mom and son in the shower


mom and son in the shower
true story 
first let me describe the characters
Brian-17yrs old, 6'3, 220. football player, 8 inch cock, 6 inches around
Diane-46yrs old, 5'4, 160, mother, 44D breasts
Brian walked in the front door after football conditiong, sweating up a storm and incredibly horny, as his testosterone from the morning workout was still pumping throiugh his veins.
he walked upstairs to the bathroom, stripped off his sweat-soaked clothes, turned on the shower, and stepped in, forgetting to lock the door.
Diane had just finished doing the laundery and folded up a stack or towels and walked up the stairs to deliver them to brians bathroom when she heard the water stop.   she knocked gently at the door and then pushed it open.
 she stopped short at the door, dropping the towels all over the floor.   She was staring at brians cock, whichwas fully erect and absolutly enourmous!!!  She took one more step inside, shutting the door behinmd her.   Brian immediatly grabbed a towel and tried to cover up, but diane took the towel from brians hands and threw it on the floor behind her.
 Diane was taken aback by the immense size of brians cock, mostly because her husband, brians father, had only a mere 4 incher, and brians was easily double that.   She said "oh my goodness brian, this thing is monstrous!!!!!"
 Brian, who had been having incestual thoughts about his mother and her massive breasts for months, grew bolder and said "you can feel it if you want"
Diane slowly reached out her hand to grip the pulsating monster when brian pulled away and said "lose the clothes first"
Diane nodded and stepped out of her cotton short, pulled off her tank top and unsnapped her bra, allowing her mammoth titties to swing free, but she left her light green thong on.
She then grasped brians dick, and discovered thast she couldnt even wrap her hand around it all the way.   She then began to stroke brians cock slowly, making him lean against the sink and moan softly 
One of dianes fetishes in college was oral sex, and she was known across campus for her world reknowed blowjobs, but she had never tried to blow a cock this big.   she got down on her knees and took brians egg-like cockhead into her mouth.   she then began to suck while still using both her hands to jack his cock as well.
after about 5 minutes of this, she began to deep throat him, going down farther and farther on his cock until she felt her nose touch his stomach,   at this time, brian blew his load deep into her throat, causing her to gag and recoil.   she swallwed as much as she could, but some cum leaked out onto her cheeks and down her face.


    she lapped up all of the cum, and then stood up with a satisfied smile on her face.  
"wow son", she said, "that thing is unbelievable!! its much bigger than your fathers"
brian merely nodded, as he had seen his mother and father fucking before and had openly l aughed at the size of his fathers tiny cock.
diane said "anytime you want that again, or even if you wanna fuck, you come to mommy" and then walked out the door.
brian stood there, amazed at what had just happened.   He then realized he wanted to fuck his mom more than anything in the world, and sprinted out after her, his now soft cock slapping his thihgs as he ran.
He caugght up to his mom and she was entering her bedroom.   he grabed her from behind and cupped her huge tits in his big hands, "i woyld like that fuck now" he said, and layed her down on her bed.   he climbed on top of her, stripped off her thong, and placed his now raging hard cock and the entrance of her shaven pussy.   her eyes were filled with lust as she said "go"
she rammed his cock into her pussy as she screamed loadly, this was the biggest cock she has even had, remember?
he began to thrust into her faster and faster as she screamed and moaned at the top of her lungs.   she managed to orgasm twice before brian felt his balls tighten and the cum building up.   he had not worn a condom so he pulled out and balsted his cum all over his moms face and tits.   then they both lay there, panting and sweating, fllfilled.
brian left the room, utterly ecsratic at his new fuck buddy
more to cum depending on.
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