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I love forced sex stories. reminds me of fucking my 16 yr old daughter years ago. she was in the shower when I looked in through the crack of the open window. at first I just admired and lusted after her very young body. eventually she figured out I was watching and put on a show - cupping her breasts and rubbing her body. finally my lust overcame me and I went into the house and entered the bathroom. I could see her shape thru the shower curtain and she knew I had entered. I stripped and stepped into the shower. she was 5ft 3in tall, 105lbs, with 32a breasts long semi blond hair and just a wisp of pussy hair. she was cute. . . . sexy but not overly pretty. I placed my hands on her hips leaned into her and kissed her. she tasted so sweet - she had never kissed a boy and was a bit clumsy but caught on fast.


   as our lips became accustomed to each other I stepped closer to her and slid my arms around her with my hands resting on her tight ass cheeks. I pressed my palms into the very tight ass and pushed her into me with my rock hard dick throbbing between us. she moaned as our bodies touched and rubbed together - hers touching naked skin for the first time. I continued to kiss her but slipped my hand between us. I began rubbing her pubic hair and she moaned into my mouth. soon my middle finger was massaging her pussy lips and I slipped it inside her. she gasped stepped back a half step and lightly tried to push my hand away. no dad. . . that's sex. no please. I told her honey sex is me putinng my penis inside your vagina and I won't do that. this is just playing around and it feels good doesn't it? she said yes as I worked my middle finger inside her. she wa so tight that my finger barely found room but she was getting wet.

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   I pulled my lips from hers and bent over to place my mouth on her tiny tits. they were about three inches in diameter and only an inch high with dark brown small outer nipples and a firm but tiny inner nipple.  oh Kristen I moaned as I sucked her firm small tits. I kissed my way down her chest to her tight young abs and went down on my knees watching my finger go in and out of her virgin pussy. her head was back and her body shook with excitement. then I replaced my finger with my tongue. again she protested and tried to push away. I held her ass checks in both hands and pressed my face into her lightly haired crotch and found her clit. as I sucked it her hips no flew forward and she began grinding them into my face. oh she tasted so sweet. her pussy was so tight that it wrapped around my tongue. she was hot and getting hotter and wetter by the minute. I stood back up and picked her up by the ass with my hands on both cheeks. she spread her legs as our mouths met in a deeply passionate kiss again and again with my tongue seeking and finding hers.  my rock hard dick was standing straight up between us smashed between our grinding bodies.

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   I positioned her pussy to line up along the length of my dick and as I kissed her I used her slot to stroke my dick. as it touched her clit she would moan into my mouth. soon I was lifting her higher r and higher. . . . then I lifted her pussy just to the top of my dick let it spring out some and let her down on it. she squealed. . . nooooo. . . no daddy that's sex. .

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  . you're. . . you're inside me. stop. I reassured her it wasn't sex that we were just playing. the tip of my dick slipped just inside her incredibly tight and wet pusssy. ooohhhhh it was the best feeling. I pulled it out and she groaned. I lowered her back onto it and she squealed again. . . this time with delight. .

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  . . oo. . . ooooo. . . . oooohhhh daddy you're so big. . it will fit baby you'll stretch as I inched it just a little deeper.  She sucked in a series of short breaths as my dick penetrated her oh so tight pussy. Oh. Oh.


   Oh. Oh. ohhhhhh she repeated. You're so so so biiiiiiigggg. I stopped just short of her young hymen. Honey I whispered I can feel ALL of you. Can you feel all of me? She nodded her head and smiled. Then I started a rhythm with long lasting strokes in and a fast pull out. She would inhale and arch her back as my throbbing penis parted her wet virgin walls and let out a little moan near the end of my thrust and then as I pulled out she would squeal when just the tip of my dick was inside her vagina. in and out. Several times she tried to dismount saying we shouldn't be doing this. I held her in place and convinced her that if it felt good and she was still a virgin when we were done it was ok.  She was reluctant but she knew she couldn't leave and was sure I wouldn't go all the way. Her small body was turning me on in ways a more mature one never could. Her nipples were rock hard now standing up from her small breasts.

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   Her tummy was so firm as was her ass. Her face was sweet and innocent but betrayed the fact she liked what was happening between her legs. I lifted her one last time with my hands on her ass then I slipped my hands from her ass to her shoulders. I looked into her eyes and said I love you and I need all of you and with that I slammed her down onto my rock hard penis. My tip broke through her hymen as she screamed nooooooooo oohhhhhhh nooooooo daddddeeeeee. She was all mine now and I began to roughly fuck her. Oh honey you are the best I wanted to fuck you to rape you to own you and I am.  Her head flopped onto my shoulder as I bucked her body. No mercy now it was all for my enjoyment and what enjoyment it was. . . she was wet, tight and a virgin that I had just deflowered. Her pussy enveloped my dick and I could feel the walls of her vagina soon I was close to orgasm. Oh baby oh baby daddy is going to cum inside you. No daddy this is wwrrr wrrr wroonnnggg she cried.

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   I know but it feels so good. With that I thrust up as deep as I could inside her and exploded with cum shooting from my dick and quickly filling and lubricating her pussy. I just going uhhhhhhh ohhhhh babbbbeeeee you're the best fuckkkkkk. Finally I had emptied all of my sperm into her I lifted her off my pole and she weakly slipped to the bottom of the shower spent weak and weeping. I stepped out dried off and thanked her for the first of many sexual encounters we would have. .
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