his Fantasy Becomes His Daughter 2


    "Wow, Daddy. It\'s really big," Jessi stared at the bulge in his underwear as she unzipped and pulled down his pants. She could see a slight wetness forming near the waistband of his underwear where the head of his cock was pressing urgently against them. "Daddy, did you. . . you know?" She looked up at him, a little confused but certain that if he had cum there would have been more.     "No baby," Tom smiled slightly. "You just have me very excited and sometimes a man will get a little wet there, kinda like the way you get really wet when you get excited. " A rush of thoughts slammed into Tom\'s mind. This is my daughter, I can\'t do this, what if I get caught, what if. . . what if. . .

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   what if. . . He pushed all thought aside and let his daughter decide for him.      "Can I. . . can I suck on your cock daddy?" She said as she reached down and pulled his hard cock out of his underwear.      "Baby, you can do whatever you want. I won\'t stop you if this is what you want. " Tom closed his eyes as his daughter\'s soft fingers began stroking his member. He didn\'t consider himself to be extrememly well endowed, it was about seven inches fully erect. His wife had always said that he was more than enough for her and he never had any reason to worry about it. The look on his daughter\'s face and her saying that it was really big was a slight ego boost for him, though he really had never thought about it. "Oh Jessi, that feels so good.

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   Have you done this before? Don\'t worry, I won\'t get mad, have you. . . um. . done this for any boys before. " He still wasn\'t quite comfortable talking about this kind of thing with his little angel even though she was sitting there with her cock in his hand.      "I have never sucked on a boy\'s. . . I mean, I\'ve never given a blow job to a boy. " Jessi seemed to feel awkward talking about it also, though it seemed silly to her to feel that way considering the situation. "Bradly Thompson asked me to when we went to the dance last quarter but I said no, he kept asking so I did. . .

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   um. . . play with his thing until he came, but just with my hand. "     "It\'s okay baby, I only ask because your hand feels very good rubbing my cock. " He knew he would have to get more comfortable saying these things to his daughter, also, he would have to think of her as something more than his daughter. "Do you want to taste it Jessi? You can if you want to, right now you are making me feel very good. Just think of it like a sucker, just don\'t bite it. " He smiled and they both laughed a little bit which broke some of the awkward tension. He reached down and touched her cheek then leaned back against the sofa and left it to her to do what she wanted.      Jessi leaned her head down and licked the head of her daddy\'s cock. She felt it respond slightly and she did it again. She licked up and down the shaft, then she put her lips around the tip and sucked it in to her virgin mouth. She had heard that boys like it when girls take it deep in their mouths so she tried to suck all of it and ended up gagging and having to pull her mouth off. "Oh daddy, I\'m sorry, I wanted to make it feel good but I just screwed it all up.

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  " She turned her head and a tear began to form in her eye.      "Jessi," Tom said softly as he reached down and tilted her head up to look him in the eye. "You are doing wonderful, but you don\'t need to take it all in. Just. . . just do what feels good. Having your mouth around my cock feels amazing, this is supposed to feel good for both of us, all you have to do is suck on it and lick it and I know that you will make me cum. I think we will save that for another time though. Jessi, my little angel you have turned me on very much, your body is so perfect, I want to take you right now. Do you want me to make love to you?"     Jessi\'s face lit up and she sprang up and kissed her father on the mouth very hard. "Yes Daddy, make love to me!" She was now straddling his hips, her naked pussy gently brushing against his hard cock. "Daddy, put it in me please. I want to feel you inside me. "     "Lets go to bed Jessi.

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  " With that he stood up, lifting her with him, her legs reflexively wrapping around his waist while his hands grasped the soft flesh of her teenage ass. He brought her into his bedroom and tossed her onto the bed. She giggled a little when he pulled his shirt off and climbed on top of her. Tom wasn\'t quite sure if the giggle was playful or perhaps a bit nervous sounding. Either way, she stared into his eyes with a burning passion that told him she was willing to give herself to him. "Sweetie, this is going to hurt a little, I am going to put my fingers in you to get you a little wet and to make it a little easier to put my cock inside you, but it is going to hurt some once I do. After that though, it will start to feel better. It will take a couple of times before it really starts to feel as good as you might have heard. But I will be gentle with you okay baby. "    "I know daddy, I know it will hurt, but I know you love me and I want you to have me. " She was trembling softly and she wasn\'t sure what to do. She kept moving her hands up and down his arms and then putting them on the bed, unsure of herself.      "Just relax sweetie, here you can put this on me while I am getting you ready. " He produced a condom from the nightstand then he slid a finger into her wet pussy and began pumpiing it in and out. Faster and faster he slid his finger in and out of her, then it was two fingers wriggling around in her pussy and she began moaning softly.

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   "Now baby, I am going to put my cock inside you. "     He positioned himself above her and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her wet pussy. Then she felt as the head slid into her, stretching her like she had never felt. "Oh daddy. . . " she moaned, part pain, part anticipation of the promised pleasure to follow.      Deeper he pushed, every inch slowly, then he felt the barrier that seperated his little girl from being a woman. He leaned down and whispered softl, "My love, this is going to hurt, but after this it will begin to feel better. If you want to scream out it\'s okay. "     "Okay daddy," She bit down on her lip and put her hands on his shoulders. She looked directly into his eyes and he stared lovingly back into hers. She felt his cock slide out a little then she felt him thrust and her eyes filled with tears as he broke through her last remnant of childhood. She screamed out and squeezed her hands on her daddy\'s shoulders. She felt his cock deep inside her and opened her eyes to see concern masking her father\'s face.

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   She smiled and leaned her head up to kiss him on the lips. "Thank you daddy, I love you. I want you to cum now daddy, I want you to cum inside your little girl. "     "Does it hurt baby?" Tom asked very worried that he had indeed just hurt the only precious thing he had in his life.      "Yes daddy, but I know that you will make it feel so much better. I want you to keep going, please. "    "Okay Jessi," He kissed her on the lips passionately and began to slide his cock in and out of her at a steady pace. His lips against hers his tongue massaging her\'s he pumped faster, and faster.     "Oh wow," Jessi moaned after a few minutes. "Daddy. . . daddy this feels amazing. Oh wow, I want you to cum inside me daddy, I want you to make me cum. "      "I will baby, I want you to feel good, I want you to cum while I am inside you.

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  " He thrust faster and harder into his daughters teenage pussy. He forgot any thoughts of right or wrong and lost himself in the ecstasy of fucking his beautiful little girl.       "Daddy. . . daddy!!!" Jessi screamed as she lost all control and began to orgasm violently. Her body shook, her tight pussy contracted around her fathers hard cock and she closed her eyes as she felt him drive his cock deep into her and hold it there.      "Oh Jessi, my little baby, yes. . . oh yes!!!" Tom shouted as his little girl\'s tight pussy squeezed around his cock. He couldn\'t stop himself from cumming so he drove his cock deep into his daughter and let himself go.     What seemed like hours but was in reality only minutes later Tom rolled off his daughter and lay looking at the ceiling. He felt Jessi\'s hand on his chest and looked over to see her staring at him. A look so loving and passionate that he could not help but lean toward her and kiss her softly.

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   "I love you my little angel. "   "I love you to daddy, you were right, it did hurt for a little while, but it felt really good too. I can\'t wait until next time and I will get better for you daddy. I want to try sucking your cock again soon. I think I want to taste what your cum is like. " She closed her eyes and lay there nuzzled against him.      He reached down and removed the condom and tossed it into the waste basket next to the bed. He then wrapped his arms around his daughter and thought about how much his life had changed for the better in just a single day.      Little did Tom know that the next morning he was going to have the most amazing wake up call he\'d had since losing his wife.  more to come.  .