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My name is Matthew, my mom is happily with a guy name Skip. Skip is about 40, and my mom is going on 45, so there's is a bit of a difference. My Mom and Dad got divorced about 5 years ago, and I live mostly with my Mom. The only time I have ever actually seen her naked was when I walked in on her changing in the bathroom. She is beautiful, her tits hung enormous, like we think of gods as big. She was bending over when I walked in so I got a good look at her tight ass. Perfectly round, with a pussy that was shaven so clean that it looked like silk. I almost got a hard on, but with the awkwardness of the situation, it kind of went away. She gasped and hid her tits and pussy and I kind jumped, "Sorry!!" I said and closed the door.  I had kind of forgoten about it, which was good and I hoped she had too. She came into my room afterwards, I was reading a book for english class, I put down my book and she said, "Matt, remember to knock before you enter a room, or this stuff happens. ""I'm really sorry, and I feel kind of weird now. " I said. "Well dont," she said and smiled as she closed my door. I had mostly forgotten about the situation, but when I masturbate or fuck, images of her come into my head every now and then. My name is Matthew, I'm 5'10", I'm 15, slightly built, and I have an 8 inch cock and 6 inches around when fully erect.

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  My name is Matthew and I'm an only child. One morning I was taking my shower, and we had just gotten back from camping, so everything was scattered throughout the house from where someone dumped it and forgot about it. I was beating one off because I hadn't done it in a while. I heard a knock on the door, and I said,"What," in the calm voice I ussualy have. My mom was saying that "I need to grab my tooth brush, I think it might've got mixed with your stuff. " There was a short pause and I said, "Uhh, can you wait a little bit?" "No, I feel all groudy if I dont brush my teeth after a shower. " I didnt answer. "I promise I wont look, I'll only grab my tooth brush and be on my way. " There was another pause, and I sighed. "Okay. " She opened the door, she was in a bath robe, and immediately went to the counter and grabbed a blue and white toothbrush, I could see every curve, she was perfect. She quickly turned around, but in the direction I was standing, in the shower. My cock had shrunk slightly but still stood at about 7 inches and was throbbing. She let out a little gasp, and double took and quickly walked out of the bathroom and slammmed the door. I could feel butterflies in my stomach, not thinking about it, my cock was down to it's flaccid 6 inches, and I finished my shower.

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   I took a long time to finish because I felt weird about what had happened. When I got out my mom was dressed and talking on the phone about something or other, to whoever, I didnt really care. She looked at me and stuttered, maybe I was just analyzing it to much, maybe it was something the person the other line said, but it would have gone unnoticed to someone who wasnt looking for it. She finished her conversation and said. "How was your shower Mat?""Good," I said, "How are your teeth?"She smiled, "Status Que. "My mom was like a genius, she was so smart, I had no idea what status que meant, but I just smiled. She wasnt like a stereotypical genius like the ones you'd see on TV. She was beautiful, 5'7", silky-dirty blonde hair, not to skinny, complection of the gods, and when she smiled, straight pearly white teeth, the kind that blind curious men. At about 9-o-clock, i was bushed, Skip had got home from work and made us some fancy french thing that tasted awsome. I laid down on my bed and went to sleep straight away. When my clock struck mid-night, a sound could be heard, it was quiet enough not to wake me. My door creaked open. Standing in the entrance was a beautiful woman, my mom. She looked around as if she were about to steal something. Skip was probably deep asleep and snoring, like I was.

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   She crept over to my bed and appeared to be contemplating something, a conundrum. She seemed to have made up her mind when she knelt down beside me and tugged on my pajama bottoms till they rolled past my flaccid cock. Her eyes widened. I had gone commando. It was still huge when limp. I rolled over in my sleep, and when I stopped my cock was right in her face and hanging off the side of my leg. She stared breathlessly at my dick. Her hand reached towards it and stopped half way, she was seemed to be in a mental slur, she reach some more and stop, and reach some more and stop, until she touched the tips of her fingers to it. This time she stopped a long time, but finally let lust get better of her. She slowly took my cock in her hand. It was warm. A smile crept across her face, when suddenly, the limp cock that lay there, grew and hardended, I was having a nocturnal emission, she stopped breathing. And looked around for some sign of what had happened, she looked at my face, expressionless. Her went back to my dick, throbbing, she licked her lips, wanting so much to make that mountain hers, but she didnt. She took my dick in her hands and placed it gently back into my pajamas.

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   And quietly shut the door to my room. I woke up the next morning, and rubbed my eyes, my cock was sitting uncomfortably, so I reached in my pants and readjusted. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom preparing coffee. She turned around and asked. "Did you sleep good?" with a sortof, I'm not sure if he knows that I snuck into his room and felt his dick, kind of tone. And I didnt know, so I didnt understand why she said it like that. "I slept great. " I told her, "Did you?""Not really, I was kind of restless," she told me, looking relieved. "Well, I hope you have a good day then. " She had to be at work in a few minutes, so she quickly grabbed her ppurse and whatever else, and walked out of the house. But before she closed the door she said. "I will be home at three. I love you. " She said, and I waved. "You too.

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  " I sat on the couch and watched some TV. Some show came on about tiny bunnies advenuring into the candy village, so I turned it off, and walked into my moms room. For no reason I just wanted to know what my moms breast size was. I looked into her dresser and found no bras, but a lot of thongs. I was hard almost instantly. Just looking at girls underware made me horny. My pajamas had a bulge coming through, like and irregularly growing mountain. I looked for one pair that covers your entire ass, and found none. I smiled. I looked through all the drawers and found a stash of dildos and porn. My spine tingled thinking about. I looked into her enormous wal in closet and saw no bras, except for one lying on the ground. I grabbed it and read the tag. 43D. My eyes widened and I smiled.

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   I laid it back where it was and grabbed a porn movie from the draw. I Stretched out on my bed, naked, and started jerking. After about an hour I came. I cleaned up and put the DVD back where I got making sure to disturb nothing else. I sat back on the couch and watched some TV till my mom came home, she looked exhausted. "Hi honey, how was your day?" "Good, you?""Long," she answered and paused, but quickly went back to what she was doing. "I think I'm going to take a bath, and then a nap. " Mom ussualy never had a bath, but I figured it didnt matter. She went to her room, I stayed and watched TV. My curiosity got the better of me. I looked throught the crack in the door. The doors lock broke before we got the house so it wouldnt shut properly. I looked at her, the tub seemed to be placed perfectly so I could see her perfect body being washed slowly. Her eyes were closed and her head leaned back. Her hand washed each breast caressing them gently, and slowly lowered to her pussy, she let out a slight moan.

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   I freaked, and walked quickly to my room. My mind raced. And I smiled. I thought about how many times I forgot to close my door all the way, and wondered if she had looked throught the crack. I got hard just thinking about it. I fell asleep on my bed, alittle later. And just like before, when the clock hit midnight my door, creaked open. She went to my bed, this time whereing a nighty, and gently pulled down my pants. My cock was already hard this time, and she gaped at it. She didnt hesitate this time. Quickly she grabbed my throbbing member and stared. She could barely fit her hand around it. She moved hand slowly up and down the shaft, and qucikly glanced at me. I was snoring. Her head moved closer to my cock and carefully closed her mouth around it.

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   She deepthroated immediatly, and I dont know how anyone could stand sleeping through this muche ectasy. I didnt. I woke, and it was all I could do to keep from gasping. I stared eyes wide at her, her head moving up and down with her hand along with it, like a pro. She looked up at me and I quickly closed my eyes. She didnt stop so she must not have seen. I opened my eyes a little, my cock glistened in the moonlight, with her spit, my own mothers spit. She kept going, get faster and deeper with every blow, until I came, deep into her throat, she looked a little suprised to see how much there was, and it just kept coming. She swallowed it all, a licked my cock clean. She glanced at me one more time. My cock still throbbed, but I was playing it off, I kept on looking calm, and kept my breating constant. I rolled to make it look better and my saliva covered cock touched the sheets. She gave me one more looke and walked out, this time leaving my cock hanging out. I didnt know if it was intentional or not, but it didnt matter. I grabbed my cock which was now coated in her saliva, and sighed, "My Mom," I whispered and rolled over falling back to sleep.

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  The next morning I woke, my cock still hard, I walked out of my room to see no one was home. There was a note on the counter, "got called into work early, and Skip had to leave for buisiness, have a good day, I love you'. He read the note again, and he smiled. He wanted his mom. The thought had come across his head a couple of times before, but thought it would never happen. He knew now that she wanted him to, and it was only a matter of time. His cock throbbed and he removed his pants and walked around at full salute the rest of the day, every once and a while grabbing his cock and squeezing it saying, "We'll be with her soon. " His mom came home early today, most likely because she had to go to work early. She had a huge smile on her face, we said our 'how are you's' and she said, "I think I'm going to go work out," I nodded and she walked into her bedroom. When she worked out, she was bear foot, and she wore a tiny wife-beater, the kind that stretch and contour to the body, and a very skimpy, boy short esk pair of spandex, the kind that you can see her ass crack when bending over, her pussy is defined and very noticeable, and, if she had any, you'd be able to see her pubic hair come from the front of them. Lots of times she'd use the excer-bike, but most of the time it was yoga. I couldnt help my self. I walked towards my room, stripped to everything but my boxers and walked into hers. I knocked, "Come in," she said. I walked in.

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   She turned towards me and looked at my boxers where my cock would be than at my face. She didnt have a problem with that, because I ussualy walked in them before a shower. When I saw her boby, my cock went firm, but i acted like nothing happened. "I think I'm going to take a shower," I said and stretched my back to let my cock hang high. She stopped stretching and bit her lip slightly. "Okay honey," she said in an erotic voice. I walked quickly to the bathroom, and took off my boxers and stroked my cock as I turned on the water. "Honey," she said through th door. I was startled so I jumped, but soon smiled and said, "What?" "Can I come in?"I didnt even think about it and said yes. She violently opened the door and gasped to see my throbbing manhood. "What do you need?" I asked. She was still where her work out clothes, and my cock throbbed violently. She saw this and smiled, She walked toward me seductively. As she got closer I noticed she'd been sweating and I could see her tits prodominently through her shirt, they were as perfect as I remember. She put her hand on my shoulder, "Just to show you something," she smiled and removed her top slowly.


   Her tits bounced around. I didnt notice, but my mouth was watering. She looked down at my dick. "Oh my god, where do you put that?:" She asked in awe. I smiled, "I can think of a few places. "She looked back at me, and gave a very seductive smile. My gaze went to her tits, still bouncing around uncontrolabley. I lowered my head to her sweat soaked spandex. She reached down and  slowly gripped my cock, it pulsed in her hand. I reached my hands to her hips and turned her around. Her ass was so perfect, even better than I remember. I rubbed the indentation where her pussy was, and she moaned. Sweat soaked spandex turned me on for some reason. Her juices were soaking them even more. I dug my finger deep into her pussy, an even louder moan.

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   "Matt," she said, "I want to show you even more. " My heart raced. I turned her towards me and gripped the sides of her spandex and pulled them down slowly, clinging to each surface. Her pussy was just a I remembered, bare as a babies butt. I rubbed the skin above, smooth as silk. She looked at my dick again, and knelt down. Her eyes met mine one last time before she started tonguing the tip. It felt so good. I didnt have to hide the pleasure this time. She opened her mouth wide, and started throating it, getting lower and lower each time, until she reached the base. She didnt gag, like others girls who'd given me head. She must practice I thought. Her throat seemed endless. I gripped her long dirty blonde hair and started skull fucking her. She moaned, it was muffled but still audible.

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   My cock tingled from the base to the head. I was about to come. She was all the way to the base, when I came. It shot deep into her throat. She didnt choke, or gag, just swallowed, licked up my cock and smiled. "Do you want to fuck me?" she asked. I made it seem like I had a choice but soon said, "Yes. "We walked to the bedroom. I sat on her bed, while she ran into her closet to do something. My cock seemed bigger than it ever was and was pulsing madly. In a few minutes, she came out of her closet. My mouth gaped open when I saw her. She wore a, tiny, black thong. I was surprised it concealed anything. He garter belt was pink to and she wore long black stockings.

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   The only bra she owned, the one I saw on the floor, was black and was barely a bra at all. It covered her only enough so that none of her nipple showed. She walked over to me seductively. Her hands on her hips and she sat on my lap, her pussy grazing my cock. She leaned over my chest, her lips touch mine. Her tongue flew around my mouth, fighting with mine. We kissed for a whole minute, and I removed her bra. Her tits were perfect, I leaned my head towards them and started tonguing them. She went crazy, and began moaning louder than ever. My cock hardened even more, pressing against her pussy. I reached my hand down her thong and started fingering her pussy. She moaned so loudly. I got turned on even more. I pulled her thong to the side of her pussy. She was ready.

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   And lifted up over my dick, and slowly lowered herself, on to it. Her pussy was so tight. She screamed in pleasure, so did I, and not even half way down my shaft, her body shook violently. She was in orgasm, already. I was so hard. She lowered her self farther and farther, until she sat squarly on my hips. My cock had disapeared into her deep pussy. She rose again and slammed herself on it. It felt so good. She shook even more violently, and her juices dripped on my stomach, warm. Every time she lifted she moaned and when she lowered, she orgasmed. I grabbed her hips and used my masculine arms to lift her and lower her faster. "OH YEAH, OH YEAH. COME ON BABY, FUCK ME, FUCK MY TIGHT PUSSY, OH!" she screamed, "MAKE ME CUM, MAKE YOUR MOM CUM, OH, FUCK YEAH, OH!" I was about to burst, she shook slightly, and I came, deep in her pussy, more than I'd ever cum before. My dick throbbed uncontrolabley.

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   My cum and her juices streamed out of her. She thrusted once more and laid on my chest. We kissed for another minute, more intensely this time. She laid the bed next to me her face in front of mine. We stared at each other smiling. "I love you Matt," she said. "You too. " I said back. We laid there staring for about five minutes. "Why dont we take a shower. " she told me. I didnt hesitate, and I followed her to her bathroom. It was bigger than mine, more space in the shower. We got in and turned on the water. My cock was still huge, and she hadnt forgotten about it.

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   Once the water had come to a reasonable temperature we walked in and washed each other, making sure to take detail to her pussy and ass, while she washed my dick. As I rubbed her as with soap she smiled and said. "Do you want to fuck your Moms ass. " I smiled"Of course. " She smiled and turned toward the faucet and stuck her ass out. I rubbed my cock before grabbing her hips and thrustiong my body so my dick was right on the opening. She moaned alittle and I pushed slowly. Her ass was tight, TIGHT. It took all I had to get the tip in. She moaned uncontrolabley. I thrust hard. It felt good. The warmth of her ass around my dick, the extreme tightness. "Mom your so tight. " she smiled"I know.

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  " she turned her head toward me. I thrust harder and harder. She moaned louder and louder. Im sure the neighboors heard, but it didnt matter. I grabbed a bar of soap and began soap fucking her pussy. She screamed in pure ectasy. We fucked for a long time and the shower was starting to get cold, so it was in good time that I came, right as it became uncomfortable. I shot my load deep into her ass. And she moaned and orgasmed at the same time. When I pulled out, her now huge asshole shrunk back to its original size, leaving all the cum trapped in side. She turned towards me and we hugged and kissed. Before the water got to cold we cleaned ourselves again. And dried each other off. She wanted me to rub her lotion on her, so i did. she sat naked on the toilet as I rubbed lotion all over her body, squeezing her tits and rubbing her pussy and ass.

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   She smiled and we walked back to her bed. I laid down facing the ceiling and she straddled me. And lowered herself on my still throbbing cock. She went all the way down the shaft, and back up, moaning all the way. She stood up and layed down beside me, her ass in front of my cock. I moved closer and rubbed my dick up against her pussy. She moaned and I wrapped my arms around her and inserted dick. We fucked for at least two hours before I came. And it was huge. My dick was at least 9 inches now. Her and I were wiped. We fell asleep, my dick still in her pussy. When I woke she had rolled over and re inserted my cock and fell asleep again. It is a rush to sleep a your cock in a girls pussy, even more so when that girl is your mom. The rest of Skip buisiness trip was like this, when she got home we fucked for hours and slept with my dick in her pussy.

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   We didnt even bother waring clothes around the house anymore, neither did I. When Skip got back, she came into my room at night and blew me. It felt so good to be fucked daily. Skip normally didnt get home till late, so we fucked when he was gone. We took showers and fucked. When she went into town for gorceries, we fucked in the car in the parking lot. I love my mom, she's beautiful, perfect in everyway. She Is pregnant now, with my kid. Skip thinks it's his, but I know the truth. My name is Matthew, I'm 6'0'', I'm 19, My cock is 9 inches when erect now. Mom and Skip, divorced over some arguement about whatever, a little bit ago. My name is Matthew, I live with my mom, and we've kept on having sex throughout the years, at least daily. We love each other more than anything. And if someone fucks it up. .

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  . . My name is Matthew Conner Johnnson, we havent decided for a name for the kid yet, but I have an idea. .
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