Depraved Accident Leads To More


Depraved Accident Leads To More




It was very early Saturday morning; the sun was yet to rise. Graham was feeling especially pleased with life at the moment. It was only another week before Graham, his wife Linda and his daughter Jessica moved into their new home. Until it was finished however the threesome all had to share one bed. They were staying at Linda’s parents one roomed lodge, situated at the edge of lake in the mountains. The views were fantastic, half opening one eye into the almost pitch black room; Graham once again lamented the fact there was no electricity. Attempting once again to sleep Graham rolled over to face his wife who had her back to him. It was impossible to make out any further details, other than the fact that beyond his wife’s sleeping form was the vague outline of his daughter’s body. The Lindemans were a happy family often doing things together despite the fact that their daughter was at the difficult age of sixteen. Graham and Linda had allowed her a certain amount of freedom, which along with a good upbringing had made Jessica into a loving thoughtful teenager. Jessica had changed a lot over the last two years, loosing the spots, greasy skin and hair and gaining breasts and the womanly curves that come with maturity. Picturing Jessica’s young supple body had an effect on Graham, knowing his mind should not be wandering in this direction did little to stop it though.


Recalling a scene from the day before with his daughter beside the lake, wandering round and sunbathing in her white bikini. Although the bikini itself was not outrageous, Jessica’s tight firm body made it incredibly sexy.


Graham’s thoughts were beginning to have an effect on his own body, his manhood beginning to stiffen as he snuggled closer to his wife warm form.

Closing his eyes, Graham drank in his wife’s scent; it seemed somehow different, lighter and fresher.

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He gave it little more thought as his minds eye wandered. Jessica was now paddling around to shore edge, Graham’s eyes tracking her as she did so. He recalled every bounce of her barely supported breasts, every sway of her smooth hips. Letting his imagination wander on its own Jessica’s bikini slowly started to melt into her unblemished skin. First the strap around her neck, shortly followed by the one around her back. In Grahams minds eye there was now only two triangles of material holding Jessica’s breasts in place.

As she turned to face the lake the material covering her behind slowly melted into her skin. Graham heart started beating faster, his minds eyes following his daughters flowing golden hair over her shoulders then down to her shoulder blades. His eyes roved across her skin to her waist as it pinched in before flowing out once again over her almost womanly hips, revealing a wonderfully tight hourglass figure. Grahams eyes then sank to the real treasure, the gorgeously tight, round, peach shaped ass. His mind picturing Jessica standing there innocently swaying her hips to the delight of Graham. Unable to tare his eyes away he continued to stare.


Graham manhood was getting increasingly hard as the images of his sexy daughter burned themselves into his mind. His penis now nestled nicely against his wife’s buttocks, Graham began to ever so slowly grind his hips. Not wanting to wake his wife just yet, Graham gently placed his hand on Linda’s knee, slowly moving it up to her waist then back down again.

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Luckily for Graham both his wife and daughter were very heavy sleepers, many was the time that he had trouble getting his wife or daughter up and alive for work or school. This in mind Graham was not surprised that his wife did not wake up as he began moving her nightdress further up her leg with each stroke.


The image of Jessica once again became clear in his mind, she was now turning towards him a devilish smile on her face, her hands cupping her breasts she began to walk towards Graham. His mind slowed time as Jessica slowly removed her hands from her naked breasts. Graham’s jaw dropped at the sight, there ever so slowly bouncing as she moved were his daughters breasts. The image burned itself into his mind, the hard pink nipples surrounded by slightly darker areoles. Graham drew back his focus to encompass Jessica’s entire beasts, although a little smaller than his wife’s “C” cup Jessica’s stood almost straight out from her body. They were perfect; while there was no sag underneath the breast they had a very real bounce to them, giggling with every step Jessica took. After several moments of simply staring at her breasts, Graham forced his eyes down her body. There was the stomach he had seen before, although tight with slight definition at the sides and underneath the belly, there was no six-pack. Graham considered this the perfect female stomach. As his gaze slowly drifted down to Jessica’s hips, there was a definite widening to these with the bone of her hip ever so slightly visible at the tops of Jessica’s leg. Graham gave a whimper of excitement as he realized that the material covering his daughter’s lips was disappearing. He rushed his gaze down and was rewarded with a magnificent sight. There standing in front of him was everything Graham had ever imagined.

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   A small triangle of light blond fuzz pointed down towards the lips themselves. These had been waxed and were free from blemishes. The crack itself began with a tiny circular eye at the top then proceeding to split the puffy peach coloured lips that clearly stood out from the body itself. As Jessica made the last few steps towards him, he marvelled at what he considered to be –the- perfect female form.


Graham’s manhood was now at full mast; the pyjama bottoms that were restraining it were begging to get very uncomfortable. Very carefully he removed them and threw them over the edge of the bed. Having managed to move his wife’s nightdress over her hip, graham now moved his naked groin against his wife’s buttocks, once again gently grinding his hips. Graham gave a little smile as his wife ever so slightly pushed back in her sleep. Graham considered this the green light, but still not wanting to wake her he ever so gently lifted her leg moved his between hers before lowering it again. Now this was a competition, Graham wanted to see how far he could get before his wife awoke.

Having lifted her leg his cock was now free all the way to her pussy. Holding the bottom of his shaft he glided his dick towards Linda’s pussy. As his head touched her lips Graham was slightly surprised by the light downy hair he could feel, for as long as he could remember his wife had shaved her lips, at Grahams request.


“I’ll have to tell her off about this laps later. ” Graham said to himself as he proceeded to ever so gently rub the tip of his head along his wife’s slit.

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His imagination came back into focus with Jessica clutching Graham’s hand leading her father back towards the cabin without saying a word, that same devilish look played across her face. Graham stared at her mesmerized as they walked into the cabin, Jessica leading him to the bed, realizing only now that he also was naked. Real life reflected imagination as he and his daughter settled into the same position, Jessica lying on her side with graham behind her, his leg between hers, his cock-head poised at her entrance.


His heart racing with the forbidden erotic images that were flowing through his mind it was will power alone that prevented Graham from violently shoving his manhood into his wife’s slit. Not wanting to wake her and spoil the fantasy Graham resisted, sliding his cock ever so gently along her slit. After several minutes he knew his rubbing was having an effect, it was no longer his pre-cum alone that was lubricating the slit. Encouraged by this Graham slowly parted the soft pussy lips with his cock-head, cringing as a soft moan escaped her lips. Graham stopped for a moment letting her get used to the feeling, once he was satisfied that she still slept soundly he once again continued his rubbing, this time between her parted lips. If he had thought she was wet before it had not prepared him for what he now felt. The heat coming from her hole was breathtaking, never had Graham felt a pussy so warm and ready. After only a few minutes Graham decided she was ready, he rested his manhood just at the entrance to her hole giving her a few moments to become accustomed to him. Poised ready to push Graham was not prepared for what happened, still asleep but with obvious thoughts of her own she pushed down on his cock, enveloping the head inside her silky, fiery folds. Once again Graham stopped all movement, grinning to himself that he had gotten this far.


Unknown to Linda or Graham, Jessica was having her own erotic experience. Jessica knew she was sleeping, she was never able to explain it, but she could some how be asleep and dream, knowing she was dreaming.

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   To Jessica this was an extraordinarily good dream. A stranger was fucking her, she didn’t know his name, nor could she see his face. The stranger was shrouded in shadow, making the fantasy all the more erotic for Jessica. She could feel the heat between her legs as the stranger began pushing his huge member into Jessica’s barely used pussy. The head was barely in and already she felt stretched beyond her limits. While there was a little pain from being spread so wide, there was also a huge amount of pleasure. Jessica had only ever slept with one guy, and then only twice. Although she had enjoyed the experience, it was not all she had imagined sex to be. Her ex’s dick must have been tiny compared to the imaginary one that was now invading her.


“God am I wet!” thought Jessica feeling some of her juices roll down her leg, unsure if it was for real or just a dream, she felt the imaginary massive member push ever so slightly further into her pussy and forgot all about it.


Graham’s mind was full of images of his sexy daughters body, even as he inched his member just a little further into his wife’s pussy.


“Linda you are so damn tight and wet!” Graham thought to himself, never before had Linda felt like this. He was sure he was going to repeat this exercise; he put it down to the position and the fact that she was asleep. He inched his cock further and further into her pussy, still unable to believe how tight it felt or that she was still sleeping. Eventually Graham had about half his cock inside her tight wet pussy, now he ever so slowly began pulling it out again.

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   Graham repeated this process, each time getting a little faster and going a little deeper. After about five minutes Graham had his entire length slowly reaming her steaming tight wet pussy. Although still having to slow himself down, Graham could keep up a good rhythm. The erotic experience was beginning to have an effect on Graham though; he could feel the familiar tightening in his balls, the slight dull ache telling him he was almost ready to cum.


Jessica was amazed how real her dream felt, she was imagining that she could feel even the veins from the monster invader. She imagined herself pushing back onto the massive cock, filling her tight pussy even further. She could feel the strangers cock stretching her out, Jessica no longer felt any pain, it was pure pleasure she was feeling now. The dark cloud of the stranger slowly began to fade, the features slowly, ever so slowly becoming clearer. The shadow behind her now had arms and legs, the body of an older man, still handsome but past its youthful best. A smile crept to Jessica’s lips, she had always had a thing for older men, this one was different however, familiar somehow. The strangers thrusts started getting harder and quicker. She was getting close, just a little longer and Jessica was going to have the best orgasm ever.


Graham could feel his wife returning his thrusts now, any moment now Graham was sure she would wake up. Graham increased the tempo; the pressure in his balls was increasing with every thrust. Linda let out a little moan, followed by another.

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   His wife’s pussy began clamping down on his cock with every thrust, her tight pussy becoming almost unbearable. Graham decided to hold off for as long as he could, he hoped she would hurry and wake up.


Just a little longer and Jessica would be there, revelling in the new feeling that was radiating from her pussy. The smell from the stranger crept over her, familiar, almost like her father after a run. The stranger suddenly had a face! It was her father!


“Oh my God” she thought, “I’m having the best imaginary sex of my life and its with my Dad!” This was the first time Jessica had thought about her Dad this way.


She realized “I should be feeling ashamed with myself”, “God only knows I’m anything but!”


Somehow the thought of her own father fucking her turned her on even more. Jessica’s pussy then took over all rational thought. She was cumming! She awoke to the most fantastic experience of her short life, her pussy contracted and relaxed sending wave after wave of pleasure through her entire body. She couldn’t help but let out audible groans, even as she realized that it was not a dream, there really was a huge cock stuffed inside her tiny little pussy!


The feeling of Linda’s pussy clamping down, milking his cock was too much for Graham, in the midst of his wife’s orgasm he let go with what was probably the most powerful orgasm her had ever had. Jet after jet of sticky white cum streamed forth out of his pulsating manhood.


“OH FUCK! Oh Fuck!” Gasped Jessica, the words spewing out of her mouth unbidden as she writhed in the throes of her orgasm.


The realization hit him like a freight train, “Jessica…. No!”


The voice that coming from beside him was Jessica’s, not that of his wife. Unable to comprehend what had happened Graham’s hips still moved with a live of their own, his cock spurting copious amounts of sticky cum into what he now knew for certain was his daughter’s pussy.


Linda awoke to what were undoubtedly the smell of sex and the groans of pleasure.

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   She sat bolt upright glancing down at the bed to where the noises came from, it was only then Linda realized the room was pitch black. Still trying to comprehend what was happening Linda began fumbling with the gaslight situated at her bedside table. Hearing the groans of pleasure from her daughter and the shouts of alarm from her husband only things more confusing for Linda.


Graham’s mind went blank, he could not think, it was not until his balls had finally emptied themselves that he pulled his cock out of his daughter.


With an audible wet “plop” Jessica’s father removed the invading member from her still convulsing pussy. Jessica on a come down after her orgasm just lay there on her side with a grin on her face.


Eventually Linda managed to get the lamp lit, brightness suddenly filling the room. The three family members all closed their eyes, giving them a moment to adjust to the now well-lit room. What Linda saw made her stop dead in her tracks, her jaw dropping open. Scrambling out the bed was her husband, as he pulled the covers back Linda’s eyes locked onto her husband’s rock hard penis, still slowly dribbling what could only be cum. She glanced at the bed at her now uncovered daughter, lying there her nightgown bunched above her hips, naked below the waist, her eyes closed with a highly contented look on her face.


Graham grabbed his pyjama bottoms sticking his legs through in a rush.


“Jessica I’m so, so sorry” panted Graham, eyes wide still in shock staring at Jessica. “I…I thought you were Linda”


 “What have you done?” Asked Linda, glaring at her husband.


The calmness in her voice surprised her.

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   Linda had a good idea what had happened, every time it was suggested Linda’s mind refused to think that her husband of 22 years had just fucked their only daughter. She slowly began walking round the bed towards her husband, not knowing what she was going to do when she got there.


“You always sleep in the middle of the bed Linda! I thought it was you” Graham mumbled.


Seeing the menace in his wife’s eyes Graham began to back-pedal. He did not get very far, soon bumping against the wall of the small room. With nowhere else to run Graham feel to his knees


“I’m so, so sorry Linda I didn’t know!” pleaded Graham on his knees hands clenched in front of him.


“Did you just have sex with her?” accused Linda, throwing a finger towards Jessica.


With a weak defeated look on his face Graham gave a slight nod, hands at his sides not looking at Linda as she took the last few steps and rounded on her husband.


“THWAK” the sound of Linda’s slap hitting Graham’s face almost echoing round the small room.


“How the fuck could you be so stupid?” Growled Linda, eyes burning with rage.


“I thought she was you, you always sleep in the middle. ” Repeated Graham, blank defeated eyes now staring up at his wife.


Unseen by her parents Jessica had finally pulled herself together. While her mother was rounding on Graham, Jessica had climbed out of the bed on the other side. Feeling something trickling down between her legs, the full realization of what had just happened flooded over Jessica.

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   Putting a hand down under her nightdress scooping some of the liquid. Jessica thought back to the last few moments before all hell broke loose, she remembered feeling jets of red-hot liquid filling her pussy, increasing her already overpowering orgasm. At the time Jessica had only thought about how good it felt, now as she brought her cum covered finger before her eyes she was stunned.  


“You fucking idiot I…” Linda began screaming at her husband only to be interrupted by the quiet voice of her daughter.


“Did you cum in me?” interrupted Jessica.


Both Linda and Graham turned to Jessica and stared blankly who was standing there, her fathers cum slowly dribbling out of her overfilled pussy.


“Oh my God!” Exclaimed Linda, both hands covering her mouth. “Are you on the pill?” she asked, desperately hoping she was.


Jessica slowly shook her head and answered simply “No”


“I’m so, so sorry honey!” Graham’s voice pleaded for forgiveness.


“GET THE HELL OUT” Linda screamed at her husband, spittle flying from her mouth.


Graham did not have to be told twice, flying for the door only grabbing yesterdays clothes and the car keys in his rapid exit.


With the exit of her husband Linda quickly calmed down and began to think rationally.


“Jessica, you need to get as much out of you as you can” Linda said as she led her daughter to the curtain that cornered off bathroom, Grahams truck tyres skidding in the gravel outside.


Jessica simply nodded and allowed her mother to place her on the toilet. She watched blankly as her mother drew the curtain giving her a drawn smile.


   Jessica heard her mother scrabbling round in the main room, unsure what to do.


“I will be back in a few hours, you need to take the morning after pill” Was all Linda said as she hurried out the door.


Jessica was alone; sitting on the toilet her unprotected pussy filled with her fathers own sperm. She looked down upon hearing a small splash examining the mess between her legs. Her fathers cum was everywhere, she could still feel yet more sloshing around inside her pussy. Some had dribbled out and was now coating her inner thighs in a sticky mess. Yet more was clinging the blond downy hair that lightly covered her lips. Jessica was amazed at how red and swollen her lips seemed. Standing proud above all else though was her clit, just as red and swollen as her lips.


“I know its wrong but God that felt good!” Jessica mumbled to the empty cabin.


Jessica’s stomach flipped with nervous excitement she thought back to how it felt to have her fathers cock buried deep inside her little pussy. Before she realized what she was doing Jessica had a finger from her left hand buried in her pussy, her fathers cum leaking out around it.


“Oh Daddy you feel so good inside your daughters little pussy” Exclaimed Jessica as she began playing with her protruding clit.






Linda had taken the second car and was speeding down the dirt track heading for the nearest pharmacy when she slammed on the brakes. The car came skidding to a halt a few meters further, gravel clicking off the wheel arches.

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   She put her head in her hands trying to stop her mind spinning.


“What am I going to do?” She whispered to herself.


For the last 16 year Linda had been a member of a “pro-life” group, ever since the doctors told her that she could no longer have children. There had been complications during Jessica’s birth, which had left Linda infertile. She and Graham had always wanted a large family, unwilling to adopt they put that dream aside and focused on raising Jessica. Although the morning after pill was essentially a contraceptive Linda still considered it the termination of life.


“Can I let my daughter have her fathers child?” That was the question floating around Linda’s mind.


Trying to force down the feeling of excitement that was rising inside her, Linda put her foot back on the accelerator and slowly trundled down the dirt track. As the trees flashed by the window a pleasant thought crossed Linda’s mind.


“I could be a grandma!” With a smile Linda made up her mind what she was going to do.


Graham drove down to the nearest coffee house, sat down and mumbled his order to the waitress. He sat there barely touching his breakfast stewing over what had happened. He was deeply ashamed, not only by what had happened but also because of the fact that he wanted more. Jessica had been the best fuck of his life, he was not certain he would be able to contain the lust he now felt for his daughter. Before she had been his gorgeous daughter, now though all had changed! As he thought back to what had happened, about how good Jessica’s pussy felt, he couldn’t help but begin to feel aroused.

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   Placing the napkin over the growing bulge in his trousers Graham quickly polished off the rest of his breakfast.


Linda parked outside the pharmacy took a deep breath to steady her nerves then headed inside.


“Morning, can I have a PCP please?” Linda asked at the counter.


The pharmacist searched behind the counter for a few moments and producing a small package.


“Here you are madam, the Post-coital pill is a singular…” Began the man behind the counter only to be interrupted by Linda’s upraised hand.


“That’s fine thank you, how much?” Linda said with a smile reaching into her purse.


After purchasing the pill the second part to Linda’s plan began. She glanced down at the weight of the pill, noting it Linda went into the vitamin section of the store and began searching.


Jessica had two mind-blowing orgasms before she heard a car slowly winding its way up the track towards the cabin. Hurrying to dress herself, her fathers cum still leaking out of her unwashed pussy, Jessica could get the thoughts of her father out of her head.


“Hello sweetheart, everything alright?” Asked Linda as she entered to cabin, giving her daughter a hug.


Jessica only nodded and looked at the floor. Linda noted the red flush to her cheeks but put that down to embarrassment. She gave her daughter a hug and passed her the small package.


“Its just one pill” Said Linda with a reassuring smile.

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As Jessica unboxed the pill Linda poured a glass of water and handed it to her daughter. Linda watched as her daughter swallowed the multi vitamin pill


Smiling Linda thought, “That’s certainly not kill my potential grandchild, if anything it will help her conceive. ”


Jessica noticed the smile on her mother lips, she wondered if it would be there if her mother knew that Jessica had just masturbated herself to orgasm thinking of her father. As they sat down on the edge of the bed her mother began a long lecture about how she should not feel bad and it not being her fault. Jessica barely heard a word only nodding when she thought appropriate. She was deep in her own sin filled world dreaming about her father’s marvellous tool.


When Graham eventually returned to the cabin that evening he expected to see his case outside the front door. Instead as he opened the front door he found his wife and daughter just finishing up with dinner.


“I think we all need to have a talk about this morning” Stated Linda as she saw her husband sheepishly walk in the front door.


Nothing was said as the table was laid for dinner, once everyone had sat down Jessica began.


“Daddy, we know you didn’t mean for this morning to happen” Began Jessica, her voice only breaking slightly. Looking at her Mother, who gave her a reassuring smile and nod Jessica continued.


“We know you thought it was Mum and that you would not have done anything had you thought it really was me. ” She tried to give her father a smile.


“We all wish this had not happened, but it has.

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   So now we have to deal with it. ”  Continued Linda, Taking off where her daughter started.


The lecture continued for perhaps half an hour as they all eat dinner. Graham was amazed that he was actually being forgiven. Nothing could have pleased him more at this point than the forgiveness of his loving family; little knowing that each had their own agenda. That night Graham slept at the foot of the bed on a collection of pillows. Although uncomfortable Graham was not displeased, it gave him a little privacy to relieve the ache in his balls.


“Oh this is so wrong!” thought Graham as he wrapped a hand around his stiffening manhood. Images of that morning, fucking his own daughter’s tight pussy flashed through his mind. “But why does it feel so good!”


The next day they got a message that the Lindamans new home would not be completed on time. There was to be a delay of two weeks, perhaps more.


“Well looks like we shall have to stay here for another few weeks then” Said graham, handing the message to his wife.


Linda glanced over the brief note saying, “looks that way” Turning to Jessica she asked, “As it looks like you are going to have some more free time Jessica, would you like to join me in doing some work for the trust?”


Jessica knew her mother was referring to the anti-abortion trust to which her mother volunteered. “Sure why not” She replied, secretly she would have preferred to have more time alone, or with her father but wanted to keep her mother happy.


Things on the surface seemed to return to normal over the next few days.

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   When Linda managed to get some time to think she would often deliberate on her decision with the morning after pill.


Linda kept telling herself, “A child is a child, and it doesn’t matter who the father is!”


Walking along one of the lakeside tracks one morning thinking about her daughters potential pregnancy Linda realized she was feeling another emotion, something she had not expected.

Linda sat down on a nearby tree stump, at once horrified and amazed that the thought of her husband impregnating her daughter was turning her on! The more she thought about the, more wetter her pussy she became. Linda unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pushed a hand down inside her panties.


As Linda’s finger reached her slit she whispered to herself  “Jesus I’m wet!”


Linda could feel her juices already begin to slide out of her pussy and down through her ass crack. Slipping a finger into her channel Linda let out a little moan. As images of her husband fucking her sixteen-year-old daughter filled Linda’s mind a second finger joined the first burying them to the knuckle, Linda’s other hand joined in the fun, her middle finger quickly finding her clit.


 “My God I’m depraved” Said a little voice in the back of Linda’s mind.


The little voice was quickly squashed however as images of Graham’s cock erupting in Jessica’s tiny pussy filled Linda’s imagination. Image after image flashed through her mind as two fingers became three inside Linda’s pussy, her left hand making ever quicker circles over her protruding clit. Linda barely lasted two minutes before she came.


“That’s right cum in your daughter, give her your babies for me!” Shouted Linda to the trees as her orgasm ripped through her body.


Never before had Linda managed to bring herself to such a powerful orgasm. Quickly covering herself up Linda continued on her walk, unsteady at first after her earth shaking orgasm, hoping that no one had heard her shouts.


Over the next week Jessica’s father spent most of his time travelling between the new house and the cabin trying to sort out the problems.

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   Jessica longed to spend more time with him, but her mother was keeping her busy enough with chores for the trust. To Jessica during these chores it seemed to that her mother was lecturing her about the wrongs of abortion. Having never really thought about it before Jessica felt herself feeling very sympathetic towards some of these women. She made herself a promise, if she ever again slept with a man and became pregnant, she would not have it aborted, no matter what. Little did she know that the chances were high that there already was a small foetus growing inside her. Still Jessica wished that she could spend more time with her father, alone.


“Not that I want sex with Daddy again, no that’s icky and wrong. It’s just so long since I spent some time with him. ” Jessica told herself on many an occasion whilst trying to figure out a way to make it happen.


“It looks like I’m going to have to spend some time here over the next few days, going over these plans” Said Graham at dinner one night.


Jessica’s heart skipped a beat knowing that this could be her chance to talk to her father. Right then and there she formulated a plan to get her father alone. She decided to take a walk in the woods and somehow “twist her ankle”. As soon as the remnants of dinner were tidied away Jessica let her parents know she was going for a walk. On her return as Jessica came within hearing distance to the cabin she let out a pain filled scream.

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“Oww it hurts!” Shouted Jessica as Linda applied ice to her daughter’s ankle.


 “Well looks like you will have some company for the next day or two Graham” said Linda while looking at Jessica’s ankle.


Graham only nodded, trying to hide his smile. He marvelled at his stroke of luck, idea’s racing through his head. He doubted he would get any work done. The next day could not come quick enough for Graham. The thought of having his daughter all alone kept him awake almost all the night wondering if he could seduce his daughter.


The next morning saw Linda going off early to do some chores promising not to be too late. Both Jessica and Graham waving her off. Most of the morning was spent sitting around the cabin making small talk trying to think of things to say to the other when suddenly Graham realized something.


“Your ankle, its better!” said Graham with a start noticing his daughter wandering around normally.


Jessica looked down at her leg a redness rushing to her cheeks. “Oh…. Yeah …I…” She stammered trying to think of something fast.


Jessica sat down and with a sigh said, “Look the truth is I never hurt my ankle Daddy.

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  â€ She paused for a moment trying to think eventually saying “I just wanted to spend some time alone with you”


Graham stared at his daughter trying to restrain the hormones flying to his crotch. He realized he had to say something and stammered out, “Me too sweetheart”


Jessica smiled getting encouraged by her father’s positive response. “How did you not realize it was me? I mean…” Jessica stumbled over her words.


“It was dark, your mother and you are of a similar build and your mother always used to sleep in the middle. ” “I didn’t know!” Answered Graham, failing to stop the images of that one night from flooding into his head.


Jessica stood up and crossed the distance to her father, sitting close to him. “But didn’t –It- feel different?”


Graham closed his eyes deadly afraid, yet secretly wanting Jessica to see the growing bulge in his trousers. “Well yes it did. ” He answered, looking across at his daughter, his gaze drifting down to her cleavage.


Jessica’s eyes widening at the sight of the bulge in her fathers trousers as she stole glances at his crotch. “Was it better?” Jessica asked not knowing where she was going with her questions.


Heart racing Graham answered after a pause “Yes, you are tighter and…” struggling with the word “wetter. ” Turing the tables and feeling more confident Graham asked knowing the answer “Had you done it before?”


Jessica only nodded, feeling the heat rising to her cheeks.


“Did you like it?” the question flying out of his mouth before Graham realized.


Jessica took a long time to answer, the room falling silent.

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   “Well with my ex-boyfriend it was nothing special, but with you it was different, it felt really good. ”


Grahams draw dropped, his manhood was now at full mast unable to hide itself any longer.


Seeing her father’s surprised reaction she said, “I know it was wrong though and it should never have happened. ” Unable to drag her gaze away from the bulge in her father’s trousers Jessica felt herself becoming aroused.


Graham took note of his daughter’s lust filled gaze and decided to get braver, putting an arm around his daughter. “As long as no one finds out, there is no harm done then?”


Still unable to drag her gaze away Jessica allowed the arm to slip behind her back. “No I guess not. ”


“You know we have all day to ourselves, Mum will not be back for hours” Stated Graham, referring to Linda as he ever so gently pulled Jessica towards closer.


Jessica continued to stare at her fathers bulging crotch, wanting desperately to see it but knowing it was wrong and she shouldn’t.


The room was once again filled with silence, Graham psyching himself up to ask a forbidden question. “Would you like to see it?” His voice barely a whisper


The next few moments where a blur, her father stood as Jessica dived for his zipper violently ripping his trousers off followed by his t-shirt then finally pulling his underwear down, revealing the object Jessica had longed to see. Her fathers cock stood a good eight inches out from his body, Jessica stood there studying carefully every vein and wrinkle. Her gaze tracked upwards, over the contours of his slightly muscular stomach, over his manly chest with barely any hair, along his straight muscular shoulders to his eyes. Those eyes could have bored holes through solid concrete and were now roving all over Jessica’s clothed body.


“Now its your turn.

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  â€ Stated Graham the calm in his voice surprising himself.


“No daddy, we shouldn’t its wrong” Jessica’s half-hearted plea was ignored.


His daughter put up no resistance as Graham slowly removed Jessica’s clothing. His heart racing faster with every extra inch of her forbidden flesh he exposed until his daughter stood naked before him.


“Even better than I had imagined” Whispered Graham, drinking in the sight.


Letting his gaze drift out to encompass Jessica’s entire petite frame. Barely topping 5ft 4inches Jessica was the epitome of how a young women should look. She had a blond hair that reached the blades of her gorgeous rounded shoulders. Jessica’s stomach was flat with a slight amount of definition. She had the perfect hourglass figure starting at the shoulders, curving in at the waist only to once again curve outwards following the contours of her hips. Her legs were toned but with little definition, neither long nor short.

Her breasts were almost exactly as he had pictured them in his head, a little smaller than his wife’s “C” cup Jessica’s stood almost straight out from her body. The hard pink nipples were surrounded by slightly darker areoles. They were perfect; while there was no sag underneath the breast they had a very real bounce to them. He quickly rushed his gaze to the most forbidden of fruits, Jessica’s lips.


   Graham could already make out some dew like moisture on the fussy blond hair that sparsely covered his daughter’s pussy. He had always thought he preferred women to shave their lips, but seeing Jessica’s light blond hair simply covered the lips and waxed into a small triangular shape just above the top of her slit Graham changed his mind, this was perfection.


“You are exactly what women should be! Perfect!” Graham said meaning every word.


Jessica’s only answer was a giggle as she allowed her father to lead her towards the bed.


Sitting at the end of the bed next to her father staring at his cock Jessica thought to herself, “How did I ever get that thing inside my little hole? It’s massive!”


Noting Jessica’s gaze Graham asked, “Would you like to touch it sweetheart?” Already moving Jessica’s hand towards his cock.

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