The Davis twins Chapter 2


Topic: The Davis twins Chapter 2   Hi again it’s me Patty Davis did you enjoy the first chapter. I hope so because I am ready to tell what happened next.
  Pat and I were lying on the bed kissing and holding each other, when he asks me. Patty do you know anything about giving blowjobs?
  I looked into his deep greens eyes not really I said, but some of my friends have told me that boys like having it done.
  He smiled well Patty would you to like give me one?
  Anything to make you happy Pat, I replied.
  Then he got off the bed and started to strip out of his cloths. First, his shirt came off showing off his six-pack, then his socks and jeans leaving him in just his boxers.
  I moved over to the edge of the bed and looked at him. Here let me help as I took a hold of his boxers and pulling them down. When his cock pops, it gave me the nicest view of the most wonderful cock that I had ever seen giggle. It was at eye level and pointed straight me. Wow, how big is it Pat as I took it in my hand.
  Its 7 inches long and about 2 inches around, he replied, as I began too slowly stroke his cock. Then he lies back down on the bed and starts to moan, oh god Patty that feels good.
  Thanks this is the first time I have ever touch one before as I smiled up at him.
  Well it feels good being this is you’re the first time doing this.

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  Than a clear liquid started to drip form the tip. I figured it was precum, because it was not white like Dads was or as thick. Taste it Patty, Pat said, so I leaned down and lick it off the tip of his cock.
  Mmmmm it’s a little salty, but it taste good, as I licked some more.
  He smiled at me then said, take it into your mouth and suck on it. So I opened my mouth and took half of it into my mouth. The texture was ruff and it had salty taste but I liked how it felt in my mouth. Than I started to run, my tongue up and down the backside of his cock. As I would pull up until the head was the only part of his cock still in my mouth. MMMM yes, that feels good Patty are you sure that you have never done this before. That’s when I bit him by accident. OUCH, Patty, don’t bite it.
  I pulled off his cock and looked up I’m sorry Pat.
  Its ok Patty, just suck it as you would a Popsicle.
  Ok Pat and I took it back into my mouth.

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  MMMMM Patty you are fast learner he said in panting voice. Then he warned me, Patty I am about to shoot my load he said.
  As I continued sucking, as I thought to myself, should I pull off or continue. So I decide to finish as his cock pulse, and he explodes filling my mouth with his cum. When it hit the back of my throat, I started to gag.
  Swallow it patty he said in gentle voice. I swallowed as fast as I could, but some still dripped out of my mouth.
  I looked up at him with smile, you taste good Pat, as I lick his cum off my lips and chin.
  Patty was that your first time doing that?
  Yes, I said with a smile.
  You did very well for a first timer, you are much better then Christine.
  Really, I replied, as I moved up to kiss him.
  Yes, he replied. She kept dragging her teeth over my cock and it made its hurt. So that is why I told you not to bite.
  I understand as I looked at him.

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   Pat, have you done it where the girl sets on your face while she sucks your cock?
  You mean in the 69 position, where I lick you while you give me a blowjob at the same time, he replied.
  Yes, that’s it and have you ever done it with a girl before.
  Just once, he said with a smile.
  Let me guess with Christine, as he looked at me with a smile. When did you do all this? As I tried to hide my jealousy
  Side note
   Let me tell you a little about Christine she is 14 years old and still in the sixth grade. She stands about 4 foot 2 inches tall and looks like she is under 13, which causes most boys her age to ignore her. This is a pity because she a nice girl, even though she is a little slow. Now back to the story.
  Patty, remember on our birthday when Christine and I went inside the gym while everyone else was in the pool.
  Yes, I remember that you two disappeared for about 30 minutes.
  Well that’s when we did it, she grabbed my hand and said come with me; I have a special gift for you. After we had gotten into the gym, she took off her bikini. Well I think you know the rest.
  Why that little slut I said with a giggle I never knew she liked you that way. (As I looked at him, thinking she may be our friend, but I am not to sure if I want her around Pat any more.

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  ) Well at least you have been able to teach me some of what she taught you, I said with a smile.
  He looked at me with a smile; I guess you are right on that Patty. Then he asks me, do you want to try the 69.
  Yes, I replied, as he lay back on his bed.
  Ok turn around and set with your legs on both sides of my head.
  I moved over his face and leaned down taking his wonderful cock in my mouth again. As I started to suck him, I felt his warm tongue moving over my clit as he put two of his fingers into me.
  I pull off his cock, MMMMMM that feels good I moaned, as I began to reach my second orgasm. Then I lean back down and start to suck even harder on his cock trying to bring him off at the same time.
  We continue to pleasure each other until we finally climax, and roll off Pat with a big grin on my face. Wow, that was fantastic as I sat up and looked at Pat. That’s when I realized that I loved him. Not like a sister would love her brother but a love much deeper, one with passion and caring. Oh yes a love much more then you would expect from a sister to her brother.
  Pat looked with a smile, I have to agree Patty, and then he leaned in to kiss me.

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   After we broke the kiss, he said, Patty that was the best oral sex that I have ever had, then he moved in and we started kissing some more.
  As I sat on bed the naked kissing my newfound lover, a knock came on his door. Patrick is everything all right in there, Dad said through the door.
  Yes Dad everything’s fine he replied, as I sat there giggling.
  Can I come in Dad replied.
  We looked at each other, and I grabbed my robe as he pulled on his Jeans. Then oat called out, come on in Dad.
  As Dad enters the room, I was setting on the bed looking at our math book. I thought Patty might be in here with you, as he looked at me. Well dinner will be ready soon.
  Ok Dad we will be down shortly. As he left, WOW, that was close, Pat said as I climbed off the bed.
  Yes but I still want to do more how about latter tonight, I said with a flirty smile on my face, as I opened my robe and flashed him again.
  It’s a date he said with a smile.
  After I went back to my room, I went into my bathroom, and cleaned up some, then I put on a sexy pair of shorts and tight top so I could show off my breast, (with out putting on a bra or panties Giggle).

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   Than I looked in mirror that should do it and I walked down stairs.
  When mom seen me she said, do you have date or something with a laugh as I sat down at the table?
  You might say that, as I winked at Pat across the table, which Terrie noticed.
  Patty we need to talk after dinner she said in my ear.
  Ok Sis, I replied.
  After dinner, Terrie and I went out to the gym for a work out. As we walked on treadmills, Terrie spoke up. Patty I know you saw Dad and me today.
  I’m sorry sis I know it was wrong of me to spy on you two like that.
  That’s ok Patty I am not mad at you, but if there is anything you would want to talk about you can ask me.
  I thought for little bit before I said anything, then I asks her. Terrie does it hurt very much, when you lose your virginity.
  See looked at me. Patty why are asking me that?
  Well there is a boy I would like to give my virginity to, I replied.
  Do I know him?
  Then I lied to her, no he is just a friend from school and I want to be his girlfriend.
  Patty trust me, if you think giving him your virginity will make him like you more then he is not worth the time.

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   Then I saw a look of pain on her face. So I just finished my work out, in silence.
  When we walked, back into the house, I looked down and seen that my top was almost see-through from all the sweat. And when Mom seen it she said, Patty you had better change your top, and put a bra on. Then she looked at Dad then she looked back at me, Patty I want to talk with you after you have cleaned up and changed.
  Ok Mom, I replied and I went upstairs. Shortly after, I had changed into my nightshirt and shorts. I began on my math homework, when I herd a knock on my door, who is it.
  Its Mom Patty can I come in.
  Yes, Mom and I closed my math book.
  Mom entered my room, and walked over to my bed. Patty your dad told me about what happened today as she sat down beside me. I just looked at her as she spoke. Patty I want to make sure that you understand why they were having sex.
  Ok Mom I replied.

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  Then she went on to tell me the full story behind Terrie’s rape and how they felt it was their fault that it happened. As I continued to listen, she went on to tell me how Terrie never really got over it and that she had lost all her trust in men because of it.
  I sat there for a moment, and then I said. But Mom she was married to Uncle Samuel.
  Yes, Patty that’s true, but they could never have sex because she just could not trust him touching her.
  Oh, I replied that’s why they got divorced.
  Yes Patty that’s why they got divorced. So do you understand why Terrie acts the way she does.
  Yes, Mom I understand now.
  That’s my girl, and then she looked at my math book. Do you need any help with your homework?
  No mom I am fine, I have to talk with Pat about a report we have for one of our classes then I will have it all done.
  Ok then, don’t be up to late. After all, it’s a school night and she kissed me on the cheek.
  About 30 minutes latter, I walked down to Pat’s room, wearing only my nightshirt and shorts with no panties. I knocked on the door, Pat it’s me can I come in?
  Yes Patty he replied.

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   After I enter, he said lock to the door. So I turned and locked it. Patty what all do you want to do tonight.
  Everything I want to give you my virginity.
  He looked at me. Patty, what if you get pregnant.
  Remember Mom has me on the pill because of my periods.
  Oh, that’s right he said as I moved on to his bed.
  Now where do we start as I move closer to him?
  He took my hand and placed it on his cock as he begins to rub my pussy through my shorts. MMMM Pat that feels good as we start French kissing.
  Than he starts to slip his hand into my shorts, Pat, just take them off I said when we broke our kiss.
  Ok Patty, but you know this feels weird, as I lie back on the bed and raise my butt up so he could pull off my shorts.
  I know but isn’t it exciting.
  He smiled as my shorts came off revealing my bald pussy. Patty You looks so beautiful.

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   I think you are the prettiest girl in our school as he looked down at me.
  Pat do you really think I am the prettiest girl in school, as I beamed at him with a big smile and open my legs wide for him.
  Yes Patty I do he replied.
  Thank you Pat, and I think your best-looking guy in school, you are so handsome you make all the other guys look dogs.
  Thank you sis, as he moved up beside me.
  We just started kissing again, when a knock came on the door. Who is it Pat called out?
  It’s Terrie, and why do you have your door locked.
  Oh shit I said as I pulled the covers me, and I grabbed my shorts so I could pull them on.
  Hold on a second Terrie, as Pat slowly climbed off the bed to give me time to get my shorts on, as he walked over to unlock the door I pulled the covers back off and started to get off the bed. .
  Terrie looked at me after she walked in and said what’s going on in here, as I finished get off the bed.
  Nothing Sis I most have accidentally locked the door when I closed it.
  Ok she replied, while she looked at Patrick, as he stood there with a hard on. Well Mom wanted me to remind you not to stay up to late.
  We won’t Pat replied.


  Terrie smiled as she reached down to touch Pat’s cock. Little brother you’re starting to become a man, just do not turn out to be a jerk ok.
  I won’t he replied, as she turned and walked out of the room. What was all that about, as he looked at me.
  Then I began to explain to him why she acted that way, as we sat back down on the bed. Pat, a boy from her school raped her when she was our age I said.
  Oh, he replied, now I know why she acts that way. Than he looked at me, Patty do you want to finish what we started, he asks.
  I tackled him on the bed, what do you think, as I pulled my nightshirt off while setting on his chest. He rolled me over as we started to kiss he began to fondled my breast. Lets get naked I said and he rolled off me as I pulled off my shorts.
  After he had striped I reached down and grabbed his cock. Pat, lick me please, as I moved over his face, and leaned down so I could suck his cock. As it entered my mouth I pushed down taking it to the back of throat then I relaxed and sucked it on down into my throat.
  Pat moaned then he said Patty you are a good cock sucking little slut.

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  I pulled off his cock, and looked over my shoulder at him, why thank you kind sir. Then I went back to sucking his cock, as he began to lick me. But this time he sucked my clit into his mouth and bit lightly on it, which sent waves of pleasure through my body causing me to moan.
  That sent vibration down his cock, which caused him to moan. He pulled away from my pussy, oh god Patty that feels good, as he slipped two fingers into me and started a slow fucking motion as he began to lick me again.
  I could feel my orgasm racing through my body as I began to suck harder on his cock, causing us to reach our climax at the same time. That’s when it happened. For first time in my young life, I squirted my cum all over Pat’s face, that caused his cock to pulse and shoots his cum down my throat, I continue to suck as I swallowed every drop of his tasty cum. Then I rolled off him.
  He smiled at me that was great he said even Christine never did that, as my juices covered his face.
  I moved up and started to lick him clean. I taste good, I said with a smile as we started to kiss. After I had finished getting all my juices from him, I ask him, Pat will you make me a woman now.
  He looked at me are you sure that’s what you want, as he started to finger fuck me again.
  MMMMM yes I want your cock in me now.

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  Ok Patty, but you know this will hurt.
  I know just take it slow and I will be fine.
  He looked into my eyes, Patty you know that I have never done this before.
  I know as he moved between my legs.
  Are you ready?
  Yes, I am ready, as I took deep breath. He pushed forward with his cock at my opening. OH, I gasped as the head entered me.
  Wow sis you are tight as he slowly pushed his cock deeper, until I felt him touch my hymen. Now this will hurt when I go through your cherry he said as he rested with his cock just about inch inside of me.
  I know Pat I replied.
  He looked down before he continued, and asks if I was ready.
  Yes, I said just do it quick.
  Ok sis and he pulled out a little then pushed harder, as I relaxed. Than I felt a sharp pain as the last of my childhood ripped away and I felt a warm liquid start go down his cock.  
  He looked down at me and seen tears running down my cheeks, Patty are you ok?
  Yes, just rest with your cock inside of me until I give you the ok to continue.

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  Ok Patty and he looked down between us, Patty your bleeding.
  It’s ok Pat as I wiped tears from my cheeks. That’s normal for a girl to bleed the first time she has sex, (as I remembered when talked about it in my sex Ed class. )
  Ok sis as he rested with his cock all the way inside me. Will you be ok he asks me again.
  Yes Pat I will be ok as I could still feel the pain. (Yes, it hurt like hell, but it was good pain, one that I knew would go away and never come back. ) Then I took another deep breath. Ok Pat I am ready to continue, as I kissed him deeply, but please take it slow.
  Ok Patty he replied, than he slowly started to thrust in and out of me, as we made love for the first time. As the pain slowly went away, a felling of pleasure washed over me. Pat I love this as pulled down him into a kiss.
  When I looked into his eyes, I could see pure love there, and I smiled up at him. Pat you’re being very gentle with me as we continued making love.
  (I know this sounds strange for a 13-year-old boy to be so gentle.

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   But he took his time and moved slow, as he thrust into me. This made me love him even more. )  
  MMMM I love this Pat, as I looked deep into his eyes. You can speed up now, as I pushed up at him. He started to thrust faster and I started to moan. Oh, God yes Pat, this feels good, as we continued making. Than I felt my orgasm starting to build, OH, GOD YES THIS FEELS SO GOOD, OH FUCK YES IM CUMMING AHHH, I screamed as waves of pleasure washed over me.
  Pat looked down at me, Patty keep it down we do not Mom, Dad, or Terrie hearing us he said in a panting voice.
  OK (pant) Pat (pant) I replied, as we continued fucking.
  Patty, I love how you feel on my cock, you’re so tight and I love how warm you are inside; you are the best sex partner I could ever have. (Then he said something I will never forget). Patty I do not want to have sex with anyone other, than you as he looked deep into my eyes.
  I smiled, as I looked deep into his eyes. (If he only knew how happy he made me, when he said that. ) I am all yours Dear brother and we can do this any time you want I said; in a panting voice as my fourth orgasm hit me.

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   I pushed up hard at him and my vaginal muscle clamped down on his cock, causing him to grunt as he shot his cum deep inside of me. It felt so good, as the heat from his cum filled my womb. I looked up at him, Pat I am so happy that we did this; I will remember this night for the rest of my life I told him, then we started kissing again.
  After we stopped, kissing and he rolled off me. He said Patty, do you think Mom and Dad would be mad if I asked them if you could move in here with me so we could sleep together.
  I don’t know Pat, but I think we should wait on that for now, as I kissed him. (Then I saw the blood on his sheets. ) Pat I think we need to clean up this mess and how are you going to explain the blood on your sheets to Mom when she does the laundry.
  Then he showed me a large bandage on the back of his right leg. A spike cut me today during practice, so I could always say that it started to bleed while I was asleep.
  I smiled, good thinking Pat as we kissed some more. Then I grinned at him, before we get up I want to ride you cock I said.
  Ok Patty he replied, as he lay on his back.
  I moved over him and I lined up his cock with my opening and dropped down. OH, I love this, as I started to bounce up and down.

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  Patty where did learn to do this.
  From watching porn on my computer, I said with a grin as I continued to ride him. He smiled at me then he leaned forward and started sucking on my breast. OH YES I moaned as waves of pleasure washed over me. I wanted to tell him just how I felt as we made love for a second time. I had never felt so alive and complete as he shot a second load of cum into me. I knew then that I wanted to have his baby. Yes, I know all about genetics, but I did not care.
  When we finished I climbed off him and I pulled on my shorts so his cum would stay in me. He got off the bed and we kissed some more and I seen it was 10:30 I had better go to my room I said, as I put on my nightshirt.
  Ok Patty as we kissed goodnight.
  That night I had some wonderful dreams of pat and me and our future together. Than my alarm clock went off, waking me to the first day of me being a woman.
  I will tell you what happen the following day in the next chapter Giggle, bye for now.
  Please leave any comments at chuck112156@yahoo.

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