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I never told anyone this and its been 20 years plus. I am married and have 3 kids 2 girls and 1 boy oldest being 21 girl. I am half black half asian from TX. Growing up i had 2 older brothers and really not to many friends. I hope you enjoy this because it been closed up forever.  sorry for any misspelled words
it all started when i was 13 years old. i remember i caught my mom naked in the shower and since always wanted to have sex with her. now dont get caught up thinking its a sex with mom story thats just half of what happen to me.   i change a bit just to fill in the gaps but its all true. my aunt and uncle live down the street from us and we always was over on sunday. i always like looking at my mom and she always got me horny and hard. i not going to describe her because she was just your avg. mom that when growing up ever boy had crush on. our family was real close and we all never thought about being naked around each other. well this day me and my couisn need a bath. he was my age and tell this day is one of my best friends.

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   well my uncle was in there so my aunt just made us go take a bath with him. it was never bad because we always to bath together the kids.
as we where in the bath my couisn finsh first and my aunt dry him off and took him out. i was in the tub with my uncle and as he wash my hair i could feel his cock hard against my back. i was sitting betwen his legs with my back to him. as it was time to risen my uncle told me to get on my knees and been forword. as a kid you not think anything of it so i did. as the water risen my hair i felt a push and his cock was in my ass. i turn around quick to get up but my uncle just told me to relax. so i did and now my uncle was pump slowly in my ass. i could remember i know it was wrong but really it felt nice. as i just sat there i felt him cum in my ass and pull out. he was me and could my aunt to come get me. that night bac home i could not stop think about what happen. weeks went by and i was jerking off to my moms panties and watching her get naked all the time.

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   one day my dad was out of town and my mom and aunt was over our house drinking and watching tv. for some reason asian love to unbuttom there pants and unzip them. i remember i was so hard evertime they would get up and i could see there panties. my mom had on black and my aunt wear blue. i was sitting across when my aunt need to go to the restroom. she got up a little tipsy so i ask to help her. as we walk down to the restroom i was all over her and touching her butt. when we got in i help her pull down her pants and panties and the biggest hairest pussy i saw in my days. as she pee i was next to her and looking down at it.
her head was on my side and my cook was get big. so i turn around so her head was against my cock. she was all over it because it was hard rubbing her face on it. as she was done and stand to pull her panties up i place my hand between her legs. my aunt stop and just look at me and then gave me a hug. i started to to just play with it and it was so wet and i could hear my aunt getting turn on.


   my mom call her so we hurry up and got out. the whole time we watch tv i could see my aunt looking at me and smile. i got up and went to my room to jerk off. i pull my moms panties i had and started to work my cock. after i cum i fell asleep. the next couple of days went by and i was jerking off and smelling my moms panties. i use to get her panties and cum in them and it was so hot and the best. one day i went over to my uncles house to see if my cousin wanted to hang out. my uncle answer and told me to come in as i went in my uncle hug me from behide. no one was home and my uncle wanted to show me something down in the basement as i frogot about the bath thing. as we got down stairs my uncle was and artest and had some real cool drawlings. as i stood there he would get behide me and hug and i could feel his cook hard. for some reason i want to feel it in my ass again. i started to enjoy him as he push against me i push back. he told me to open my legs and thats when he reach in my pants and grab my cock.

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   i was speech list and then he told me to grab his so i did. i went in his shorts and felt this cock. he slowly undid my pants and pull them down and bened me forword.
as i was ass up and hold the coch i felt his cock pushing in my ass. as he pump he was talking to me about sexand if i jerk off. then he started to say he want to fuck my mom and just kept saying her name. i close my eyes and remember everything nasty about my mom and aunt. my ass was real wet and now it was feeling real good. i look over my shoulder and saw my uncle talk about my moms and looking at my ass. thats when i saw my aunt panties on the washer. i told my uncle i want to smell them. my uncle stop and pull out and walk over and got them for me. they where white and had a big yellow crust in them. i smell them and rub them on my face as i did my uncle started to jerk me off and stick his cock back in me. i felt so good and i was talking about everything i did.

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   i talk about jerking off to my mom and my aunt watching naked just everything. it really got my uncle going because he just kept pumping and talk about my mom. i was jerking myself off when he cum all in my ass and i cum in my aunts panties. he pull out and told me to clean myself off in the restroom. nothing really happen just same stuff jerking off and watching my mom and aunt. my uncle really never did anything to me for about 6 months. one day i was home alone and my uncle came by. we talk abit and as we talk i remember how he fuck me downstairs at his house.   my uncle got up and went to my mom and dad room. as i watch tv i started to hear noise coming from my parents room. i got up to see what it was and there in the room was my uncle pants down jerking off to my moms panties. i watch for a second and then my uncle told me to come in. i did my uncle keep talking about us fucking and him wanting my mom. i watch him jerking and them he stop. he ask what time was everyone come home and i said in about 30 mins.

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   my uncle told me if i want to come over and help him at the house. i agree but as we where leave he grab my moms panties and told me to hold them.
we left and headed to my uncle house. as we got there my aunt was home and watching tv in the living room. she was drinking a little and was drifting in and out of sleep. i sat down nextto the couch and she was wearing white pants and they was unbutton and unzip showing her pink panties. i was already hard and just kept looking. my uncle came in and saw me looking. he went over to my aunt and slow move her on her back. as my aunt laid ther he started to pull bown her pants a bit and panties. he got then to just show the top of her hairy pussy. my uncle told me to stand behind her head and bend forword. i got to the arm rest watching my aunt sleep and see her hair stick out of her panties. my uncle got behide me and started to unbutton my shorts. i felt his hand grab my cock and balls and then my shorts was down below my ass.

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   i open my legs a bit and look back at my uncle. he just smile and started to pull his cock out of his zipper. i could feel his cock against my ass and then he spit and rub it on his cock as i brace for he to enter me i started to play with my cock and watch my aunt hairy pussy. as he got in me i was real hot and my ass was starting to like him fucking it. as he pump i jerk off slowly and quit for we did not want to wake up my aunt. my uncle pull my moms panties out and started to smell them and lick the crouch. i watch and was so turn on. we stop and my uncle pull out and told me to follow him. as i did. we got down stairs and then he told me to pull off my shorts and underwear and wear my moms panties. i did and now my mom was so turn on and bent me over the stairs and pull my moms panties to the side and want to fuck me. i remember him talking about fucking my mom and tell me how he always jerks off when his over house and looks at her panties in the dirty cloths. as he started to fuck me i could hear him saying that he always jerk to my mom and smell the tolit paper everytime my mom goes to the bathroom. as he pump my ass i kept think about my mom and aunt too. as he cum i felt load after load go in my ass.

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   as he pullout he told me that he want to keep my moms panties. i clean up and gave then to him as i walk by the living room my aunt was still asleep on her side with her ass face out. my uncle went to take a shower so i walk over and bent down and started to smell and pull down her pants and panties. . . . . . . . . . . part 2 to follow
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