deeper. I groaned and slid my hand into her hair. Within a few minutes, I couldn’t hold back. I think Kylie sensed I was coming and she sucked me harder nibbling at the top of my cock.
“Ahhh, baby honey. I’m going to come soon, you want me to come in your mouth?” I asked her through gritted teeth.
“Yes, daddy. I want you to come in my mouth and all over my pussy. ” Kylie replied. And with that I shot off into her mouth.

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"Oh god, I love you so much, baby doll. " I groaned.
Stream after stream of semen were shot down her throat. Kylie gulped down every single drop.
"I love you too, daddy. You're always there for me. " Kylie said in a hoarse voice.
When that was all over, Kylie got up and snuggled right next to my body. And we slept all night.
If the feedback is good, then I’ll make a 2nd part.