Storm Child. Chapter 3


            To say that I am shocked is a severe understatement. I am way beyond shocked. Dumbfounded, bewildered, flabbergasted. None of these words explain the sheer utter amazement I am feeling right now. It’s as if every logic center of my brain has suddenly gone on strike. My mouth moves, but I am making no sound. I am speechless.

            Let me explain. Last night I was just your every day normal guy. Married to a beautiful, loving wife, together we have a beautiful, vibrant daughter. I had no idea that in less than a day, my entire world would be flipped upside down. I went to bed like nothing would ever shake the foundations of my life, but little did I know that in the span of less than twenty four hours, I would have made love to my daughter not once, but twice. And to add further shock to my already overwhelmed brain, my wife apparently knew all about it.   And now we can continue.

            I sit in bed with the sheets pulled up over my lap as I watch my wife Amanda walk slowly into the room where I had just made love to our daughter Jenna. Amanda has her hand between her thighs and is very obviously rubbing herself.

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            “Look at your father,” Amanda giggles, “He looks like he has seen a ghost. ”

            “Mom, don’t tease him” Jenna says softly as she snuggles next to me, “He has no idea how long we had this planned. ”

            “Wait, what?” I stutter, “What do you mean planned?”

            “Jenna came to me several years ago and told me that sometimes when she sleeps in our bed, she noticed that you got aroused in your sleep. She also told me that she would get a funny feeling inside on those nights. So I had a long discussion with her about it and told her it was probably a passing phase but that she should always come to me whenever she felt that way. ” Amanda explains.

            “But it wasn’t a passing phase daddy, it kept happening and I kept getting that feeling inside. ”

            “Right, so she kept coming to me about it and about a year ago, I decided that it might be a good idea to do something about it. So I started looking online. Apparently it is normal for young girls to have crushes on their fathers. But in my searches, I started to visit some sites that explored the relationships between dads and daughters in completely different way, and, well, the whole idea started to excite me. ” Amanda continues.

            “So you came up with this plan? I ask, still shocked about the whole thing.

            “No daddy, the plan was my idea. I had been planning it for years, but I didn’t want to do anything because I was afraid of what might happen.

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   I mean, I didn’t know if mom would have been mad and it could have destroyed our whole family. ”

“So when did you know about this plan?” I ask Amanda.

“About two months ago Jenna came to me and confessed that she had been having dreams about it. I asked her to describe them. ”

“They really weren’t dreams, more like fantasies. ” Jenna giggles.

            “So last night was planned, but what about this morning?” I ask.

            “After you came back to bed, Jenna was worried that what happened last night shocked you too much. She wanted to make sure that everything was still ok. ”

            “So I decided to come talk to you about it, daddy, to make sure you weren’t mad.

            “I told her she should come in naked, and from what I saw, it seems like it was a good idea. ” Amanda laughs.

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            “So what now?” I ask, “Where do we go from here?”

            “Well, you remember we talked about having a threesome. ” Amanda responds.

            “Yes, but we could never find some one we both were comfortable with. And that was almost a year ago, I kind of figured that idea was dead. ” I reply.

            “But we can now,” Amanda’s grin spreads across her face into a mischievous smile, “That is, if we all want to. ”

            “I do,” Jenna’s grin matches her mother’s.

            “What about you?” Amanda asks hesitantly.

            I look at both of the women in my life. A look of apprehension on Amanda’s face. Jenna nervously biting her bottom lip, obviously worried that she has just destroyed our family. I look back and forth, my mind still a jumbled mess of emotions, confusion, arousal, and excitement.

            “Well,” I say slowly and move the sheets off of my lap, uncovering the hardest erection I have ever had. The tip of my cock is almost pulsing with every heartbeat. Amanda sees my hardness and wastes no time.

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   She reaches out and wraps her hand around my cock, leaning close.

            “I have wanted to do this for some time now,” she sighs as her lips move closer to my cock. Jenna’s and my cum still drying along my shaft.

            “Mom, that was just, you know where. ” Jenna says, excitement in her voice.

            “I know,” she says as she kisses the tip, her tongue brushing the underside of my shaft. “Yummy. ” Amanda sucks my cock between her lips and pulls it deep into her mouth. “Watch close, let mommy show you how, and then you get to try it. ” Amanda swirls her tongue around my thickness as her teeth gently drag up and down the sensitive underside of my cock. Her hands cup and gently roll my balls around. Her tongue flicks and caresses my cock as she cleans the cum from my flesh. She sits up and looks at Jenna, “Your turn. ”

            Jenna leans in and slips my cock into her mouth, her soft lips drawing back and forth over my shaft as she sucks me deep between her lips. I moan loudly as her tongue dances around my thickness.

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            Amanda stands up and unfastens her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, her blouse following quickly afterward revealing that she is wearing a lacey bra and no panties. She sits back down on the bed and runs her fingers through Jenna’s hair

            “That’s it, baby, now suck daddy’s cock deep and roll your tongue around it. ”

            Jenna responds, following her mother’s instructions and making me moan louder. Amanda’s hand runs down Jenna’s back as my daughter sucks my cock deeper into her mouth. She moans softly as her mother’s fingers run over her smooth skin. I lean my head back, my eyes closed as my daughter slides her lips up and down the length of my cock. Amanda moves her hand over Jenna’s firm ass, giving her a squeeze before slipping her fingers between Jenna’s thighs. Jenna moans again and spreads her thighs, allowing her mom to stroke the length of the girl’s slit. I can feel the vibrations from her moans running from her lips and engulfing my shaft as she draws me deep into her mouth. Amanda looks up at me and smiles.

            “Enjoying your baby girl’s mouth honey?”

            I can only moan my response. Amanda leans in and kisses Jenna’s back, slowly kissing and licking her way down the girl’s body. Jenna whimpers in pleasure and pushes her mouth faster onto my cock. I feel her moan again as her mother slips between her thighs and licks her smooth slit.

            “Oooooohhh mommy,” my daughter moans, slipping my cock out her mouth.

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   The look on her face is mixture of pleasure and awe. I watch the different emotions play across her delicate features while her mother pushes her tongue deep into the girl’s pussy. She looks at me and I can see a fire of unrestrained lust burning in her eyes.

            “Your mom is good at that, isn’t she?” I ask. Jenna just nods as she bites her bottom lip. “Don’t hold back sweetie, if you need to cum, go ahead and cum. ” With that, my daughter groans and shudders, her pussy drenches her mom’s face as she gushes. I run my fingers through Jenna’s hair and gently guide her mouth back to my cock. Jenna opens her mouth and slips her lips around the head of my cock, her hands wrapping the shaft of my cock and stroking up and down. Amanda moves up the bed, watching our daughter suck and stroke my cock.

            “That’s a good girl, keep that up and daddy won’t be able to control himself. ” Jenna starts sucking harder, her hand pumping faster. “MMM, looks like you want to make daddy feel good. Am I right sweetie?”

            “Mmhmm,” Jenna responds, not taking her lips from my cock.

            “Show daddy how bad you want to taste his thick cum baby.

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  ” Jenna slides her lips all the way down my cock, her tongue swirling around the head. I moan louder, pumping my hips in time to my daughter’s thrusting mouth. Amanda moves up and kisses my, pushing her tongue into my mouth so I can taste my daughter’s sweet pussy juice. I moan into my wife’s mouth and jerk my hips up. Jenna moves her head up, keeping the tip of my cock between her lips. She moans with me, sensing my impending climax. My fingers hold the back of my daughter’s head as I unload my cum into her mouth. My cock spasms again and again, spraying my thick seed deep into her throat. Amanda leans back and watches as Jenna swallows my cum. I look down as my daughter licks her lips. Our eyes meet and we both smile.

            “I think our little girl is a natural at that baby,” I say, kissing Amada again, “She must take after her mother. ”

            Jenna crawls up my body, still licking her lips. Amanda leans close and kisses her, their tongues swirling around each other as the share the cum on each other’s lips. Amanda licks my cum from her daughter’s mouth as Jenna licks her own sweet nectar from her mother’s lips.

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            “Can we do that again?” Jenna giggles.

            “I am going to need some rest, last night, and twice this morning,” I laugh, “My reserves have run dry. ”

            “Please daddy?”

            Never able to refuse my little girl anything, I answer, “Maybe after dinner. ”