The Davis twins Chapter 1


Topic: The Davis twins Chapter 1   Hi, I’m Patricia Anne Davis and I am in love with some one very close to me. You will never guess who it is, but after you read this story, you will know giggle.
   Well let me tell you a little about myself. I stand about 4 foot 11 ¾ inches tall. I weigh 85 pounds, with 28 A-cup breast, a 22-inch waste, and 24 inch hips. I have long black hair with brown eyes and long shapely legs like my mother and if I do say so myself I turn many heads when I go to the mall with my older sister Terrie, giggle. Now on with the story, I hope you will like it.
  Pat and I got home late from school in mid Oct, a week after Terrie’s 27th birthday, as we walked up to our rooms. I herd some noises, coming from Mom and Dads room. Pat do hear you that? It sounded as if someone was moaning.
  Oh, it’s probably Mom and Dad having sex again.
  Well let’s go look I said with a big grin on my face.
  No, I have too much homework to do, as he walked into his room.
  Ok it’s your loss as he closed his door.
  The moaning was getting louder, as I walked, down the hall and looked through the gap in the door but to my surprise, I found out that it was not Mom in but Terrie lying on the bed with Dad. I was in shock as I watched Dad licking her bald pussy.

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  As I continued to watch, the hot scene that was going on before me, I began to feel a tingling between my legs. So I unfastened my jeans, and slipped my hand inside and when I felt how wet my panties were, I started to rub my pussy. This caused me to moaning as I continued rubbing myself as Dad continued to pleasure Terrie. Then I noticed Terrie glance at the door, so I bit lower my lip, and I moved away from the door so she could not see me.
  I continued to watch and rub my now burning hot pussy. As I watched Terrie, start to shake then she began to push her pussy up into Dad face, as she grabbed his head to hold it in place. YES OH GOD YES IIIIIMMMMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNG AHHH Terrie screamed and she collapse back on bed panting. Dad I love how you make me cum, then I herd her say, Dad I am ready for you to fuck me now.
  Ok littleone he replied as he moved up between her legs, which gave me a good view of his cock. WOW, it looked so big, I thought to myself.
  Of course, the only other cock that I had ever seen was Pat’s cock. Now don’t get me wrong I might have seen some that were bigger when I was much younger I don’t really know. We had stopped going to the nudist resort when I was little, so I could have seen bigger ones there giggle.
  I watched as Dad slipped his cock into Terrie and I could see the pleasure that she was getting from it, as he drove his cock in and out of her.

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   OH GOD YES DAD I LOVE THIS PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR CHILD OH YES FUCK ME HARDER and she started pushing up at him. I stopped rubbing my pussy when I herd her say that and watched as they continued to fuck. OH! OH! OH! GOD YES DAD, MAKE ME PREGNANT DAD GIVE ME YOUR CHILD, she screamed again.
  Then Dad grunted, here it comes little one AHHHH, and he held his cock deep in her pussy as he grunted repeatedly. Then he rolled off her and I could see a white cream like substance that I thought might be sperm. (You see we learned about that in Sex ED Class. ) So I knew that he would get her pregnant if she was fertile and I let out a gasp. After Dad, herd me gasp, and looked over at the door just as I turned and ran to my room.
  About five minutes latter, as I was setting on my bed pulling my thoughts together, I herd a knock on my door. Who is it I called out?
  Patty it’s me Dad could I come in?
  Yes Dad, come on in, I replied.
  When he entered the room, he was wearing a pair of shorts and t-shirt, as he walked over to my bed, then he asks me. Patty, were you standing outside my bedroom door earlier.
  I looked down at the floor, yes Dad I replied and I am sorry for spying on you and Terrie.
  That’s ok sweetie and he kissed me on forehead, as he sat down beside me. Patty, just how much did you see?
  Everything Dad and how could you do that to Mom as I started to get mad at him.

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  Whoa now little lady I am not cheating on your mother if that’s what you think.
  But Dad you was having sex with Terrie.
  Patty, your Mother knows that I was going to have sex with Terrie today because she told me that it would be best time to get her pregnant.
  I looked at him but she is your daughter.
  Patty your sisters Terrie and Janie are really your cousins, and they are not blood cousins, they are my first wife nieces.
  But why do they call you Dad then?
  Nancy and I adopted them when they were your age.
  Oh, I replied, as I looked at him, Dad how long have you been having sex with Terrie.
  We have been having sex for a little over 13 years now and I am the only man that she trusts to have sex with her.
  But why Dad as I sat looking at him.
  Patty its, because of something that happened to her when she was your age.
  Oh, I replied then I ask, Dad, what could have happened to her that was so bad that she no longer trust men when it comes to having sex?
  Patty, Terrie or your mother should be the ones to tell you that.
  Ok Dad as he looked at me.
  Patty, are you that curious about what we were doing?
  I blushed and said yes, as I tried to hind my embarrassment.
  Well then why didn’t you just come in the room to watch us as we were having sex?
  Dad that would have been to embarrassing for me to come in the room while you were having sex with her, I replied as I looked up at him. (When deep down I really wanted to watch them and see just how it was done close up.

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  Ok cutiepie as he kissed me on the cheek and got off my bed. Now do your homework he said while leaving my room.
  I sat there thinking, as my panties started to stick to me, so I stripped and went into my bathroom to take shower. After I had finished with my shower, I dried off and put on my robe as I thought about what Dad had said about Terrie. That’s when I decide to go to Pat’s room and talk with him. After I had knocked on his door, Pat can I come in
  Yes, Patty, come on in.
  Hey Pat you will never guess who Dad was fucking?
  Let me see; was it Terrie, he said with a grin?
  How did you know it was her, and not someone else having sex with Dad or it could have been Mom having sex with some other man.
  Whoa, Patty, slow down as he held up his to get me to stop talking.
  Ok I replied.
  Then he looked at me with a grin on his face. Terrie stopped by my room and asked, if I was standing outside of Mom & Dad’s bedroom door earlier.
  Oh, sorry about that I replied.
  That’s ok Patty because she came in here naked and I got a good view of her sexy body, he said with a smile.
  Oh, you and I hit him with a pillow.
  Side Note
  Now let me describe Pat for you.

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   He is the most handsome boy in our school Giggle. Well at least all my friends think so with his blonde hair and deep green eyes that you could get lost in, when you look into them, or so my friends have told me. (Giggle) But now I think about it would have to agree with friends on that part, but I still have to remember that he is my brother. (Giggle)
   Anyway he stands about 5 foot 5 ½ inches tall and weighs about 150 (all muscle), with a nice six-pack set of abs and he has a 7-inch Cock just like Dads.   Remember I have seen him naked before, and even at the age of ten he had nice cock, so when I seen him a couple weeks ago jacking off in the bathroom I was not to surprised about the size of his cock. (Giggle) Ok enough about his gorgeous cock. (Giggle) Now back to the story.
  Pat you know I would like to try that some time.
  You would like to try what Patty, as he sat looking at me.
  What Dad and Terrie were doing I replied.
  You mean sex, he asks.
  Yes sex, I replied. I would love to see how it would feel to have the man that I loved driving his cock in to my pussy.
  He looked at me, but Patty you don’t have a boyfriend and I am damned sure Dad would never do it with you.
  I looked at him with a smile.

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   Well Pat, I was hoping you would like to have sex with me.
  He sat there on his bed thinking would you tell anyone if we did, he asks.
  No, I would never tell anyone that I had sex with my brother, because that would be so gross, as I wrinkled up my nose in mock disgust. (When deep down, I would love to shout it to the world if we did. )
  Well you have point there sis it would be disgusting, as he sat there and thought about it.  But No, I don’t think we should have sex Patty because that would be incest and that is wrong.
  I looked at him. Pat, you do have a point there about it being incest. But you would turn me down after you see this, as I open my robe showing him my tits.
  He looked at me and started to smile, now I know why all my friends have asking me to fix you up with them sis, because you have beautiful breast.
  Thank you Pat, but if you want to see more of them then say you will have sex with me here and now, as I closed my robe.
  Yes, as his cock sprang to life making a tent in shorts. Then he said ok Ill have sex with you Patty; just let me see your breast again please.
  I looked at him with a grin. I will do you one better then that, as I stood up and dropped my robe.

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  Wow Patty you’re gorgeous, was all he could say, as he looked at me from head to toe.
  Thank you Pat, as I moved over to the bed. Than I took, his hands and placed them on my breast, as I looked deep into his eyes. Pat, you can touch me anywhere you like.
  He stood up and took me in his strong arms. Ok Patty and he started kissing me, not a brotherly kiss mind you, but one with passion. As we stood there kissing I felt his hands move to my butt cheeks and he started to squeeze them.
  I moaned as we broke our kiss, Pat where did you learn to kiss like that.
  He looked in to my eyes, Christine Powel taught me how to kiss I like this, he replied.
  I looked at him with a touch of jealousy in my eyes; I always wondered why she wanted to be alone with you I said.
  He just smiled at me and we continued kissing. After about five minutes, we stopped and I looked at him. Pat, you are a good kisser.
  Thanks Patty, as he continued to squeeze my butt cheeks you are very good too, and we started kissing again.
  Then I broke the kiss.

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   Now what are you going to do with me?
  He picked me up and laid me on the bed. Then he started kissing down my neck. Oh, yes that feels good Pat, as he moved over my collarbone and down to my left breast.
  Suck on it Pat I said, as he began to lick my hard nipple. Then he took it in his mouth and lightly bit on it. Oh my God, that does feel good, where did you learn to do that.
  From Christine he replied, as he looked up at me.
  Then I started to feel a little bit jealousy of Christine knowing she was the one that had taught him how to pleasure a woman. As he continued to suck, lick, and bite on my nipples. But it felt so good that I began to thank her for training him so well.
  As he continued sucking on my breast, I just had to know how far they had gone. So I stopped him, Pat can we talk a bit.
  He looked up at me. Ok Sis and he moved up beside me.
  I rolled on my side with my legs spread so he could touch me as we talked.

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   Pat can I ask just far did you go with Christine?
  We just had oral sex, because she is not on the pill and I did not have a condom with me at the time. As he reached, out and ran his hand over my hot pussy.
  So you have seen her naked and she has seen you naked, as I moaned from his gentle touch.
  Yes, we have seen each other naked he replied.
  Then I felt my heart sink, but I would not show him just how sad it made me feel. So to get my mind off them doing what they had done, I asked Pat if he would, you lick my pussy.
  Yes, he said, as we kissed again.
  So I rolled onto my back with legs spread wide for my twin brother to start licking me, I was nervous and excited at the same time. As he kissed down my body until he reached my slit. When he licked over my outer lips I shivered and moaned OH GOD Pat that feels good please don’t stop.  
  He looked up me with a smile. Patty I have wanted to do this for a year now, after I saw you getting out of the shower. That’s when I started to see you as a girl not just my sister. Then I notice the patch of hair over slit I got hard-on, because I thought it was so sexy. After that, I started dreaming about seeing you naked, and I would try to catch you coming out of the shower more.

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   I just looked at him as he continued to speak. But now that you have it bald like Terrie’s I like it even better, as he looked up at me.
  Ok you pervert I said joking, as I opened my legs wider for him. Now enjoy it.
  He went back down me on me like mad man and licked over my outer lips again bring my clit out of hiding. OH GOD PAT WHAT EVER YOUR DOING PLEASE DON’T STOP. I moaned very loud.
  He started biting and licking my clit, as he slowly stuck his middle finger in me. OH GOD YES MAKE ME CUM PAT, as my first orgasm from another person started to build. OH! OH! AHHHHH my body stiffen then it jerked up and down with the pleasure that he was giving me. Then my vaginal muscles sucked on his finger, as he continued to lick and finger fucks me until I felt an even stronger orgasm coming on. OH MY GOD YES MAKE ME CUM I screamed so loud I know everyone in the house could here me.
  Pat stopped and looked up as I tried to catch my breath. Patty not so loud we do not want Dad and Terrie to hear us.
  Sorry (pant) Pat (pant) I replied (pant), I will try (pant) to keep (pant) the noise (pant) down.


  Ok he replied then he went back down and started licking me again, as he stuck a second finger in me. OH God yes, Pat keep-going make me cum again, as his fingers moved even faster in and out of me. AHHH Oh God Yes I moan I’m cumming, I said in much softer voice this time.
  Then I felt him hit my hymen, and he stopped pushing his finger into me any deeper. Patty, are you still a virgin as he looked up at me.
  Yes (pant) Pat (pant) I’m still (pant) a virgin (pant) I replied.
  He smiled so am I Sis and I smiled back at him.
  He started to go back down on me when I stopped him. No Pat (pant) I (pant) have (pant) had (pant) enough (pant) let me (pant) catch my breath (pant).
  Ok Patty, as he moved up beside me.
  After I had clamed down and caught my breath. I said, WOW that was fantastic Pat as I looked at him and we started kissing again. Now what else can we do?
  Well that’s enough for now I will tell more you about that afternoon in the next Chapter, Bye for now giggle.
  This is the end of Chapter 1 I hope you enjoyed it. Leave comments at

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