Sister's Visit


I had just stepped into the shower as my kid sisters voice shouted through the door. “Lee, let me in, I need a pee” Alison shouted through the door as I explained that I had just stepped into the shower, she would have to wait.  

Alison was my younger sister; she had come to stay with me until she sorted out things with her boyfriend. Alison didn’t get on with our step dad so chose to come and stay with me.  

I stood for a few seconds considering her request, listening to her pleading with me. The only problem that I had was that I had just started giving myself my daily cock work out and was standing erect.  

“Lee, what are you worried about, I’ve seen it all before” Alison pleaded through the door. At 19 Alison had dated more guys than I had dated girl at 23. I stood looking down at my hard long cock for a few seconds then decided that I couldn’t let her stand there waiting.  

Stepping out of the shower, I unlocked the door then turned my back and headed to the shower. A second later Alison pushed the door in and dashed to the toilet slipping her red silk pyjama bottoms down then hovering above the toilet as she started to pee.  

Turning my head slightly I noticed that much to my surprise, Alison was staring directly at my hard cock through the glass in the shower.  

“Are you getting a good enough look” I asked watching her look up at me and nod.  

“You’re trying to tell me you’ve not got a girlfriend with a thing like that” Alison said with a dirty laugh as I watched her eyes drop to my cock again.  

If Alison had one fault that I hated was that she made it a point to say what she was thinking. The word diplomacy didn’t enter her dictionary.

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   Grabbing the shower gel then washing over my chest, I let my hands slip down to my hard cock and started to slowly wash as I felt her eyes burn into my hard manhood.  

“Are you going to sit there all day” I asked sliding my hands down my legs and washing them slowly still allowing her a good view of my manhood.  

“Lee, I’ve not had sex in over a month, the least you could do is let me have something to think about” Alison said as I swung round and watched her grin.  

“Fuck sake Alison, I’m your bleeding brother” I said watching her laugh.  

“Well sorry bro, but the way I see it, there isn’t any harm in looking is there” she added with another laugh as I shook my head then turned my back to her.  

“Anyway, at least you have given me something to think about while you’re at work” Alison said with a dirty laugh, as I shook my head unable to believe what she was saying.  

“Alison!” I said in a disgusted tone, looking over my shoulder watching her stand up then thrust toilet roll between her legs and dry herself.  

“Oh come on Lee, are you trying to tell me you’ve never thought about me in that way” Alison said as I suddenly went quiet recalling watching her in a bikini one year and having to go to the bathroom and have a tug at the thought of fucking her silly.  

“Just what I thought” Alison said throwing the toilet roll in the toilet then pulling up her pyjama’s. Before heading to the toilet door then disappearing.  

I stood in the shower trying to make sense of it for about a minute, was she just saying that to try and tease me, something that she was famous for doing. Or was she really turned on watching my cock and desperate to feel me inside her.  

Quickly my thoughts turned to that hot summer out in the back garden when she was 16, she strolled out with a towel rapped round her then slipped it off then lay down on top of the towel as I watched her slide her legs open slightly.  

I stood tinkering under the hood of the car allowing my eyes to drift up her legs every now and then, watching the outline of her pussy push through the thin yellow material of her panties.  

In no time my cock was hard and I was desperate to just jump on top of her and slide my cock inside her to relieve all the tension she had built up in my body.

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Alison lay oblivious to my thoughts as I quickly hurried to the bathroom and pulled out my now stiff cock and fantasised about fucking her tight little pussy. Shoving my cock into her mouth and making her eat every last inch.  

Before I knew it I was letting out a loud groan and shooting jets of cum into the sink, feeling the relief surge through my body.  

When I finally came to my senses I realised that I was standing in the shower gently stroking my hard cock, it didn’t take long before my thoughts turned to my blonde beautiful sister hovering above the toilet.  

My imagination didn’t take long to kick in, I was lifting her from the toilet and throwing her against the wall as I held her legs, before thrusting my cock inside her tight pussy.  

For about a minute, I fucked her against the wall then ripped her red top from her before dropping my head to her little hard nipples and sucking them wildly as she moaned.  

“Lee, I need to cum” Alison groaned as I lifted her bum again then slammed my cock inside her fucking her for about 30 seconds then listening to her groan happily.  

Dropping her from the wall after she had finished, I pushed her little head down till she was in line with my cock.  

“I’m going to fuck your mouth now until I cum” I groaned pushing my cock into her eager mouth then watching her suck me like an expert. Within seconds I was pushing myself into her throat watching her trying to deal with my cock.  

Needless to say, in seconds I was shooting my load against the shower glass enjoying one of the best fantasies ever. After another quick wash, I headed downstairs watching Alison sit with a grin on her face then point to a cup on the table.  

I don’t think I need to ask what took you so long” Alison said with a grin as I turned and smiled.  

“Well actually I was having a wank, thinking about fucking your throat with my cock, happy now?” I asked watching her laugh.  

“Yeah right lee” she said dismissively with a grin as I grabbed my tie then stood at the mirror fixing it.

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Alison sat watching the news as I grabbed my case and jacket then headed out to the car watching her wave like a child.  

During the half an hour drive to work, I continued to wonder whether she was really teasing me or did she indeed want to sex with her older brother. I thought of every possible scenario as I drove. Finally deciding that I had to know, I had to set up a situation where she could take advantage if she really wanted too.  

By 7pm I was driving home as my mind went over my plan, the problem was the more I thought about it, the less is seemed to come up with. Apart from explaining to her that I like to walk about naked, and as she was in my home she would have to put up with it. Nothing else sprung to mind.  

Turning the key in the door and giving it a push, my nose was greeted with the smell of home cooking, I stepped in watching her head towards me with a smile then step behind me taking my jacket off.  

“I’ve made you dinner, I hope you don’t mind I took money from the dish, to get stuff” Alison said as I gave her a smile then headed to my chair in the living room.  

Within seconds Alison was handing me a coffee, with a smile then explained that dinner was nearly ready. We had hardly finished dinner before Alison and I started talking about why she had left her boyfriend. Alison explained that there were a few minor things but the main problem was that as he worked night shift, they didn’t have a sex life to speak of.  

“When he is off work, and I try and touch him he goes ballistic saying that all I ever want is sex” Alison explained as I nodded.  

Alison and Mark were due to be married in less than six months, Alison explained that by moving out for a few days, maybe it would make him sit up and take notice.  

“When we were on holiday two months ago, I couldn’t keep him off me” Alison said with a grin then continued “Not that I was complaining, but we can’t have a sex life based around his holidays” Alison added as I explained that doing night shift was exhausting.

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“Have you ever thought about wakening him up for work with a blowjob, he would appreciate that” I asked trying to picture the scene.  

“Tried it, he went nuts saying that he would have much rather had ten more minutes asleep” Alison said with a wry smile.  

“I even sat on top of him one day…. ” Alison stopped and gave me a nervous smile “I even made sure it went up the back, because I know he likes that, but still he complained” Alison said as I felt my cock waken at the thought of her taking it up the bum.  

“I’m sorry, but if I were you I would be asking myself if he is cheating, because no guy I know would kick his girlfriend out of bed if she was taking him anally” I added watching her smile.  

“So it’s not just him that likes that is it” Alison said with a grin.  

“Damn I would kill for a girl that would offer me that at least once a week” I joked watching her laugh.  

“Actually I’ve never told Mark this but I quite like it, especially if he had just made me cum with him tongue before hand” Alison said as I sat shocked at the conversation I was having with my sister.  

“don’t get me wrong it’s not all about sex” Alison added watching me understand.  

“Outside the bedroom, Mark is brilliant, I love him to bits, but I don’t just want a friend, I want a lover too” she added watching me smile and nod.  

“Have you ever explained to him that you have needs and that if he doesn’t take care of them then maybe you might be tempted to look elsewhere” I asked watching her grin.  

“Hell Lee it is that bad I was sorely tempted to jump into that shower with you this morning and rape you” Alison said with a dirty grin.  

“And if you had tried it, what do you think I would have done?” I asked with an equally dirty grin.  

Alison sat in thought for a second then gave me a wry smile, “Probably kicked me out of the shower then flung me head first out of the door” Alison said with a disappointed look as I smiled back at her.  

“Trust me the way I was feeling this morning you would have got everything you wanted and more” I added with a grin watching the shock on her face.

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“You mean you would have…. ” Alison stopped trying to take it in.  

I sat nodding wondering whether I had done the right thing telling my sister that I stood in the shower wanting to fuck her.  

“Remember a few years back when you bought that yellow bikini and decided to sun bathe out the back garden” I asked watching her think then realise what I was talking about.  

“Well that was the first time I saw you as a women, and if truth be told. I couldn’t take my eyes off you that day” I added watching her grin.  

“Well I guess I have a little confession too” Alison said with a smile “When you went to work today, I couldn’t help but think about sneaking into your room tonight and…. well” Alison stopped and grinned. “Sitting on top of you while you were asleep” Alison said as her face filled with blood.  

I sat on the chair feeling my cock trying to burst out of my trousers at the thought of her little confession. I had to know if it was all talk.  

“You know if you wanted to, I could come over there and let you sit on top and try it” I said nervously watching her shocked look.  

“What you mean……right now” Alison asked as I sat nodding wondering what she would make of my offer.  

“You mean” Alison asked unable to take it in.  

“If you wanted to, just for a minute” I said watching her still come to terms with my offer.

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Standing up nervously I walked over to the sofa and sat down beside her for a second watching her look down at the bulge in my trousers.  
Lifting my hips slowly I slipped off my trousers and boxer shorts in one motion then sat there watching Alison look at my hard cock as it stood proudly, desperate to penetrate her tight cunt.  

Alison sat for a few seconds then lifted herself off the seat, before slipping her hands up her skirt and pulling down a black thong, making sure her pussy wasn’t visible.  

Pulling myself down the sofa a bit, I watched as Alison moved forward then kneeled facing me on the sofa for a few seconds.  

“Just to try it, right?” Alison asked with a smile as I nodded. I sat watching as Alison finally lowered her body down as my cock brushed against her smooth lips watching as Alison shifted slightly then continued.  

Suddenly my cock was penetrating her, as I let out a groan “Oh fuck you feel amazing” I groaned feeling her continue to slide down my hard cock before finally taking every last inch deep inside of her.  

“Oh Lee, that feels amazing” Alison hissed then started to rise and fall gently as we stared into each others eyes.  

Alison’s pussy was flooded with her juices as she bounced gently on my lap as I held her hips watching her small chest move gently in time to her hips.  

“Alison can I take off your top and bra” I hissed watching her smile and nod as she continued to bounce gently on my lap.  

Before I had a chance to move Alison was pulling her top off then unfastening her bra as I watched her small B cup breasts fall before my eyes.  

Cupping both breasts in my hands I pushed my head forward then slowly sucked each nipple in turn listening to Alison moan then quicken her pace as I listened to her body slap against mine.  

Alison sat riding my cock for about a minute as my lips and tongue went to work on her hard little nipples enjoying every groan she let slip from her mouth as she quickened her pace further.  

“Oh Lee, I’m going to cum” Alison moaned as I watched her gasping for breath as she tried to push me deeper into her pussy.  

“Ooooh Yyyyeeeesss” Alison groaned as I watched her body shake as her pussy clamped around my hard cock.

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Alison stopped riding my cock for a few seconds then opened her eyes and smiled down at me as I grabbed her head and pushed my lips against hers as we kissed passionately for a few seconds before she pulled away.  

“Your turn now” Alison said with a grin slipping off my lap then dropping to her knees on the floor and leaning on the sofa next to me.  

Slipping round behind her and lifting her skirt taking a good look at her smooth skin and shaved pussy, I slipped my fingers under her before rubbing her clit gently.  

“Alison can I rub against your bum” I hissed watching her nod.  

Placing my cock at her tight little hole as I slipped her cheeks apart giving me a clear view, I pushed gently feeling her bum resist my first attempts to fuck her, then suddenly with a little more pressure, I watched as her tight hole finally submitted to my demands opening slightly as I watched my purple head slip easily inside.  

“Oh fuck your tight” I groaned watching her nod then drop her head onto the sofa and groan.  

“Lee, keep going” Alison hissed as I continued to push my hard cock into her tight little ass, feeling her muscles trying to strangle my cock.  

“Oh fuck that feels big” Alison groaned as I continued to push then finally watched the last of my hard cock disappear inside her.  

Slowly pulling out a couple of inches, I pushed forward again feeling my balls slap gently against her pussy enjoying the tightness of her ass on my cock.  

“Fuck your ass is so bloody tight” I groaned continuing to pull a little more out each time then thrust harder into her as my balls slapped her pussy.  

“Oh lee, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can” Alison hissed as I watched her thrust her right hand under her body then start to masturbate.  

“Oh sis, I’m going to make the most of your tight ass while you’re here” I groaned grabbing her hips firmly then starting to fuck her cute little hole like a man possessed, listening to her groan repeatedly.  

Within a minute I was impaling my sister’s tight ass on my cock as I listened to her groan and try to push back on me, hoping to take more cock than I could give.  

“Oh Alison, I’m Cumming” I groaned slamming my cock as hard as I could into her listening to her groan.  

“Me too” Alison hissed as I felt her ass cheeks tighten round my cock as her body shook.



It was the finally act as my cock ploughed deep into her before pouring all my pent up frustrations into her ass, my cock twitched as it poured my warm cum deep inside an eager ass .  

Alison and I groaned together as I held her tight against me until my cock was finished then slowly started to fuck her gently watching Alison pull her hand back from her pussy and wipe her sweat soaked forehead.  

“Oh Lee, that was absolutely brilliant” Alison hissed as I slipped my hands up her hips then grabbed at her small breasts fondling them for a few seconds as I continued to ride her tired little ass.  

“oh, you had better promise to visit me more often” I groaned before pulling my spent cock out of her watching the large hole I had left slowly close over.  

“Trust me Lee, you won’t be able to keep me away” Alison hissed as I pulled down her skirt then watched her climb to her feet.  

Alison turned then placed her lips onto mine as we stood kissing for about 30 seconds.  

“I had better go and have a shower” Alison whispered as I nodded.  

When Alison was finished in the shower we sat talking about what we had just done, Alison loved every second of it and explained that while she was staying here I didn’t need to ask. All I had to do was bend her forward and she would take me willingly.  

Three hours later Alison and I headed for my bed to start round two, but that story is for another time.  
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